African Traditionalists Against the Globalist Homosexual Agenda

While I often spend my time discussing issues of morality and Identity within the Western world, we cannot forget the struggle for Faith, family and folk is a global one. While the West has fallen into degeneracy and has fallen nearly hook, line, and sinker for the radical homosexual agenda, the African people and many of their leaders are standing strong for Traditional values.

As European nationalists, we must understand that the globalist System is working to undermine both families and nations around the world. The agenda that began in the Western world is now spreading like a cancer to nations which have thus far resisted the siren song of Modernity. The global elites use controlled politicians and the media to promote their toxic values to every people and culture on this planet and for this reason the battle over Traditional values in Africa is important to all Traditionalists. Each country that falls to the modernist worldview is another domino falling on the path to total global victory for organized Judeo-Masonic power. Nationalists from Europe to Asia to America to Africa are all fighting for the same thing, a healthy future for their descendants and a morally upright world. As I always like to say: same enemy, same barricades.

European and African nationalists unite against the homosexual agenda

European and African nationalists unite against the Jewish homosexual agenda

President Obama has recently visited the African continent to promote a message of globalism and moral decadence to the African people. In Kenya, he told the Kenyan President and the Kenyan people that “discriminating against gays was like treating people differently because of race.

Of course President Obama’s meaning behind “discriminating” against homosexuals means that African nations are standing behind the universal principle of marriage being defined as being between a man and a woman and homosexual activity is against the laws of both God and nature.

Polls across Africa have shown that regardless of the Western governments and Jewish media moguls attempt to bribe and influence the African people to accept the abnormal behavior of homosexuality have failed. The Christian Science Monitor reported thatA 2013 study by the Pew Research Center found only 3 percent of Ghanaians and Senegalese, 4 percent of Ugandans, and 8 percent of Kenyans said their societies should accept homosexuality. In Nigeria, 98 percent said it should not accept homosexuality, the highest ratio in the world.”

In Africa, 33 sub-Saharan African nations consider homosexual behavior to be a criminal act and it is punished by fines and jail time. In some areas it is even considered to be a capital crime. The Leftist website the Daily Beast whined about this statistic when they saidanti-gay leaders—politicians, clergy, journalists—in Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone have all, within the last month, called gay rights, and homosexuality itself, a ‘Western’ innovation that must be resisted in order to preserve ‘traditional African values.'”

To most African nationalists the degeneracy of the homosexual movement is found to be entirely an innovation of the post World War II West. After the Second World War the radical Leftist agenda of the 68′ generation took hold in both Europe and America to begin promoting “free love”, drug use, globalism and homosexuality. Not content with merely working to undermine and destroy the West morally and spiritually, the globalist elites have taken it upon itself in a new twisted version of the “White Man’s Burden” to use cultural imperialism to bring the Leftist worldview to the ends of the Earth.

African leaders have been tremendously outspoken in both word and deed in standing for Traditional marriage and against the attempted normalizing of homosexual behavior. A strong stance against homosexuality was taken by Sierra Leone’s President Ernest Koroma, who gave a passionate and extremely Traditionalist speech when he said thatwe have to take into consideration our culture, tradition, religious beliefs and all that…  I think the country should be led by what it believes is right for the country and not what is necessarily right for the international community because of the variations in our traditions.’’

Each nation and people should be allowed to govern themselves according to the values and Identity of their Faith, family and folk without other nations or alien peoples imposing values upon them. One thing that must be understood however is that it is not the White European people who began the homosexual movement or are trying to spread it throughout the world. The organized Jewish “intellectuals”, politicians and media outlets were the ones to push this agenda in the West and now to the rest of the world.

This about sums it up if you have any questions about who is behind the homosexual movement

This about sums it up if you have any questions about who is behind the homosexual movement

From the grassroots activist level to the highest positions of international finance and elite universities the Jewish role in promoting homosexuality cannot be understated. A brief look over the homosexual movement in the West shows that it is a certifiably kosher affair.

If you don’t believe me, just ask Vice President Joe Biden who told a Jewish audience that when it came to the homosexual movement “It wasn’t anything we legislatively did. It was ‘Will and Grace,’ it was the social media. Literally. That’s what changed peoples’ attitudes. That’s why I was so certain that the vast majority of people would embrace and rapidly embrace gay marriage.. Think behind of all that, I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry. The influence is immense, the influence is immense.” The organized Jewish media and control over politics and academia pushes the homosexual agenda here at home and around the globe.

College professor and leading homosexual activist Arnie Kantrowitz has been pushing this agenda since the 1970’s through his writing, his position as an educator, and as an activist. He is one of the founding members of The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation or GLAAD and has actively used his position to attack Traditional Christians, conservatives and those who believe in the “one man, one man” definition of marriage.

Former United States House of Representatives member Bella Abzug, a graduate of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America and active member of the Zionist organization Hashomer Hatzair, was a jack of all trades for promoting Leftist ideas. She began her work attacking State’s Rights in the South before graduating to be an outspoken radical feminist and eventual proponent of the homosexual movement. Abzug introduced the first gay rights bill in Congress and paved the way for the radical homosexual agenda in United States politics.

Jewish activist Winnie Stachelberg is the current Executive Vice President for External Affairs at American Progress. She spent 11 years with the pro-homosexual group the Human Rights Campaign and now is an active proponent to push “anti-discrimination” laws in America and to the international community.

Allan Ginsburg was a Jewish writer, poet and activist who described himself as having “mountains of homosexuality” inside himself in the 1940’s and began pushing the homosexual movement through his writings to a global audience. A member of the pedophile organization NAMBLA, the North American Man Boy Love Association, that wants to legalize sex between grown men and underage male children, Ginsburg went on to write in 1957 a poem named “Howl” that graphically promoted and described homosexual sex.

Ginsburg used Jewish lawyers to challenge anti-obscenity laws on the books in several States and used the controversy to sell his books and poems around the world. This man was a public defender of raping children but in the eyes of the Jewish run System he was a hero and was given awards throughout his career including the National Book Award for Poetry and the National Arts Club gold medal.

The list goes on and on of Jewish boots, shekels, groups and corporations behind the advance of the homosexual movement in America, Canada and Europe. Now that the Jewish lobby has firmly gained control over Western politics, they have turned their eyes towards new territories to spread their disease ridden filth.

The globalists have primarily used money to bribe African leaders to override their peoples views on homosexuality. The BBC reported howWestern leaders have suggested they could cut aid to countries which did not recognize gay rights.” When Uganda passed laws against homosexuality the Western nations decided to economically punish Uganda for their stand for Traditional values. Bloomberg reported thatSwedish Finance Minister Anders Borg said on a visit to Kampala on Feb. 25 that the country is considering changes to its aid program in Uganda. Denmark announced two days ago it has withdrawn 50 million kroner ($9.2 million) in aid to the government and it’s shifting funds to non-governmental organizations. Norway is also halting aid worth 50 million kroner ($8.3 million) over the anti-gay law.” LikewiseU.S President Barack Obama is threatening to cut off foreign aid to Nigeria if a recent anti-gay bill is passed.” The West is using economic terrorism on African nations who stand by their principles, a modern form of colonialism and imperialism.

Gambian President Yahya Jammeh is one of my favorite world leaders currently due to his strong nationalist stance, position of protecting Christians right to worship even though he is a devout Muslim and his strong views on homosexuality. I don’t often say something is “based” but President Yahya Jammeh truly is the definition of the word “based.” 

 Gambian President Yahya Jammeh is based.

Gambian President Yahya Jammeh is based.

Jammeh told homosexuals in The Gambia”If you are a man and want to marry another man in this country and we catch you, no one will ever set eyes on you again, and no white person can do anything about it.”He has said publicly he doesn’t care what the West or any media says about him because he will stand for his people, for his Faith and for the principles of African nationalism. Leaders like President Yahya Jammeh will fight for their principles and their people and should keep on the look-out for a U.S led “regime change” to bring “human rights” to The Gambia.

Today an increasing amount of African leaders are taking a stand against Jewish global imperialism by implementing laws that forbid homosexuality and promoting Traditional views on marriage. We as Traditionalists must understand that the Jewish war against African values is the same battle being waged against us here at home. The same activists, the same media hacks and the same rich elites are coordinating a full court press against Identity and Tradition and that is why Traditionalists must all stand against them. While maintaining our separate unique ethnic, religious and cultural differences we must unite as nationalists and Traditionalists to struggle against the common foe to secure a world in which Faith, family and folk are safe from globalism and modernity.

I stand with African nationalists, Arab nationalists, Asian nationalists, Hispanic nationalists, and all of my White nationalist brothers and sisters to unite as a worldwide fasces. The radical homosexual agenda just like all the other failed Leftist experiments to change the laws of God and nature is an anomaly in human history and they will not survive to the 22nd century. We will unite, we will fight and we will win.


Raphael Johnson

I loved this article and the event it memorializes. Its pretty rare the media would cover this sort of confrontation. No matter how far we’ve tried to distance ourselves from it, the Judaic Fag Regime still influences how we all think. We forget occasionally what it was like to be free from it all and the reaction you speak of is it.

Bulan Sabriel

Are you mentally ill Matthew? The whole reason the West opposes homosexuality is Judaism and Jewish law. Christianity and Islam took this on. (Although from the beginning, there were Christian sects where homosexuality was practiced and even sacred. There was nothing as sodomite pretending to be Jewish until the neo-Frankists, as one found with certain early Christian Gnostic groups.)


Homosexuality was seen as a disgusting act in most of Greece, contrary to homosexual revision, so this revulsion pre-dates Christians. The German tribes threw queers into the bog!

Homosexuals are 2% of the population. The only reason they were able to become the powerhouse that they are is due to the media and support from big capitalists. How did this strange, mentally ill minority of perverts get access to these important chokepoints in society? And more so, who owns it and rents it out in favor of fags?

Ezra Pound's Ghost

But Jews do not promote homosexuality among themselves, they only promote it among the goyim in order to undermine and destroy goyische families. Come on, Bulan, how are we supposed to take you seriously when you deploy these shoddy arguments about “Jewish law”? As if “Jewish law” means anything other than death and destruction for gentiles. I know you all think the run-of-the-mill goyim are dumb, but you should know when you come to a site like this that we are a little more Jew-wise. As to the second half of your comment, I’ll chock it up to your fevered, delusional Talmud-addled Jewish brain.

Swiss Kinist

Not Jewish law, Biblical law. True Biblical Christianity is what the Israelites were part of, just as part of the Old Covenant. Under the Law of Christ, Sodomites were commanded to be put to death. The fake Jews of today and their law (who promote the Talmudic religion of the Pharisees) is the reason WHY Sodomy is promoted among Western Nations.


It’s so good to hear good news for once from Africa, and Muslims nonetheless. Perhaps these African nations should detach themselves from the Anglo-Zionist/eu-sodom and align themselves with new economic order being created by Russia and China. Is there some point where Americans get fed up with and stand against the vast organized faggot rape of everything good and decent?

Gavin James Campbell

What a remarkable variation on the Nigerian prince scam.
Where the African leader needs your help to fight the homosexual agenda! Just send TYN your money today!

Maybe TYN can set up a chapter in Gambia, the way they did in Australia!


The Jews are white though. And the Greeks weren’t jews and were highly gay. As were the Romans. Romans were as Catholic as they come and were very gay. So let’s not just deflect to the Jewish “agenda” without considering all these. Homosexuality is largely a white thing.

Jeff Federinko

wrong.. in those ancient times it was usually only the ruling elite that were freaks..the general public did not endorse this perversion but had to accept it or else..funny how history repeats itself


also to note in ancient Greece (athens that is) homosexuality was essentially “regulated” in which a “mentor” older man was assigned a “mentee” younger trainee through an organized system. all men also married women and had children. homosexuality -in itself- is not the problem, but the chaos of “anything goes” is the problem. especially with rapid change through legislation. and the Greeks never endorsed marriage between two men. what is going on is ‘divide and conquer’ by the parties described + more in their effort to destabilize society. the Greeks had a stable system that was recognized by all.

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