Traditionalist Youth Hour: Tim Wise, Full of Lies

Tim Wise: Full of Lies!Tim Wise: Full of Lies!

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P.N. O'Neal

Excellent podcast, gentlemen. Keep ’em coming! BTW, what’s the name of the song that was playing during the intro and outro of the podcast?

Matthew Heimbach

It was a short clip from a German music project called E Nomine. Thanks for the praise brother. God bless!


I like how you use ‘elites’ for the people who are imposing global cosmopolitanism. “Elite” literally means “chosen.” That’s how they see themselves. The people who go to Ivy League schools despite what their test scores or accomplishments might have been. That is why no matter how much destruction they cause with their banks, or in government, or in law, they always believe themselves “chosen” to lead. This extends to the our “Boston Brahmins” and new Asian managers as well as the original “chosen.”

As opposed to the elites, we should try to be the ἄριστοι, the best, and hopefully someday the aristocrats.

How’s everything going with the parish search in Indy?

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