Forging the Traditionalist International: Uniting in St. Petersburg

The building of the Traditionalist International. Nationalists unite to fight against our common foes.

The building of the Traditionalist International. Nationalists unite to fight against our common foes.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia has spent the last generation rebuilding itself socially and spiritually to reassert itself as the defender of Christendom and the Third Rome, the heir of the Byzantine Empire. With this rediscovered purpose of supporting Tradition, Christianity, and identity; the Russian government has been leading the charge to organize and create a new bloc of nationalists, anti-globalists, and Christians to form what some could call the Traditionalist International.

The first step towards creating an official nationalist umbrella organization for Traditionalists around the globe was taken this past month with a pan-nationalist gathering in Saint Petersburg, and the implications could be huge not only in Russia and in Europe, but also here in the belly of the beast, the United States.

This is not the first time that Russia has positioned itself to be a guide and center to a political and social worldview. During the Soviet Union the Soviet government created what the world knew as the Comintern or Communist International. The purpose of the Comintern was to unite communists from around the world to work to advance communism not only in Russia, but to every nation on the planet.

The policies of the Comintern were the “overthrow of the international bourgeoisie and for the creation of an international Soviet republic as a transition stage to the complete abolition of the State.”

The goal of the Comintern was worked for through the cooperation of communist parties and movements from different countries, funding of communist activists and movements and the creating of a forum in which communists could come up with strategy, propaganda and tactics to advance the communist revolution.

Using Russian money and leadership, the Comintern and successor pan-communist organizations we able to have a large impact of both national and international politics in Europe and the world. The Communist Party USA was able to get millions of dollars a year to engage in running candidates for political office and engaging in a wide field of political activism. With funding from overseas, the CPUSA was able to become a large player in the American labor movement, three Democratic congressmen were secretly Communist Party members, their publications reached hundreds of thousands of people around the nation and the CPUSA was even able to elect communists to local and state-level positions.

Even though the CPUSA has been without large amounts of international funding and support following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the CPUSA is still able to use the foundation built over decades to push their worldview in both radical and mainstream politics. The current chairmen of the CPUSA John Bachtell wrote last year that “we we are about building the broad people’s movement led by labor that utilizes the vehicle of the Democratic Party to advance its agenda.” Without a doubt the CPUSA still is able to influence the Democratic Party on both a national and local level through their trained street activists and infrastructure, especially in areas like key areas like Chicago, New York and the West coast.

While the goals of international communism are the exact opposite of Traditionalism, the effectiveness of the Communist International and communist organizing in the Western world is a model of how a Russian-backed Traditionalist movement could get the training and resources needed into the hands of activists to begin changing the political discourse in our homelands.

Political knowledge and strategy are neutral, they are simply tools that can be used for any political side or faction to advance their cause. The strategy of the far-Left during the 20th century undoubtedly worked to advance the Communist worldview throughout the West, these strategies can be used to also allow Traditionalists to advance a love of Faith, family and folk to our people and rebuild our nations.

The first Russian International Conservative Forum that was held as a forum and staging ground to bring together nationalist Russians including Cossacks, Golden Dawn, the German NPD, former British National Party leader Nick Griffin, Forza Nuova and other groups to find common ground to begin building a world-wide alliance to find ways to work together to advance the goals of Faith, family and folk.

Each of these political parties and groups that came to the forum have stated objectives in their respective manifestos in retaking their nations from the influence of globalist Jewish bankers, NATO, the European Union and from cultural Leftism that has overtaken Europe in the post-war period.

This meeting in Saint Petersburg allowed nationalists and Traditionalists to share ideas with one another and lay a groundwork for friendship for future alliances, a very similar start to the beginning on the Communist International. The success of European nationalist political parties advances the interest of Europeans and also those of Russia.

To the Russians, the dissolution of NATO and the EU would stop the most obvious threat to Russian sovereignty of the 21st century. America and the EU are both working to advance the globalist agenda of destroying nations, religion and folkish culture in order to bring about a new world order of enslaved consumers that is beholden to the Jewish elite and their various lackeys that have betrayed their own people for a few shekels and pieces of silver.

The toppling of Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Hosni Mubarak, and many other regimes that stood against the idea of a Zionist plantation planet stand as examples of what happens if the globalists are allowed to win. The leaders of the people will be removed and in their place various puppet regimes very similar to the banana republics of South America where foreign business and banking interests control every facet of the nation.

The globalist overthrow of the Ukrainian government in an artificial AstroTurf coup shows that these forced regime changes are not limited to the Third World, they are coming to Europe and any place where a people has decided to reject the advances of the elites. If nationalists and Traditionalists do not come together to fight the common foe, our enemy will pick us off one nation at a time until no shred of organic society remains on the face of the Earth.

If nationalism fails, all people will suffer the consequences, not only select groups, …all of humanity. If Tradition fails, our children and grandchildren will inherit a world that is degenerate, secular, borderless, and empty, with only the various passions of the flesh to distract them from having lost connection to their God, their family and their people.

Nationalists in Europe are against their nations being under the boot-heel of the European Union which dictates member states’ immigration policies, social policies, and even firearm laws. There is no national sovereignty in Europe as long as the European Union remains in existence just as individual States in America have no power as long as the Federal government lords over us all.

It benefits both European nationalists and Christians to unite with Russia to achieve goals that secure the existence of our Faith, family, and folk against the rising tide of atheism and multiculturalism. As Benjamin Franklin famously said  “If we don’t hang together, by Heavens we shall hang separately” a lesson that we should remember. There is either revolution and total victory or total defeat, there is no middle ground.

To break the chains of oppression that are keeping our people down, Europeans must rally together to create a Traditionalist International. Russia has the finances and the spiritual position to be a leader in uniting various nationalist and Traditionalist factions to work to destabilize and eventually destroy the agenda of the European Union, NATO and the United States. By pushing for a new global crusade against the enemy we are beginning a Holy war to save everything that we hold dear.

Uniting under the same banner to help one another, fund one another and fight together is the future, and I hope and pray that this first meeting of nationalists in Russia will lead to a full scale alliance between the various factions of Tradition that are spread around the world. Hail the coming of the Traditionalist International and hail our victory for God will it!


Greg Johnson

The reason for the resemblance to the Communist International is that the gathering in St. Petersburg is just another propaganda operation mounted by the successors of the KGB and Cheka who are using their old, tried-and-true playbook. Don’t make the same mistake as Radix and Mark Hackard: selling your integrity on spec in the hope of getting a check from the Kremlin. Is there anything more disgusting than Western fascists condemning the “fascist Junta” in Kiev in the hope of collecting a few rubles? You would be better off building your own operation rather than playing the coquette in the hope that Trad Vlad will shower you with gold.


Greg: Much better to hope for a check from the Kremlin than to support the Jew billionaire financed Azov like you do. For all your radical posturing , you seem to take the Jews’ line on quite a few issues, from Ukraine to “Creeping Sharia”. And on top of that, delete any different opinions on your site regardless of their merits, like a baby.

You seem to be wanting to bring back the cold war. The white stance would’ve been to side with the post-Jew USSR (after the prague trials), and the white stance today is to side with Russia and Iran against America/NATO, Israel, and global Judah.


Please present your evidence for this outrageous claim about this conspiracy that fooled the Golden Dawn, the Nordic Resistance Movement and others into joining a KBB-orchestrated psyop.


Greg doesn’t understand why it’s imperative for nationalists to work with Russia and never will. Groups like Golden Dawn and NPD are literally by themselves fighting against the whole world, having Russia even somewhat in their corner, like Hezbollah does, would make a huge difference. This is an alien concept to Greg because he holds the laughable notion that the only thing between white nationalists and victory is that we’re not writing good enough essays or having deep enough coffee shop debates.

There is no ethical or ideological inconsistency in supporting Russia against America and literally Jewish financed “Nazis”-in-name-only, and conditional alliance with Russia to reach mutual goals is not just a good idea, but a necessity. Iran, Syria, North Korea, Belarus, etc all have radically different systems and operate with almost complete sovereignty, but in exchange for a few logical concessions to Russia (IE, don’t get too close to America and global Jewry) they are offered protection.

The ideological problems arise when you start siding with Jew backed Ukrainians. Who are YOU taking money from Greg, since your site takes up the neo-con editorial line on a number of topics?

Greg Johnson

I disagree. The only advantage that nationalists have over our opponents is truth and integrity. I see no advantage in throwing away our strongest weapons to shill for Russia, which is an imperial prison house of nations, in which genuine Russian nationalists rot in jail while Putin surrounds himself with Jewish ministers and oligarchs.

And what do you opportunists think you will get in exchange for their principles and credibility? Money? Real political support?

Judging from Russia Today, Putin and his propaganda masters correctly judge that America will be most harmed by using the Leftist strategy of demanding that America destroy itself in order to live up to liberal ideals. Russia will not help white nationalists, because they do not think we will be bad enough for the West — and they are certainly not interested in promoting anything good for the West.


I find your points about Russia convincing. However, there is another side to the coin. Regarding the rightist factions in western Ukraine, can I ask have they done anything to distance themselves from the US-EU-NATO agenda? I don’t know that they have, though I’ve not had much time to follow the details.

It has been over a year since a US-Western-aligned faction took over in Ukraine with support from Western Ukrainian rightist groups. If the Western Ukrainian rightists haven’t done anything by now to distance themselves from the US-driven Western agenda for Ukraine, it seems to me the case that the Western Ukrainian rightists are dupes for or collaborators with Western interests ought to pick up some credibility.


Eric, I agree with a lot of your points, too. My question for you though is are you not at all concerned about the number of Jews around Putin? You’re pretty tuned in on the issue.

Consider, for example, that the head of Russian intelligence who likely has a hand in everything Russian government does inside and outside the country is a Jew.

Fradkov has been the head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service since 2007.

Fradkov was born near the city now known as Samara, to a family of Jewish origin on his father’s side.[1] His mother’s origin is uncertain.[2]

Also, Putin’s relationship with the billionaire Jewish oligarch Roman Abramovich as been described as follows:

Chris Hutchins, a biographer of Putin, describes the relationship between the Russian president and Abramovich as like that between a father and a favorite son.

There are many other examples are out there.

en wikipedia org wiki Mikhail_Fradkov
en wikipedia org wiki Roman_Abramovich#Vladimir_Putin


“The only advantage that nationalists have over our opponents is truth and integrity. I see no advantage in throwing away our strongest weapons to shill for Russia, which is an imperial prison house of nations, in which genuine Russian nationalists rot in jail while Putin surrounds himself with Jewish ministers and oligarchs. ”

I agree. That’s why the forked tongue Marine Le Pen you fanatically promote and censor criticism of on your site should be condemned for launching an internal coup on behalf of Jewry against her truth-telling father. Putin’s relationship with Jewry is one from a position of power, unlike America, European Union, and Ukraine where Jews call all the shots. Not putting this relationship in context is willful ignorance, yes there are powerful Jews in Russia who enjoy a degree of freedom to operate in Russia, but on the condition that they have fidelity to Putin, as he has shown multiple times he is willing to imprison or cause “accidents” for Jews that step out of line. There is a Jewish community in Iran who have positions in parliament even, are you going to say that Iran is controlled by the Jews as well?

The world Jewish press and NGO’s (ADL, WJC, Wiesenthal Center) have united as one in support of Ukraine against Putin. So confident are they of their control of the stooges in ukraine that Abe Foxman and Simon Wiesenthal both refused to endorse a Congressional bill that would’ve barred weapons and money being sent to the so-called “Neo-Nazis” fighting Russian-speaking rebels. You call Russia an imperial prison house of nations, but when you look at a map of the myriad of NATO bases in the region, you’ll realize this is a question of self-defense and buffer zones. Nationalist groups like Svoboda operated freely within the Russia sphere and had a large stake in parliament, today they have most likely been bribed or coerced into stepping aside and disappearing from the country’s politics altogether.

At the end of the day, the turning point in the 2006 Israel-Lebanon war were modern Russian anti-tank missiles (Kornet) that turned Merkava tanks into rolling coffins. If Russia was in the pocket of Jews, Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah would not be leveling the playing field with Zion thanks to Russian arms.

Russia’s fighting globalism, this is good for whites. The guy who has given conditional support to all sorts of authentic kosher conservatives is suddenly an ideological puritan?

“Judging from Russia Today, Putin and his propaganda masters correctly judge that America will be most harmed by using the Leftist strategy of demanding that America destroy itself in order to live up to liberal ideals. Russia will not help white nationalists, because they do not think we will be bad enough for the West — and they are certainly not interested in promoting anything good for the West.”

So what? They are fighting fire with fire. America provides instruction, money , and celebrity endorsements for Pussy Riot, Russia hits back by giving the Baltimore niggers tearing up the streets positive publicity.

Let’s have full disclosure here Greg. Why don’t you admit the real and purely personal reason you hate Putin and love Front National?


Lew: The Jews in Russia respect Putin because they know he has the power to ruin them. You ought to look at what Putin does, not what he says, and what he does contradicts every global Jewish geopolitical goal overtly.

People talking about how Putin imprisons “Russian Nationalists” ought to look at why. So-called “nationalists” in Ukraine were trained and armed by billionaire Jews and NATO to overthrow the Ukrainian government, so of course he’s going to take measures against the myriad of “Neo-Nazi” paramilitary groups in Russia. Nationalist groups that support Putin, such as the one which had Golden Dawn, NPD, and other radical nationalist attendants, are allowed to operate openly and say/do whatever they want.

The whole “Putin is a Soviet communist” canard is spread by conservative retards and people with agendas. Putin’s laws against “Neo-Nazi” groups are not ideological, they are to prevent NATO and Jews from picking up soccer hooligans and turning them into a fighting force like Azov. Leftists claim that Putin treats them the same way, and he does for the same reason:

Kike Slayer

Russia uses controlled opposition for nationalists far more often than anyone. For example, think of the entire far right LDPR which holds fourth most votes in Duma. Led by none other than….Vladimir Volfovich Eidelstein.

Vladimir Jewtin funds whatever is harmful to the West, in the Baltics he funds antifascists to attack local nationalists, and his stooges are entirely jewish.


LOL! National Action. No wonder you reek of retard.

Anyway, if National Action wants to come out in defense of “the west”, so be it. I’m in tears over Russia funding things bad for Ed Milliband and Merkel.

You do you, they’ll do them, how’s that for a compromise “Kike Slayer”? You go out in the streets of London with swastika tattoos on your face, screaming “HEIL HITLER”, and holding up the flag of Jew-funded “Misanthropic Division”, while Golden Dawn, Jobbik, NPD, Party of Swedes , Swedish Resistance Movement, etc all go to Russia and get support for their projects. Let’s see what gives more results for whites.


The only reason Waffen-SS parades are allowed by the EU is because Brussels wants to use this to stoke chauvinistic tension with Russia. The Baltics are a major strategic point for NATO to surround Russia (especially Poland). The major Waffen-SS divisions are mostly Western European (Spain, Belgium, France, Holland, and of course Germany), yet any similar demonstration would be banned by the full force of the law.

The reason Putin drew the line at Ukraine is because they need a buffer zone against ZOG.

Kike Slayer

>Let’s see what gives more results for whites.
Obviously what NA is doing, since no one received a single dime in exchange for their shilling. Also the Resistance is buddy-buddies with NA, and most certainly didn’t receive shekels from Jewtin: People there were there just to give a propaganda boost to Putin. Why else would it have had antifascists like Johan Bäckman and transsexual animal abusers:

National Action took the entire British political scene by surprise and is the fastest growing NS group in the country so they’re obviously in the right. Golden Dawn gathers support by not giving a fuck about insulting useless intellectuals by using the roman salute. Your argument is really working against you.

>The only reason Waffen-SS parades are allowed by the EU is because Brussels wants to use this to stoke chauvinistic tension with Russia.
You obviously didn’t read the previous link I gave to you. “Waffen SS is a jew plot”. Yep, sure. Also Baltics had some of the biggest and most successful legions but according to you nationalism isn’t nationalism if it offends Russians (or jews), right?


The Swedish Resistance movement supports Putin as well, I know this for a fact.

National Action started out great, but their side show in London a few months ago reveals them as incredibly disorganized. Doing the roman salute is one thing, Englishmen going around saying “SIEG HEIL” in the year 2015, and having Nazi tattoos you got in prison on your face is another. There’s a fine line, but there’s a big difference between Golden Dawn and groups like the national socialist movement in America, national action appears to be approaching the latter.

Since you’re so passionate about a handful of Jews that support Putin either under durress or to protect their business interests in Russia (since Putin has jailed and assassinated Jewish billionaires who have crossed him) , who do you support then Kike Slayer?

The biggest problem isn’t your concerns, it’s what you propose instead that is the problem. Not a single objective person can say Ukraine ISNT completely dominated by Jews after the Maidan coup. The fake Ukrainian “Nazis”, ALL of which take orders from Yats the Yid, the chocolate Jew, and the Pentagon, have started a pointless civil war where thousands of whites have died just to put the IMF and EU in power in Ukraine.

Do you think that was worth it? If the Ukrainians really wanted to live under Brussels and Washingtons iron heel, why couldn’t they have waited for the next election cycle? I’ll tell you why. The majority of Ukrainians want to maintain their relationship with Russia, which is why the Jewkrainian Kosher nazis took the government done by force under the auspices of kike Victoria Nuland’s $5 billion dollar Ukraine project.

Fr. John+

“….the idea of a Zionist plantation planet…”

Bravo. one of the best short phrases outlining the REAL Enemy I’ve yet read!


The problem is that Russia looks at the moment unwilling and reluctant to take such a crusade as it respects the spheres of influence of the West and plays by the rules in contrast with the American-led west that shows total disregard for them and doesn’t hesitate to interfere not only in what remains of Russia’s sphere of influence but within Russia itself, where it has deployed a multitude of fifth columnists and traitors that openly call for regime change and want to hand over Russia’s sovereignty to the NWO Washnington headquarters. So I think it is better to organize in our respective domestic bases and fight from there, because aligning the destiny of our fight with that of the existence of the Russian state is a self-defeating strategy exactly because Russia’s strategy to respect the rules against an enemy who doesn’t is eventually a losing one.


I bet Russia respects western spheres of influence because they don’t have the power to do otherwise. The US has the power to do whatever it wants and does.

Russian GDP is about the size of Italy’s. Most Russians outside of Moscow and St. Petersberg live in wretched conditions. If it comes to military conflict, Russia does not stand a chance against the US and NATO. I’ve no background in military affairs, but it seems to me Russia’s nuclear arsenal would be useless in such a scenario. What are they going to do if NATO attacks with superior forces? Nuke their own markets in eastern and western Europe? A wider global nuclear war cannot be won only fought to an apocalyptic draw.

There is no doubt in my mind the US means to destroy Russia, and, if it happens, that might be all she wrote as it would be a global Stalingrad that would create an open path for the NWO to conquer the entire world.

I think our best bet is to hope Russia stands firm against the US within its own sphere but without looking to Russia for meaningful help because 1) it’s not clear help is forthcoming, 2) that Russian leadership can trusted, or 3) that Russia even has the power or capability to do more than defend its own borders..

Even on the level of moral support that wouldn’t cost Russia blood or treasure, Putin has the power right now to take to the podium at the UN and offer moral support in opposition to white genocide. The fact that he hasn’t and probably won’t is telling in my book, but it seems many others disagree.


That’s not right either. There ought to be free discussion amongst white nationalists on these controversial issues, because they certainly warrant them. Besides when Greg can’t just censor people who disagree with him, he generally peters out and goes back to his elitist amen corner. There’s a reason why he promotes neo-conservatives who have nothing to offer to the white struggle like Guillaume Faye, adheres to the laughable notion that Jews want to make Europe Islamic or that 75 IQ Somalians and Algerians are going to establish sharia law in the West, and hates Vladimir Putin so much that he’s willing to support the Ukrainians maidan coup- which has kosher certification from every major Jewish organization on earth.

He puts his private habits over his race in his views on these topics, even if he says otherwise. He’s a smart guy, he knows Putin isn’t run by the token Jews around him and that his overtures to them are almost satirical (like calling Merkel an anti-semite for supporting Pussy Riot), but he’s got a personal gripe with the guy who is a heavy weight (even if his motives aren’t pro-white) Western nationalists need on their side as much as Hezbollah and Iran do.

Behind closed doors, 99% of Jews are absolutely outraged by Putin and want him gone. From bailing out Assad to selling arms he knows will be used to fight Israel, Putin may be vaguely following in the footsteps of post-WWII Soviet geopolitics. But that isn’t a bad thing for whites, neo-liberalism and extreme globalization came to be precisely because the world has been unipolar since 1991. At least now we know if we take power, in a small country like Hungary or Greece, we won’t have to worry about NATO.


Kike Slayer: The head Rabbi of Iran also says that Jews face danger if the Iranian Islamic state is ousted. Does that mean the Ayatollah is controlled by the Jews too?

Honestly now, be transparent, you support the fake “nazis” funded by 2 Jewish billionaires in ukraine. How do you reconcile you fixating on what some Rabbi says about Putin yet supporting the entirely Jewish conspiracy in ukraine?


When are the half-retarded, on the internet only, supporters of Ihor Kolomoyskyi’s “Azov battalion” going to realize that posting a picture of Putin with a Rabbi doesn’t equal control?

Today Jews are like the Pope in the middle ages, if you’re in politics you have to deal with them on some level. What are you going to argue next, that these Rabbis-only one drop in a sea of Jews who hate Putin as much as you do, are advising him to give modern weapons to Iran and Hezbollah and allow a meeting with Jobbik and Golden Dawn in Moscow?

To a mongo cold warrior ex-conservative, maybe that makes perfect. For a thinking man, you’re going to have to show proof that Putin is Jewish, and that proof goes beyond saying “PUTIN JEW!” over and over .

Kike Slayer

If you were able to read, the link would provide evidence in addition to the picture in OP.


It’s obvious Kike Slayer that you have an agenda. You just don’t seem to have any interest at all in the fact that Azov battalion is LITERALLY the PRIVATE ARMY of Igor Kolomoisky , a man who was the FOUNDER of the European Jewish Parliament in 2011, LOL!

Anyone who glosses over this fact, or compares it to Putin, is frankly dishonest. Which is what you are.

Putin plays the game with Jews just like Stalin once did. He’s been doing it since he took power, but nobody, not even you, can argue that Jews in Russia aren’t weaker today than they were 10 years ago thanks to Putin. Russia went from a place dominated by Jewish billionaires to a nation where , for better or for worse, power in the hands of Medvedev and Putin. What’s left of the Jew billionaires, the ones not in coffins or in the gulags, are submissive to Putin. The opposite is true in the West.

I don’t know if you’re just superfluous, have some other reason to hate Russia (IE, are Polish or Baltic), or just assume that anyone who waves a Nazi flag is who they say they are. Jews will use fake nazis just like they use fake Islamists to topple Gaddaffi and cause havoc in Syria, that’s how unscrupulous they are. There are also “Nazis” fighting on the side of the separatists.

Crimean Ukrainians overwhelmingly don’t want to live in the Jewropean Union, rightfully so, Ukraine will be inundated by blacks and Arabs like France in 20 years, just like is currently happening in Poland. Who the fuck are you or Yats or Igor kolomoisky’s Talmud-nationalists at Azov to tell them they have to? Do you support Pussy Riot too? LOL


“I am a supporter of blacks. White civilization; their cultural values​​, false, dehumanizing model of the world, built by them – did not pay off. Everything goes to the beginning of the anti-white pogroms on a planetary scale. Russia saved only by the fact that we are not pure white. Predatory multinational corporations, oppression and suppression of all others, MTV, gays and lesbians – this is the fruit of white civilization, from which it is necessary to get rid of. So I am for reds, yellows, greens, blacks – but not for whites. I wholeheartedly on the side of the people of Zimbabwe.” – Dugin

Regarding this statement that has been going around for awhile, I can’t shake the suspicion it is something Dugin would actually say and mean. I’ve seen the claim put forth by Lucian Tudor of Radix that Dugin did in fact say it but meant it as parody. Tudor said he got the information from Dugin himself. I’m not sure I believe Dugin told Tudor the truth.

It seems to me that Dugin has established a track record of what amounts to talking out of both sides of his mouth. For example, Dugin has made favorable comments about both Golden Dawn and Syriza, two parties who are basically diametrically opposed to each other with irreconcilable agendas. If Russian representatives are engaging both Golden Dawn and Syriza, the Russian support for one or both parties has to be insincere because their programs are not compatible, which, in turn, ought to raise the question of whether Russian overtures in general can be trusted. For me, that’s a meaningless question. For others who already have or are contemplating climbing in with Dugin and the Russians, it’s not. If they want to ignore the indications, it’s their time and energy just like the people who invested in Ron Paul.

Eric, in terms of having direct relevance to white interests in Europe and the white diaspora nations, I’m really not sure what to make of Putin’s support for Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. It’s definitely evidence Putin is willing to oppose Israel’s geo-political goals, and that means something. It knocks down the silly idea that Putin is entirely controlled by Jews. But Barack Obama isn’t entirely controlled by Jews either. If he were, he wouldn’t have backed off the Syria attack in 2013 and wouldn’t be negotiating with Iran on nuclear sites over Netanyahu and AIPACs objections. Going against Netanyahu’s aims on Iran doesn’t stop Obama from playing ball with Jews in many other areas where US and Jewish interests coincide, and it does not stop Putin from doing so either.

So the issue isn’t whether there is evidence Putin opposes Jews but whether there is evidence he opposes Jews on anything with relevance to whites and that might help whites. If you’re arguing Putin’s opposition to select Israeli interests in the Middle East proves Putin is opposed to Jews in general and that this opposition redounds to the benefit of whites, I don’t think that argument works.

Opposition to select Israeli geo-political goals in one region of the world is not the same thing as opposing Jews in general. Putin cooperates with Jews in various areas other than Israeli geo-politics in places and in economic spheres that are a lot more important to the fate of white civilization than the Middle East which after all, again, isn’t even European white territory. You are right that Putin’s token appearances with rabbis don’t mean much. But the head of Russian intelligence is not a token position. Inside Russia, he plays ball with non-token Jewish oligarchs, and outside Russia he reinforces Jewish “racism” and “holocaust” narratives and supports them in other ways. Far as I’m concerned, anyone who works with Jews to that extent is not on the nationalist side and can’t be trusted.


FWIW, here is Radix contributor Lucian Tudor’s Aprll 22nd, 2015 comment about that pretty disturbing Dugin quote that has been going around for a while now and that I posted above. Dugin expresses approval of anti-white pograms by non-whites — a serious matter if true. According to Tudor, Dugin claims it wan’t a serious comment.

Lucian Tudor,

That’s already been addressed in the past. I even went so far as to contact him about that. He told me that what he was saying there doesn’t represent his personal opinions at all; he was just making a kind of sarcastic/ironical type of commentary on an event that happened at the time in Zimbabwe (and he actually opposes anti-white racism). Now it’s being misrepresented to serve as propaganda by his enemies. Also, Dugin has heavily criticized Soviet policies, so to call him neo-soviet is insane. He has always expressed ethnic separatist, pro-tradition, and culturally conservative views, and he supports European Identitarian movements; he has a lot about him that you would call “right-wing”. On top of all this, he found my article “The Real Dugin” agreeable enough that he republished it on his website after I recommended it to him. Now, I’m not going to get into more arguments about Dugin; not only has this all been thoroughly covered in the past, but it’s not even that relevant to the book, as my last comment makes obvious.

The problem is, I personally don’t trust Dugin based on some of his publicly reported comments. From what I know about Dugin, and I could be wrong, I find Dugin says a lot of stuff, often contradictory. The Dugin quote that stands out most in my mind in this respect, and that exposes the contradictory element of Dugin’s dialectic, is the one where he expressed approval of both Syriza and Golden Dawn in the same comment, which is odd given the blatantly obvious contradictions in the Syriza-Golden Dawn programs.

In the following article published at Counter Currents in 2013, Alexander Dugin on “White Nationalism” & Other Potential Allies in the Global Revolution, Dugin was quoted as saying the following about Syriza and Golden Dawn:

Alexander Dugin,

In Greece, our partners could eventually be Leftists from SYRIZA, which refuses Atlanticism, liberalism and the domination of the forces of global finance. [Lew interpolates: Notice here Dugin propose alignment with Syriza based on a claim that turned out to be false. Upon being elected on a anti-finance, pro-working class Greek platform, Syriza immediately sold out the Greek working class to European (jewish-controlled) banks, i.e. global finance.] As far as I know, SYRIZA is anti-capitalist and it is critical of the global oligarchy that has victimized Greece and Cyprus. The case of SYRIZA is interesting because of its far-Left attitude toward the liberal global system. It is a good sign that such non-conformist forces have appeared on the scene. Dimitris Konstakopulous writes excellent articles and his strategic analysis I find very correct and profound in many cases.

There are also many other groups and movements with whom we can work. The case of the Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi) is interesting because it is part of the growing (and very exciting indeed) reappearance of radical Right parties in the European political landscape. We need to collaborate with all forces, Right or Left, who share our principles.

An anonymous contributor at CC claiming to be from Greece (anonymous so take with a grain) then said this about that particular Dugin passage:


Greek here

This is indeed crazy…Dugin claims that the radical new-left party of SYRIZA in Greece is a potential ally… The man is either joking or has no idea what he is talking about… SYRIZA is a coalition of trotskyites and other radicals who support total amnesty for all illegal immigrants, open border policies, they are pro-gay, pro-feminist, anti-family, anti-tradition, they have supported FEMEN and the Pussy Riot, they are violently antinationalistic and they openly speak in favour of globalisation, they just disagree with its neoliberal aspects and of course they seek the abolition of all nation-states and of the Greek ethnostate in particular. SYRIZA is in reality the best advocate of western decadent liberalism and cultural marxism. Even the stalinists of the Greek Communist Party (KKE) have some views which are compatible to traditionalism (e.g. they are pro-family and anti-gay marriage), SYRIZA is the exact opposite of anything Dugin claims to represent…
In the past SYRIZA has even sabotaged certain initiatives for a russo-greek cooperation by voting in the Greek parliament against their implementation. In fact SYRIZA is a purely anti-russian party.
If Dugin really thinks that SYRIZA is an ally to his cause, then our cause as European and white nationalists is diametrically opposed to his!

So, yeah; Dugin appears to talk about of both sides of his mouth at times. That i just one example. For this reason, I would’t mind hearing from Parrott or Heimbach if they know for sure the Dugin anti-white pogram quote is being taken out of context to misrepresent Dugin, or if there is truth to the idea he said it.


Putin’s defenders usually counter KS’s points by pointing to Putin’s very real opposition to US geopolitical goals in Georgia, Iran and Syria. Putin is demonstrably taking action against the American geo-political agenda. That much is true. But what does it really mean? Very little in terms of making a case that Putin is a friend of European and diaspora Europeans who want out from under the US-Jewish heel.

In my reading of events, Putin’s support for Iran and Syria are fairly qualified. I say qualified because while Putin does objectively support Iran and Syria in many ways, his support for Iran and Syria is often overstated in these circles and overlooks certain facts that don’t reflect well on Putin if you want to make a case he is against globalism. Yes, Putin’s Russia helped stop the 2013 American attack on Syria, but Russia was also complicit in taking away Assad’s chemical weapons. In 2014 and 2015, Putin and the Russian leadership have stood by and let the US attack Syria with impunity under the guise of stopping ISIS.

Likewise, the Russian leadership is working with the United States to take away Iran’s nuclear capabilities, while, so far as I know, not uttering a word against Israel’s nuclear arsenal in the context of the Iran negotiations. The takeaway for me is that Putin is fine with helping disarm Syria and Iran not doing anything serious to oppose Israel having nukes. (It’s a different topic, but I think it is worth noting that Iran, this other frequently claimed pillar of opposition to the US-Zionist agenda, has been happy to work with Imperium America on ISIS issues. Like, Iran’s Press TV promotes scurrilous anti-white narratives. PressTV has in fact attacked Golden Dawn using framing that could have come from the ADL.)

It’s worth noting also, I think, that Putin stood by and allowed the US and NATO a free hand to destroy Libya and, in effect, have Ghaddfi murdered. My takeaway from Russia’s inaction to American goals in that instance is that it’s evidence Putin and Russia have no real interest in opposing US interests on the world stage or globalism anywhere Russian interests are not also at stake. And that’s a problem for anyone who tries to claim Russia is some kind of principled opponent of the US-led globalist agenda.

I’m not sure what support Putin and Russia have offered Golden Dawn. Eric, if you want to clear that up I’m interested in learning more. However, I know for a fact Putin has reached out the Jewish-US approved, anti-Greek, pro-Marxist Syriza leadership, the Syriza leadership who was quick to put the needs of European banks ahead of Greek workers.

European and Nato intelligence officials are now poring over links between the Kremlin and senior figures from Syriza and its coalition partner, the Independent Greeks party.

The fact that the first foreign official Mr Tsipras invited to the Maximos Mansion in Athens on Monday was Andrey Maslov, Russia’s ambassador, speaks to their concerns.

Mr Tsipras’s previous comments on the Ukrainian crisis are also clear enough: in a trip to Moscow in May, he chief accused Kiev of harbouring “neo-Nazi” elements and denounced sanctions against Russia.

The trip was part of an election tour of European capitals by Mr Tsipras, who was then running for European Commission president as the candidate of the European far left.

“It’s a regression for us to see fascism and the neo Nazis entering European governments again and for this to be accepted by the EU,” Mr Tsipras said at the time. “The EU is shooting itself in the foot with this strategy.”

Other members of Greece’s new government harbour similar views. Nikos Kotzias, the foreign minister, and Panos Kammenos, defence minister, have both been cultivated by figures close to Russian president Vladimir Putin’s inner circle

All in all, while I’m open to having my mind changes, I don’t see a very credible case at this time that Putin and the Russian leadership are consistently against the American agenda much less in white people’s corner.


^ Just because Russia was late to the game doesn’t mean they aren’t opposed to US interests. It is still a developing country which only recently has developed the strength to assert itself on the world stage.

When it comes to jobbik, NPD, Party of the Swedes, golden dawn, etc , how Russia is supporting is is not public, but it’s generally implied. Some of the defense specialists helping the Golden Dawn case for the last year are Russians, including one who defended Milosevic.

Obviously I don’t think Russia supports everything Golden Dawn does or says at all, but they certainly have a vested interest in perhaps cooperation with Greeks to exploit the natural gas in their waters. As of today, the contracts to this are in the hands of American, EU, and Israeli companies, so giving these contracts to Russia instead exchange for military support and protection (as was the relationship between Greece and Russia during the 19th century) is not a problem at all.

Again, nobody ever says Putin’s a white nationalist. And he doesn’t need to be. As long as he gives us money and protects our guys he could be queer black cross dresser for all I care. If you’re really such an ideological puritan about Putin, you CAN’T support the entirely Jewish funded Azov battalion or the 60-70% Jewish Ukrainian Maidan (allegedly) parliament either. But anti-putinists do , which shows great cognitive dissonance since they make a big stink about Putin playing the game with some off-brand Rabbis, but nothing about Svoboda hanging out with John McCain and the Israeli government.


The typical anti-putin pro-ukraine “white nationalist” argument:

1) Post out of context pictures of Putin meeting with orthodox Jews for PR reasons (“look, I strong, I keep you safe! Until you cross me”) . Then from there, baseless assert that Putin is himself Jewish, with no evidence at all , just repeat this a million times.

2) Post pictures of the minority of non-whites fighting on the side of the Novorossiyan rebels. Of course, Azov battalion is full of non-whites from Central Asia and muslims from chechnya, but they just ignore this completely.

3) Call Russia the new Soviet Empire, like Ronald Reagan after being diagnosed Alzheimers. This might resonate with white americans and British in their 30’s and 40’s who were raised to hate Russia by Saturday morning cartoons and movies in the 80’s. There are some people so stupid that will actually believe Russia is still a communist country, and these make up the bulk of “white nationalists” supporters of the Jewkrainians in America. The ones in Russia and Ukraine are all paid mercenaries of NATO and world Jewry.

Oven Master

Sorry to spam but oh boy, do I’ve got stuff for you. Oh yeah, and we cannot forget the proud Chosen of Aliya battalion, struggling for the inclusive Novorossiya whose constitution bans racism.

And don’t forget the Jewish foreign minister Kofman told there’s actually plenty:

And more…'t forget the exclusively non-white “Death” Battalion made of Churkas)

There goes the muh orthococks state…

They also approve of race-mixing:

“Now you know!”


^ Did I call it or what? People that posting pictures of non-whites fighting with the rebels is an argument seem to have no interest in the fact that both Jews and non-whites are fighting for Azov. Again, a dishonest agenda to push. If you came here and said we shouldn’t support either of them, I’d be willing to agree with you on some things, but you’re shilling for the Jewkrainian NATO proxies, so it’s obvious you’re not someone to be taken seriously.


Here are some examples that blow away any notion that Putin is a “puppet” of Jews or Israel:,7340,L-3888893,00.html

When it comes to Russians, you have to look at what they do, not what they say. The fact that Putin calls Pussy Riot “anti-Semitic” or refers to the war in Crimea as a war against Fascism doesn’t mean anything when his advisor Dugin is meeting with Golden Dawn and the Swedish Resistance Movement. Putin might invite Israeli delegations to observe WW2 commemorations, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that Hezbollah won the 2006 war against Israel largely due to modern Russian weapons “mysteriously” getting into their hands.

Oven Master

If you’re this deluded, it only means you don’t speak Swedish, in Radio Nordfront they stated pretty clearly that even if Putin invaded Sweden, it’d still be the same cultural marxist nigger filled hell hole and he’s happy to hang out with jewish billionaires. Are you lying to advance your agenda or are you just monolingual?


Again, who is saying Putin is a white nationalist? He’s not one, and nobody cares if he is. What we are saying is he is a counter to American and European Union world domination, and that is good for whites.

Last time I checked the Swedish Resistance movement’s position is to be pro-Putin. They’ve made this clear in uncertain terms. Their leader explained their position which is the same as mine: CRITICAL (underscore) support for the Russians against ZOG. Meanwhile, morons or bad intentioned people like you uncritically support the obvious Jew tool Ukrainians murdering their own brothers and sisters just so they can keep a Jew as president and the IMF/EU can fill Ukraine with debt and immigrants.


Klas Lund in his March podcast takes a critical but supporting position of Putin, “oven master”. Now run off and go back to playing Hollywood Nazi with your chechen and Israeli Azov friends.

Oven Master$FILE/Doklad_Eng.pdf

Report of the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs of the Russian Federation”

The Russian Federation will further firmly counteract the spread of
neo-Nazism and its manifestations across the world, through close and con-
structive partnership with all the countries and peoples concerned.


LOL, wouldn’t surprise me if that “blog” was run by the state department.


This topic and your contributions in particular seem to have brought out people from a tendency or sector of nationalism I’m not familiar with. Some (not all) of their points aren’t bad. But I have a hard time seeing people who sign with names like Kike Slayer and Oven Master as credible.

Certainly anyone who believes the Azov battalion is not a Jewish creation, or that the Ukrainian coup itself was not a 100% US-backed, principally Jew-led coup, ought to be written off as a serious participant in debate. I’ve seen the claim made Poroshenko and Yats are not Jews. If they’re not, it doesn’t matter. There is no doubt they are where they because of US power and Jews and they align with the US and West.

There are no good sides to choose from here.


The author of the site, “Rodney Martin”, appears to be involved with Aryan Nations. Or in layman terms, an FBI agent provacateur.


With Bill White incarcerated, the amount of creativity and talent going into the white nationalist drama scene has gone through the floor.

Bill White did it with such wit, such energy, and such mastery of the rumors and petty scandals that one loved to hate the guy and often even smiled while reading one’s own roast. With Rodney and pals, it’s more like car sickness or indigestion.

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