Baltimore: Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys

Not My Circus. Not My Monkeys

Not My Circus. Not My MonkeysThe Baltimore crisis may be cooling down, but the heat is rising both literally and politically. We’re pretty much guaranteed that the recent wilding in Maryland is merely the opening event in a series of vaguely related racial riots which won’t wrap up until the wintry chill returns.

Throughout identitarian circles, the most popular reaction was to unilaterally support the police force and consider the riots in Baltimore as a problem to be solved with greater law enforcement. Personally, I felt no need to react and little point in commenting, as the police chief, the mayor, the governor, and the president of the political entity in question are all Black. Pretty much all of the rioters were Black, most of the police contending with the rioters were Black, and while only half of the officers who allegedly killed the Black man were themselves Black, I’m certain beyond a reasonable doubt that not one of the three White officers have an inkling of fellow-feeling with my faith, my folk, or my family.

Not my circus, not my monkeys.

I’m supposed to care about all the property destruction. But why should I care about what they do with¬†their property? I’m supposed to care about the danger caused by the riots in their communities. But it’s their own communities, so they can estimate that risk for themselves. I’m supposed to care about police brutality, but it’s not like one can expect the Andy Griffith style of friendly and folksy law enforcement in a gangland hellscape that is notorious for its violence and criminality. Perhaps I should sympathize with the cops there? Not really. When they swore in, they agreed to the foolish and thankless drudgery of imposing a whole range of bad laws designed by and for different people altogether, to the detriment of the community.

Giving a damn about Baltimore, Ferguson, and the upcoming riots requires a reactionary mindset in which I would care about the collective fate of the American social experiment in diversity and multiculturalism. It would require a meddlesome presumption that I have a stake in or a valid opinion on how people I have utterly nothing in common with except a common federal tax collector deal with their local problems. I have no idea how Baltimore should be policed, which laws should be enforced or relaxed, or how to best handle all that rioting mayhem. I say we step back and give them the leverage and latitude to muddle through it on their own terms.

For me, my primary concern is that the mayhem could affect innocent noncombatants from outside their communities, like what happened to the hapless trucker Reginald Denny who was drug out of his vehicle and viciously assaulted to the brink of death during the LA riots in the early nineties. If that sort of thing returns, and it most likely will if these incidents keep spreading and growing, then I’ll side with whatever martial law or vigilantism is proposed to put a stop to it. But, of course, in today’s political environment, whites rising up to defend themselves against even the most egregious attacks will be smeared by the media as villains and ruthlessly shut down…by their fellow whites.

If innocent folks from out of town start coming under attack, then I’ll take a side between the non-whites and the state. Until then, I’m neutral.

The only lasting solution is a comprehensively tribal one where we define our own areas well and try to invest our time, our resources, and our political energy in those areas. Attempting to make this vast region between the Rio Grande and the Great Lakes entirely safe for white people again is a lost cause, certainly lost in the pragmatic near-term. The best we can hope for is to carve out safe spaces away from the diversity, decadence, and disease which is spreading like a fungal infection on an AIDS patient’s bruised and blistered back.

Speaking of monkeys and AIDS, my own monkeys right here in Southern Indiana are suffering from an AIDS epidemic brought on by rampant drug abuse and promiscuity. Be careful what you mock Blacks for, because the tidal wave of decadence will eventually inundate your own community. A couple decades ago, white supremacists chuckled about the rampant fatherlessness and welfare dependence in the Black community. Now, our own working class communities have reached the same levels of dysfunction we once mocked those wretched Blacks for.

Racial differences are real, and they matter, but our intellect is only a temporary buffer against the ravages of godlessness and greed. If anything, at this stage, our creativity and intelligence enables us to be more creative and elaborate in our self-harm. After all, inner city Blacks struggle to even wrap their minds around the esoteric proposition that there are lesbians trapped in men’s bodies who should be declared women, surgically mutilated, and celebrated as heroes. Inner city Blacks fight back against immigrant invaders of their communities because they can’t wrap their minds around the esoteric proposition that they have some grand historic debt to a vague “other” which must be repaid in the form of self-destruction. As things spiral closer and closer to the Abyss, our creativity, abstraction-orientation, and plasticity of mind will turbo-charge us to the bottom more rapidly than the other races.

While each tribe the world over should be allowed and encouraged to work through this crisis independently, it’s a shared crisis, and within the coming decades the riotous destruction of property and callous disregard for law and order will take root in White American communities. We can’t and shouldn’t take ownership of the problems in Baltimore and Ferguson. What we should do is strive to provide options and opportunities for our own folks, ordinary White American folks, to return to church, rebuild traditional families, reject promiscuity, kill their local drug dealers, and start¬†developing future neighborhoods safe enough to drop our future grandchildren off in them.



Be careful what you mock Blacks for, because the tidal wave of decadence will eventually inundate your own community. A couple decades ago, white supremacists chuckled about the rampant fatherlessness and welfare dependence in the Black community. Now, our own working class communities have reached the same levels of dysfunction we once mocked those wretched Blacks for.

It’s gotten to me with me that almost don’t care about genetic differences and see them as a blind alley, and the only ethnic conflict that matters to me is white versus elite white-Jew.

To your point, it is definitely the case that at least some blacks formed a stable culture and developed orderly communities before greedy capitalists, liberal social engineers and especially — who else? — Jews got a hold on black culture. Just Google pictures of Nat King Cole, Ralph Ellison or other famous blacks from earlier times. They look very normal and respectable to me. Even Martin Luther King engaged the public and did civil disobedience wearing a coat and tie.

Elite-orchestrated economic devastation, combined with Jews now for decades having a hold on white culture, is destroying lower middle, working class and poor whites, as those policies are intended to do. You are very wise to counsel people not to mock the blacks too much. We see the result of Jews getting a hold on blacks culture, with the same results now emerging with lower-class whites. When take away decent educational opportunity and jobs, in the context of decadent wider culture that doesn’t inspire anybody, it should not come as a surprise that it’s happening.

Just to hammer this point one more time, I think people really need to watch relying on the IQ angle as an explantion for pathology. That, again, cuts both ways. And lot of people who deal with IQ are definitely not on ordinary white people’s side. Charles Murray wrote a book that systematically documents emerging pathology among lower-class whites. While assembles data everyone needs to take the time to review, Murray blames the whites themselves for the pathologies because of their moral failures. Murray, in fact, uses words like “lazy” quite a bit to describe these whites.

As a cognitive elitist and extreme corporate-oriented libertarian, Murray does not see any contribution to the white condition from capitalism or Jewish influence. He blames whites. So, yeah, people better be real careful about laughing too much at the blacks.

The real split, again, is white v. elite-white/Jew. Everybody ongoing critic of the day-to-day American dystopia ought to be linked back to whites and Jews.


Thanks, Lew.

Did you see earlier this month where none other than Jeb Bush remarked that he’s a fan of Charles Murray’s work? If I had been pressed beforehand to name the quintessential example of a treasonous white elite who’s traded in his traditional ethnic identity for a cosmic global elite identity, I would have most likely immediately named none other than Jeb Bush.

It seems surprising on first glance. But, as you note, it’s not really all that surprising if you’re truly familiar with Murray’s motives and the commentary surrounding his data.

Conversely, reading Bell Curve when I was fifteen (I was an odd kid) was what first kicked me down the road to where I’m at, now. So I hesitate to be too dismissive of Jew-blind HBD stuff.

Mosin Nagant

You’re correct in that neither side in Baltimore merits praise or support. Two different problems must be recognised in Baltimore: (1) the conflicting nature of the multiracial legacy of slavery-based, wealth-(instead of Christ-)worshipping, Golden Circle ‘culture’, and (2) the tyranny of the police state or ‘standing army’ in our midst. Deliverance is possible only through true repentance and Christian revival.

Swiss Kinist

That was a good read Mr. Parrot. And I appreciate the implication of not relying on intellect, but on the Lord Jesus Christ and his righteousness working through us.

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