Standing Against Tim Wise: Round Three

Timothy Jacob Wise

Timothy Jacob WiseThe Traditionalist Youth Network is happy to announce we will be uniting with members of the League of the South and the Council of Conservative Citizens to once again stand against Tim Wise. The event will be at Queen’s University of Charlotte outside of the Dana Auditorium, E.H. Little Fine Arts Center on Wednesday March 25th at 6pm. The address is 1900 Selwyn Av. Charlotte, NC 28274

We will have signs and flags for everyone so come on down to unite against Tim Wise and enjoy some good old fashioned Southern friendship and fellowship after the event.

The reason that Trad Youth has continued to organize against Tim Wise is because Tim Wise embodies the ultimate insanity of the Establishment Left here in America. If you are a Traditionalist of any variety, a Christian or a ethno-nationalist (perhaps all three) one must only take a brief look at the words and writings of Tim Wise to realize why you have a duty to come and take a stand against him. Tim Wise is anti-Christian, anti-White, and anti-Traditional and he must be opposed whenever he comes to town with his medicine cart full of lies, hatred and poison.

Tim Wise denounces Whites from wanting to be able to organize and advocate for our own best interests and tells college students that we should live, breathe and eat diversity due to its supposed merits, all while Mr. Wise tucks himself away in a cozy overwhelmingly While neighborhood, hypocrisy at its finest.

While Tim Wise spends a great deal of time attacking the government as being “racist”, Mr. Wise has no problem taking tens of thousands of dollars from these supposedly evil institutions by cashing checks from taxpayers to speak on university campuses and indoctrinate the youth of White Christian America to accept their own cultural, religious and demographic displacement.

Tim Wise is all about standing up for those who can’t defend themselves but is apparently no fan of those who work to protect the unborn through pro-life activism. In one article Mr. Wise actually said to have literature available for students that promotes a world-view that thinks butchering and murdering children in the womb is wrong is actually a form of persecution. “Persecution is having a teacher place anti-abortion pamphlets on every desk in his room, which not only call for an end to the procedure but do so in explicitly Christian terms.” One would think that a self-described spokesman for those who cannot speak for themselves wouldn’t support the murder of 3,000 innocent people who cannot raise a voice or first in defense of their very lives, but Tim Wise is far more comfortable with his hypocrisy and far-Left agenda.

The anti-White tirades of Mr. Wise are apparently not putting enough shekels into his bank account because of late Mr. Wise has also broadened his hate-filled screeds to include attacking Christianity. In an article about the portrayal of Christ and Santa Claus in American popular culture Mr. Wise made the assertion that  “Christianity came to be used in the service of European supremacy” a laughable viewpoint when one considers how Christianity moved the European people to spread the Faith, build churches, schools, roads, hospitals and infrastructure throughout Latin America, Africa and the world.

Mr. Wise does not open his mouth about the persecution of modern day Africans by the Chinese corporations who have come to Africa since European colonialism ended who have no ethical or religious scruples against turning entire African nations into veritable slaves on their corporate plantations. The treatment of Africans by the Chinese is so bad that African rulers have publicly spoken about how they would far rather live under a European and Christian colonial system than continue to be under the atheist Chinese overlords. Tim Wise attempts to maintain a historically inaccurate position that only Whites can oppress or persecute other groups of people. Tim Wise doesn’t care about an analysis of history or facts, he simply wishes to demonize Tradition, Christianity and the European people both past and present in order to facilitate the destruction of our Faith, family and folk.

Tim Wise has on multiple occasions attacked the millions of Traditionalist Catholics around the world by denouncing the Latin Mass which he describes as the “inherently bigoted and anti-Jewish Tridentine mass” and by attacking Traditionalist organizations like the Society of Saint Pius X which he calls “hateful.. reactionary and anti-Semitic.” Wise hates Traditional Christianity because Traditional Christianity opposes everything of the decadent and fallen modern world that Tim Wise fights for.

The America of the 1960’s had a clear cultural, linguistic and religious identity, and according to Tim Wise all of those things were absolutely awful. Wise said in an essay that “If you believe America was better before the 1960s, you are either an idiot of the first order, or a racist, or both.”

It is the duty of every Traditionalist to stand against evil when we see it. The agenda of Tim Wise is against everything that we aim to protect and preserve. Join us in Charlotte against Tim Wise, God wills it!



Keep up the good work! Whites have been effectively stripped of their first amendment rights, say what you want and protest what you want just be prepared to get fired, suspended and expelled!!!! THIS ONLY APPLIES TO WHITES, MINORITIES REGULARLY SPEW RACIAL SLURS AND GET PAID AND APPLAUSE TO MAKE FUN OF WHITE PEOPLE! SAY WHAT YOU WANT WHITE AMERICA –YOU ARE THE MAJORITY– AND YOU HAVE MANY FRIENDS!


Some of Wise’s most persistent and passionate critics are blacks who see through his divisive and condescending shtick. And they’re certainly welcome to join us!


I loved the picture of Tim Wise looking like a fool standing behind the “Tim Wise, Full of Lies” sign that Matt was holding.

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