2015 AmRen Roundup

The Antifa Are Getting Pretty Serious

The Antifa Are Getting Pretty SeriousI have no idea what the final numbers were, but from all appearances, AmRen appears to be close to outgrowing the venue, a venue which is by all accounts the best conference venue in the circuit. I rode the city bus to my first American Renaissance conference in 2008 in the suburbs of DC, and was the only white guy on the entire bus. Even Spencer’s NPI conference in the Reagan Building in downtown DC, as accommodating and secure as it is, involves the very real risk of being confronted with whimpering faggots and angry blacks when one steps out of the security perimeter to enjoy a smoke between speeches.

Perhaps Jared Taylor will manage to fail upwards yet again when the professional anti-whites find a way to run us out of the state-run venue, but given the picturesque lake view, romantic catwalk stepping out over the lake, dense virgin forest, humble rural Tennessee charm, and over-abundant deer population scurrying about, I really don’t see how. Had it not been for Matt Forney drunkenly shouting “Deer!” each and every time one neared the road, I might have run one down with Matthew Heimbach’s car on the way back from the honky-tonk.

The first thing most folks generally ask about with these events tends to be the opposition presence. Uncomfortably perhaps for both sides, the AmRen attendees were more racially diverse than the anti-white protesters, most of whom Daryl had apparently plucked at random out of bean bag chairs in Nashville’s community college dorm rooms. The first protester to show up a couple hours before the rest carried a poorly crafted sign declaring that, “Racists are Buttheads!”

No. You, sir, are a butthead. The rest of the signs were almost as bad, though none of them were as awful as the one from my previous conference which celebrated the horrific bombing of Dresden. I suppose Daryl’s made some progress with message control, though it’s an uphill battle when his minions are comprised of drug-addled…buttheads…who are only dimly aware of what they’re protesting or why. We attempted to sit down with DLJ for a quiet and gentlemanly discussion and debate which the state troopers chose to disband. All was civil on all sides, and the troopers were imminently professional and courteous with all sides (if disturbingly omnipresent).

Following His Leader

Following His Leader

Daryl is, of course, welcome and invited to continue the conversation about race with us elsewhere, if he chooses.

All in all, big picture, it can’t really be disputed that American Renaissance is growing in size and gaining in momentum while the opposition is losing heart and focus with each passing year that they’re goaded to waste a perfectly good spring day achieving nothing but showcasing themselves as objects of ridicule for both the attendees and locals alike.

Sam Dickson’s well-stocked villa featured a who’s who of celebrities in our circles, including Bulbasaur and Michael Enoch of The Right Stuff‘s very popular Daily Shoah podcast. I’m not quite sure how he manages the logistical feat, given the hundreds in attendance; but it seems that every year just about everybody I’ve spoken with who attends gets to enjoy some brief face-time with Jared himself. The Derb intimidated me multiple times with his classical education, razor-sharp wit, and stuffy accent.

Matt Forney brought a fellow Return of Kings writer with him, and the two managed to concisely demonstrate a “Goofus and Gallant” contrast of the positives and negatives of the Manosphere movement in general. Forney thoughtfully argued his anti-feminist and male-empowering positions until he was too drunk to thoughtfully argue. Meanwhile, his fellow attendee boorishly irritated both male and female attendees alike until he was too drunk to contain his frustration about women and pushed one of the local girls at the nearby bar.

Here I was at the bar vigilantly watching Heimbach to ensure that he wouldn’t make an ass of himself when I felt pushed by a nearby scuffle and saw the short, balding, swarthy guy being physically thrown, black-and-white Western-style, out of the bar. I ran outside and then ran to go stop him from running down the pitch black country road into the night. We kept him off of the property and got him back to the conference safely, then spent the next hour or so effusively apologizing for him, buying the girls drinks right and left, and promising the locals we would avenge their girl in short order.

I briefly considered leading the guy back to the bar to be served what he ordered up while he was sitting there in the grass explaining how the girl was fat and had no right to reject his advances, but I thought better of it when I realized how, since the guy’s (arguably) not exactly white, I would be facilitating the single most bizarre “hate crime” incident in Tennessee’s history. Reportedly, Forney privately handled the situation, which I trust he did, and by all accounts from the locals, the ladies, and my fellow attendees, the matter is now resolved.

The kid’s still young enough to steer himself right. He’s bright. He’s red-pilled. And he’s quite salient on matters not relating to gender issues. I look forward to him having a change of heart, coming to an agreement on matters of basic chivalry, and being welcomed back next year. And that’s kind of my opinion on a lot of the manosphere in general. They’re on the right path in many ways, and they’re correct about more than they’re incorrect about. But they’re missing a critical sense of stewardship and chivalry which the informed gentleman keeps in one pocket while he keeps a keen awareness of the harsh realities of gender politics and the nature of the sexes in his other pocket.

There are some reports that the locals goaded me, Scott Terry, and Matthew Heimbach to sing karaoke the following evening. These allegations are false.

To pick a winner among the speeches would be tough, but I land on Matt Tait’s speech. While RamZPaul blew him and everybody else out of the water with his hilarious and informative presentation, Tait wins in my book because he not only argued for a more neo-tribalist approach to building our strength and numbers but actually managed to demonstrate via video a proof-of-concept of this theory in practice with his British nationalist martial arts studio. He noted in his speech that we can brag all we want to about how awesome whites have been historically, but it’s all for naught if we don’t figure out how to rediscover our vitality and will and deliver that here and now.

There was a panel on whether or not white interests (defined very narrowly) can be achieved through the mainstream political process. While both Sam Dickson and Richard Spencer very intelligently argued the politically pessimistic position, they were up against the positively brilliant John Derbyshire and Peter Brimelow. The fact the Dickson and Spencer were capable of handily defeating the Derb and Brimelow is, in my mind, the final word on the matter. If the Derb can’t manage to convincingly hold the position, despite a vigorous effort, then the position is lost.

Brimelow’s standalone speech was frustrating, as it drove home just how convinced he is that some way, some how, he believes that the American public is going to “wake up” on the immigration issue in time to turn things around for the country as a whole. It’s more than a bit ironic, in this twilight of the United States of America, that the last two men of vision and substance in all of Western Civilization who still hold out hope for America are Englishmen, born and raised in the land we fought to achieve our squandered freedom from.

I missed out on the requiem for Sam Francis which occurred on Sunday morning due to scheduling conflicts, so I’ll note my respect for the man and his contributions and sacrifices for our cause here. He played a pivotal role in my early intellectual development way back into my teens. I never got to meet the man, as he passed away shortly before I became nationally active, but his positive impact on our struggle reverberates into the present and will echo on for generations to come.



Peter Brimelow? John Derbyshire?

Are any AmRen speakers NOT conservatives that lie and cover for Jews?

That conference sounds like a blast if you’re looking to drink beers, hit on fat chicks, hang out and have some decent conversations about life. But politically? Seems absolutely useless. Probably lots of folks there talking about “islamization” or black crime, but how many speeches were given about the root of the problems? No matter how much money paleo-conservatives have, they will always be a practical and ideological dead-end.


Careful Eric.

In his characteristically charming approach, the Derb acknowledged jewish elitism and tried (whether successfully or not) to wrap the situation into the argument for his position. He was *only* speaker this weekend (to my knowledge) who mentioned jews at all.


I don’t know anything about Dickson, but Taylor has a made a career out of lying by omission about Jews. Nobody will convince me Taylor has been running some kind of clever one heresy at a time strategy for 25 years. Give me a break. He has been lying pure and simple and clearly there is an element of intended deception in his work. Taylor says Jews are white. Derb once lauded Bill Buckley for purging the crazies from the right. This was after Derb was himself purged by NRs Rich Lowry of all people. Derb, I believe, has also compared nationalists to latrine flies. He’s a cognitive elitist with an Asian wife and mixed race kids. Peter Brimelow was quick to welcome Derb into the fold at VDARE after he was purged by NR. So the three most distinguished men in the alt right sphere by mainstream standards position themselves furthest from the truth. It shows that intelligence and integrity don’t go hand in hand. All three of them are 100% reliable for drawing people’s attention toward minutia.

Now, The Daily Shoah on the other hand, those guys are a riot. Just the name is a breath of fresh air. The Daily Shoah. It’s witty, subversive and courageous. I love that man from New York, Bulbasaur and the guy who talks about Bolshevism from Moses To Lenin by Eckart. The right needs more like them.


I’d be interested in hearing what arguments Brimelow and Derbyshire tried to make, specifically. I agree that the USA is a lost cause (although waiting for “the collapse” is obviously an absurd gamble, too) and don’t know how anybody could sincerely have an expectation that it’s going to change course. At this point, it’s just entropic: it’s literally impossible to restore order to a system that has been infected with this much randomness/chaos.

Hearing about the endless drinking and jackass behavior at a bar (redundant?) is embarrassing, just to read. Given Jared’s emphatic emphasis on good manners and a dress code, I wonder what he thinks of the attendees rushing out to bars immediately after leaving the conference and promptly scaring off innocent white girls. White activists should have a sense like Mormon missionaries in their comportment: they’re not just representing themselves, they’re representing all white people, and so acting like drunken buffoons at a bar might sour that young white girl on even good white men. Modern young white peoples’ insane alcohol culture is toxic to their bodies, their masculinity, and our race’s reputation. (And, if dude’s sincerely want to meet girls and, ya know, have sex – although I’m doubtful that many of them sincerely do want that – then quit lounging around bars and nightclubs, which are expensive, require drinking, and where male-to-female ratios are absurdly high. I strongly suspect that the whole notion of “picking up” women at bars and clubs is cleverly engineered by Jews via Hollywood, as that is how all movies and TV shows show the sexes meeting.)


With one notable and noted exception, all involved comported themselves appropriately and respectably even when they were intoxicated. And we handled that situation, involving a guy who’s most certainly not going to be mistaken for an AmRen regular, very carefully and comprehensively.

I’m sure Jared will have a more comprehensive write-up of the speeches and their content within the next couple days, as he always does. If you’re offended by young white men and women bonding and enjoying genuine fraternity with the locals, and you see that as a dangerous distraction from rather than the point of the conference, then you’ll do well to stick with the official report on the event.


About a third of your article was dedicated to the “exception”. It is fine that you want young whites to drink lots of alcohol to assist their socializing and fraternizing. Group photos reveal that a change in diet and lifestyle might be appropriate, but that’s a cost/benefit analysis you have to run for yourself.

Thanks for dictating the terms of my suitability to attend, but I have no plans to attend (especially as Sam Dickson’s speeches are available online). I’ve been to one white activist meeting and, despite our shared goal of a white homeland, I quickly saw that I had zero other connection to the guys there, and frankly from an aesthetic and vitality perspective did not want to be associated with them. (A family member found photos of this, and I was humiliated just to be in the same photos.)

I hope you enjoy guzzling your beer and the fraternity, and I hope that the buffoonish episodes I witnessed and the buffoonish episode you wrote about are indeed over with and are “exceptions”. I’m sure that there will be many productive works and many beautiful white children from the people who attend.


About a third of your article was dedicated to the “exception”.

I gave not only an account of the “exception” but a personal take on the intersection between manosphere and identity, which is a very important topic that many many folks (yourself excepted) are interested in.

Group photos reveal that a change in diet and lifestyle might be appropriate

I’ve lost 30 pounds. Heimbach’s lost 20 pounds. We’ve all started eating and living smarter since we shifted toward a more broad subcultural and spiritual approach to our metapolitical problem. According to the BMI, I’m technically no longer “obese,” …but go ahead and continue calling me a fatty while chiding me for being insufficiently high-brow.

Thanks for dictating the terms of my suitability to attend

I said or implied nothing about your suitability to attend the conference, not that my input would impact the fact that you’ll absolutely, positively never do so, David. You won’t donate to AmRen or even pay their modest fee to view the speeches.

I’m sure that there will be many productive works and many beautiful white children from the people who attend.

Heimbach avoided drinking heavily throughout the event because he snores more loudly when he’s been drinking, which disrupts his pregnant wife’s sleep. His having lost dozens of pounds helps with the snoring, but the drinking aggravates it. Several of the prominent young attendees from years past (namely Brad Griffin, who’s also lost a tremendous amount of weight) couldn’t attend on account of their growing families requiring their attention.

If you’re humiliated to be associated with us, then by all means, cease associating with us. But don’t just cease associating with us at conferences. Cease associating with us in the comment threads. Your petty, hateful, and inaccurate jibes and jabs are destructive, tone-deaf, and unwelcome. Go away.


Let it be known, for posterity, that Matt’s banning of me (or ‘polite’ exhortation to leave) is AOK with me.

Dear god. A group of the most damaged, morally corrupt and decadent losers fancying themselves fancy seek to steward a white nation.

Pathetically manipulated by jews all the way…

Over and out.


We’ve humored your barrage of unfounded insults and hysterical [advisedly] accusations for years.

If we are indeed “damaged, morally corrupt, decadent losers” then that’s exactly what you deserve for your “leadership”. God forbid you subject a decent human being or an authentic leader to your ceaseless monomaniacal tirades under a different pseudonym every week.


Reality to race realists: white people don’t like you.


Blair is quibbling over the tone and specifics of our private conversation, confirming the vast majority of the story.

Every part of the story except for the part where I’m the only witness is corroborated.

He’s just trying to re-frame it all a bit, which is fine with me.

Wilburn Sprayberry

Good report as usual, Matt, and I enjoyed talking to you there. But why are y’all letting an East Indian interloper harass Tennessee white girls?

— Gerald


There were too many non-Whites (and Heimbach, who comports himself like a non-white after his third beer) at the conference for this noble hero to monitor them all non-stop for sufficiently hwite behavior!

A pleasure to see you, as well, as always. Wish we had had more time, but that’s always the case.

Wilburn Sprayberry

Matt, thanks for your reply. Of course, it’s great that the AmRen conference now attracts high-spirited young folk along with the tired old men who go to bed after the banquet. I believe you’ve had a lot to do with that. And yes, you can’t ride herd on all of them – I suggest you appoint some deputies!

People like Sam Dickson are talking about the need for more young speakers like Matthew Tait. You should put yourself forward for a slot next year – you have a lot to offer an AR audience. Brad Griffin and Scott Terry, too. Don’t let Heimbach get any ideas, though. He ain’t ready for prime time, to put it mildly.

Again, if your travels take you near Dallas, get in touch with me. We have a group here who would be delighted to host you & take you out to dinner. — Gerald


Yeah, don’t let Heimbach speak at AmRen, as he is actually serious and wants to win, which is something the Jews who bribe Jared Taylor to pretend they don’t exist wouldn’t want. Instead, put forward more conservative speakers who refuse to clearly state what the problem is.


Every 6 to 9 months or so, I grit my teeth and visit the Amren web site and rarely stay longer than a minute or two before becoming frustrated. Upon visiting the Amren site this morning, I was greeted by news items from Brietbart, Fox News and World Net Daily. How can anyone take such non-sense seriously?

Amren is not serving the interests of those young people; Amren is wasting their time by muddling their thinking. Besides the web site, what value do you see in putting the intellectual development of young minds into the hands of men who believe it makes sense to debate crap like voting Republican or doing something else, and not only that, but to argue the “let’s vote republican” side of the debate?

I really hope Parrott and Heimbach do not put themselves forward for a slot at Amren. Personally, I think they made a mistake even attending a conservative confab like Amren and being in the same room as with some of the creatures that showed up on this year’s program. The US needs an alternative to conferences that offer little but thinly veiled conservatism.


Seriously, how hard can it be for the non-Amren folks to set up a conference, where all issues are on the table?

You’ve got Kmac, Counter-Currents, Radix, Trad Youth, The Right Stuff, David Duke… and a few others with substantial bases. Why do you continue to support Amren? You are simply legitimizing the “NAACP for White people” as EM Jones calls it.

This is all rather dispiriting and raises serious questions as to integrity.


I don’t get how worthwhile projects go without donations, yet 100’s spend 700-800 dollars for a weekend in Tennessee. Maybe hanging out with some somewhat likeminded people might be fun, but if people got serious, they would all be donating that to a worthy project. Jared Taylor gets enough money from his Jewish benefactors, he doesn’t need yours.

Thomas Buhls

Conferences have some importance, but $500+ is just not something I’m willing to spend on one. There’s a reason that I don’t make it out to the “big” conferences, and it’s usually because I’ve spent my activism budget (and then some) on “doing activism.”


John Derbyshire posted a transcript of his comments at Unz. The man can’t help himself. He looked the audience straight in the eye, and then shilled for Jews right from the Amren podium. When I looked in on VDARE the other day, Brimelow had an appeal up that cited Republican Scott Walker’s comments about immigration as evidence there is hope for working within the system. This is tantamount to criminal fraud, and it’s a disgrace.


So typical, concede the Jews are trying to commit genocide against us in a milquetoast way, then quickly make it about…Muslims. That’s every smart-stupid conservatives game of disorientation. There would be no immigration without Jews, there would be no ISIS without Jews, and there would be no Syrian war creating refugees without Jews.

He uses the term Ethnomasochism a number of times, but again, that meme is completely false. White people everywhere have been trying to politically organize, and its JEWS who ALWAYS use money, state power, private power, media power, state sanctioned street violence (ANTIFA) etc to sabotage this.

If whites had access to the mass media, we’d be in power within a month. Why don’t anyone of us have access to the mainstream media? Who owns it and makes sure to only provide opinions the vast majority of people don’t agree with? Is it muslims Derb?


One the chance there are readers here who don’t know about it, this is how it’s done. Here we see multiple grand slam home runs in one post on black mayhem by “Cledun” of TheRightStuff.biz.

Just compare Cledun’s work on the topic to the tepid gruel served up by Amren/VDARE, and then ask yourself which approach makes the most sense and which fits the definition of cowardly.


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