Emergency Fundraising Appeal

We're running on fumes!We’ve bit off a bit more than we can chew with our activism this Summer. Our opponents are speculating that we have a secret donor who’s been making all of our cross-country traveling, organizing, networking, and activism possible. Not exactly. Our top three donors are: Thomas Buhls, Matthew Heimbach, and Matt Parrott. We have several other regular and irregular donors who’ve made it possible to take it to this level, but we need a little help from our friends to take our work to the next level.

You want proof that your investment is going toward meaningful activism with a real world impact? We’ve wrangled our way onto Chelsea Handler’s upcoming NetFlix series, an upcoming hour-long BBC documentary, and several local and national news stories just in the month of June alone. Each and every time we achieve media attention, we try to pitch the proven “mantra” messages alongside our attractive message of faith, family, and folk. Each and every time we achieve media attention, it’s to promote our cause and our message, not ourselves.

We’re also mindful that street activism and media engagement are just the tip of the agitation iceberg. Paying our talented writers costs money. Eric Striker’s articles have become the definitive resources for folks on forums and social media calling attention to the kosher racket and the Jewish role in peddling pornography. We’ve added multiple active chapters with promising leaders in the past couple months. We even have one in Australia, now! We’ve proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that a bold and radical embrace of both identity and tradition is the way to electrify youthful audiences.

Not conservatism. Not libertarianism. Not hipster posturing. Not supremacism or craniometry.

Our project is succeeding by all but one metric right now; fiscal sustainability. We’re approaching escape velocity, but we’ve burned through just about all of our rocket fuel to get here. We’re behind on paying our writers. We’ve skipped the printshop and made professional signs by studying arts and crafts. We sleep on random comrades’ couches when we travel. Legend has it that copper wire was invented by two Jews fighting over a penny, but we goyim are also getting pretty good at stretching each penny as far as it will go.

Today, Saturday, we’ll be on the street in Knoxville opposing the gay agenda. A couple days later, we’ll be in South Carolina sharing our message of identity and tradition with Black Nationalists on a global media platform. A couple days after that, we’ll be in California to support and speak at a major conference. We’ve hustled to bring all these things together, and we’ve got even bigger projects ready to roll out in the next few weeks. But we don’t quite have the money to pull it all off.

If you’ve got some to spare and you support what we’re doing, right now would be an excellent time to help.



You should’ve bought an Acer Matt, don’t you know Apple will put you in the poor house?

Matt Parrott, Apple fanboy. LOL!

Water must not be the only thing in short supply in L.A..


I billed the client for the expense. I’m certainly not purchasing an Apple product with my own money!

Gavin James Campbell

Donate to Traditionalist Youth Network.
Otherwise, Buhls, Heimbach, and Parrot will have to work for a living.


Working class movements like TradYouth often suffer from funding issues. We don’t have all the world’s billionaires and multi-national corporations subsidizing us like you Judeo-leftist anti-white racketeers.


We all do work for a living, actually.

None of the donations go to personal expenses. Period.


Gavin likes to belittle people. I guess it makes him feel important.


Hey I’ll get a card within the week and donate like fifteen dollars or something. What exactly are y’all are doing down in South Carolina? I don’t want to come off as telling you guys how to do your jobs but if you are going out on the street preaching racial stuff that might not be the best idea in light of the recent tragedy down in Charleston. Also about this Chelsea handler thing, is it on Netflix now and what is it? And I heard about the trad worker party being on BBC, you guys know when that documentary goes up? Also I appreciate all the activism you do. And as a high school age boy living in NYC, one of the most multicultural and liberal cities in the country, it is nice to see someone finally stand up for traditional pro white values.
With regards,


We’re doing our best to be sensitive about the tragedy which occurred in South Carolina, including paying our respects at the church.

Chelsea’s NetFlix thing won’t be up until Octoberish. The BBC documentary won’t be up until Septemberish.

Thank you for your support, and your supportive remarks, John!


I would like to donate, but I find it unsettling that you support black nationalism in the states. What happened to the strict white nationalist stance? Does even our nationalism have to be multicultural in America? How sickening. Now I ask is this organization anti-White? It seems so. Can we not have our own organizations to speak about our own issues?


The support may have something to do with both groups sharing a mutually recognized, common interest in separation and/or the importance of the ethnic/racial component of identity.

Obviously, I don’t speak for TYN.


There appears to be a misunderstanding about what “nationalism” entails. A nationalist is supportive of both his own national interests as well as the national interests of other groups, _especially_ other groups with whom there’s currently tension. Convincing everybody to pursue sovereignty and self-determination serves White interests.

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