Lessons from the Trump Fiasco

Trump Fired

After several weeks of leading American conservatives and even a good share of radicals in our own camp to believe that they’ve finally found a powerful and confident candidate who speaks for them, Trump has clarified his position on illegal immigration, confirming that he’s indistinguishable from the rest of the pack:

  • Focus on deporting the criminals
  • Create a pathway to citizenship for the “good ones”
  • Amnesty for illegal immigrant minors
  • Silence on Birthright Citizenship

According to the most fevered Bioshock fantasy fathomable; Trump manages to win the Presidential election without further compromising his position (improbable), achieves his full vision without it being watered down by congress’s cesspool of leftists and corporate lobbyists (improbable), and fully funds and flawlessly executes his complete vision (improbable), we’ll get more of the same . . . with perhaps a statistically significant hiccup in the number of the most dangerous recidivist prison gang types committing crimes in the United States.

This whole depressing fiasco creates an opportunity for one of the dozens of nameless candidates to charge to his right on the issue and pants him, staking out a more firm position on illegal immigrant. In the entire history of the democratic political process, there has never been a more direct and obvious pathway to muscling into the front of the pack than what Donald Trump just presented. I’m not holding my breath, as the cuckservative groupthink among the Republican Party elite is enough to make George Orwell wince.

Lessons Learned

1. Identity Electrifies

The Democrats have been saying it for years, and they’re absolutely right. The most reliable way to get White conservatives to the polls is to find some way to break past the filter of political censorship and speak to their group interests as Whites. There are a variety of implicit and indirect ways to dog whistle White Interests, of course. After all, even the illegal immigration issue is a dog whistle, a call to protect our demographic majority thinly disguised as a law and order concern.

Trump demonstrated that even at this late date, dog whistling still electrifies the White electorate. And there are other ways for the rest of the candidates to achieve the same effect without managing to steal the illegal immigration issue from Trump. The Democrats’ incipient social engineering campaign to reshuffle minorities, immigrants, and refugees into historically White neighborhoods threatens White conservatives where it matters: their home values, their school quality, and their direct personal safety. Staking out a law and order position on prison reform is another implicitly White issue hidden in broad daylight, awaiting a politician willing to stoop to that uncomfortable issue.

2. Alpha Posturing Wins

Newt Gingrich nearly ran away with the 2012 nomination with a series of aggressive debate performances, forcing Mitt Romney to man up. The current selection of candidates keep wasting time trying to arrange their issue positions in just that perfect way to win the hearts of the voters. As it goes with picking up girls, so it goes with picking up votes. If you have to make a direct appeal to your fundamentals, you’ve already lost.

The voters are swooning over Trump because they viscerally sense his willingness to socially dominate the Washington establishment. Trump doesn’t care about the voters’ wish list, and the voters can barely remember their litmus test issues when he rolls up on his motorcycle. Granted, as with Fifty Shades of Gray, being a billionaire certainly grants him an edge, but there would be a dark horse opportunity for a politically incorrect antihero in this contest if any of the fools would ditch the Karl Rove clones and hit up Roissy for some campaign advice.

3. Stay the Course

One would think we would have learned our lesson with our abysmal collective experience with Ron Paul. I resisted my urge to come out against Trump while he was still appearing to be genuinely better than the rest on illegal immigration, something Ron Paul never bothered to do even while his focus was on courting paleoconservative financiers and voters. Wherever there’s identitarian or traditionalist momentum, wherever it’s coming from, I try to stick with my Ghostbusters Policy of refraining from crossing streams.

I did post an article begging my comrades to adopt more of a wait-and-see approach rather than throwing in, to save them the potential embarrassment of having thrown in with a candidate whose position on the illegal immigration issue turns out to be entirely within the boundaries of Washington establishment groupthink. I hate to say “I Told You So!”, but even in the exceedingly rare event that I appear to fall on my face with a prediction, I’m actually just a few years ahead of things.

From an identitarian perspective, Jim Webb is indisputably a more interesting addition to the race than Trump, and he’s also the one candidate capable of being more socially aggressive than the Donald.

4. Be the Unmoved Mover

There’s little added value in identitarian radicals endorsing and supporting mainstream candidates at this point. Leave that work to the hacks and normies. Even if you believe in incremental change within the system, our role in that process is standing firm on identity and tradition and creating a gravity well around our positions which attracts normies toward us and then requires mainstream political actors to inch closer to our positions in order to recapture them.

We should be beyond capture, firm, and unmoved, delivering the complete and uncompromising message. Let others do the work of repackaging and watering our ideas down for mainstream consumption, then maintain a Ghostbusters Policy of resisting the urge to jealously protect our ideas from being adapted and corrupted by others. Polarization should focus on the politicians actively running away from identity and tradition, not the ones who are running toward identity and tradition.

Think in simple Pavlovian terms. Zap the ones doing worse things and hold your fire against the ones doing better things.

We can witness this process playing out rather swimmingly with the “cuckservative” meme’s success. Not every political actor is going to embrace it to its full extent, opposing interracial marriage and following it to its proper conclusions regarding America’s foreign policy relationship with Israel. We should hold our fire against those who are embracing a watered down understanding of it which is useful in attacking Jeb Bush, Lindsay Graham, and other egregiously despicable politicians.

There’s no actual contradiction between being an uncompromising radical and engaging with the mainstream political process. Our role is as the uncompromising radicals in the mainstream political process, consistently and persistently, without fidgeting or blinking, injecting our positions into the debate like a diabolical child focusing his magnifying lens on an anthill. At some point in the future, black swan events and disaster scenarios could play out which afford us an opportunity to become the political mainstream. But even then, the people will be looking for a vanguard which has proven itself firm and uncompromising, not anxious and itchy to follow the money and attention.


Light Division

A little early to declare Trump’s momentum dead I think but I do believe he mad 2 critical blunders in the last 48 hrs: the immigration backtracking that you mentioned, and the firing of his campaign staffer for “racist” Facebook posts, which you did not mention (you many have written the article before that news broke).

All it would take is one dramatic statement, like Trump using the phrase “white interests” or “founding stock” in a debate, and he would go right back to being the candidate has was three days ago. And it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he says something like that, especially if the poll numbers begin to slip and he puts two and two together. He’s far more likely to suddenly pivot pro-white than any other candidate in the field.

Not that I’m a big Trump supporter– I’m not. As you know, I’m sure, he’s as pro-Jew and pro-Israel as any of em, so he wouldn’t solve any of the big-picture cultural decay problems.

Still hoping he comes out as openly pro-white though, even if it’s not 100% sincere…

Matt Parrott

A little early to declare Trump’s momentum dead

The one thing implying identitarian intent (and effect) was his [apparent] illegal immigration position.

the firing of his campaign staffer for “racist” Facebook posts

Nope. Wasn’t aware. Point reinforced! 😀

All it would take is one dramatic statement, like Trump using the phrase “white interests” or “founding stock” in a debate, and he would go right back to being the candidate has was three days ago.

Even if he makes such an awesome move, it would still be problematic given that his actual stated policy positions remain within the anti-white beltway norm.

He’s far more likely to suddenly pivot pro-white than any other candidate in the field.

I disagree. I believe Jim Webb is the most likely candidate in the field to identify and whistle at white voters.

Still hoping he comes out as openly pro-white though, even if it’s not 100% sincere…

I’m trying really hard to not be doctrinaire, here. I’ll certainly hold my fire against any candidate who’s leading the national conversation in our direction, even if he checks all the right (wrong) boxes on Israel and other issues dear to ourselves.


In my first comment on Trump a couple of weeks ago, I predicted he will ultimately endorse Jeb Bush. I’m sticking with that one. Because of his wealth, Trump bulled his way into the private sandbox of some very dangerous people. Not the clowns running in the primary against him, but their benefactors, a very real and a very deadly global elite. They have so many irons in the fire right now including the TPP, Ukraine, Iran, China and keeping the MIC. deep state and white genocide chugging, and all on top of a slew of domestic priorities, they’re not going someone who cannot be fully controlled into that job.

No way to ever know, but I wouldn’t be surprised if his clarifications were caused by some subtle but clear threats to his family. I’ll go ahead and predict a tepid and anticlimactic debate showing and not too long after that formal withdrawal. The GOP crashed the primary schedule after the 2012 season, so they could crown the establish candidate without a lot of uppity primary and tea party type voters dragging out the primaries by voting against the establishment candidate. If Trump is riding high when the short window for the primaries actually arrives, he could win the nomination. I can guarantee everyone a way will he found to get him out long before that happens.

Gavin James Campbell

Hey, Matt, can I start a TYN chapter in British Columbia? The way Felicity did? Just send me your credit number and bank account information, and I’ll make sure that the Traditionalist Youth Network is set up in British Columbia, Canada!

Matt Parrott

You’re so desperate for me to trip up that you’re willing to chortle it up along with the more rigorous anti-semites when my attempt to be inclusive of a Jewish convert goes awry?

Any stick to beat a dog, right?

Gavin James Campbell

I’m having a whale of a time! Entertainment until the new season of Doctor Who starts!
You’re pulling off an incredible con job in which you pass yourself as both Orthodox and a White Nationalist. When it turns out that you are neither!
And on top of it all, Felicity conned the con man!

Matt Parrott

You’re pulling off an incredible con job in which you pass yourself as both Orthodox and a White Nationalist. When it turns out that you are neither!

If I’m neither, then what in the world am I trying to accomplish here? Money? Positive regard? Death threats and petty property damage?

Please. Tell me, Gavin. What makes me tick?

Gavin James Campbell

Love of attention, evidently.
That, and the thrill of being the rebel against a loveless world. “Look, I must be right because everyone on every side is out to get me!”

Still, if by your own admission, you’re not getting any pay-offs, then it’s time to call it quits.

Danger Dan

Jim Webb was mentioned, but does he have any chance? I think the support of Trump isn’t that he’s a perfect candidate, but electable within limits. As we are forced to have few options, we think he’s the best option available – not that he’s he best option possible.

I think the real impact can have is to use the bought-and-paid-for presidential elections to educate and ride the wave of rhetoric, especially to win local races where one could have an actual impact, or to educate local people.


I just want to clarify a remark in Lew’s comment. He said ‘threat to his family members…’ & it sounds like kooky conspiracy lunacy. I’d just like to say I grew up part of my life around the multi-millionaire gated mansion jaguar set & I know from personal experience how they think & react. They regard threats to their money & status with more severe seriousness than most people do threats to life & limb. To this set of people, money & status is more precious than lifeblood. A threat to money & status can work wonders amongst them. I don’t know as that’s what Lew meant but that is a truth.

Prof Kevin MacDonald over on TOO did an article on how Trump may lead to ‘a revitatlised Republican party’ that saves white america (!!!)…I was cringing in embarrassment.

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