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“The Internet is a good filter. It’s a good way to find men who share some of your values. However, your friends on message boards and on social networking sites, scattered all over the world, are not going to be there for you when the proverbial shit hits the fan.” ~ Jack Donovan

Here’s my view of the Felicity Sharpe controversy, because, well, like all North Carolinians this summer, I’m not afraid to wade into shark-infested waters:

Last week sometime, I read an article on Trad Youth by an Australian named Felicity Sharpe.  It laid out her journey from Judaism into Christianity, then into an identitarian philosophy.  Matt Parrott, seemingly eager to establish an international presence for Trad Youth, allowed Felicity to start a local chapter in Australia.  Then, out of the blue (at least, it seemed that way to me) disgruntled Australian nationalists began venting on Trad Youth’s Facebook page, Trad Youth made a post that Sharpe was officially out, and Parrott disappeared from social media.

…the heck happened?

I texted with a distraught Matt Parrott the next morning.  Whatever his fault in this (and I respect all parties involved enough to admit I don’t have enough information to judge one way or the other), the guy is hurting and told me he plans to take a break from activism for awhile.

A ridiculously beautiful nationalist in Australia assured me that she and other local nationalists warned Parrott against associating with Sharpe, who, as it turns out, may have had ulterior motives.  The evidence seems to indicate that she planned on gaining status in Trad Youth to subvert the organization somehow.  Plus, she’s plain crazy, and who needs that?

I don’t know why Parrott chose not to listen to our Australian friends.  Knowing Parrott, I’m confident he didn’t have anything evil in mind and didn’t set out to offend anyone.  Nevertheless, feelings were hurt and honors were slighted.  I realize that Eric Striker’s article, published soon after the drama started, accusing the Australian nationalists of ineptitude in their activism and hypocrisy in their criticism of Parrott, poured gas on the fire.

Look mates (that’s Australian lingo for “friends”): I don’t agree with Eric’s article.  God knows I’ve attended plenty of events sponsored by jews, neo-cons, and Rainbow Confederates.  What place is it of mine to judge the strategies of activists in Australia?  I’ve got enough on my hands here in the American South.  I don’t need to worry about what’s happening on another continent (even though I wish you all the best and would help you if I’m ever able).

In the end, this is kind of what Trad Youth is all about.

Modernity is an evil religion and local affinity groups, with their own identities and group dignity, will grow up around it like vines and choke it out until, like all bricks that meet vines, it crumbles around us.  And this vision is far larger than Matt Parrott.  This vision is larger than Trad Youth.  And most importantly:  this vision will continue, even if the organizations, logos, and personalities involved change.

Maybe it was too ambitious of Trad Youth to try and influence Australian activism? Maybe it’s best for us to focus on our own localities first, before attaining international success?

Still, no matter what, tribal vines grow anywhere in the world and they wont be stopped by anyone or anything.

Trad Youth will march on our merry way then, doing our activist thing and spitting in the eye of modernity.

See you all at the next rally…



I wasn’t putting down Australian nationalists, if a handful of them took it that way that’s too bad. I was asking them why the one’s being the most vicious with Parrott, a truly dedicated and ideologically consistent activist, think Parrott’s mistake is unforgivable for letting Felicity publish some article, when they themselves go to pro-Israel neo-con rallies that Felicity herself attends as well?

Felicity was always subordinate to people keeping a close eye on her. Kosher Conservative rallies where organizers speak on behalf of every member in attendance saying they hate white Australians who like their country that way as much as Islam are subordinate to Jews and their lackeys. Their own personal motives are objectively irrelevant. The organizers of the Reclaim rallies literally CALL THE POLICE on people who are pro-white trying to attend their events.

Those who feel they have some kind of high ground to lecture other white groups or pretend they are on the brink of establishing the 4th Reich because they are unwanted and witch-hunted guests of the Australian version of the Sarah Palin-era Tea Party will sooner or later see my point.

Now, I’m personally done speaking about this matter. People need to reconcile their personally hurt feelings in private amongst themselves, not in public spaces with countless enemies monitoring looking to turn potholes into craters.


So I’ll break my silence on this topic to report on things i’ve heard from friends in Australia regarding the anti-Islam protests.

Pretty much anyone that is even remotely pro-white or is heard trying to talk to other people about pro-white ideas is ejected from the rallies. I’m not talking about just tatted up “neo-nazis”, I’m talking about mild-mannered Jim Saleam and the Australia First Party .

Another thing I’ve heard from people on the ground is that organizers carried some stupid banner denouncing “Racism” and “Fascism”. Those weren’t the Antifas, those were the “Aussie Patriots” or whatever these Zionist bought neo-conservatives call themselves.

Lastly, and most interestingly, the Australian Muslims have largely refused to join forces with the queers and freaks of the Judeo-Left “anti-racist” racket. If this is true, then those Muslims deserve a round of applause.

Looking through mass media, now that the Jews have managed to either ban pro-white people, or keep them quiet and in the closet waving the Israeli flag, Reclaim Australia is starting to get mainstream conservative support. Even the Daily Mail in Britain is starting to post friendly stuff. That’s when you know this organization or protest movement is a completely lost cause (not that the stated original cause wasn’t stupid bullshit to begin with).

Any political party or protest movement that is anti-Islam instead of anti-immigration is controlled by Jews, people bought by Jews, or charlatans looking to get money from Jews . There is no exception to this rule that has ever existed, and no pro-white “infiltrators” have ever been able to compete with the money, networking, and mass media support these Kosher conservatives have.

In the end, all white nationalists who attend this rally do is take 2 steps back and 1 step forward . Are pro-white parties in Britain that in recent years had incredible momentum and seats in the European parliament stronger after the English Defence League, or weaker? Does Germany have less non-white immigration after PEGIDA, or has PEGIDA fizzled out now that so many of the new negro “asylum seekers”/rapists are African Christians from Sudan and Eritrea? Has PEGIDA’s presence, supported whole heartedly by Jew mass media, benefited the NPD in local elections, or did it just steal their votes and donations away in their traditional East Germany strangleholds and send them into the black hole of kosher conservatism?

Not only will any genuine Australian patriots find themselves getting expelled from these rallies if found out, but they may even lose members to the deadly, and profitable, temptation of professional lying (kosher conservatism).

Whites in Australia would be better off organizing about issues the average white person cares about, rather than wasting time trying to convert lost causes like Evangelical Christian Zionists or that intelligence-wise bottom 10% of whites who are dumb and childish enough to think Australia is in danger of becoming an Islamic state, even though the vast majority of Middle East countries themselves don’t have Sharia law…

Average white people care about things like pensions, non-white immigration (whether they eat bacon or not), the fact that Australia has draconian speech laws (set entirely by Jews like the Australian Zionist Organization), crime, globalization, and other issues Reclaim Australia doesn’t address and never will.


A lot of people, myself included, go to Australia First rallies because this is our opportunity to speak to grazers and awakening Whites. For many – anti-Halal and anti-Islam (because it is linked with terrorism is their first sortie into White identity and ethno-politics. They do not get anti-Kosher, Israel’s sacred terrorism and that the Western ZOGs are financing and deploying terrror across the globe and on their own citizens. That is too hard. I speak with people in their sixties and seventies at these rallies who are just starting to laugh at WTC 7 jokes.

Converted Jews aspiring to leadership roles in White identity and traditional Christian movements should always raise the red flag. Converts, as a rule, want to lead. But they should be learning and helping – not leading.

The Canadian Jewish author and researcher Henry Makow, http://www.henrymakow.com has done a lot of solid work that establishes The Owners/Controllers have programmed and sociologically engineered Jewish populations differently to populations with Eureopean ethnic identities and heritage. Converted Jews who do not even know what the Jewish social programming is, who are not conversant with the kosher scripts and memes – are a worry. Their scripts are at cross purposes to ours.

However, it is scholars like Dr Makow who have made it possible to discuss our respective programming frankly.

Jews are waking up too. They are applying their (usually) keen analytical minds to not just the Jew created, workshopped and downloaded programs for social engineering of goyim – like communism, multiculturalism, liberalism, feminism, faggotism, Agenda 21 environmentalism etc, but specifically the ones that have been downloaded to Jews. Part of their journey to moral consciousness and responsibility is to look at their own programming.

Let the deconstruction begin.

Dai Mor Macraynall

Lynda, Thanks for an insightful comment. You certainly seem to have a handle on jew programming and to be genuine. Nothing else to add.

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