RE: Another Open Letter Demanding Heimbach’s Head

Heimbach Contra Mundum
Heimbach Contra Mundum

Heimbach Contra Mundum

A fellow brother in Christ, Ryan “Silouan” Hunter, has published an open letter demanding even more public condemnation of Matthew Heimbach from the Church than he has already received.

Please afford me an opportunity to respond to Mr. Hunter’s letter.


The charge of “phyletism” against Mr. Heimbach is intellectually irresponsible, as the scope of this canon relates to relations within the Church, specifically relating to communion and jurisdiction. He has already published an explicit renunciation of phyletism in all its permutations, despite having never advocated for it in the first place. Heimbach confirms, frequently and sincerely, that all of the races and nations are equal in the eyes of God, that Orthodoxy is indeed for all the races and nations of the world, and that communion should never be denied a man on account of his identity.

Were the original or implied scope of the canon against phyletism as broad as Mr. Hunter and his cohorts insist, then Matthew Heimbach is the least of the Church’s problems, as the vast majority of Orthodox Christians the world over are proud of and supportive of their ethnic identity. In fact, the American dioceses ecumenically support specifically racial outreach projects, such as the Society of Saint Moses. Heimbach fully supports the mission of the Society of Saint Moses, but this glaring double-standard has yet to be explained or defended.

In fact, the heresy of phyletism is being committed by those who insist that Whites and Whites alone must renounce, reject, or be silent about their White identities in order to receive communion. What’s been done to Heimbach is a textbook case of phyletism, denying him communion due to a political rejection of his racial and ethnic identity, the White American identity. All he’s ever asked is for the Church to extend the same dignity and respect for his racial and ethnic identity that it has historically done an excellent job of extending to every other identity.

Being anti-white is found nowhere Holy Tradition.

White Supremacist

Matthew Heimbach is not a White Supremacist. He can be accurately described as either a White Separatist and a White Nationalist, neither of which are incompatible with canon law or misaligned with Church History. You may find those offensive to your secular political tastes, but that’s beside the point. This is not Evangelicalism, this is Orthodoxy. There are rules here. It’s very unfashionable to be pro-white in the contemporary American society, and the epithet of choice for men who are pro-White is “White Supremacist.” I assume Ryan Hunter quite probably doesn’t know the difference between a White Advocate and a White Supremacist, and doesn’t care to make the distinction.

Politics and Catholicity

It’s imperative that the Church refrain from engaging in political matters which don’t directly intersect with Holy Tradition, lest the Orthodox Church forfeit its unifying catholicity and become what America already has enough of; intensely politicized subcultural sects which demand that parishioners pass a series of litmus tests on “hot button” issues in order to receive fellowship.

There are some issues, like abortion, which do indeed demand the Church’s voice, but it would be lacking in wisdom for the Church to stake out a firm position on America’s very fluid and rapidly changing racial politics (save for condemning those who are actually supremacist). Historically, the Church has survived on all sides of ethnic tensions, conflicting nationalist movements, and rapidly shifting political climates precisely because it retained its apolitical catholic bearing, inviting men and women on all sides to set aside their politics when they cross the Narthex.

It’s alarming that Matthew Heimbach has been cast into the outer darkness by the Church for arguably (with a bad argument, at that) being a phyletist without the usual opportunities to defend or explain himself, while Michael Dukakis has gone on for decades confirming that slaughtering the unborn is consistent with the Orthodox faith without censure, excommunication, or piles of incendiary public letters being fired off.

This double-standard has yet to be explained or defended.

Privacy and Targeting

Matthew Heimbach has never purported to be clergy, or to speak on behalf of the Church. The public and political nature of the Church’s dealing with Mr. Heimbach are misaligned with traditional practice. After all, would the Church be inclined to post a notice on its website that one of its parishioners is an adulterer? The boycotts, the scripted denunciations, the calls and demands to condemn, and the active effort to figure out where he’s at and then turn the parishioners against him has the character of a secular political witch hunt, not one of spiritual stewardship and concern for right doctrine.

The charge that Matthew Heimbach creates “division” within the parishes is particularly frustrating, as he’s effusively solemn, friendly, and apolitical while in fellowship and the only “division” ever arises when political activists threaten to bring negative publicity and public shaming on the parish if they don’t expel him. I have witnessed this multiple times now, and I’ve looked into the tortured eyes of parishioners who personally like Matthew but who’ve decided to support driving him out of the parish exclusively in order to save it from being damaged by Leftist political pressure.

Were there even a hint of incense to any of this, I would humble myself to the clergy’s position. But all I smell is sulphur.

Does Pat Buchanan, whose views are nearly identical to Matthew’s views, suffer this treatment when he attends Catholic Mass? Not at all. While the Catholic Church is certainly not, on whole, in agreement with Pat, it’s being decidedly more measured and…catholic. People understand that Catholicism is inclusive of a broad range of conservative, capitalist, socialist, nationalist, and internationalist views. Orthodoxy in America has consistently striven to emulate the major Protestant denominations rather than sticking with the political strategy of being a universal church which worked fine for a couple millennia. While I refuse to offer the Church political advice, the requirement that it be catholic (inclusive of people you don’t personally like) is right there in the Creed.


The charge that Matthew Heimbach’s secular politics are outright heretical is hysterical and theologically indefensible. I’m sensitive to the fact that Orthodoxy–both within America and globally–has an obligation to demonstrate itself inclusive of every identity, but it also has an obligation to demonstrate itself above picking sides in secular politics.

A statement confirming that Matthew Heimbach does not speak for the Church and confirming that the Church is a welcome home for every race and identity would address the concerns that Heimbach’s politics are being mistaken for Orthodox dogma without opening a theological can of worms or shutting the door in the faces of the thousands of White identitarians who are either inquiring about the Orthodox Faith or are longstanding members of the Church.

Heimbach isn’t calling for his opponents within the Church to be excommunicated. Orthodoxy is big enough to be inclusive of the full spectrum of American and global secular political ideals. It seems like an easy decision to condemn the wildly unpopular man who’s being vilified by the media and drive him out of the Church. It’s certainly the easy decision, at least for the near term. But it’s not the correct decision, and you will likely come to regret cracking open the door to picking and choosing which secular political positions require excommunication.

Please carefully reflect on whether or not to participate in or support the witch hunt against this humble Orthodox Christian parishioner, Matthew Heimbach.



I’d love to see this clown go to an Orthodox country like Greece, Syria, or Russia and argue this non-sense. The monks themselves would probably beat him where he stands. There’s clergy there that outright supports Golden Dawn , and others who lead the way in kicking homosexual degenerates to the curb. Look at some of the political parties in Russia that have orthodoxy in their platform:

Pressure to excommunicate Heimbach was completely political, and done under duress from groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center whose leadership believe in a “religion” that states the Virgin Mary was a prostitute and Jesus Christ was her illegitimate child. The goal here is to silence his political dissent by holding his religious beliefs hostage, can’t think of anything more insidious than that.

The fact that “Ryan Hunter” would side with Jews over another Orthodox Christian in pretty much every context shows that he’s in the wrong religion, he either doesn’t take it seriously or doesn’t understand what Orthodoxy is. He needs to go back to being an Evangelical or whatever he was before.

an observer

I eagerly await the response from the Archbishop, whose Patriarchate in this continent consists of a Greek Archdiocese, 2 (!) Ukrainian Churches, an Albanian Archdiocese, and a Palestinian/Jordanian Vicariate. Or maybe one from the OCA, which includes an Albanian diocese, a Bulgarian diocese, and a Romanian Episcopate.

The GOARCH is renowned for pushing Hellenism and Greek identity above Orthodoxy in many of its parishes. Maybe Mr. Hunter should write an open letter about them too, or those nasty, horrible types that like to use their traditional liturgical language in Church, and have ethnic cultural centers at their parishes. Those monsters!

American Orthodoxy makes me want to tear my hair out.

O, Black Hundreds! Where are you?

an observer

He’s deleting all comments that question or refute his ‘open letters’ (to his own ego), including one of my own, which called him out on every statement that he made to someone who defended Mr. Heimbach. Usual tactics of these types. The fact that he works for a Protestant think tank ( makes him questionable.

I posted this on another thread, but it’s worth sharing again to re-iterate the kind of people who are causing a fuss:

This was the last person who composed an ‘open letter’ regarding TYN and got all ruffled about these damn Nazis defiling ‘her Orthodox Church’. Doing well for herself, I see. Totally legit.

Also note Mr. Hunter’s lamentable back-slapping with some getting emotional about ‘anti-semitism’ in the Orthodox Church. What trite. Any Orthodox Christian with a bit of awareness knows that the Jews were a huge thorn in the side of the Church, causing martyrdoms and instigating persecutions for years, until Roman Emperors like Saint Justinian clamped down on them.

This is all so tiresome.


the church fathers in fact were scathing towards the jews – if they said that in today’s climate they would arrested!!


If one has never studied Christian Identity, I recommend you do. William Fink’s has blown me away with biblical facts.


Is it possible to appeal to an authority in Europe to speak up for Heimbach? If Matt has friends in Europe, now might be a good time.

Side note – I was pleased to read this in the comments:

David on June 24, 2015 at 12:40 pm said:

I hope a very clear statement disavowing the racist views of Matthew Heimbach will be forthcoming from Archbishop Demetrios and from hierarchs of other Orthodox jurisdictions. While they’re at it , how about a similar statement disavowing and condemning the casual anti-Jewish sentiment that one runs across all too frequently among some Orthodox people . (I have heard remarks from ordinary Orthodox folk , not necessarily priests or bishops , that sound like they’ve been reading the Protocols of the Elders of Zion )


What struck me about that person’s “open letter” is that he didn’t bother to quote Heimbach at any length and then explain exactly how his beliefs violate the rules.

I think the Orthodox church ought to sever the American branch and cauterize the wound before leftist subversion gets a stronger foothold in the church. An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The fact there are people with church authority looking to silence criticism of Jews by their own people is a red flag.

John King

What has been done to an all around great guy like Matt Heimbach just makes me more anti-Christian. I recently quit being an Atheist and devoted my heart to the gods and goddesses whom my northern European ancestors once worshiped. I became a member of the Asatru Folk Assembly. I can’t speak for Jesus but I damn well don’t think Wotan would have any use for this anti-white atmosphere which we live under in the Jewnited Snakes of America. I hope one can be a “traditionalist youth” and practice Asatru. It is the true voice of traditionalism.


To John

These Orthodox Christians do not represent orthodoxy. They have brought their poison of cultural marxism into the church and have completely misused the concept of phyletism for their own politically correct agenda. I am frustrated by many converts to Orthodox as a Greek Orthodox Christian woman; there is definitely room for healthy nationalism and orthodoxy believe me. These ‘Christians’ think that sellling their daughter to the highest negro bidder makes them pious Christians; it doesn’t and I am sure many people of black ancestry would agree.


I’m a Greek Orthodox Christian woman and have no issues with what Matthew says. I have seen various facebook posts that are particularly nasty towards him by converts who are clearly poisoned by cultural marxism and thing that makes them more pious and holy. I find many converts very frustrating to say the least; for Greeks – Orthodox and Greek ethnic identity are intrinsically connected and Saint Paisios (recently canonised) was a patriot to say the least – does that make him a heretic? I am amazed how so called Christians scream ‘racism’ and support the genocide of their own people. I have also been villified and attacked and mocked for expressing particular views by so called Orthodox ‘Christians’ (always converts) and as a Greekw woman whose people have been under four hundred years of turkish occupation plus attempted genocide it absolutely infuriates me. And yes, there are many orthodox priests, nuns and monks who support Golden Dawn and quite rightly so.


I wish the episcopate would defend Matthew and take a stance against these cultural Marxists.

an observer

I tip my hat to you, Vicki. Thank you for your input, as a ‘cradle’ Orthodox. I’m a convert myself, but I find these kind of converts to be incredibly tiresome too. Just quit with the blogs, already! I learned very quickly in my Church life that faith and nationality are pretty much inseparable for the majority of Orthodox – especially the Greeks, who celebrate their national day with great pomp on the feast of the Annunciation.

Maybe our friend should write an open letter denouncing all Greeks who revere and celebrate the memory of those who rose up against the Turks – Greek separatists! – and chased the hated infidel out of their land. And while they’re at it, the Bulgarians, Serbs and Romanians who did likewise. After all, according to our friend, separatism is problematic.

Sadly, I don’t think the episcopate (at least in the US) will step up to the challenge. The Church in the US is far too compromised with the liberal and PC agenda. They are more likely to make apologies than to stand up for truths that the majority of people might find uncomfortable.


The problem is America. Any institution or organization looking to exist in America is accountable to Jews, and their agents looking to make a career/name for themselves. That includes all the Churches. Having an American Orthodox Archdiocese looking to convert the run of the mill American was the first mistake, letting sanctimonious upper middle class effeminate WASPs living in an all-white bubble like Ryan Hunter decrying “Eastern European anti-semitism” and “homophobia” of the people in his congregation is another.

Hunter is a Judaizer, as the heretologists used to say. He goes around giving interviews on behalf of the Church giving opinions that have nothing to do with the Russian Orthodox Church especially, while creating controversies out of thin air in tandem with the SPLC. That alone should get HIM excommunicated.

Matthew Hembach

Brothers and Sisters please pray for me, an unworthy sinner. If you can, speak up for Tradition to the Church authorities in any capacity you can to defend the Sacred Tradition we hold so dear.


Hi Matthew,

Are you being attacked by the hierarchy of the church? May I ask which orthodox church you have converted to: greek, russian etc. I will pray for you; keep up the good work.


Wordists – those who worship some set of words as the highest object of their loyalty – are always demanding people stab their people, family and race in the back to show “true” loyalty to their scribblings.

SBDN Thomas

The Judaizers are evil scum who seek to destroy the Church.
I have yet to see one single statement made/published on this website that is in conflict with any of the Church Cannons. Look up the Rudder it’s easily found with a simple online search. Please point out where Matthew’s statements are in conflict with the Church.
Many in the Church may disagree with Matthew’s political opinions. The Church has never made a claim on personal political opinions. The Judaizers use political weapons as tools to destroy the Church. They’ve been doing so since the founding of Orthodoxy. It’s a simple fact. The Judaizers’ theology is unsound, so they use politics as a tool to destroy Christians.
It’s my opinion that we have entered the “Time of Noah” Luke 17:26 “Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man”. The Judaizers know their time is short and are using a full court press to attack everyone and anything that stands for Christ.
Matthew may God bless you, and give you strength to keep fighting for the Church and our nation.
SBDN Thomas, a sinner


I’m not “orthodox”, but in general today no one is allowed to do anything in the public’s eyes without being criticized. The “traditionalist Catholics” will likewise denounce people as heretics and schismatics for raising a voice; silence in prayer is all too safe and “approved”. The Vatican would seek to silence TradYouth-esque activities but they’ve broken off from the Church and are non-Catholic so what they say doesn’t really matter. To those who are given much, much is expected, and so prayer alone will probably merit a harsh condemnation on Judgment Day (unless one is called to prayer alone): “I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity”! Matthew 7:23. Silence is consent. It seems like they don’t mind heretics in the pews, but if people try to actually speak out and be Catholic then that isn’t wanted because it shows how unCatholic and apathetic the rest are. Evil people try to drag others down who are trying to be good. On the other hand, one must make sure he is doing good and again I can’t condone the “orthodoxy”.


I only just found out reading here Matt H has been excommunicated & denied communion. I’d heard a rumour from my Orthodox Priest #1 but I didn’t have hard data. That’s simply terrible, horrible. I live in a very PC parish–quite literally the sort of pointy-nosed New England blue-eyed blonde haired types with 6 clone children, ultra-white, (“sanctimonious effeminate upper middle WASP types living in a bubble” – Eric) who jump down my throat for merely saying things that are conservative.

I learned my ethnonationalism slowly & painfully at the hands of the Greek Orthodox, for which I am ever grateful.

Maybe this thesis of Matt P’s ought to be nailed to the church doors…

New website looks a bit weird.


. I live in a very PC parish–quite literally the sort of pointy-nosed New England blue-eyed blonde haired types with 6 clone children, ultra-white, (“sanctimonious effeminate upper middle WASP types living in a bubble” – Eric) who jump down my throat for merely saying things that are conservative

I don’t how Christians can stand being around people who don’t respect you. Stockholm syndrome? If your authorities are corrupt, they’re corrupt. There is nothing that can done. It’s like taking orders from a general openly working for the other side. Catholic authorities followed orders from Jews and took father Coughlin out of commission for telling the truth. The same principle is playing out with brave MH.

I see no evidence myself the American orthodox church is much better than the Episcopalians or even when it comes to politics and social issues (not theology ) the church of Satan. My understanding is the highest orthodox authority in Greece condemned Golden Dawn a while back. As for the Russian church, I’ll go ahead and venture some conjecture and suggest even if they might be sympathetic they’re constrained in what they can say and do on these issues by their ties to the Russian government and its official anti-racism and philo-semitism.

The orthodox church is positioned to benefit from a huge migration of fed-up traditional Catholics and protestants looking for spiritual guadance and leadership. The orthodox church doesn’t seem very interested in taking this opportunity.

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