TradYouth Protests Tim Wise at IU-Bloomington (Humiliating organized leftists ver. 2.0)

What now, Bloomington?

What now, Bloomington?

Almost exactly three years ago to the day I held a one-man rally on Bloomington’s sqaure in defense of celebrating our White heritage.  I was laughed at, shouted down, beaten with steel batons, had my (very nice) hat stolen, and also lost my sign to the protesters’ grabby hands.

The protesters joked, laughed, and congratulated themselves about how they chased me out of town.  It couldn’t be further from the truth.  That was only the beginning of my activism in Bloomington, and it has only increased in size and intensity from that point.  For all of our opposition’s energy they have not managed to chase anyone out of Bloomington, nor discouraged us in the slightest.

That place where I demonstrated almost three years ago to the day is exactly where we started our demonstration against Tim Wise.  We marched the five city blocks down Kirkwood Ave., onto campus, and then marched straight into our opposition outside the Indiana Memorial Union to hold our demonstration.

It was a veritable who’s-who when looking at our opposition.  South Side Chicago ARA, Hoosier Anti Racist Movement, Btown HARM, Anarchist Black Cross Bloomington, Btown Justice, Stop the Kyriarchy, Students Against IntoleranceCop Block Indianapolis, and Occupy Bloomington with their combined forces could not stop us from demonstrating, could not stop us from delivering our message, and they all worked together splendidly presenting themselves as a prime example of how a confused people can actively work to promote and protect a man, Tim Wise, who defames and vilifies the very culture and society responsible for creating our beautiful IU-Bloomington campus with its amazing buildings, and our wonderful city.

Members of Traditionalist Youth Network at Indiana University were joined by comrades from White Advocacy Movement, American Vikings, Supreme White Alliance, Robert Ransdell, Ride to End White Genocide, National Youth Front, and new friends from the Bloomington area who connected with us through Daily Stormer and Stormfront.  This was a multi-group effort fighting the same enemy from the same barrier, and we delivered something that Bloomington has not seen in at least 50 years.  Tonight, this was history, and it would not have been possible without the support and backing from members of the extended White Nationalist and Identitarian communities.  To all other pro-White groups in and around our area, please drop us a line and we would love to come help you with one of your demos.

We calmly strolled five city blocks to our demo site on campus.  This was more than a half mile, and we had zero resistance the entire way.  We demonstrated outside of Tim Wise’s lecture hall for more than an hour, speaking with our opposition and debating them when they were able to articulately speak in whole sentences.  The rest of the time we red-pilled them until they could speak in whole sentences.  Literally.  When they wouldn’t respond to words we pelted them with cinnamon red hots.  We literally red-pilled the opposition in real life with fiery cinnamon-flavored truths.  Good thing for us that we’re already red pilled, so it didn’t make a bit of difference when they threw them right back.  Once you’re red-pilled, there’s no going back.

We stand for Western Civilization and traditional Christian values, which is almost exactly everything that Tim Wise opposes.  No amount of threats, violence, or vandalism will stop us from fighting for what we believe in.  We believe in protecting the nation, we believe in protecting our faith, folk, and family.  We believe the state has an integral responsibility to defend these things, too, but it is our charge when the state is negligent in its duty and our people are living in their self-inflicted suffering and pain of white guilt, secularism, liberalism, democracy, and multiculturalism.

The best our opposition can do for a counter demonstration is to act out like violent little children.  They scream, kick, punch, spit, and throw their own urine and feces.  Yet, they believe it defiles us and not themselves to behave as beasts.  Such behavior is par for the course with them, and this protest was no different.  Violence and advocating for violence are actually two of Tim Wise’s favorite techniques for shutting down his opposition.  Wise is well known for his infamous tweet telling people to aim guns at Florida TEA Party supporters, and more recently saying he regrets having been unable to join in the fight against us when we demonstrated against him at Indiana State University in Terre Haute.  Clearly, Wise thinks that violence against White people is the solution.  Occasional lip service to the contrary doesn’t change the fact that he enjoys seeing violent leftists attack white people for saying that we don’t need or want his guilt-trips and lies in our communities.  Universities don’t seem to mind this either, and they just don’t seem willing to connect the fact that violent leftists attack those who demonstrate against Tim Wise.

There was no need for TYN leadership to disrupt Wise’s lecture.  Our message had already been delivered by the student paper, the city paper, and various social media news platforms days and weeks prior the actual event.  Tonight was a show of unity and a declaration that Tim Wise is not welcome in our city.  Members of Traditionalist Youth Network at Indiana University performed a very aggressive activism and awareness campaign over the last 30 days.  Our total activism on campus has been so aggressive that Indiana University did not advertise that Wise would be speaking here on the 11th.  There was zero advertising that Wise would speak here on the 11th.  The university even went so far as over-painting our own messages in violation of their own student free speech code.  You can spin it any way you like, but the truth of the matter is that we won long before Wise stepped onto campus for his “lecture.”  The only other thing that the university could do at that point was to make a last-minute change of speaking location (like what happened at Cincinnati University), or cancel his speaking engagement altogether.  In fact, Tim Wise delivered our message himself when he responded to [email protected] member George Skanderbeg’s article on Jewish privilege.

This is basically exactly what it was like watching the AntiFa throw rocks at us with their baby pinko arms. Be sure the check out the rest of Iron Pill The Iron Pill comics.

This is basically exactly what it was like watching the AntiFa throw rocks at us with their baby pinko arms. Be sure to check out the rest of The Iron Pill comics.

My old friends Edward Vasquez and Joseph “Ninety Nine Percent” Varga were both in attendance.  The both of them had an entire month to prepare for this event and the best they could muster were a handful of limp-wristed bitchy little children with unpainted banners (which we promptly stole, shred, re-purposed and lit cigars with.)  The most hilarious part of the demonstration was when Vasquez became so furious with his self righteousness that he literally started spitting, mumbling, and grunting.  Thanks for making the night worthwhile, Eddy.  In true chicken hawk-fashion, Varga stood back and let his confused hands-up-look-at-me kiddies limply throw rocks at us and run their filthy gutter-mouths.  I wonder if those kids’ mothers know that such filth was pouring out from those lips.  For the record, Bloomington has the faggiest Anti-Fascists in the world.  They can’t even throw rocks with any kind of energy.  You so-called “anti fascists” were so badly embarrassed tonight that I’d be amazed if any of you ever try to put on another smash-the-fasch-counter-demo again.  (What now, bitches?)

Towards the end of the demo a black woman hushed the crowd and tried to get everybody to stop with the chanting matches.  When she expressed support for us and said that we should stop fighting each other, some other screechy voiced white counter-demonstrator screamed “FUCK YOU!”  The left will devour their own if they show even a modicum of tolerance for our side or try to discourage the leftists from acting out against us.  This was right up there on the TOPLEL-scale with the time that Bloomington anti-fascists attacked a black cop at a Black Lives Matter demo on MLK day.  This is a comedy that writes itself.


We left from the demo at 7:00pm.  The demonstration was finished, our message had long since been delivered, and there was pizza and beer waiting on us at  Buhlshöff.  If you believe that we were chased away from the demo site, then I’ve got a bridge to sell you (gently used, sold as-is, no warranty, cash only…).  If we wanted to trash the so-called “anti-fascists,” they would have all been carted off in an ambulance.  Our stroll back to the Rockwell’ish white(power) van was led by the “hard core” black bloc anti-fascists.  When we arrived at the square and were outside Fountain Square Mall things started to get a bit more exciting.

The Anti-Fascists started fighting the cops, as opposed to “smashing the fash.”  Not one of our event participants left with even as much as a scratch from the maladjusted little children who came to fight us tonight.  We all went home for beer and pizza, and they went to the Gray Bar Motel for an all-expenses-paid overnight stay downtown.  Don’t think that we aren’t going to get your booking information through public records requests.  We’ll make you famous.  We might even put your face on the front of our first mix-tape album, and, no, you won’t get any royalties because that photo is part of the public domain now.

While watching Bloomington’s finest smash the anti-fash into the sidewalk we stood over the top of them shouting “HASTA LA VISTA ANTI-FASCISTA!!!’ and “DON’T FORGET! COPS AND KLAN GO HAND IN HAND!” Their humiliation and embarrassment is something that we will bring up at any moment’s notice should they boast about making the Bloomington scene ever again.  We piled into the “hate mobile” (thank you, Budget Rent-a-Car!) and then made our way back to the west side to watch play-by-play updates on Twitter (search term “trad youth”).  By the way, to the silly tart who took a photo of the license plate: you didn’t “doxx” shit.  You can find that van at the Budget rental car lot at 912 S Walnut St.  Don’t forget to screech “smaaaaash the faaaaaschhhhh” while trying to save some face.

IU-Bloomington receives the “friendly fascist stamp of approval.”  We have also received some of the most fair and balanced news coverage seen anywhere courtesy of the Herald-Times and the student paper, the Indiana Daily Student.  The Indiana Daily Student has been a perfect example of what objective news should look like.  For real, you guys and gals at the IDS are the best (even if you wish I would just go away.)  I’m a student of the Ernie Pyle School of Journalism (now part of the Media School) and I wouldn’t dream of having gone anywhere else in the world for a college education in journalism.

This is what happens when the White Nationalist community unites to fight a common foe and to deliver the message of traditional Christian values and Western Civilization to our people.  We fight together, we speak together, and our people hear us together.  This demonstration could not have happened without our generous sponsors and material donors.  You are the ones who made this possible, and you are the ones who helped us bring the fight to the street.  When TYN promises a demonstration, we deliver, and we look forward to having everyone at our next demonstration.



C’mon fellas. Let’s not kid ourselves.

1) We can see your crowd:

And we can see the size of your opposition:

That’s embarrassing!

2) For the second time Trad Youth was apparently violent:

““All these cops showed up to presumably maintain peace,” Sven said. “But I got cut by Tom Buhls himself and they do nothing.””

3) Oh yeah, and did I forget to mention, you had like 20 people???

4) So what? You stole a piece of cloth? What does that symbolize? That your tough guys? Why are you trying to provocate your opposition?

You dudes are pathetic. Still relying on Richard Kidd and Robert Ransdell to make it look like 3 people care. How many years have you been at this now? High five it up today, but don’t kid yourselves, this was no victory.


For the second time Trad Youth was apparently violent:

Your side has tons of video. The police have tons of video. We have tons of video. It’s 2015. If we did something violent, show us the video. The photo you present clearly, from all accounts, involves Heimbach reacting defensively to an antifa radical who had just sucker-punched Thomas at what had been a peaceful protest. And just as was the case in Terre Haute, we deployed only the amount of force necessary to repel your team’s violence.

Oh yeah, and did I forget to mention, you had like 20 people???

I know, right? Steadily growing. We’re very pleased with our turnout, though we could always use more.

Besides, we stood our ground for a full hour of protesting, as advertised, so we apparently had enough guys.

You dudes are pathetic.

No. We stood for what we believe in and got our message out without incident or (actual) injury. Nothing pathetic about it.

What was pathetic was when the black girl student on your side pleaded with the antifa to stop hurling gravel and rocks at us, and some middle-aged white antifa guys kept barking over her, “Shut up, bitch!”

THAT was pathetic.


Spelunker can yap, but the impotent rage is obvious. It’s delicious. This creature has never had to stand toe to toe with white men who are men, not pathetic, qualifying conservative pussies who preach that leftist scum like this are “well-intentioned”. It’s (what gender are you “identifying as” this week?) at a loss for words.

Figures estimate it was 30 Antifas vs 20 nationalists. When you take into consideration that Leftism is the default ideology of every college campus, especially Indiana University, you and I both know that it was you punks who looked weak and powerless. On your own home turf.

Getting 20 people together to fly flags that in America today can get you shot, assaulted, fired, libeled, targeted for police entrapment, imprisoned, harassed, and stigmatized with lies by institutionalized Yid political billy clubs like the New York Times or the SPLC is an objective accomplishment, and deep down you agree.

It’s a lot harder to be a rebel than it is to push the envelope in the direction the state and the corporations are already going in, which is all 20 something tumblr anarchists do. The money, the press, and the system is on the side of the special snowflake upper middle class hipster iphone anarchist. If Bakunin, Proudhon and Che Guevara were around today, they would join the “Nazis” against you.

Stay in your intellectual “safe space” Spelunker, because actually exploring different ideas and ways to see the world might just make you feel like a heretic. That is, if you aren’t just another Jew like Tim Wise using anti-racist politics as a front for your tribe’s anti-white, anti-normal, and even anti-black agenda.

Rabbit Rebel

Howdy, would anyone be able to tell me how you make those awesome signs, a tutorial would be nice for all us eager to contribute per activism. Also, fantastic action, those antiwhite zombies seem more braindead by the minute when some real men stand up for what’s right!

/Best pro-White regards

Thomas Buhls

Thanks, RR! I’m going to have a better write-up on how to do signs. I’ll get it up and posted over spring break.


Now Matt, we’ve been over this before. “I” don’t have a “team” or “side”. I don’t know a single person who attended that event and opposed your group, nor am I connected to them in any way. That being said, I do, have, and will continue to oppose you. I don’t speak for, or control those people, and vice versa. You know my opinion on violence, it’s been stated multiple times. I don’t condone it and I don’t advocate it. IMO it’s not necessary.

I don’t think there’s really much you can say to refute the fact that your demo was dwarfed in comparison to the size of the opposition that was there. Your entourage fit comfortably into a rented van, that my friend is no “movement”. Pictures don’t lie.

As for the claim that Thomas cut someone, I don’t have to prove anything because I didn’t make the claim. It was reported. If it’s not a fact, maybe you should take that up with the source or the persons that reported it. I’m just relaying what’s out there.

It was stated that there was video taken by your group, or someone affiliated with your group, that was going to be posted of the infamous beating by cross, but oddly, that never surfaced. Why is that? Also, the person that “sucker punched” Thomas, would you care to share his name so we know who you are referring to besides “some guy”, because I don’t know who that dude is from Adam. For all I know he was paid to throw a couple of punches for a photo op. Notice I didn’t say he was. All I know is you keep saying people like that are on “my side” but provide no evidence that is the case. There’s plenty of evidence however who is on “your side”.

On Tim Wise, I don’t support him either. He’s made statements in the past that were irresponsible (again IMO). This again, I have stated previously.

As for the person you claim was ridiculed, well, I wasn’t there. You would know better what happened then I would. That being said, if it’s not on tape, it didn’t happen, but you have plenty of that, right? I’m sure it’s just like all tape of people flinging poop and pee at you, I remember that old claim well! I think you’re smart enough to know people that would do or say the things that you claim would likely tell me the same things, so it’s odd that you would lump me in with people like that when clearly we don’t have much in common besides a desire to oppose your crap.

What do you think your ceiling is for these tiny demos? 100-200? You do realize there are roughly 300 million people in this country, right? Oh well, you guys keep trying, I need a good laugh every now and again.


Congrats guys, and you’re right, the fact that the state supported leftists couldn’t completely drown out your protest is success, I would like to join you guys but I am no where near Indiana.

Thomas Buhls

All support helps! Word of mouth, material, and financial support are ALL equally beneficial to the movement. We also appreciate the support!

Mac Tíre

Well done, comrades! I just made a $50. donation to you. How about everyone reading this who supports them doing the same?

Walt Bialkowski

You guys are my heroes ~~ I pray God I can be there and march with you someday. Thank you for your dedication and your courage ~ you are proof that our race is not lost, that there is not only hope, but victory in store for us when Whites stick together. The enemy fears that more than anything else. God bless you guys and gals, and thank you for your inspiring example ~!

Thomas Buhls

Thank you for your support, too, Walt. We could not have done this without generous donors like yourself.



Thank you for standing up to the anti-whites. Tim Wise’s vitriol against white people should never stand unopposed. You folks are heroes.

The 99%

I saw a video of the march away from the event. You fuckers looked real triumphant with all those cops protecting you from the rest of society. Kinda makes you “state supported rightists”, no? I believe in freedom of speech, so by all means, keep being public dipshits. I would not have learned of Tim’s work without the press you provided him, so thanks for that. I enjoy intelligent analysis of current events.
That said, unless you’re a billionaire, you’re getting fucked by the same corporations as the rest of us (which, by the way are mostly run by WASPs). You are aiding the corporate state in dividing and conquering the country and the world. You’re too weak to face the real enemies, so you choose to be their house slaves – while claiming to be counter -cultural. You are the white version of Isis. Desperately clinging to ancient dogma in a pathetic attempt to get power over at least those already marginalized. You feel powerful when your hate overwhelms people and they don’t know how to react, but 20 people turning out after 3 years of organizing does not a movement make. Its the 21st century boys. Grow up. There may be traditions worth holding on to, but you don’t seem to have a clue what they are. Bigotry is not on the list.

Thomas Buhls

Everywhere we go we leave a trail of arrested Anti-Fascists. That should be enough to settle this argument, but let’s go on…

>I saw a video of the march away from the event.

Yeah? Where?

>You fuckers looked real triumphant with all those cops protecting you from the rest of society. Kinda makes you “state supported rightists”, no?

I know, right? This was, by any objective measure, a completely successful demo. Thanks for coming out and being a part of it.

>I believe in freedom of speech, so by all means, keep being public dipshits. I would not have learned of Tim’s work without the press you provided him, so thanks for that. I enjoy intelligent analysis of current events.

Thanks for helping spread awareness of our organization. People like you help make it possible. If you want to help us out some more, you can do like your friends and go attack a cop at your next demo. re: Attack a black cop at a Black Lives Matter demo, re: cock-knock a cop at last night’s demo.

>That said, unless you’re a billionaire, you’re getting fucked by the same corporations as the rest of us (which, by the way are mostly run by WASPs). You are aiding the corporate state in dividing and conquering the country and the world.

You obviously haven’t read my opinion on over-bearing and over-influential corporations…

>You’re too weak to face the real enemies, so you choose to be their house slaves – while claiming to be counter -cultural.

I’m not against having a government or sovereign authority that I’m forced to obey, but I don’t agree with *the current* government or sovereign authority that I’m forced to obey.

>You are the white version of Isis. Desperately clinging to ancient dogma in a pathetic attempt to get power over at least those already marginalized.

Know what’s really funny? Your rhetoric and knee-jerk responses are exactly the same as they have been for the last 15 or 20 years. We’ve long since moved on and are at least ten years ahead of you. My guess is that in ten years you’ll still be trying to figure out why screeching about “NAZIS! REEE-AAALLL NAZIS!” doesn’t work anymore.

>You feel powerful when your hate overwhelms people and they don’t know how to react, but 20 people turning out after 3 years of organizing does not a movement make. Its the 21st century boys. Grow up. There may be traditions worth holding on to, but you don’t seem to have a clue what they are. Bigotry is not on the list.

Apparently, bigotry is on your list. We’re from the next century and you’re going to have to hustle up a much stronger game faster than you can possibly imagine if you think that you’re going to come out on top of this one.


There will never be a broad labor movement in the United States again because of the impact of immigration, multiculturalism and diversity. Those things undermine the social cohesion and unity that is a precondition for mass unity around any political cause, including anti-capitalism. Economic immigration in particular helps suppress wages or keep them stagnant at a minimum. These are major reason Western governments (acting as proxies for the financial elites) and the largest corporations and banks support diversity.

Tim Wise’s work serves the interest of the top .01% and even the top .001%. Wise and his ilk are very shrewd about their personal interests. Wise no doubt lives better and quite a bit more comfortably than much of that motley crew of useful idiots who showed up to support him.

There is a cottage industry in this country based on promoting capitalist interests by spreading anti-while hate. Wise is mixed up in the middle of it.

“Tim Wise, full of lies, makes his money from genocide.”

Has a certain cachet, no?


If it was so irrelevant, why would you (or the limp-wrists) waste your time (or the limp-wrist’s freedom) opposing such non-triumphant “fuckers”?

Perhaps you should look up the term “bigotry” and then analyze your rant…

Sgt. Major

Lew, you’ve hit upon something few seem to want to address, about the impossibility of a broad labor movement emerging out of a racially divided proletariat. Do you think real momentum for whites can develop out of such a void? The (very) rich (or those who keep hoping to become so) aren’t going to instigate change (duh), so what’s left is an inert middle class, whose only current aspiration is to hold on for dear life.

How do you or any others see pro-white evolving when the working people can’t unite with their comrades of color, and the elite whites have such a vested interest in doing so?


Congratulations on a protest well done!

All rebellious white youth should ask themselves who is showing true bravery, who are the true dissidents, which side is speaking truths that those in power try to suppress?


Our campuses are run by THUGS. Drill this obvious fact into the general public’s mind. We are spending trillions to support these THUGS who crush free speech and saddle Americans with $1.3 trillion in student loans. There is growing resentment against this scam.

When Free Speech is denied can these really be called “institutions of learning”? These pampered babies throw tantrums and act like spoiled THUGS when they hear an opinion they don’t agree with.


“Tim Wise, full of lies, makes his money from genocide.”

Doesn’t flow, say it aloud. How about:

“Tim Wise, full of lies, cashing in on genocide.”

Get a crowd chanting that. Much better.


A word of advice: don’t bring anything to these protests that can be damaged or stolen. That means flags, crosses, clothing, etc. Leftists love to break things and steal.

Jesse Smith

This “report back” is nothing short of delusional, and while I won’t waste my time by retorting it li(e)ne by li(e)ne, but I will set the record straight on one thing:

No Antifa yelled anything at that lady who was (very loudly) telling everyone else to shut the fuck up and listen to her as she begged everyone to love each other and you. She clearly had no idea who you are or what your belief system has in store for her if your world view came to fruition.

Some random dude yelled at YOU, immediately after the aforementioned lady finished saying that she wanted everyone to extend love to you.

He yelled “Fuck you all, I will hate you all. Each and every one of you. Fuck you.”


If the totalitarian world view of the left ever takes complete charge, I think we traditionalists know what’s in store for us.


Good job, guys! Let me know if you’re coming out to Kansas or the Rockies. It’s closer to where I live and would be glad to unite with you to protest left-wing anti-white ‘speakers’

Swiss Kinist

Hello brothers, greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.

I sure do appreciate your stance against Marxism and defense of our people, and of Traditional Christian Values. What I am having trouble understanding is how you can support these values, while violating the principles of the same? This article celebrates arrogance and violates scripture passages such as 1Peter 3 and Matthew 5:43-48, Romans 12:14, and various others.

I am certainly not in favor of believing in the sissified version of Jesus and do believe in using force (even lethal force) if necessary, which things likely you have had to do at times. And if you read my blog, you will know that I am NOT one that says we always have to “say nice things” and never speak bluntly and boldly for the truth. Hard truth is certainly needed and modern Christianity thinks that “love” means you never say anything that would hurt or offend someone. But the boasting and the general attitude I am seeing (from this writing) appears to be a boasting in the flesh.

If I did not know you all better I would not have known this was written by someone who claims to be a Christian. And I am uncertain that these demonstrations are being done in the spirit and power of Jesus Christ, rather than the arm of the flesh. I do not see there would be any notable difference if an openly non-Christian white advocacy group were to do the same as you do.

And finally, is our unity mainly around Jesus Christ, or our white pride? Certainly we can advocate for our people and still maintain/practice that we have no other gods before the LORD (in thought, deed, and action). We are called to obey Christ no matter the cost, and against all human reasoning. Please make sure that #1 the ultimate goal is to glorify Christ, and #2 that your works be done while not leaning on your own understanding (Proverbs 3:5,6) or your own strength. We are called to be blameless and perfect, particularly while in the midst of the heathen.

These are the kinds of things I pray you would examine and pray over. Keep on doing what you are doing, but perhaps the spirit of God will enlighten you in certain areas and you can grow and benefit from them. I pray in Christ’s name that you do not perceive this as an attack, but an admonishment in love. Even if I am wrong, I will be blessed that you have taken this to prayer with our Father in heaven. I love you guys.

In Christ Jesus



I don’t see a certain amount of spirited boasting in the wake of direct conflict with the enemy as incompatible with our Christian ideals. If I ever (I know, I know) get around to uploading the video from the event, I believe you’ll find our numerous dialogues with individuals on the other side which resulted in professions of love, sincere handshakes, and even warm hugs to distinguish ourselves as distinctly Christian in our approach to street confrontation.

At the risk of making us guilty of more boasting, I believe our rapidly pivoting between loving and hugging the opponents who were willing to dialogue with and try to understand us and our aggressively defending ourselves from the ones who were threatening and attacking us is, for what I can tell, right on the money.

We went to great lengths to ensure that we neither instigated violence nor were victims of violence. And save for one police officer who was punched in the scrotum by an antifa, there was no violence despite the spirit of hatred and threats of violence our opponents brought to the event.

As for whether we should have been more overtly Christian, we’re in an impossible situation. We’re scolded for politicizing Christianity if we’re too forward with our faith and we’re scolded for not being Christian enough when we take their advice. Curiously (…but unsurprisingly), it’s often the same people scolding us to leave Christianity out of it who leap to accuse us of not being Christian enough when we reel our faith back a bit and stick with the political issues at hand.

Swiss Kinist

Hi Matt, thanks for the response. I am not referring to what actually happened at the event, but rather, the manner in which this article was written. I was not at the event, so the only thing I know of it is what is written here in this article. But, if I were to judge what happened during the event, and the attitude portrayed during the event, by this article alone, I would conclude a “What now bitches?” attitude.

However, I believe I am experienced enough to know that is not the case, especially from some of the people I am familiar with who were there. However, my point being, the way this article was written is what I was referring to and practically none of what I wrote concerned what happened during the event. The way this was written strikes me in a similar way as someone shoving the opposition, HOPING to instigate a fight.


NYF = a BIG thumbs up. Antifa fags = anti-White LOSERS, haters of their own (racially conscious) brethren.

These deracinated, Marxist derelicts (read: dupes) espouse a failed and evil Jewish ideology, one responsible for over a hundred million deaths and the suffering of several hundred millions more (not to mention an ocean of tears shed by their loved ones) in that ‘wonderful’ “workers paradise” in the former Soviet Union and other communist countries last century.

Anti-racist = anti-White, never forget.

Keep up the pressure, guys!




Please correct my type. I by accident referred to you as the National Youth Front in my post. Please correct my first sentence in the above post to read:

TY = a BIG thumbs up.

Thank you,


Quentin Farmer

White supremacy huh……..soooooooohhhhhh yeah I think you need to rethink the whole supremacy thing…..due to the fact white folks are at a disadvantage worldwide.

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