On Ba’athism — Part III — Lessons for Europeans

Despite its failures, Ba’athism does offer European nationalists some positive ideas to apply and perhaps even more importantly, it provides us a fascistic model to follow that is not from 1930s Europe.

Most likely, the various European peoples in North America and a goodly portion of Europe are going to become occupied by the Third World demographic changes. Whites in places such as Colorado, Oregon, Andalusia and Marseille, for example, are going to find themselves living as white minorities in their own county, not unlike whites in South Africa and Rhodesia.

Politically, socially and economically, the reservation lifestyle could become a normal way of life for Europeans. Europeans are therefore going to need an ideology of liberation that breaks them out of post-modern thinking that lead to their subjugation in the place. It is just short of insanity for Europeans to keep seeking answers in the figures, movements and writings of the 1930s in Spain, Germany and Italy or even worse, Dixie in the 1860s.

Ba’athism though, does provide a communitarian framework of sorts, for Europeans to begin the process of liberation. Fascism, Falangism and National Socialism are ideologies of external conquest, whereas Ba’athism is an ideology of internal spiritual awakening that forges an identity, and then can be projected outward. Primarily in the coming resistance to occupation, the ideology must be a shield and sword; a defense against false ideas and a means to liberate from the oppressed. More specifically, a resistance against liberalism and capitalism and a strategic means to bring about a revival of European identity that is separated from liberal Americanization.

Despite the rejection of liberalism that is coming by the Right, certain words and symbols that relate to classical liberalism, such as “liberty,” “freedom,” and “rights” are not going away. They are perhaps permanently ingrained in out psyche now as Europeans, no different than using Arabic script for numbers is a part of our normal daily routine.

Fortunately, Ba’athism’s model does allow for these words and symbols to be used in a positive manner for the liberation of our people from the yoke of bankers, Hispanicization and/or Islamicization. Freedom from, in the Ba’athist sense, will mean liberation from foreign occupation and the corollary being that these lands (Europe and North America) are our lands and not the occupiers.

It should be clarified though that any adoption of Ba’athist principles must come in essence not substance—this is not a cause of Arab liberation in North America or Europe, but rather European liberation with the hope of building a collective European identity and purpose in the 21st Century and beyond. Europeans should not be running around Amsterdam, Seattle, or Perth waving Egyptian or Syrian nationalist flags as a means of Dutch, northwest or Australian liberation, only rather it is time that Europeans educate themselves with and learn to use a new lexicon of ideas that prepares us to break free from the bonds of foreign occupation of financial and demographic control.

White nationalists often cry havoc that whites are going to be exterminated. That is a little overzealous. Whites are always going to be here. They are still living in long lost ancient places such as the Caucuses, Assyria, far western China and the Himalayas. But just because they exist, does not mean they are going to be living in the same manner that they once were, even if it were in their own lands.

The WN movement has been utterly ineffective in the post-World War II world, because it has been zealously committed to reviving the destroyed reichs of the past, whether it was German, Italian, Spanish, Southern or trying to convert Argentina into a Francoist style regime. By realigning our mindset to an ideology of liberation, rather than external conquest, Europeans can actually play into a paradigm of us versus them that is positively predisposed to our benefit, rather than benefiting off the backs of others, as imperialistic thinking demands.



I think Europeans and Americans of European ethnicity and heritage should look for pre-Revolutionary Christian nation state models of Europe. It is the Church itself which must be recovered in Europe and discovered in America. The Evangel is to be addressed specifically to ethne – nations (pan ethne) “Go ye therefore into all nations and make disciples”.

The unity of Church and state is the only historical model of the nation state in Europe. Before that there were tribes and provinces of the Roman empire. But the nation state had a unity of Church and state, with the Church preceding the state.

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