On Censorship and Polarization

Facebook Censorship

When we first began working on the TradYouth vision, we assumed that our “identity and tradition” message would be met with hostility from the general public on account of the identity half of the equation. After all, when we kicked off the project, White people insisting that they have a right to exist was a barely legal taboo idea entirely outside the scope of civic discourse while the other half of the TradYouth equation, traditionalism, remained an accepted and even milquetoast position.

That was way bIt's Happening Fastack in 2013. A lot has changed since then.

During the first week of July, Heimbach was thrown in “Facebook Jail” for a benign meme featuring a scriptural quote condemning homosexuality. Our official Facebook Page was unpublished on account of a photo of our recent Knoxville protest featuring one of our members holdingĀ a protest sign I designed which objects to gay “marriage.” Then, as I was warning everybody involved in the project that a purge was in progress and to watch their language on their posts, I got thrown in Facebook Jail for three days for casually dropping the word “faggot” in a comment thread on my own wall over a month ago.

Matthew Heimbach flew down to Charleston to pay his respects to the victims of Dylann Roof’s indefensible act, assuming that all sides would be waiting until at least the funerals were concluded to politically respond to the event. What he found when he arrived was a leftist frenzy of anti-White hatred which was less concerned about reflecting on the lives of the victims than it was about cashing in on an opportunity to advance their political agenda. The mainstream media and mainstream political hive mind were wasting no time in moving the goalposts down the field.

For hours, Heimbach tried to stay on the message he went down there with; that we renounce violence against innocent folks of any race or religion. After enduring hours of anti-White questions and accusations, he finally offered to one interviewer that Roof’s actions were a misguided response to a real problem of anti-white bias and black-on-white crime, a response which earned him the notorious “Dylann Roof is a Victim” headline from the mainstream media.

Nobody demands that everybody cut down trees in response to eco-terrorists.

Within hours, the confederate battle flag fell from being a beloved and uncontroversial symbol of conservative Southern Americana to a forbidden symbol of a vilified chapter in our history. I’m not saying that the Charleston Massacre was planned, but the response was too organized, mobilized, and targeted to not have been coordinated and orchestrated in advance. Facebook, the White House, every major corporation, and even my code repository commits were instantly inundated with a clear message: Southern tradition is evil and gay marriage is a moral imperative.

We fully expect the ongoing campaign of escalation and polarization to continue. Our Facebook Page still exists, but it’s most likely not long for this world. There are still a handful of spaces in mainstream social media where some of the softer elements of the identitarian and traditionalist worldview can still find expression, but they’re increasingly marginalized and systematically censored.

That’s fine and we have contingency plans for each stage in this process. The fact that our opponents are increasingly resorting to outright censorship and lies proves that they’re losing the battle of ideas. In a perfect world for the Left, our voices wouldn’t need silenced, because folks would have no audience or virality. A mere decade ago, they were pretty much living in that perfect world, a world where proponents of identity and opponents of mass immigration didn’t need to be silenced and censored because there was nobody with ears to hear them.

As we can see from the robust response to the banning of the battle flag, the surprisingly strong sales of Ann Coulter’s book and support for her anti-immigration position on popular conservative talk radio, and the groundswell of support for Donald Trump’s social nationalist populism confirm that the game is indeed changing, and it’s changing in our favor.

Incrementally and iteratively, the globalists are feverishly throwing more and more people under the bus. The thing is, if you throw too many people under a bus, you have enough people under there to hoist it up and throw it aside.


Richard Bird

These are the actions of an enemy growing fearful. If they paid us no attention I would be worried. That they want to silence us, is proof they feel they are losing the war for the hearts and minds of sane, realistic people. Now is the time to ratchet up our assault by confronting their anti white rhetoric.


I say we use the Leftist, globalist, anti-Christian, anti-family, anti-western tactics against them. You don’t win wars by fighting fair. When you fight fair it means you’re losing. If we must fight in the streets (which I fear is coming sooner then we wish) may God be on our side.

john king

Why does Trad Youth support the leftist/media/jewish/hollywood version of Mutha’ ‘Manual? The evidence is overwhelming that it was a psyop with the intent of further demonizing 1) identarian whites, 2) the 2nd Amendment and 3) symbols of our heritage. It’s time for Heimbach to come out and say “No one died at ‘Mutha ‘Manual’!” Please review the following with an open mind: http://truthseeker-archive.blogspot.com/2015/06/prof-jim-fetzer-on-charleston-shooting.html & http://memoryholeblog.com/2015/07/02/charleston-church-shooting-the-roving-body-of-rev-clementa-pinckney/ As you will see the corpse in the open casket has a different face than that of “Reverend” Pinkney. And no, I pay no homage to the god of the negroes and Black Jesus. The Christian memes being promoted by the MSM just make me more anti-Christian. I cannot be part of any religious system which considers these vicious anti-white afro-animals to be my “brothers”. Heimbach, has the cat got your tongue??

Swiss Kinist


Are you saying you are not intelligent enough to understand that one of Satan’s most powerful tactics is to create a counterfeit of true religion (which is the worship and obedience of Jesus Christ)? This is a poor excuse not to embrace the truth, which you are offering. The real reason however, is that you do not want to give up your sin, your self-life, and your pride. No one can come to Jesus unless he humbles himself as a little child.

I hate mainstream Christianity every bit as anyone, but I am knowledgeable enough of the word of God to know, that most of those who claim the name of Christ do not follow his teachings. I do not reject the true God on account of Satan’s counterfeits.

Also, the same folks who are promoting hatred of our people, are also promoting hatred to true Christianity. Which is why you don’t have to think very hard to understand that identifying as a Christian does not vilify someone, but rather, actually living/believing as a TRUE disciple of Jesus Christ vilifies them.

And finally, if Christ is not Lord and God, and the Bible not true, then you have no absolute standard of good or evil. Therefore whatever is right in man’s eyes is good and true. Unfortunately for you, with this line of reasoning, you have no basis to say that the Jew is evil for wanting to destroy the white race, or for anyone at all, to be anti-white.

You ought to repent and give Christ Jesus glory in your life. Then you will have an actual reason to fight the cause. If Christ be not Lord, then our struggle to preserve our people is vain and you might as well live for today and for the temporarily pleasures of this life.

Fr. John+

Thank you for the succinct summation of what the Jewsmedia is doing, has been doing, and [stupidly] will continue to do, until they push us (they think) to the water’s edge… and that is when the Saxon will begin to hate, with a godly hatred. Both Kipling and Holy Writ concur on that one! Hmm, wonder why?

Matt Parrott

1. There was only one face-to-face visit with [redacted]. I use her name in good conscience.

2. She is exceedingly fair, 1/4 European. I decided against the relationship on character issues and incompatibilities rather than on the relationship supposedly being “race-mixing”.

3. I never spoke with any of her family members, at all. I never promised her a ring. It was spoken about a couple times, but there was no promise.

4. I did not convince her to leave her home in order to be with me.

5. I did not have relations with the woman.

We courted by phone and online for a few months, then met for three hours. I politely and respectfully attempted to terminate the relationship after having been quite generous and respectful, even as she grew spiteful and threatening.

She responded by blackmailing me for $3,000, threatening to “ruin” me if I didn’t pay up. *yawn*

Three strikes. I’m out. I’m simply not suited for the whole relationship thing.

Light Division

Oh no Matt, please don’t tell me you’re getting into that whole MGTOW business… you’re a young man, it may be a decade or more before you find the right woman. Saying you’re “not suited” for female companionship, at your age, is overly negative and defeatist.

You absolutely cannot put a price on a good woman. A good woman enriches her man’s life in every way– satisfying all his appetites, making his life easier, supporting/respecting/trusting unconditionally. They are out there. Advice: find yourself a large, sprawling non-denominational church (the type that’s scorned so often on this site) and start attending some of their singles functions. Regardless of what you think about the church’s unworthiness or whatever, those functions are full of respectable, traditional types who are in search of meaningful companionship and therefore are not as likely to be infected with the narcissistic, “me-first” attitude that’s so rampant among Western females.

Best of luck to you my friend.

Matt Parrott

My decision is certainly not ideological. One can firmly believe in exercise, but decide to sideline himself after a series of hernias.

I have no idea what the future holds. But for the immediate future, I have some catching up to do in my private, professional, and political life which will take priority.


If you keep suffering hernias while exercising that’s a sign you aren’t doing it right. To wit: ” I never promised her a ring. It was spoken about a couple times, but there was no promise.” You let her talk repeatedly about marriage on the first date? No wonder she bitched out. That’s isn’t just a lack of game, that’s some hardcore anti-game. Did you at least deflect it with something like: “Hey there, you [smirks]. I know I’m irresistible but we need to really get to know each other before talk like that. My last wife was a fox. But, I mean, did I ever really know her? Sometimes the smallest space between two people can turn out to be as wide as the Universe itself. [Then like Jack Donaghy looking out the window] In all these worlds and all these stars, what really means something to you?” (If the woman didn’t mean imminent marriage that would’ve been all the better because it would’ve shown confidence to jump to the conclusion she meant that.)

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