Technical Difficulties: TradYouth FB Page Temporarily Unpublished

Cat Fight!

Cat Fight!Update: After some consideration, we’ve re-published the TradYouth page and decided to take our chances. As always, but with special emphasis given the circumstances, please be mindful of Facebook’s strict censorship rules and fickle reporting policy when commenting on and contributing to the page.

If you’ve got something offensive to say, say it here at the site.

The administrator of the Pioneer Little Europe Facebook Page (unaffiliated with the actual Pioneer Little Europe project) has declared that he’s going to have our Traditionalist Youth Network page reported and pulled. In an effort to avoid the bother of rebuilding our page from scratch, and because the threat is credible, we’re unpublishing the page until the feud is resolved. He specializes in gaming the Facebook reporting system, and has successfully gotten several major pages removed.

The admin is angry over a misunderstanding in which he shared our page on his page and we apparently failed to reciprocate. I’m still working to get to the bottom of what actually happened. Perhaps we made an honest mistake. Whether we did or not, his accusing us of being Zionist shills, promising to have our page removed, and threatening to physically attack us (while remaining anonymous) is wildly misaligned with the alleged error on our part.

I know the situation is pathetic, disheartening, and disappointing. We try our darnedest to avoid movement feuds and collaborate with a vast range of identitarians and traditionalists despite our differences. We’re trying our darnedest to resolve this one so that the otherwise praiseworthy Pioneer Little Europe project and our project can get back to our respective missions.

We’ll have a podcast recorded earlier this weekend up in a few hours and have plenty of content on deck for the following week, so please be sure to check in here regularly (or follow our Twitter feed) until we can get back to our regularly scheduled social media programming.

Update: We’ve confirmed that the “Pioneer Little Europe” facebook page is not actually administered by anybody associated with the leadership of the Pioneer Little Europe project. The leadership of the Pioneer Little Europe project have no control over this guy’s behavior, and do not endorse his micro-jihad against TradYouth.

From the Official PLE website

Pioneer Little Europe will no longer endorse or encourage our folks to use that social media resource. For many years now too many of our folk have often been banned, trolled, or spammed at Facebook and now we have reached a point that there will no longer be an official page.

For clarity, this is not a feud between TradYouth and PLE, and it’s likely not even an authentic “movement feud”, as the antagonist’s record of vulgarity, hostility with other identitarian projects, and pretending to run an official page of a project which categorically has no facebook presence is consistent with his being an infiltrator or troll of some flavor.



He claims to have gotten several pages taken down. He just sits at home, in his moms basement and reports pages. He acts like he invented doing that. You guys offered to talk with him via Skype, phone, gmail, he declined and immediat started calling you boy, fat AND he insulted a White wife who is adding to the U.S. population.
Last week, PEGIDA UK saw how unstable he was and didn’t want to be affiliated, so he started the whole they are Zionists, I have proof. After the Leith, ND incident, he started branching out on his posts, people couldn’t tell which admin was posting what but a pattern emerged. Pale Horse posted an article about Hispanic babies with birth defects. He expressed clearly that he was happy about this news. There were more posts like that, joy because a non White was dying. People pointed out that those folks didn’t live in White countries or that they were babies for God sake, sociopath Pale Horse didn’t care.

Over at WhiteNations, a thread emerged, he showed up, called everyone …..wait for it….a fake and a Zionist. Then he never came back. He used to post there, not a lot, but enough to where it was obvious that he left after that thread. Anyway, I think there was truth in that post. Schizophrenia appears in males from 18-24, he sounds 15, but he is older than that, so if his mental health issues, they are not new.
I’m sorry this happened to you guys. I know he won’t stop PEGIDA. I care a lot about that march and I think people who rejoice when babies suffer are sociopaths, so I hope you prevail.
You know people, have someone take over PLE.

kade ferris

Atlee. You are still an administrator on the Pioneer Little Europe Facebook page. It is entirely in your power to stop the other admins.

Atlee Yarrow (@AtleeYarrow)

To whom it may concern,

I did not make the above comment. I do not administer the FB page. If someone would like to fill me in one what has transpired here since I am just now learning about this and attempting to resolve things on my end. It is true that I only administer the website and the page. Officially we have been urging FB users to drop FB for other networks like which is more in line with the PLE philosophy of not making waves and not being seen in the public eye. I have left a private message in someone’s “Other” file. Go take a look and please reply.

Fascist youth

I swear to god that admin is scum. I used to like that page, didn’t know that the admin of that page is schizoprhenic and paranoid. He called you guys as zionist because you deleted his post? What kind of fucking logic is that? They tried to ruin your reputation because that scum is envious about your achievements. And he mentioned in some of his post that he never met antifa in real life, that’s mean he is fucking joke, clown, fool. Stay strong guys don’t let that mentally unstable ruin your good work. Cheers.

Robert Pinkerton

Sincerely (no damnable irony — excuse the tautology — express nor implied) THANK YOU for still another datum of evidence in favor of declining to participate in any on-line “social network” so-called. Periosically I get entreaties from my face-to-face friends and friendly acquaintances, to join facebook. But the entire concept of on-line social networking offends my taste.


This is what is very depressing about the White Advocacy Movement. We always seem to be fighting with one another. In fact, it seems that we fight more with our own people than with our enemies.

Unfortunately, our enemies notice this and take advantage of this weakness.

I hope that this situation is resolved as quickly as possible for the good of our people.


The various trolls, the professionals, volunteers and nutcases, all work to demoralize. It’s an objective. These communities are under constant organized attack [1]. For that reason, I don’t believe in putting the primary blame for the dysfunction on WNsts.

[1]Phrasing is Alex Linder’s.

Gavin James Campbell

I fully admit to having reported your group to the Facebook team, and am relieved that they took it down. Hopefully, the next one will be taken down, too.
And I have absolutely no compunction whatsoever about having reported your group. And will, as I always do after reporting hate pages, enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Hamm Barrett

As emphasized in the prospectus itself, PLE is just another way of saying “pro-White people when gathered as a community.” And there are many other examples of terms being represented by contrasting personalities. There is no central, official, or handy authority to receive a summons into court. As such, opponents will be able to put up fake PLE sites and cause dissension until there’s a fully functioning open community where residents can see who’s who.

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