Media Lampooning of White Fraternity, While Jewish Racism Is Allowed: The Paradox of Zionism

Alpha Epsilon Pi, a Jewish Fraternity

JudenpresseAs both “Gamer Gate” and the Sigma Alpha Epsilon media-created- “outrage” demonstrate: the system will not tolerate normal white men congregating on any level. Even though we are more fractured and under assault then ever in human history, they will not rest until they have uprooted every collection of us and filled it with the cultural Marxist garbage we are dropping out to avoid. To the powers that be, this kind of socializing, even if its as “harmless” as whites in a college gathering to party, could one day turn into a revolution.

This might seem petty, and it is, but they’re also right. Who would’ve thought the few dozen men that congregated to casually drink beers and blow off steam about politics at the Munich Hofbrauhaus in the summer of 1920 would one day come to power and make the world’s omnipotent banking houses in New York and London tremble. Don’t underestimate what we’re capable of, because your enemies sure don’t.

Jews Demand America’s Largest Majority White Fraternity Keep “Diversifying”

Amidst an incredibly disproportionate commotion created by the Zionist media, the plutocrat David L. Boren violated the law by expelling students for practicing First Amendment liberties protected on the campus of the public University of Oklahoma. This illegal act has hardly (USA Today is the notable exception) been covered from a critical perspective in major national media outlets. Instead, the hate-mongerers and witch-hunters expelled from the bowels of a handful of America’s elite, disproportionately Jewish universities are lauding Boren and demanding further action against majority white fraternities nationwide, as the Washington Post’s anti-white journalist Alyssa Rosenberg has suggested.

The Anti-Defamation League threw in its dreidel of hate and cheered President Boren’s excessively brutal decision almost as loudly as they cheer their slaughter of Palestinian infants and refugees in Gaza.

Who Controls SAE?

What is perhaps most shocking of all is how quickly the leadership of the fraternity has thrown its own “brothers” under the bus, not even putting up a token defense of its members from this illegal expulsion. As soon as the video was released, the President, a South African Jew named Bradley Cohen, disbanded the University of Oklahoma chapter and vowed to unconditionally cooperate with “authorities” looking to ruin the lives of a couple of kids for doing nothing wrong. Cohen has, together with possible Jew Blaine Ayers, put a plan into motion to create a Stasi-like hotline to punish politically incorrect speech by SAE members in private, for example.

If you are familiar with the social dynamics inside of a fraternity, you’ll realize how this completely violates the spirit of the “Greek” quasi-Masonic system and creates intense distrust in what is supposed to be a tight-knit community of brothers. Fraternities are notorious for refusing to cooperate with law enforcement against their own brothers for actual serious crimes, so this would be a shocking about-face were it not for the Zionist double-standard.

Cohen and Ayers have additionally vowed to make SAE more racially “diverse”, create a fake office bestowed with executive power titled “Director of Diversity and Inclusion,” and purge local chapter leaders it deems not “racially sensitive” enough. This will be a significant revolution in how American fraternities are structured, and  all other white majority groups will certainly follow suit to avoid media circuses and illegal persecutions such as the one that has enveloped a 9 second video with 2-3 people singing a song with “the n-word”.  Did I mention that Sigma Alpha Epsilon is America’s largest fraternity?

Bogus Controversy To Suit Ulterior Motives

There is no evidence whatsoever that SAE excludes non-whites, as entities such as Alyssa Rosenberg assert. In fact, since Cohen’s ascension in the mid-2000‘s, different SAE “rushes” have gone out of their way to recruit non-whites. Featuring nothing but “colorful” people bouncing basketballs, set to mind-numbing rap music (which uses the word “Nigga” a number of times), and of course a quick snapshot of a blonde woman interviewer looking at one of these athletes in awe  makes it clear who the frat’s higher ups are trying to appeal to.

Over 20% of SAE is non-white, and judging from pictures of their chapters across the country, they reflect the demographics of the campuses they operate on. At UCI in California, where Asians are a major part of the student body, the SAE chapter strongly shows this trend.

But that’s not good enough for the Zionist power. Instead, they are exercising their privilege and using their flamethrowers on freely associating whites in what, in their paranoid minds, aren’t just a bunch of dumb college kids looking for friends to get drunk with; the world through Woody Allen glasses conversely sees bunkers of potential Western racial life occasionally peeking out of the trench; something inherently threatening to Jewish interests, even if they cynically claim they’re sticking up for blacks.

Alpha Epsilon Pi, a Jewish FraternityAlpha Epsilon Pi, a Jewish Fraternity Benefitting from a Zionist Double-Standard

While the Southern (as the media constantly reminds us) white Gentile roots of SAE have been subject to “reform” and its traditions eradicated by infiltrated Jewish leaders in the last few years, Alpha Epsilon Pi has never and will never have a Gentile President or an office for racial diversity. Compare the open racial pride, seriousness, healthiness, and Jewish identitarian message of AEPi’s  recruitment video and contrast it with the crass rootlessness and ugliness of what Jews have to offer the Gentiles in the SAE video posted earlier. Once again, race-based nationalism is encouraged for Jews, while the same tribe demands the opposite for white Gentiles. This phenomenon is called Zionism.

AEPi makes it clear who is welcome in their fraternity and who isn’t with a concise description beneath the video:

“We are the guardians of the Jewish identity. We are our brother’s keeper. We are Alpha Epsilon Pi.”

On their website, they extrapolate:

Perhaps of greater importance, Alpha Epsilon Pi develops leadership for the future of the American Jewish community. Tomorrow’s Jewish leaders are in our chapters today. These are the young men who must be counted upon to support Jewish causes and to prepare to be one of tomorrow’s Jewish leaders, so that they may aid themselves, their family, their community, and their people. Those students who enter the mainstream of non-Jewish life on the campus are far more likely to assimilate and to forsake their heritage. Working together with the Foundation for Jewish Campus Life/International Hillel, Alpha Epsilon Pi can play a vital role in helping reverse the growing trend among our young people to abandon Judaism at this critical time.

Unlike SAE, there are no Asians in AEPi’s UC Irvine chapter.

Alyssa Rosenberg’s article demanding more integration in fraternities mentioned majority white ones, and even black ones (even openly Afrocentrist fraternities like Alpha Phi Alpha have token white members), …while also mentioning AEPi–not as equally culpable, but as victims and leaders in “progress” towards multiculturalism!  She cites a short-lived program in the 1960’s where a tiny minority of negroes were pledged in, such as New Jersey Judge John E. Wallace, in order to produce a propaganda point for the Jewish-led “civil rights” revolution that would “lead the way” in racial integration.

Curiously enough, this “tolerance” appears to have quickly evaporated once American Jewry succeeded in legislating forced race-mixing of unwilling parties. After their point was made at the end of the 1960’s, when racially exclusive fraternity clauses were all overturned by mandate, you’ll find virtually no blacks or non-whites in their pictures. Looking through photos of AEPi chapters across the country, you see exclusively Jewish faces. Here is a picture of the AEPi chapter at Rutgers University, the second-most “diverse” campus in the United States:

Rutger EAPI

Compare that with the utterly incoherent racial motley crew of the “racist” SAE at Rutgers, this hodge-podge makes any real prospect of genuine, life-long brotherhood impossible:

Rutger Sae

Now, I’m sure a crafty Jew would try and argue that it’s an “ethnic” thing, rather than a targeted denial to the right of Western people (and others) to associate with and befriend whoever they want. I have seen Leftists apologize for Jewish racism and Zionist hypocrisy by saying Italians and Irish and other white ethnic groups are allowed to organize based on the same grounds. This would be a lie, if proposed.  Take a look at Alpha Phi Delta, which was founded as an Italian-American fraternity (Il Circolo Italiano), but today counts a number of non-white and Jewish members:

St Joes

The reason for this is non-Jewish white fraternities always arouse suspicion and media-created hysteria, so quotas on “people of color” are generally created, even in small Catholic schools like St Josephs University where  there are many Italians and very few blacks and Jews. In other words, an Italian-American who wishes to share his culture with like-minded and like-blooded people will potentially have his place taken or access less resources so Jews and blacks who have nothing to do with the frat can have a space for no logical reason.

Alpha Epsilon Pi Jews Have Connections That Matter

While white SAE fratboys get whipped in public for occasionally waving Confederate flags and saying “the n word” in a joking way among themselves, Jewish fraternities have predictably been involved in far worse.

In 2010, the Columbia branch of Jewish racist APEi used its frathouse as a major drug den on the prestigious Ivy League campus. Harrison David, a wealthy and privileged Jewish thug, was identified as the central player and drug lord overseeing gentile and non-white “mules” from other frats and raking in tens of thousands of dollars selling cocaine, ecstacy, pills, and LSD. The NYPD arrested him in a sting operation and he was facing years in prison for a laundry list of felonies.

Columbia University responded to the serious crime of disseminating hard drugs on their campus and bringing a black eye to their school’s prestigious reputation by… suspending the Jewish fraternity for 2 semesters. Unlike Boren’s immediate and civil rights violating expulsion of 2 students for doing nothing illegal, Columbia University merely suspended Mr David.  The controversy placed no responsibility on the fraternity, and blew over everywhere except a few New York newspapers within a few days.

What happened next was a strange coincidence. Detective Richard Palase, a Gentile NYPD detective who led the investigation against the APEi drug ring, was suddenly arrested by the FBI for running a gambling ring in Staten Island during the build-up to Harrison David’s trial. This arrest caused a massive blow to the case, as he was a key witness who had purchased the drugs at the Jewish frathouse, and eventually David was offered 3 years of supervised release rather than 3 years in prison.

It’s possible that the timing of Palase’s arrest was nothing but a coincidence. But with a racist, exclusive, and secretive Fraternity that counts names such as Mark Zuckerberg, Alan Dershowitz, and an impossibly long list of political and financial movers and shakers, is it really far-fetched to believe an APEi member  in the federal government gave his drug-dealing brother a hand at a white cop’s expense?

Unlike Bradley Cohen and the multi-racial Sigma Alpha Epsilon goys he betrays and dismantles with impunity, Alpha Epsilon Pi are allowed the right to enjoy real brotherhood.



Zeta Beta Tau is another Jew fraternity that might be worth scrutinizing. Many years ago at Tulane, I got so-called bids from SAE and a few other fraternities but not AEP or ZBT. Holy shit was I naive.

Ultimately, I didn’t join any fraternity because the culture around them repulsed me. Back then, I had no idea what I had stepped into. At Tulane, there were Brooklyn Jews, Midwestern Jews, Israeli Jews, Russian Jews, Orthodox Jews, and so-called JAPs everywhere, a true hive of very affluent Jews. Most of them weren’t that bad on a personal level, but they were ultra-clannish in ways I didn’t fully appreciate at the time.

Over time, I began the note the occasional anti-Jew comment being made when I was with a group with no Jews around. In retrospect, I realized the comments invariably came from rich white gentiles from the northeast, IOW, people who unlike me being working class and from the South had dealt with Jews often. Or, the anti-Jew comments came from foreigners not fully paralyzed by American PC timidity. There was an engineering student from India who once said in a group conversation about WW2, “Jews ought to shut the up about the holocaust. A lot of people died. Why are they so sensitive about their shit? Fuckin’ Jews!”

At the time, I was shocked. Now of course I get it.


I’m from the Northeast, though not rich, so that is why I have an easier time decyphering and keeping up with Jews than the typical Southerner. The angles they play are on a level that constantly thwarts the straight-forward white man, and so training yourself to understanding their mindset, and then educating other whites on it, is extremely important work since these people are at the forefront of murdering, demonizing, deracinating, and robbing us.

BTW, Tulane is one of the Jewiest unviersities in America, and it’s Tim Wise’s alma mater. Fascinating “coincidence”, especially when you consider Wise is “colorblind” and doesn’t think race exists.


Who Controls Big Media?
Of the twelve(12) senior executives of the “Big Six” media corporations, nine(9) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 75%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the “Big Six” media corporations by a factor of 37.5 times(3,750 percent).

Who Controls Hollywood?
Of the sixty(60) senior executives of the major Hollywood studios, trade unions, and talent agencies, fifty(50) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 83%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major Hollywood studios, trade unions, and talent agencies by a factor of 41.5 times(4,150 percent).

Who Controls Television?
Of the sixty-four(64) senior executives of the major television broadcast networks, cable networks, and production companies, fifty-seven(57) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 89%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major television broadcast networks, cable networks, and production companies by a factor of 44.5 times(4,450 percent).


Hey Bulan, you like to repeat the canard that “Zionism” and the Jewish cultural marxists are somehow independent from one another, but facts blow that up. Howard Schultz, the anti-white Jew, for example, is an award winning Zionist who is now lecturing whites on their ‘privilege’. You can look at the ADL, Wiesenthal Center, etc and see the same “contradiction” that actually makes perfect sense if you’re familiar with the talmud.

Zionism is globalism and genocide for whites and Palestinians, and Nazism for Jews. No middle point. That’s why a few white kids singing a song get expelled from their school and crucified by people with names like ROSENBERG, while the Jewish groups that actually are virulently racist can get caught raping people or selling drugs and suffer little to not consequences. That’s ZIONISM.


C’mon, Jews. Stop the “bigotry” and “intolerance”. Set the example by “diversifying” all Jewish-only organizations, groups, fraternities and especially, Israel! Never forget, o’ pious (self) “chosen ones”, “diversity is our greatest strength!”

C’mon, Jewish supremacist hypocrites! Diversify!



“Howard Schultz, the anti-white Jew, for example, is an award winning Zionist who is now lecturing whites on their ‘privilege’. “

Let that Jewish supremacist devil lecture his Zionist brethren in Israel on their Jewish privilege!

“White privilege” = Jewish construct = illegitimate and evil.

Any “White privilege” that White people enjoy WE HAVE EARNED.

The more these Jews push and attack us in their ongoing war against Whites (WAW), the more I am reminded how correct and justified Adolph Hitler and the National Socialists were in their anti-Jewish measures. Dr. Robert Ley, a NS member, described Jewry as a “pestilential miasma.” Tim “not so” Wise and this other Jewish supremacist devil are proof of this!


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