The New Shining City on the Hill: Mother Russia

984233_745699355512611_2258281127143412199_nThe 20th century’s battles were along ideological lines. The Cold War was known as the fight between “capitalism” and “communism” and World War II was the battle between “democracy” and “fascism”. The battle lines of the 21st century seem to be all of the modern “-isms” lining up against what’s left of tradition and traditional identities.

Traditionalists value Faith, virtue, and organic hierarchical society while the modernists are attempting to topple and abolish nationalism, religion, and moral values in favor of a one world State that is entirely without Faith, ethnic identity, or unique tribal traditions. During the 20th century, America proclaimed to the world that it was the “shining city on a hill” to defend Western civilization and Christianity, but since the Cold War ended it has become clear that the true defender of Traditionalism is no longer America, but Russia.
The roles of 1917 have been reversed in which now America has become the forward operating base of the globalists and modernists while Russia frees herself from the chains of secular ideology and is supporting Christianity and Tradition around the world.

In modern America, it is very clear that there is no singular “America” as one would understand a nation. The culture of the two coasts of the country, especially New York and the various Leftist enclaves of California, is totally at odds with the values and worldview of those in what is increasingly being called “flyover country”, or the majority of the nation. Using Federal judges to override the will of the people, a tactic going back now over a century and a half, the modernists and globalists are engaging in a campaign to grind down the remaining Christian and Traditionalist hold-outs in places like the South, Appalachia and the West.

Voter passed initiatives against gay marriage have been overturned in dozens of States with the flick of a pen by an unelected Federal judge. State legislation against the murder of unborn is also quickly overturned ironically in the name of “human rights” by the various forces of the Federal government. What most of the people who so ardently defend America do not understand is that the System does not just ignore them, it utterly despises them and their way of life.

It is not a mistake that when the supposed conservative Republican Party had the Presidency, Supreme Court, the House of Representatives and the Senate during the Bush administration that nothing was done to stop the flood of Third World immigration, the shipping of millions of blue-collar jobs overseas, the infringement on God-given rights, the murder of children in the womb and the promotion of degeneracy and homosexuality to children. The System is in the purest sense anti-Christ, opposed to Christian morality and the Christian religion. While lip service is given to the increasingly disappearing White Christian population of America, both parties are dedicated to the demographic, religious and cultural genocide of the people who most believe in the System, a staggering case of Stockholm Syndrome if there ever was one.

Both the Republicans and the Democrats are tools of the global elites to push an agenda to demonize anything Traditional and to spread a secular humanist worldview to the world through cultural subversion, mass media, and even American military might. So it is no wonder why the American elites are dedicated to attacking Russia and her values, because as America becomes the new Babylon, Russia is restoring her place in the world as the Third Rome and defender of Christendom.

The Presidency of President Vladimir Putin has brought Tradition back into geopolitics. While Putin is no stranger to realpolitik, he’s actively promoting an agenda that is not only good for Russians, but good for Traditionalists around the world. While the Washington elite give billion dollar bailouts to the banks and oligarchs, Putin actually imprisons the oligarchs who put their own selfish interest ahead of building up the Russian nation. While America is pushing “non-discrimination” laws for transgenders which would allow a man to enter a women’s bathroom or shower because he “feels like a woman”, Russia recently banned transgenders from having drivers license, the reason for this is because people with a “gender identity” disorder are mentally ill. On almost every single issue President Putin is doing the exact opposite of what the Bush and Obama administrations are doing, and that is why Traditionalists should look to Russia for inspiration.

Throughout the time of the Soviet Union, the communist government attempted to destroy the Orthodox Faith in the people of Eastern Europe. After killing millions of believers, destroying thousands of churches, and martyring tens of thousands of priests, the communists were no closer to destroying Christianity in the Soviet Union. The Christian faith is one in which martyrdom and suffering strengthens believers so after the fall of communism the rapid rebirth of Orthodoxy as a pillar of Russian society is easily understandable.

For generations the Russian people had to practice their Faith in secret but when the oppression against the Church ended, Orthodoxy retook its place as the moral foundation for the people of Eastern Europe. Patriarch Kirill said on Russian television recently that “The general political direction of the [Western political] elite bears, without doubt, an anti-Christian and anti-religious character.We have been through an epoch of atheism, and we know what it is to live without God, we want to shout to the whole world, ‘Stop!’”

Strong growth among both young and old to Orthodoxy has led the Church into increasing prominence within Russian society, something that is reflected by both the people and the nation’s leadership. While in America Obama can never be found in a Church, Putin regularly attends Divine Liturgy and is often accompanied by members of the Duma and other leaders of government agencies.

President Putin venerating an icon inside an Orthodox Church.

President Putin venerating an icon inside an Orthodox Church.

The Russian government is now seeking to rebuild a church and monastery within the Kremlin to ensure elected officials have easy access to spiritual guidance and a place to practice the Christian Faith while American politicians preach “separation of Church and State” and forcibly remove the Ten Commandments and other religious symbols from government buildings around the nation.

The Russian government has also undergone a huge process of restoring and rebuilding tens of thousands of Orthodox churches around Russia that fell into disrepair or were destroyed by the communist government. It is estimated that Putin has had over 25,000 churches restored or rebuilt in his time as President, an impressive feat.

In Obama’s America we see that the United States Federal judges have ruled that Satanists are to be allowed to build a monument to the Devil in the Oklahoma Statehouse to overshadow the Ten Commandment statue that is there and have tributes to Satan during the Christmas season at state capitols around the nation in the name of “religious tolerance.” The lesbian mayor of Houston recently pushed for law enforcement to record the sermons of priests and pastors to ensure that they don’t speak about homosexuality to their congregations, in Putin’s Russia the Church is empowered by the government to speak about the Faith with only degenerates being censored by the State instead of the Church like in modern America.

President Putin has publicly stated the importance of Faith in order for Russia to be strong not only militarily but also spiritually. Putin recently said that “At the heart of all Russia’s victories and achievements are patriotism, Faith and strength of spirit.” Putin is working to totally rebuild Christianity in Russia while America is suing small town school districts for saying the Lord’s Prayer before Friday night football games.

President Putin often visits Christian Holy Sites and has spoken recently at Church functions to honor various Saints of the Orthodox Faith. The rebuilding of Russia after the turmoil of communism is going hand in hand with spiritual growth. Father Alexey Kulberg told reporters a sentiment that is shared by many clergy and millions of Russians throughout the nation, that “The President’s ideology for developing Russia coincides with the direction of the Russian Orthodox Church.”

Putin also appears to have great humility in his faith, recently when attending a meeting of Russian Orthodox clergy one of the priests attempted to kiss his hand but Putin pulled his hand away and kissed the hands of all of the clergy. In Orthodoxy, a person kisses the hand of a priest or bishop to give them respect and to ask for their blessing. The civil government and the religious work in symphony to care for the physical and spiritual needs of the nation, so Putin refusing to have a priest kiss his hand is showing the respect that is due to the Church of Christ and the position of the Church in Russian society. Putin shows a profound sense of humility towards the Church and its servants to be willing to only give honor to the priests of the Orthodox Faith, not take glory or pride in his civil position.

America parades those with mental illness like transgenders around like they are the new normal, even promoting them to high levels of government like what recently happened in Pennsylvania when a man who dresses as a woman became the new Physician General. Russia treats mental illness as it should be, as a mental illness.

In Russia the people fight against the homosexual agenda. Here an Orthodox activist strikes homosexual activist Nikolai Alexeyev because of Mr. Alexeyev's promotion of homosexuality to children.

In Russia the people fight against the homosexual agenda. Here an Orthodox activist strikes homosexual activist Nikolai Alexeyev because of Mr. Alexeyev’s promotion of homosexuality to children.

The homosexual movement in America and Russia are exact opposites of one another. While in Russia homosexual propaganda is banned from being shown to children, in America many sex ed classes in elementary and middle schools now teach children in graphic detail about homosexual sex.

When homosexual activists attempt to promote their sinful lifestyle through public marches in America, the government actively funds and supports them while in Russia the Orthodox Church, nationalists and the police unite to break up homosexual marches and to stop the promotion of this lifestyle in Russian culture.

In Russia those who break laws against promoting homosexuality to children are arrested and prosecuted where in America to take a Christian stance against homosexuality is openly attacked and called a “hate group” by the folks in the Southern Poverty Law Center from their lavish “Poverty Palace.”

Russia and America both have been plagued by the Satanic curse of abortion now for generations. In America it seems that any time a State or community passes any meaningful legislation to attempt to protect the life of the unborn it is quickly shot down by corrupt and anti-Christ Federal judges. While Republicans say they are pro-life, whenever there is a Republican majority in Congress they do little if anything to actually act on their supposed values. President Obama voted to support late-term abortions when he was in the Illinois State Senate and has one of the worst pro-life records of any American President. President George W. Bush did nearly nothing to end abortion in his two terms in office even though he was elected primarily through the work of the Religious Right. American politicians give only meager lip service to ending abortion, Russians are actually doing something to stop it.

In Russia there is a growing movement to truly ban abortion, something that will never happen in America. Recently Patriarch Kirill spoke to the Russian Duma in which he spoke about a total ban on abortions and bringing this practice to an end. Russian lawmakers have not just spoken about taking steps to end abortion, they have actually made real progress towards restricting abortion and working towards making it illegal.

In 2011, Russia passed a law banning abortions after 12 weeks and implemented a waiting period before a woman could go through with an abortion. When Medvedev was President of Russia, the Russian government passed a bill that required abortion providers to inform women about the dangers of abortion to their health, something that is almost entirely overlooked in Western countries where abortion is viewed as being harmless to the mother, it’s not.

President Putin in 2013 signed a bill that made it illegal for abortion providers to advertise in Russian media, a huge step forward to removing abortion as something that is viewed as socially acceptable. The Russian government and Church are making huge strides in ending abortion, with abortion rates going from over two million in 2001 to now under 900,000 in 2012. Abortion is quickly declining as the Faith of the Russian people reawakens, with one of the last shackles of atheism and communism now being torn off of the Russian nation.

As the battle lines between Tradition and modernity become more clearly drawn, as a Traditionalist and as a Christian I can only look at Mother Russia as being the new defender of the Faith and Traditional European and Christian values. While Russia and Putin are far from perfect, things politically and religiously seem to be moving in the right direction. As the American regime solidifies the position of being the pusher of homosexuality, atheism, and degeneracy, I can only hope that President Putin and the Russian nation continue to support Tradition in Russia and abroad. Professor Alexander Dugin said “If you are in favor of global liberal hegemony, you are the enemy” and that is the absolute Truth. Traditionalists must unite behind those who oppose the New World Order of Washington D.C and Brussels to fight for Faith, family and folk. Hail Russia, the Third Rome!


Michael Pawlikowski

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