RFRA Discussion Panelists Agree: USA is a Secular Capitalist State

11084206_931065630246002_5278477873020048004_oMembers of Omega Psi Phi Black fraternity at IU-Bloomington hosted a Religious Freedom Restoration Act discussion panel last night and graciously invited a member of Traditionalist Youth Network to sit in as a panelist.  There’s no party like a TradYouth party, and true to form the discussion was provocative, engaging, and intense at times.  The evening’s discussion was also one of several indicators that our overall mission on campus has been increasingly successful at reaching students with the message of Radical Traditionalism.

Heimbach was joined by students from the Lutheran Student Association, Muslim Student Association, and a member of the local chapter of the NAACP.  As a disclaimer I will also add that the other students were representing only themselves and were not baring any official representation for their respective organizations.  With such a broad cross section of religious and social opinion you’d think that we would have had more disagreement on more topics, but really only came down to a single disagreement: whether or not anyone has the right to discriminate for any reason.Across the board the decision to repeal, rescind or otherwise shit-can the RFRA was a unanimous decision.  The little protection that the RFRA provides is, as Heimbach described, a “Styrofoam shield” if it is anything at all.  He believed we should scrap the entire bill because it did not go far enough in the protections it is supposed to grant, and also that it isn’t actually capable of defending people who claim those promised freedoms.  The Lutheran and Muslim Student Associations members argued along some line of reasoning that LGBTQWERTY people would be denied essential services or some basic service needed of be members of a society.  The NAACP member agreed with the reductio ad gay-discrimination (which continued well through the evening) but also added that Selma spice impugning that bitter earthy aftertaste of 1960s civil rights agitation.  No surprises there.

The real surprises started coming when panelists had to speak about whether or not RFRA would have any long lasting impact on the way that business conduct themselves in the marketplace.  Again, all panelists were in agreement that businesses would carry on with “business as usual.”  Most of the other panelists said it would have been silly to refuse business to anyone on simple grounds of fiduciary responsibility on part of the business owner– convictions be damned.  As Heimbach reiterated in the opening question: freedom to discriminate is real freedom.  Without the freedom to discriminate a business owner doesn’t own his own business, but instead he becomes a tenant to a government owned shop.  This was that one weird moment when the liberal pro-LGBT panelists came out as hardcore capitalists and tyrannical usurpers stating that nobody should be allowed to deny service to any member of the public.  Folks, remember that these other panelists are the very ones who decry fascism (or whatever they decide to call fascism), and their solution to the RFRA “problem” is to say that an all-powerful state should be able to punish even the smallest of business with such heavy handed fines that the business’s only option is to go out of business.  If that doesn’t say “we need the government to stamp out small businesses and make room for godless multinational corporations” then I don’t know what does.

The most surprising point that the whole panel agreed on was that our Federal government is a godless secular capitalist state and needs to be destroyed.  Our position on #DeathToAmerica was entirely and completely without rebuttal, and neither did anybody quibble about our observation that the federal and state governments are bought and owned by international Zionists and organized international Jewish interests.  The only time that the other panelists refused to answer a question with any clarity, trying to play both sides of the line, was when Heimbach flatly asked if anyone ever has a right to discriminate for any reason at all.  The smooth talking girl from the Muslim Student Association learned quickly that “you can’t block the ‘bach” after she was left floundering around and offering highly conditioned hypothetical conjecture in response.  I guess it’s better to respond with wishy-washy hot air than nothing at all, but she certainly didn’t help her case any.  She didn’t much like my question about whether or not a copy shop owner should have the right to refuse service to a Klansman who wants Klan fliers printed (true story, ask me about it sometime…).  She didn’t want to answer that question either, because she would have had to deny her own position (that nobody can refuse service based on conscience and conviction) or affirm our position (that people can and should be able to deny service based on conscience and conviction).

The high point of the evening was finding out that many Black members of the audience agreed with our positions on self-determination and the right of the Black community to organize for its own best interests in cases like law enforcement.  A hush fell over the audience followed by tense whispering on the “F” of “Ferguson” when Heimbach said we wouldn’t have had a situation like Ferguson, MO if the Black community had been allowed to select police officers from their community for their community– after which there was a resounding nodding of heads and smiles.  The second high point was the panel’s hosts were amazed to find out that we weren’t the hateful evilnaziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews.  Can you imagine that?  White nationalists and Black nationalists happily agreeing and shaking hands after finding out that even though we’re playing for different teams that we’re not necessarily competing against each other but with each other for the same quality of life in our own communities.  Shocking!  I can only wonder who has been running around scaring them into thinking otherwise… (draw your own conclusions)

The evening’s discussion was a complete success.  The liberal hive-minds in attendance managed to publicly prove that their world view is oppressive, intolerant, secular, capitalistic and fundamentally against even the most basic freedoms of association.  Meanwhile, the Traditionalist Youth Network genuinely and sincerely argued for true freedom: freedom from capitalist government, and freedom of conscience. Our youth organization model has proven very effective on IU-Bloomington, and there’s no reason to think that it couldn’t work elsewhere.  We are winning the fight for our future in the classroom and in the streets, and we are actively forging inroads to campus and youth communities and educating them with the Radical Traditionalist school of thought while fighting for Faith, Folk, and Family message.



Sounds like an amazing evening of discussion. The direction that this is moving is: “What is America?”,”What is the Union of the American states pre and post the Civil War?” and down the track the question of the ownership of the “United” by a private banking cartel through the currency issue (post 1913). Don’t miss Louis T McFadden’s address to the House of Representatives on this fact – it’s part of the Congressional Record.

America was never founded as a nation state. As a polity, however, once the polity is owned by a bank, whatever was or is the proposition to which the polity was dedicated in foundation becomes moot. The polity is de facto – an economy. And in that polity, the economic units do not have rights to withhold goods and services based on anything except ability to pay.

Corporations like banks can call in loans based on financial bubbles, but individual economic units do not have rights to organise boycott or withhold goods and services. The Christians organised as nation should test this precept in the clutch.

The Masonic social order, of America’s founding has carried right through from the founding of the Masonic polity and the take-over of 1913. The social order was always Masonic and dedicated to the ideals of Masonry: liberty (of the Masonic state against its Christian nation state opposition), fraternity (the brotherhood of the Lodge) and equality – the leveling operation imposed on the social capital/cattle under Masonic order.

The Thirteen Colonies of the UK in North America became assets of the Bank of England and its Corporation of the City of London after the War of the Succession in 1688.

What took a century to finally destroy in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Cornwall and the Isles was handed to the American Colonies as fait accompli . After the War of the Succession,Cromwell’s debt (for his New Model Army that won the English Civil War 1642) to the Synagogue of Mulheim and its instrument the Amsterdamsee Wisselbank was finally settled. That was a settlement of debt over three nations with all allodial title in all estates forfeit to The Crown (of the King of the Jews) and owned by their financial instrument – the Bank of England which was established to monetize the debt through the currency issue. After the Act of the Succession, the British monarchy became merely an Agent of The Crown, now headquartered on the sq mi of The City in London.

The fallout of that war immigrated to the American colonies primarily when the Bank of England used King Willie’s muskets to enforce the penal taxes in Ireland – from every plough, spinning wheel, butterchurn, every loom etc, to clear the Highlands of Scotland and to enclose the Commons in England – driving the peasants and villagers off the land. The ancestral memory of the Whites who came from the lands that became the UK simply lived to fight another day in the new world. What was the American Civil War if not the Boyne, Killiekrankie, Cromdale and Colloden rebooted?

The fallout of the War of the Succession was transported to the penal colony of Australia as the remnant of the loyalist armies.

The ideologies of the owners of Economy America and its war machine however, always prevail. The owners (that probably should be Owners) can always pull the levers of their political apparatus, in Washington and the states, to facilitate the organisation of one racial group in its racial interest in order to counter and dis-empower another racial group that alwys was and is now a racial threat to them.

The Owners are a race – they have an imperiium ( a world imperiium) and they intend to bring forth a pax Judei – ordo ab chao which they are using their war machine called the USA to create. The Owners have a social order for their cattle (nations) – it is called Masonry and its House of the Temple is across the Potomac from Washington in Virginia.

Once Americans begin to talk to one another in terms of their respective racial identities and the ethnic history of those identities, they are going to discover that their ancestors were standing up for the interests of the nation (in the old country) against the exact, same Identity that now owns and operates the consortium aka USA through their banking cartel.

Once people reject Masonry as the social order, the order that Masonry was set up to destroy will loom very large in the discussions. That order is the Church and the social kingship of Christ – to Whom all authority in heaven and earth is given. Nations were to be baptised as ethne and built up on the Church. It took over a thousand years for the organised forces of Anti-Christ to throw down the Christian nation state established upon the Church and organised as Christendom, but it can be rebuilt. But it can only be rebuilt by people who know who they are.

Fr. John+

Congrats on a good use of Jesus’ tool of obfuscating the Pharisees, by the reductio ad absurdum of their positions. [Witness Our Lord’s tactics against the ‘Jews’:

“Neither tell I you by what authority I do these things.”

‘You will not answer my question; neither will I therefore answer yours; because your answer to mine is the answer to your own. “He thus shows,” says St. Jerome, “that they knew, but would not answer; and that he knew, but did not speak, because they were silent as to what they knew.” Our Lord did thus but mete out to them the measure which they meted to him.’ – Pulpit Commentary Mark 11:33

Aso to Lynda’s comment: While substantively true, because she is (I believe) a Trad RC, she does not (or cannot) see the reality. It is ROME that has corrupted the entirety of Europe by her philosophy, and Masonry is merely the secularized Judentum, allowed AFTER Rome departed from the Faith, as Orthodox England notes:


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