Ten songs for red-pilling your neighbors

logo_400x400Corporate music is junk, and independent bands leave so much to be desired.  Good music is hard to find and it’s even harder when your ear is fine-tuned for the destruction of the Modern World.

I’m almost positive that Julius Evola and Rene Guenon would frown upon us using the cheap expedience of YouTube to satisfy our musical appetite.  But, perhaps they’d give a nod to this fallible attempt at finding our Traditional soul.

Screw the neighbors.  Turn up the volume and get your red pill on because…

  1. Electricity is more-or-less affordable.
  2. Speakers, sub-woofers and sound receivers are replaceable.
  3. Your apartment complex manager ought to let you off with a warning before evicting you on grounds of sound and noise complaints.

Got some music suggestions for us?  Give us a link in the comments thread, post to our Facebook page, or let us know on Twitter @TradYouth.  Now, on to the music:

I’ll take a pass on giving a description for all three of these sweet-ass Codreanu tribute tunes.  I’m told that the footage from the first half of “The Unconquerable Will of the Iron Guard” (first video) was lifted from a video that was designed as propaganda against the Iron Guard.  Is it really propaganda?  I don’t know, I don’t care.  It’s inspiring as fuck.



This was a new one for me.  It’s from a band called Spreu & Weizen.  I have no idea who they are and I don’t understand the words, but it gives me a raging Deus Vulter.



Here’s another from Spreu & Weizen.  I think a reader submitted sent this to us through private message on Facebook.  This is the kind of music that you should listen to while working out.


Here’s a short snippet from Evola’s Revolt Against the Modern World.  Okay, I lied.  It’s not short.  You might go blind trying to read the text, so just focus on enjoying the tunes and subduing your inner pleb.


Here’s a nice bit from Evola’s Metaphysics of War.  If you’ve not the patience to sit and read this video while listening, then just enjoy the tunes while getting yourself prepared for the Greater Crusade.


Yeah….  Rene Guenon would almost certainly despise blogging and on-demand video services like YouTube, but….  …    ….  Well, uh, ah…  to hell with it.  Just enjoy the music and try to suffer through Guenon’s pessimistic predictions for our Modern World.


Everybody has to get a bit of Francis Parker Yockey at some point….


If all else fails, and you just can’t figure out what’s going on, use this to invoke your Templar spirit and go polish your armor:


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