Trad Youth Hour: ‘Deus Vult’ – Because God Wills It

Matthew Heimbach presents a solo podcast full of blistering invective designed to get you active in defending your race and nation right now.

Offering credible alternatives such as secession and taking the Scottish referendum as an example of political success, Matt outlines ways we can achieve our greater goals with specific reference to the Southern States.

The League of the South have a well-thought out battle plan that relies on blood and soil, not on false notions of conserving something which has shown itself to not be worth saving.

The morals of modern day America are decadent and degenerate and it will not be long before direct persecution of traditionalists increases to such a level that the real church of believers will have to move back underground, like it did in the first few centuries after Christ.

We need to be as modern day crusaders called by Christ to defend our nations against the vices and temptations sent against us by the anti-Christ Jew.

The ancient battle cry of our ancestors was ‘Deus Vult’ – because God wills it- and we need to have that same solid conviction in the righteousness of our pro-White cause today.

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