Tim Wise is Lying about Jewish Privilege; Here are the Facts & Figures

Who's Privileged?

Who's Privileged?Tim Wise’s response to George Skanderbeg amounts to little more than flagrant denial of Jewish privilege. The Jewish man who has made a career out of speaking, unsolicited, on “behalf” of black Americans–with the intention of agitating them against whites–comes from a people with a long history of this kind of behavior. The results of this interloping into the black community, and the exacerbation of racial contradictions thanks to their meddling, has functioned more than anything to undermine the autonomy of colored people.

All the way back to Marcus Garvey naming Joel Spingarn’s “National Association for the Advancement of Colored People” (where everyone on the Executive Board was Jewish except WEB Du Bois) as the main culprit behind the demise of his black self-empowerment movement, through Malcolm X’s proclamation that Jewish money and activists were undermining black nationalism through the Civil Rights integrationist movement, and ultimately in the today’s Southern Poverty Law Center, Jews have been demonizing, harassing, or litigating almost exclusively against targets of the Jewish power structure:  nationalists, civil opponents of gay marriage, or Traditional Catholics. The SPLC (whose top–and highest paid–positions are held almost exclusively by Jews with names like Levin, Cohen, and Potok) burns through their $223 million dollar (much of it stored away in Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, and varied Madoff-style investment schemes) advancing Jewish Privilege all while doing little, if anything, about the actual black poverty that is prolific in their very own state of Alabama.

Black nationalists by and large disagree with Tim Wise’s simplistic theories, and try to find a more complete analysis of their current situation that has more dimensions than the bigotry he’s selling. They criticize him as a demagogue, and as a barrier to black self-assertion. They correctly identify him, like blacks have done to their Jewish “spokesmen” in the past, as a force to tighten their chains, and subvert their yearnings for ethnic autonomy away from colonialism. But Tim is more concerned with attacking whites than promoting black interests, which is why he repeatedly insults and disrespects them and continues to try to impose his views on them.

Perhaps, Tim, you have good intentions and aren’t like the Jews that came before you, who exploited, bribed and manipulated people like Martin Luther King so that he would constantly bring up the theological oxymoron of “Judeo-Christianity” in his most famous speeches. Perhaps, like the white privilege you preach, you are not conscious about why you feel compelled to dedicate your life to start fires then fan the flames of misplaced hatred against white people that often translates into black violence against random white disabled, elderly, or children.

Maybe you’re the exception. But I don’t think so. I think you’re a Jew who is fully aware of his privileges (in academia, media, and other enriching platforms of the “anti-racist” hustle), as well as your people’s tribal agenda, and in the end, actually enjoy using your institutional power to cause innocent white Gentiles to get raped and murdered. Are you going to tell me the peasant Boers, targeted by the thousands in senseless bestial farm murders, are oppressing the people of South Africa, compared to the Jewish capitalists that have helped impose neo-liberalism on the country since the fall of Apartheid? In America, where there are enough whites to fight back if the threat is sufficiently “overt”, you don’t go as far in your words as your tribal kin Joe Slovo, but we both know what kind of intimate thoughts fuel your real motives.

Additionally, I think you are more connected to Jewry than you disclose, even if you publicly understate it to keep some consistency in your message.

Your Alma Mater, Tulane University in New Orleans, has a student body that is a remarkable 32% Jewish. (http://www.hillel.org/about/news-views/news-views—blog/news-and-views/2013/08/21/2013-top-schools-jews-choose) You are from Tennessee, and apparently bypassed all of the major Universities (some of them more prestigious, others about the same and less expensive) in the South to go out of your way to attend Tulane, one of the most Judaic educational institutions in the entire country.  You were groomed by Jews, promoted by Jews, given a platform by Jews, and enjoy a number of other privileges granted to you by Jewish institutional power.

I’m confident that you are fully aware of the fact that if you aimed the vitriol you spew against white people and Western civilization towards Jewry instead, you would be exposed to state-tolerated physical violence and mass boycott, while simultaneously being cast out and demonized by the “radical” Judeo-Left you are a part of, the academic and civil institutions that pay you handsome fees to speak, and the Jewish owned mass media that plugs you every chance they get. This isn’t the standard conservative-style “what if” about “reverse racism”, this is actually happening to the tiny minority of righteous Jews who speak out against Jewish privilege: Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir, and Norman Finkelstein.  These experiences alone prove the flimsiness of your doctrine. If Jewish privilege isn’t real and white privilege is, then I invite you to come up with an alternative explanation for why there is such a striking contrast in the way you and your counterparts are treated?

Your dismissal of Jewish privilege is laughable. Granted, the premise of using the Jewish population of the Senate as evidence can be somewhat thwarted by mental gymnastics. However, in contemporary times Congress is little more than a wax museum, the (alleged) men within it are little more than facades. The legislative branch of American government has become virtually irrelevant except for “bipartisan” votes to increase aid to Israel, while the Judicial branch (where 3, possibly 4 of 9 members are Jewish) unconstitutionally overturns popular referendums and state law. Even the office of the President, the so-called Executive Branch, was exposed in its irrelevance last week as Benjamin Netanyahu waltzed right through the front door of Congress, in brazen defiance of Obama, and gave a speech to a political establishment that was unanimously Citizen Kane-clapping in a (seemingly) bizarre encounter that was reminiscent of the Politburo in the presence of Joseph Stalin.

The truth is America is a plutocracy, and real power is in the hands of media and finance. Here is where Jewish privilege simply cannot be denied.


The power of mass media in molding popular opinions is something, I assume, you do not deny. You completely understate the over representation of Jews in this field by using a source I’ve never even heard of (“Hoozajew”). You hesitatingly admit that Jews are overrepresented, but use an example out of context (AOL-Time Warner) to suggest that Jews are only 9% of major media moguls, while further chalking this up to a regional explanation using the fact that Jews are 9% of the population of New York. This is willfully deceptive.

I researched a list of the top 10 largest and most influential media companies on Earth, as documented by Forbes Magazine (http://www.forbes.com/sites/vannale/2014/05/07/global-2000-the-worlds-largest-media-companies-of-2014/nc/), and between 60 and 80% of CEO’s and acting Presidents of these massive global opinion-forming conglomerations are Jewish. Not all of them are headquarted or founded in New York City either. They are as followers:

1) Comcast

Comcast was founded by a Jew (according to his biography, despite his name name) named Ralph J. Roberts  in Mississippi. If you want to see Jewish privilege in action, his son Brian L. Roberts is the company’s Chairman and CEO. The Vice President? David L. Cohen.

2) Walt Disney Co.

The Chairman and CEO, as well as top shareholder, is the Jew Bob Iger.

3) 21st Century Fox INC

Rupert Murdoch’s Jewish ancestry has been speculated upon for years now. According to genealogical records, he is 1/8th Jewish through his maternal line (Caroline Sherson), which makes him Halakhikly Jewish. Regardless of this, watching Fox News’ Likudnik adulation of Israel and support for neo-conservatism leaves little room to doubt how Murdoch identifies.

4) Time Warner Inc

Jeffrey Bewkes is at the helm, and he is not Jewish.

5) Time Warner Cable

The Chairman and CEO is Robert D. Marcus, who is Jewish. To add to the theme of Jewish privilege, and the tribal identity of these power brokers, Marcus contributes large amounts of money to groups dedicated to strengthening racial consciousness in the Jewish community.


The CEO of this gargantuan British advertising firm is a London Jew named Martin Sorrell.

7) CBS

The case of CBS would be amusing if the power this institution has wasn’t used for culture-wrecking purposes. The Jewish Leslie Moonves is general Chairman, while the Jewish Nina Tassler is the President of CBS’ Entertainment wing, and Jeff Fager, another one of your tribesman, enjoys the privilege of being in charge of CBS News. There is one Gentile at the top,  his name is Sean McManus, who as Chairman of CBS Sports is trusted to be in charge of giving Gentile-for-Gentile perspectives on important issues of our age, such as deflated footballs.

8) Viacom

Executive Chairman is the infamous Sumner Murray Rothstein (aka, Sumner Redstone).

Another Jew, Phillippe P. Dauman serves as President and CEO.

9) DirecTV

Can’t confirm Michael White’s identity. Presumably owned by Gentiles.

10) Dish Network

Owned by Gentiles.

So Tim, my conservative estimate would be that Jews own and control 60% of these companies. If you include Murdoch and White, which I probably should, the number is 80%, even though Jews are 0.2% of the world’s population . We both know that if the Irish or the Amish were this radically over-represented in the top echelons of media, you would be talking about it. Actually, the Irish or the Amish, two communities who by and large are pretty friendly to outsiders and have reputations for honesty, would not be so concerning if they had this kind of influence. But Jews, whose religion/ideology is called “viciously racist” by all the major “civil rights” groups when whites (Christian Identity) or blacks (Black Israelites) mimic it, including the days that celebrate genocidal murder of women and children in race wars such as Purim and Passover, along with the fact that 40% of Jews suffer from some degree of Schizophrenia, makes this an issue of dire concern regarding the safety and well-being of non-Jews.  Your denial of Jewish control of the world’s mass media using an intellectual maze of convoluted logic might confuse some into agreeing with you, but in the end I see right through your lies.


The question of Jews and finance shouldn’t even require a spot. Jews have been practicing the worst kinds of finance capitalism since at least the Medieval period. 12th century Jew Aaron of Lincoln, for example, had half of England in his pocket, thanks to the fact that he had more money than even King Henry II.  I’m sure you’ll tell me the old myth that Jews were loan sharks because Christians wouldn’t let them own property, as if Medieval Jewry would rather toil in the fields planting carrots over lending money, pimping girls, or getting their wives to peddle goods while they sat home and studied the Talmud. King Edward I, known today as an anti-Semite, tried to reach out to Jews and meet them half way: the 1275 Statute of the Jewry granted Jews almost all of the same rights as other citizens, such as owning farmland, joining the military, and practicing a craft. For 15 years, this garnered little interest in European Jewry, and their insolence caused Edward I to deport them, via the 1290 Edict of Expulsion, in response.

The reason for this rejection of assimilation into productive trades was because the Jew had become obsessed with the privileges his money granted him. This extended into the world of politics, but Jewish money even played a role in influencing levels of Catholic Church authority. Why were the Jews consistently persecuted? Because they did not want to be common citizens, they preferred to work in parasitical, socially taxing trades, while occasionally flexing their biceps in despotic manners.

Your cherry picking of statistics to pretend Indian-Americans are wealthier than Jews suffers from incredible sample bias. Generally Indians are in the upper levels of the Middle Class, but are nearly not as wealthy as American and world Jewry when all factors are controlled for.

Let’s take a global perspective on the matter.  The combined GDP of India’s 7 most prosperous and populous cities is $811 billion dollars. Meanwhile, according to the Times of Israel, 165 Jewish billionaires have amassed a fortune of $812 billion, and this isn’t even counting the “hidden” billionaires that are prolific in the banking sphere.  In other words, 165 Jews have more money than 131.9 million Indians. Does money buy privilege, Tim?

You then follow up by claiming that Jews suffer from a rate of poverty on par with white Gentiles. It’s most likely that these statistics come from official Social Security organs that do not control for the massive benefits fraud, tax evasion, and untraceable as well as black market income the Orthodox Jewish community (the fastest growing segment of Jewry) is knee deep in.

Kiryas Joel, which has the most Jews per capita in the United States, is also technically the “poorest” in the country. With a reported median income of $15,000 dollars a year, 90% of its residents receive medicaid. It is an open secret that the Jews of Kiryas Joel are evading taxes and hiding assets, Orange County residents have even launched a petition with almost 2,900 signatories demanding an actual investigation from elected officials as the burden on the welfare system caused by their scams have made it impossible for non-Jewish families in legitimate need to find the social support they have spent their whole lives paying into. Your “poor Jews”, are really privileged Jews, and they have formed a nation within a nation while having the chutzpah to leave Gentiles they despise with the bill. The Hasids are allowed their own police force, their own publicly funded religious schools, and their own court system. Fraudulent grants that disproportionately benefit Hasidic Jews pump money into the community at the expense of the tax-payer and his children.

Organized crime in these communities is also rampant. The exact extent is not known, but Hasidic Jews have been arrested in a number of high-profile cases ranging from laundering Colombian drug cartel money, to smuggling dope, and even taking organs (sometimes at gunpoint) to sell on the black market.

It’s odd that you show no interest in this community. The Shomrim (the Hasidic militia that polices their neighborhoods) are renowned for attacking blacks and Puerto Ricans who are walking in their neighborhoods, sometimes on their way to and from work, just because of their race, as well as obstructing justice when a Jew commits crimes as serious as pedophilia. Despite all of this, the Shomrim is supported by the New York political establishment, the NYPD is directed not to intervene in their affairs from above, and on top of that their high-tech equipment is paid for by the New York State tax-paying Goyim.

No other ethnic group in America enjoys privilege to this extent. And that is because these Jews, while on the surface they may look simple, are flush with cash and also have co-ethnic conspirators and Gentile facades on their payroll in high places.


Academia, the only place where Tim Wise’s beliefs are actually taken seriously, is another important bastion of Jewish privilege.  Wise would like us to believe that the Ivy League is full of elitist WASPs having private lunches and playing croquet like in Jew Harold Ramis’ Caddyshack. But in truth, the Ivy Leagues are the home of some of the worst discrimination against Gentiles.

The most influential people who mold our perceptions and change our society through their approaches to journalism, law, science, finance, and politics come from the Ivy League. The privilege Jews enjoy here is shocking, and Wise’s conception of white privilege could not be further from the truth.

In fact, the there is an inverse correlation: the more Jews in administrative positions, faculty and the student body, the fewer the white Gentiles allowed to attend. This is no conspiracy theory, just an objective conspiracy.

In 6 of the 8 top Ivy League schools, Jews outnumbered white Gentiles, even though the first group is only 2% of the population, while the latter is 68%. This imbalance is masked by the classification of Jews and gentiles together as whites, but simple cross-referencing reveals the racist scandal. Here are the figures:

1) Harvard

Undergraduates: 25% Jewish, 23% non-Jewish white

2) Yale

Undergraduates: 30% Jewish , 22% non-Jewish white

3) Cornell University

Undergraduates: 25% Jewish, non-Jewish white 19%

4) University of Pennsylvania

Undergraduates:  25% Jewish , 21% non-Jewish white

5) Brown University

Undergraduates: 25% Jewish, 20% non-Jewish white

6) Columbia University

Undergraduates: 30% Jewish, 10%(!) non-Jewish white

7) Princeton University

Undergraduates: 12-14% Jewish, 36% non-Jewish white

8) Dartmouth

Estimated Jewish population between 10-15%.

As we can see, whites and to a much lesser degree East Asians (who are also overrepresented by 1, 2, or 3 times in some cases, are penalized on their SAT scores even more than “whites” during the admission process, but not in favor of white Gentiles) are not privileged, but rather, they are fiercely discriminated against, mostly by Jews or people afraid of Jews.

Princeton is a notable exception in this trend, and for years they have been desperately trying to increase their Jewish population, even though 12% is still 6x greater than the Jewish population at large. Institutional Jewry, which is responsible for dispensing Jewish privilege, has been intimidating what’s left of the crusty WASP establishment at Princeton through browbeating forces such as the Jewish dominated entities like the New York Observer, Chronicle of Higher Education, and especially extensive New York Times coverage.

The 1999 piece featured commentary from a Rabbi named James Diamond that accused then-Dean of Admission Fred Hargadon of “not being responsive enough” to his demand for Jews to be 25% of the student body instead of 12. Hargadon was dismissed and replaced with the Jew Janet Lavin Rapelye in 2005, who immediately created a join task force with Campus Jewish Life to increase the Jewish population of Princeton. If that’s not privilege, I don’t know what is.

Ron Unz, who is Jewish himself, tried to match high Jewish enrollment in Ivy League schools with academic achievement, but could find no correlation to justify being overrepresented 12-15 times over .

The few white Gentiles who are allowed in tend to come from affluent “liberal” backgrounds, or benefit from legacy admission like C-student George W. Bush at Yale. In other words, the least represented group in the Ivy Leagues in America is the working class and rural white Gentile (who compose the majority in this demographic), whose applications are tossed even if they share similar credentials to competitors.  If you’re lower middle class and have an Italian or Irish last name, or come from a rural Red State and were involved in extracurricular activities such as the Future Farmer’s Alliance, you are generally not welcome at Harvard, even if you demonstrate academic excellence.

Preparing for a career at Harvard or Yale is a golden ticket to America’s elite, and it’s clear Jews, probably using rationale that you preach throughout the country, have shut everyone but a small percentage of the wealthiest white Gentiles from being involved in molding the future of American affairs.  The past Jewish quotas that limited population at Harvard to 10-15% that Jews incessantly kvetch about today were actually put in place to make space for individuals from different parts of America in order to have a truly organic and pluralistic re-creation of the country on campus.

Jewish PrivilegePOLITICS

The Jews might be somewhat proportionally represented in terms of Senators and Representatives, this is true. In fact, I doubt America will ever have a Jewish President, since Jews are well-aware the way people unload their grievances on that facade of an office (for example, people who are generally not “racist” getting angry at Obama and calling him a nigger), and anything that attracts eyeballs to the Jewish people is dangerous in their minds. The Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc collapsed due to the transparency of their system, which is why their propaganda was scoffed at by the citizens they ruled. In fact, the 1956 Hungarian uprising was actually a “pogrom”, as the people easily were able to identify the Jewish commissars who ruled them. The American plutocracy, on the other hand, has survived due to the fact that the string pullers are often hidden behind curtains and money trails that are only really identified in newspapers meant for Jewish eyes only (Times of Israel, Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, etc). Jewish politics always have Gentile facades, whether proto-neoconservative Woodrow Wilson in relation to his cabinet, or WEB Du Bois and the Executive Board of the NAACP. That’s real privilege.

Many  white Americans vote for the Republican Party based on the premise that they will do something to stop immigration. Afterwards, they are disappointed and at a loss for words when the Republicans do nothing about it. The vast majority of the Republican Party’s voting base opposes immigration, gay marriage, and other issues, but the GOP is instead moving in the direction of endorsing these Democrat initiatives.

The reason for this inconsistency is the fact that the GOP’s biggest donor is a Jewish casino mogul named Sheldon Adelson, who has demanded the GOP support amnesty for illegal immigrants. On the gay marriage front, Paul Singer and Steven A. Cohen, the most influential GOP financiers after Adelson, have been advocating for “LGBT” rights for years now.

The top donors of the Democrats are also almost all Jewish.  Even though only 31% of Democratic Party voters supported Israel’s incursion in Gaza last summer, Congress passed a bill to increase military aid to Israel as the Arab children died by a margin of 395-8. The 8 dissenters were 4 Republicans and 4 Democrats, and during this time, no Democrat, regardless of how “liberal”, dared to take a critical position on Israel. Are you, Tim, going to tell me that the Democrats are trying to please Christian Zionists or backwater Baptists? Come on. Most bills on Israel going through the legislators are met with similar “unanimous bipartisan” approval, here too, we see the Democrats defying the will of their voting base just like the Republicans, in order to obey the whims of their wealthy Jewish benefactors.

The Democratic Party is so beholden to Jewish Privilege, that they even abandoned their own President to attend the Netanyahu speech.

Obama himself, who now at the end of his final term does not feel as beholden to Jewish money , even warned the Democrats not to cave to Jewish money power, even though he didn’t use those words exactly. Since you don’t think my views as a white non-Jewish male matter, one day I promise you, Barack Obama will echo my sentiments and let out the screams built up after 8 years of gunpoint subservience to Jewish privilege through his memoirs.

Jewish privilege supersedes the President, the New England WASP, Christianity, and any other institution you identify as reflecting “white privilege”. The truth is Tim, Gentiles as a whole are downtrodden by Jewish tyranny and racism, but white Gentiles in particular are the targets of the most virulent hate coming from your people’s corner. And you’re at the front line of this spiritual and biological struggle against our human right to exist and have a homeland.


Charles Krafft

The Numerus Clausus admission quotas in place at the Ivy League universities were struck down by Felix Frankfurter and John Dewey working together. I don’t recall exactly what year that was, but it wasn’t too long afterwards that Jews started to become overrepresented in the Ivy league and eventually pretty much took these schools over philosophically, administratively and numerically. E. Michael Jones Ph.D has written about SAT test tutoring in Brooklyn in which Jewish students were encouraged to share questions on the annual tests so answers could be formulated and passed along (at a price) to the next year’s batch of test takers. I read about Dewey and Frankfurter working to open up the Ivy league in a self-congratulatory book about Jews in science that I plucked out of a discount bin in a college bookstore years ago. I wish I could recall the title because that info was a revelation.

Shlomo Yidstein

Great article (and I’m a Jew!). You really nailed it. I’m among the ranks of those few sorry Jews who have both brains AND a conscience, and cannot deny what is taking place in America: nothing less than a Jewish-backed coup in order to politically, socially and culturally castrate the White man. I have to keep my opinions secret, lest I become a social pariah among the tribe.

One error I noted in your piece you may want to correct: if you click the link to the article where you claim that “40% of Jews are schizophrenic,” you will note that the study did not find that 40% of Jews are schizophrenic, but rather than Jews are 40% more likely to have schizophrenia than other races. This is a big difference. I don’t want you to look disingenuous when you got so much else right.

Keep fighting the good fight, and know that a few good, decent Jews are behind you as well – and that we just want to live our lives in peace, not cause chaos for any other group of people. There’s not a lot of us, but we’re out there. I hope you will remember that if ever a day of reckoning comes: we aren’t ALL scumbags – just most of us!

Good luck, goy – unfortunately, you’ll need it!


Hey Schlomo, you wanna be our Tim Wise? How come Tim Wise says the same things you do word for word but about white people, and makes a lucrative career out of it, yet someone like you lives in fear of his life and has to keep his criticism quiet?

That’s real Jew privilege. Although it’s not just privilege, it’s a criminal syndicate.


The media over representation could be explored a little further. It is important to note the sheer amount of media arms and brands those big names like Viacom, Disney, News Corp, and the rest own: The major Hollywood studios, record companies, print media, news channels, etc. And that those sub companies are often Jewish led as well!

Otherwise, great work 🙂


Can somebody please ask Timmy why he identifies as a Jew when in fact he is only, by his admission, a quarter-Jewish in the first place???

Additionally, as “Jewishness” is defined by the mother, by matrilineal descent, and as Timmy’s kosher konnection is through his father (and even then through his grandfather, no less) this makes him as halakhically Jewish as Daffy Duck.


Veritas asked:

Can somebody please ask Timmy why he identifies as a Jew when in fact he is only, by his admission, a quarter-Jewish in the first place???

Tim “not so” Wise is 100% Jewish “between the ears” irregardless of him being only one quarter Jewish. That’s all that you need to know. I can look at him and instantly see he is a Jew and not your average White guy as he has that distinctive Jewish look. But I don’t judge him by that. It’s what is in his (hate-filled) mind and what comes out of his mouth that I judge him by. This modern-day Bolshevik is just another in a long line of anti-White Jewish agitators and subversives that work overtime to attack and undermine traditional White America. And for that, I truly hate him.



“Keep fighting the good fight, and know that a few good, decent Jews are behind you as well – and that we just want to live our lives in peace, not cause chaos for any other group of people”

Hey Schlomo, in case this is not a put on (and you really are Jewish), I just want you (and other Jews) to know I have no problems with Jews that are not hostile to White gentile interest and not working to undermine our institutions and civilization. My problem is with your treacherous, antagonistic, subversive brethren.

All the best,


Dustin Vinland Jarl

I actually went to one of the institutions on the “most
frequently attended by Jews” list that you cite from hillel.org. We did
not have nearly the number of Jews claimed by the Hillel list. Not even close.

If wealthy, powerful Jews really did control the US system, at least that would
give us some form of guided democracy, which would be by definition some form
of limited democracy. And guess what, that would actually be a heck of a lot
less scary than the actual *unlimited* democracy that we are *actually* dealing
with in reality. So Joo-bashing is really a form of dodging the ugly reality of
the situation.

You cite “big media” names like CBS and Time Warner Cable as if they
are the biggest sources of leftist radicalism in this country. Not even close.
In fact, the big media is losing out now that traditional television viewership
is declining. Now with the democratization of media through “social
media”, there is more radical leftism than ever before and it is not
coming from Sumner Redstone. It is coming from social media and “new media”
such as the Huffington Post, Salon.com, etc. They’re the ones that popularized “white
privilege”, not Leslie Moonves or even Tim Wise. You want to know how Obama got
elected, social media is how he got elected. Social media was what unleashed
Obama’s base and arranged for the silencing of all opposition by providing
left-wing slacktavists a way to organize attacks on people. Also, Jared
Taylor used to be able to have his conferences broadcast on CSPAN. That was
back in the days when our “Jooish overlords” had “unchallenged,
pre-social-media rule over the media”. Now he cannot have any conference
at ALL unless it is guarded by federal guards. Oh, and before you go blaming
Mark Zuckerberg, don’t bother, as he is just ONE company among a whole *myriad*
of companies, and he is rapidly losing market share to platforms which are *far
more* filled with leftist bile such as Twitter and Tumblr.

So please stop dancing the Jew-bash and screeching for “socialism”
and “workers’ movements”. That isn’t rightism, that’s *leftism*.
Seriously, you guys are your own worst enemies, not “da Jooz”. Seriously,
if your debate with Tim Wise is your workers’ movement vs his workers’
movement, that’s like Republicans vs Democrats. And unfortunately that’s what
Tradyouth has degenerated into as of late.


Which school did you go to? So you know better about your campus Jewish population than the Hillel?

You cite Salon, but won’t name its founder and senior editor, the Jew David Talbot.

The Huffington Post? Its CEO is the Kike Jared Grusd, it’s senior editor is parasite Roy Sekoff.

I promise you that when it comes to any and all anti-white political and ideological violence, a Jew is either directly in control or only one degree away (financing it, reviewing it, editing it, promoting it).

And please, learn how to write in fucking paragraphs. That post is a goddamn eye sore.

But you’d rather pretend the full blown AIDS in our national body that the eternal Jew represents is nothing more than a common cold. That’s a deadly mistake to make. Hope you snap out of your libertarian, philo-semitic slumber and conquer your fears soon.


“Which school did you go to? So you know “better about your campus Jewish population than the Hillel?”

I went to Kenyon College. The campus was small enough so that everybody knew everybody else (~1,600 students, ~400 in each year), so yes, I *would* know. Your Hillel page says that 17% of the student body is Jewish, and I know for a fact that that is not even close to the reality.

“You cite Salon, but won’t name its founder and senior editor, the Jew David Talbot. The Huffington Post? Its CEO is the Kike Jared Grusd, it’s senior editor is parasite Roy Sekoff.”

Where is your proof of these people’s supposed Jewishness? More importantly, why would it matter? The commenters on these websites are every bit as disgusting as the authors, editors, and owners. There are millions of them, and the overwhelming majority are not Jews. My point is that these websites, as well as social media, merely *unleashed* the pent-up rot that was already in our “pure Aryan” culture. Also, they *provided a platform* to coordinate attacks on people in real life, I cited what has happened to Jared Taylor and his Amren attendees as one example. There are countless others. Again, the overwhelming majority of these attackers *are not Jews*. So blaming Jews is ultimately stupid and nothing but a giant distraction.

“And please, learn how to write in fucking paragraphs. That post is a goddamn eye sore.”

I wrote my comment in Microsoft Word then pasted it in, not knowing it was going to come out looking the way it did.

“Hope you snap out of your libertarian”

JFTR I’m not a libertarian. Not even close.


I know those people are Jews by their names and biographies, and another tell-tale giveaway, their fiercely anti-white politics. Few genuine white people call for the legalization of pedophilia or rationalize murdering white people.

But you would rather bend over backwards to protect and obfuscate for Jews, just like your hero Jared, who sounds like he’s got a gun to his head any time he’s writing about the origins of non-white immigration or political correctness.

You aren’t protecting Jews out of a sense of “fairness”, because I can tell you wouldn’t mind me blaming Muslims for all the world’s problems. Your issue is that you’re a Jew appeaser and a race traitor, or have some other dog in this fight.


“You aren’t protecting Jews out of a sense of “fairness”, because I can
tell you wouldn’t mind me blaming Muslims for all the world’s problems.”

No. You guys seem to think that there’s this race of people called “Jews” that goes around the world and brainwashes the races of the world into doing rotten things. This is, in fact, the precise inverse of the actual truth. The actual truth is that Judaism (and Christianity, and Islam) were *created* out of the accumulated rot *preexisting* within the races of the world.


Whatever man, quit wasting my time, the facts are on our side. Go play the they look hwhyte to me Ted Kennedy opened America’s borders game with Jared and Ann Coulter. There’s thousands of groups you can join, why come here to troll the one group that takes a principled stance on this issue?


It is a fact, that NO GROUP has gained more from CAPITALISM than Jews and no group is doing more to destroy the Freedom that comes w/Capitalism than PHONY, Left-Wing Jews – who comprise about 80% of Jewry.
My question to these Jews: Why are you sewing the seeds to your final destruction???


PHONY, Left-Wing Jews are the authors of moral relativism, multiculturalism , Identity Politics, and ethnic division.
I say to PHONY, Left-Wing Jews: Beware the ire raised next time…AND, What ye sew so shall ye reap!

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