A Nation Once Again: On Becoming “Brothers” and “Sisters”

One of the closest indicators of familiarity between those of the same tribe and identity is the use of terms of endearment with one another. In tightly-knit church communities as well as the Black American and other ethnic communities, the term “brother” or “sister” is used to show a folkish tribal identity, demonstrating a bond transcending class, status, time, and place.

Every nation of people is actively encouraged to promote a unified sense of identity, except for Whites. In order to achieve our political and social goals, we must first create our own sense of identity and community that welds alienated Whites back into faithful and loyal extended family that we once were. That fight begins with language and how we treat one another. Blood might make us related, but a shared loyalty to a vision for the future and loyalty to one another is what will forge us into a nation once again.

The first step in this is working to overcome the societal brainwashing the White population has undergone through the mass media and government run schools to break down the ancestral identity and culture of the European Christian people. Our people must also stop supporting the “lesser of two evils” politically and abandon the failed conservative movement to instead promote Traditionalism and a worldview that supports hierarchy, Tradition, Faith and organic culture. The third and final step to our physical and spiritual renewal lies in the adoption of a new tribal identity that promotes the living Christian Faith of our people and a sense of duty to one another and responsibility among the White population.

In White American culture there is a seeming anti-community between Whites in regards to our day-to-day interactions with one another. While our housing patterns, school choices and even marriage partners generally reflect having an affinity for people like ourselves, there’s a pointed lack of a positive affirmation of familial unity between our people.

White Americans have been programmed to use Orwellian double-think in order to survive in modern America. In the workplace and in schools, White Americans must both know and understand that “race is a social construct,” yet also “Whites must feel guilty for things done by their racial kinsmen generations ago.”

A White man or woman in America must be able to hold entirely contradictory statements as the truth in order to properly navigate the culture set up by the elites. Look at most any small town in rural America and it is clear that a White sense of community exists regardless of the re-education efforts of the Jewish media bosses and political traitors tell them. Community is found in shared principles, values, religion, language, Faith, and blood and as long as those things remain, there is a familial connection between the members of that community.

About five years ago, as I was growing out of being a loyal foot soldier of Conservative Inc., a buddy of mine commented on my Facebook wall for my birthday that would have a profound impact on how I viewed both politics and community. My friend’s post was simple enough, while most of my friends and family wished me a simple “Happy Birthday” my friend posted on my wall “Happy Birthday comrade” and I instantly made a joke about him being a closet Communist. After all… that word was Communist… wasn’t it?

That brief exchange with my friend got me thinking about what terms of endearment and community are used in politics and I soon realized that Conservative Inc. has none of them. As a conservative, I was in a movement that had no true fellowship or camaraderie, the only unifying factor between the adherents of conservatism is the utter lack of any unifying elements. Conservatism is the antithesis of community, where radical individualism is the only acceptable view of community. To have any hope of rebuilding the European Christian community of generations past, I soon realized that it cannot be done within the confines of conservatism.

The very concept of having a comrade seemed foreign to conservatism, and it is. Traditionalism and conservatism are oil and water, one defends the crypt of antiquity and the other preserves and nurtures organic Tradition and a healthy people. Conservatism is based entirely on a man or woman being an individual without having the responsibilities. We’re not “brothers” or “sisters” or “comrades”, we’re isolated and alienated consumers whose politics and alliances are as superficial and fluid as our wardrobes and musical tastes.

As I have grown in my understanding of political theory and organizing, I have increasingly come to the conclusion that not only should we on the Traditionalist spectrum use terms of endearment with one another, but the word comrade perfectly exemplifies the principles of community, tribalism and Traditionalism, regardless of its misuse by the political Left and we must also frequently use the familial term of brother and sister for the members of my extended family.


The family that works and prays together stays together

The definition of the word comrade is “a companion who shares one’s activities or is a fellow member of an organization” and “a fellow soldier or member of the armed services.” As Christians, we are called by Scripture to be members of the Church Militant and to be a “good soldier of Christ Jesus.” -2 Timothy 2:3. The Church Fathers make it clear that your ethnic community is your familial responsibility that you are connected to.

Saint John Chrysostom said that “it was the design of God, in uniting us by the ties of kindred.” Therefore if we as Christians are called to be soldiers in the army of God and we have a responsibility to care for our folk, how can I not call a fellow European Christian brother or sister.

We are facing total demographic displacement, cultural destruction and rising tides of secularism that threaten everything Western European Christians hold dear, and that is why we must build ourselves a boat to weather this storm. The Orthodox Church is called the “ark of salvation” and by expanding the Faith and growing it we can save our peoples’ souls but also we must build a new homeland, a future where the next one hundred generations of Europeans can live and thrive in peace and tranquility. The dream of a homeland united by blood and Faith that is at peace with the world and in full communion with every branch of the Orthodox Church is one that should call us all to duty to devote everything we have into Avalon.

Brothers and sisters each one of us has skills and talents that can be used to build our homeland, and it all starts with the personal decision that being part of the slow decline of the American Empire is not what you want, but instead you want to be surrounded by your family and help your fellow Avalonians create a new nation on this continent. Those who are farmers, teachers, mechanics, nurses, construction workers, blue-collar or white-collar, we all have a job and a responsibility to come together to help our family. To live selflessly and to sacrifice so that Avalon might live, and our extended family and our Faith will continue to grow and thrive as we and every other nation on this planet has the right to do.

The idea of Avalon is creating a new identity on the North American continent that is founded in Western European culture, Orthodoxy, shared customs and shared blood. We are working to create organic communities made up of members of the same extended Faith and ethnic families. Every man, woman and child who dedicates themselves to being an Avalonian and a Legionnaire is my brother, my sister and my comrade. We cannot be divided by petty disputes, but instead work through trials and tribulations together just like a family does.

Becoming an extended family starts by working to build our own separate communities. Avalon will be forged by having like-minded families moving to the same area to create communal support associations, homeschooling initiatives, and Orthodox parishes, winning over hearts and minds of local residents. Avalon will not pop up overnight, but it will come from the blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice of men and women who want a better future than secularism, endless materialism and Modernity for themselves and their children.

A handful of families are already planning on converging together both here in Southern Indiana and elsewhere. Our goals are to work on creating healthy, folkish and Orthodox communities in which we work to be self sufficient and help one another materially and spiritually. Our goals include building our own church building, organic gardens, homesourced small businesses, and beginning a program of animal husbandry. Self sufficiency and hard work are good for the mind, body and soul to help us all fully reject the modern world.

Building Avalon will not be easy but it must be done. The construction of our community and identity will not be done by members or associates or folks I just happen to know, it will be done by brothers and sisters and comrades who have all pledged themselves to building this beautiful hope for our Faith and our people. If you also want to become part of something where you can truly help chart a new destiny for our folk and spread the Orthodox Faith to America then come and join us, we are all family after all. Comrades, Avalon is calling.


an observer

Gregory Pappas is antithetical to Orthodox Christianity. He was denied the Holy Mysteries for being an unrepentant and blatant sodomite, and then had the audacity to complain about it. Try again.


Doesn’t change the face that the Klan did not regard Greeks as white, and doesn’t put Heimbach back into communion with the Church. From an Orthodox point of view, sodomy and racism will both leave you denied the Holy Mysteries.
Now here’s another fact of history: the National Socialists regarded Orthodox Christians as racially inferior and put them into the death camps. Orthodox suffered more bitterly than the Jews, because their “liberators” were the Soviets, (which is to say, they weren’t really liberated), while their extermination does not get the attention the Jewish extermination gets.
Suck on that for a while.


We’re not the Klan and we’re not Nazis, so you’ll need to take your differences with the Klan and Nazis up with klansmen and nazis.

Heimbach’s in full communion, because no matter how hard you wish for it to be the case, identitarianism isn’t a sin, much less a sin as clearly and firmly condemned as sodomy.

an observer

Same old story, straight to Nazis and death camps. Godwin’s Law fulfilled. No one here is advocating the extermination of anyone on racial grounds, especially me. I feel more affinity with a Congolese or an Indonesian who embraces Holy Orthodoxy and Romanity than I do with my own countrymen who mock the Holy Cross and support the death of our culture. As has been pointed out in Matthew Heimbach’s excellent article, what is been supported here is Orthodox Nationalism, which is supported by the twin pillars of the Church: Scripture and Tradition. Have a read: http://www.tradyouth.org/2015/01/orthodox-nationalism-a-basis-in-scripture-and-sacred-tradition/

Although I’d prefer it to be termed ‘Orthodox Patriotism’, which is more in line with the teachings of Blessed Metropolitan Philaret, there’s nothing in there that your average Orthodox Greek, Serb, Russian or whoever will find disagreeable. Especially the Greeks: as someone who appears to be Greek or a Greek advocate, you will know that for most Greeks, 25th March is ‘Independence Day’ as well as the Annunciation, and the beginning of man’s salvation. The union of a Church feast and a great day of national commemoration is not problematic, until you make things unbalanced and start forgetting the sacred – which is more likely with the Greeks who have floated over to the Left, and abandoned Tradition.

P.S. The National Socialists did not regard Orthodox Christians as racially inferior, they regarded (the mainly Orthodox) Slavs as racially inferior, and even this has been disputed by some quarters. Doesn’t make it right but there’s a subtle difference. The Church actually had a revival in German-occupied areas.

Fr. John+

Understand that comments such as “Jimi” use the ‘reductio ad hitlerum’ argument the micro-second they feel their guilt-tripping has been a failure.

What Matt and the other Orthodox writers on this and other blogs are noting, is the rise of Christendom, again. And that terrifies the non-elect, those not conversant with ‘narodnost’ or “Kinism” and its historic reality in every single ethnic group of Megala Europa.

Christus Vivat. Christus Regnat. Christus Imperator!


Jimi is under the typical Western illusion that any form of ethnic or cultural identity equals ‘nazism’ or the klan. Traditional society and hierarchies predate these biological reductionist ideologies. As Mr Parrott said, take it up with them, not just with anyone that has a sense of identity. The Frankfurt School did its job well on us in the West. Sad. Political Correctness trumps all of our faiths these days.

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