Goofus and Gallant Respond to Terrorism

Norway's Effective Response to Terrorism
Norway's Effective Response to Terrorism

Norway’s Effective Response to Terrorism

Four years ago, the world was rocked by a truly horrific act of terrorism, Anders Breivik’s methodical and militaristic assassination of an island full of children. Breivik, like Dylann Roof, hoped and planned for his action to provoke his Norwegian and European opponents of identity into a polarizing reaction. After all, Bin Laden’s terrorist attacks on America a decade prior fueled a series of overreactions and missteps which propelled Islamic radicalism from a minor regional issue into a global force which is defeating the American military and American interests on just about every front.

Terrorism happens when it achieves political objectives, and it’ll keep happening as long as it keeps achieving political objectives.

Breivik had every reason to believe that terrorism would work. Yet, curiously, Norway didn’t overreact. Like the good citizens of Whoville who sang merrily despite the Grinch having stolen Christmas, they refused to react negatively, to walk into his strategic trap. As an American, it seems that the least they could do is execute Breivik, but the Norwegians failed to even sentence the man to life in prison, and his prison sentence is uncomfortably comfortable by American standards. They didn’t silence nationalist voices or go on a fanatical witch hunt in the aftermath, despite having the perfect pretext to do so.

The anti-terrorism bill which they did pass about a year later was quite limited by American standards, with the Prime Minister vividly cognizant of the importance of refusing to allow terrorists to influence politics. After signing it, PM Jens Stoltenberg remarked, “My message is that fundamentally Norway is the same kind of society.”

This is the gallant way to respond to the unthinkable. Punish the guilty. Take intelligent measures to protect society from future acts of terror. Then respond in the last way that terrorist theoreticians hope you’ll respond: By refusing to become a monster in one’s pursuit of monsters.

American society went for the goofus approach to Islamic terrorism, slaughtering, starving, and humiliating millions of peaceful Muslims around the world, inspiring entirely new generations of anti-American jihadis who are now coming of age to take revenge. All signs indicate that America’s going to respond to Roof’s murderous rampage with a similarly polarizing attack on Southern heritage and identity, White Advocacy, and right-wing “hate groups” like TradYouth.

We’ve consistently renounced and rejected violence and hatred at every opportunity, but it honestly doesn’t matter. The American government, media, and academia refuse to distinguish between ourselves and Dylann Roof. For them, the fact that he had ideas similar to our own confirms that our ideas are evil and must be stamped out at all costs. America will willfully disregard the fact that terrorist violence knows no ideology. There are environmental terrorists, socialist terrorists, anarchist terrorists, religious terrorists, anti-religious terrorists, and an impressive list of anti-racist and anti-white terrorists in recent memory.

Dylann Roof falsely believed the lie that the ideology underlying White Advocacy necessarily entails violence. This is a lie which permeates our society, the belief that to be pro-white must necessarily entail being vehemently–even murderously–anti-minority. It doesn’t, but the ADL, the SPLC, the mainstream media, and the federal government have invested millions and millions in crystallizing this falsehood in the collective American mind; that the only way to promote White interests is with violence. A small minority of White Nationalists, many of them outright cranks and many of them surely government assets operating honeypots, also repeat this lie.

It is a lie, and it needs to be put to rest before more lives are lost.

If this society keeps overreacting to nationalist terrorism, persecuting innocent whites in response to these episodes, then my side, the side of White Identity, will win. If Whites get pushed hard enough by the radical leftists, they’ll eventually push back, and there remain enough traditional white folks in America to easily defeat the opposition if it’s cornered and forced to awaken and react defensively. If all of the gun laws, “hate speech” and “hate crime” laws, and attacks on Southern heritage and identity continue, then America will have the same historical process take place in the heartland that took place in the Middle East, with a homegrown White Christian equivalent of ISIS emerging to “take it back” without moralizing or apologizing.

I don’t want to win in that manner.

I believe that a peaceful and moral White Nationalist can win. But that’s really not up to me. It’s up to our opponents whether they wish to continue their current polarization strategy of denying us platforms, driving us into the social, economic, and political outer darkness. Dylann clearly explained in his manifesto that his act was intended to trigger a race war by provoking anti-whites into an overreaction. If the symbol of Southern heritage and identity is removed from the statehouse in response to this act, then the terrorist will have won.


Richard Bird

Terrorism will happen as long as people suffer social injustice, and their means for objecting to the injustice is removed or ridiculed. It is a declaration of war by the individual. Acts of terrorism can obviously never be condoned, however, they do highlight the need for society to review the reasons why they happen, in order to ensure they don’t reoccure. Simply ignoring them will not accomplish anything. All it will ensure is that, in time, the act will be repeated. In Breivik’s case, the policy of forced multiculturalism was the reason he flipped out. As an opponent of multiculturalism, I can sympathise with him to a certain extent. I don’t condone what he did, but I do understand why he did it. To my mind, the people who introduced the policy should bear an equal responsibility for the incident. Breivik’s actions were a direct result of what is a failing policy, which will ultimately lead to a thousand times more ruined lives than Breivik’s act caused. It is a recipe for disaster. Heaping all the blame on Breivik is a convenient way of ignoring the reasons for what he did, and an invitation for others who think like him to repeat his actions. The war won’t stop until the problem is addressed, and the responsibility for any further acts of terror must be placed squarely where it belongs, on the shoulders of those who ignore the suffering their disasterous social policies are causing. My feeling is that the Norwegians want their country back, and by God, they are going to get it, with or without terror. The decision at to which path is ultimately pursued lies entirely in the hands of the status quo.


You have Anders Breivik up side down. Breivik is a jewish / zionist / homosexual. Breivik slaughtered those children because they were making posters for a demonstration against the torture / murders of the Palestinian People by the jews. Breivik is not a white nationalist. He posted on Stormfront to fool people into thinking he is a white nationalist. You are correct about Breivik’s prison sentence. He should have been executed. He is going to spend about 3-4 months in a comfortable prison for each child slaughtered.


I’m with you 100% Fred. If you read Breivik’s manifesto, you’ll find most of it is plagiarized from neo-conservative Jewish bloggers and pundits, like Bat Ye’or, Pamela Gellar, etc. In fact , I can’t think of any living non-Jew he cites as an inspiration, the only gentiles he seems interested in are crusty, WASP classical liberals who paved the road for Jewish power to begin with.

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