Right Question, Wrong Answer: Sympathy for the Dolezal

June 15, 2015

Rachel Dolezal: Crypto-Cracker
Rachel Dolezal: Crypto-Cracker

Rachel Dolezal: Crypto-Cracker

Our mission here at TradYouth is educating youth about identity and tradition. For most, both friend and foe alike, the slick word “identity” sounds like the latest euphemism for “race,” …with one especially fair and delightsome race in mind. The subject of identity is so much greater than one’s biological race, though.

While I have refused to compromise on my assertion that my racial identity is an integral and irreplaceable aspect of my “identity,” I believe that we’ll continue failing to persuade folks of the necessity of preserving our race until we successfully instigate and win an overarching conversation about identity.

The fascinating and sordid tale of Rachel Dolezal, the peachy Northwestern girl of Nordic breeding, pathologically lying her way into not merely passing for Black, but becoming a prominent regional figure in America’s Black community, is really a tale about the implosion of and vilification of White Identity, and the growing Diaspora of Whites and especially White males into identity groups which primarily exist as refugee settlements for those fleeing the shadow of Blood Libel hanging over those born White, or even worse, …White and male.

Contemporary White Americans strive mightily to find a precious redemptive drop of non-White blood in their ancestry. We even cling to our sexual perversions, having fabricated an elaborate pseudo-identity with a vast web of micro-identities around our private vices. To be homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, or whatever in one’s appetite is redemptive, liberating one from the shame of whiteness and maleness.

To be “homosexual,” or “transgendered,” or one of the rapidly proliferating categories of novel micro-identities with lovingly crafted victimization narratives is to be granted at least a partial reprieve from the white man’s burden of guilt and shame for “privilege” and “oppression.”

Our Brave New World

Our Brave New World

Medical technology is keeping pace with this phenomenon, with gender reassignment becoming an accepted and encouraged solution for tens of thousands of young men who have grown uncomfortable with their identities. You can bet that racial reassignment won’t be far behind, with unscrupulous plastic surgeons promising comprehensive racial reassignments which will be more convincing than Rachel’s half-assed spray tan job.

Honestly, I don’t blame these people. Every white male and white female is born with an uncomfortable question imposed on them by today’s pervasively anti-white culture: the shameful stain of White Guilt. This question, how one responds to belonging to the guilty race of privileged oppressors, is the right question; Rachel just arrived at the wrong answer. She rebelled against the existential horror of belonging to the people of injustice by radically transforming her life, her behavior, her biography, and even her body into that of the people of justice.

Rachel got to belong to the heroic victim group, the underdogs struggling for justice, the people to whom the future belongs, the good people, for years and years until betrayed by her own family.

The whole world is laughing at Rachel Dolezal now. The Blacks hate her for trying to steal their…privilege. The Whites hate her because they’re jealous of her audacity and courage to try to escape our shared life sentence of guilt and shame. Most White Nationalists mock her for betraying her racial identity, and I get that. But I disagree. I agree with Rachel that being a contemporary White American is a wretched and shameful thing to be. I agree with Rachel that identity is of paramount importance, and that it’ll require audacity and courage to flee this sinking ship of self-hating, self-indulgent, impotent, infertile wretches.

Rachel’s attempt to sue Howard University for discriminating against her because she’s White seems absurd at first blush. She pulled a Heimbach! Like Matthew Heimbach, she refused to be ashamed of herself because of the color of her skin and battled her University’s anti-white double-standard. For a good long stretch, she managed to overcome it before being cast back into the private hell of White Guilt, a private hell which is especially tortuous for the morally sensitive.

Keep pointing and laughing at Rachel’s humiliating fate, but her fate is the destiny of all White Americans. If you don’t trumpet your aberrant sexuality on the hilltop, mutilate your genitals, or convincingly pass for another race, then this anti-White system will hate and humiliate you. There is another option, of course, reaching forward to a White identity which isn’t as diseased, derelict, and doomed as the White American one.

Gas chambers and death camps are an unnecessary logistical hassle. All but a remnant of (increasingly vocal) White Americans have been persuaded to believe that they don’t have a right to exist. They don’t have a right to identify with their ancestors or their future generations. They don’t have a right to life, at least not in a sustainable and stable way.

Rachel Dolezal refused to live a life of White Guilt, and escaped from the madhouse of White Guilt for a few years before being recaptured. She’ll be re-educated and re-shackled in short order, and will be publicly apologizing to Black people for attempting to join them in having an identity which is allowed to have pride, allowed to have vitality, and allowed to have a future.

I believe she arrived at the wrong answer, but I applaud her for asking the right question: Should I tolerate a life of guilt and shame for being born with white skin?

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