Reflections on Whites, Indians, and the Reservation System

The White Slums of South Africa-Reverse-Apartheid
The White Slums of South Africa-Reverse-Apartheid

The White Slums of South Africa-Reverse-Apartheid

Driving though the Blackfoot Indian Reservation in North-central Montana is like entering into a zombie movie. Traditional Blackfoot symbols are scattered across town with Indians walking around wearing cowboy boots, and traditional ranch-wear mixed with Indian garb. It’s somewhat romantic. It is also somewhat surreal. There is trash everywhere, stray dogs running around, and decrepit and broken down houses. The paved roads, if they exist at all, are in desperate need of repair, and all the shops in Browning–the capitol–have bars on the windows and it is difficult to tell half of the time what is open and what is not. The only thing in town with any life in it is the Glacier Peaks Casino and the Holiday Inn Express next door. When you stop in, there are a few Indian employees and all the gamblers are white.

Visiting “the rez”, one observes a people who were allowed to live without a soul, and it’s a window into our own future if we don’t save our own people’s soul. These Indian youth should be learning how to be warriors, learning a trade, becoming husbands and future fathers, rather than listening to 2Pac on their mp3 players while cooking, dealing, or strung out on meth.

The Indians lost the Wars by in large because their leaders sold them out for wampum and booze, and our leaders are doing the very same thing. Once the Europeans had broken the will of the Indian leadership to fight, all that remained were a few rogue bands of Indians who carried on the futile fight against the white man. At the end of the day, European-Americans took them and placed the remnant on the reservations. Almost as if to quarantine the undesirables to let them die off on some of the poorest strips of land in North America.

Now I am not trying to sound like a bleeding heart liberal, but what is so terrifying is this could be the future of the white man. Once one understands how the white man bought off the red man and now the same dynamic is happening between Hispanics and Europeans, the question then arises what could happen to Europeans who get left “behind enemy lines” in Hispanicized and multi-racial areas in the future?

Walking around on the rez, one sees nothing but lifelessness. The white man conquered the North American continent for good and has brought good, but watching the inability of the North American Indian to recover in any way from the aftermath of the war is a bit like watching how post-World War II Germans behave. Indians do not have the massive guilt complex that Germans do, but what they do share is an inability to muster the inner strength to fight for their heritage and create strong families.

Consider the following about Indians and Germans:

  • Both have a below-replacement birth rate
  • Both find the defining value of how to assert ethnic identity via money and consumerism. Indians via casinos and welfare; Germans via cars, guns and industrialism.
  • Both have an ardent rejection of military fervor and virtue
  • The family unit is utterly broken and not functioning. With Indians, it usually revolves around lazy males drinking and peddling drugs. With Germans it is usually them being absent and fixated on sports and technology.

What comes out of this comparative behavior is what is called the “reservation mentality.” The concept of a passive approach to life, that is determined by years of subservience and lack of confidence. Indians claim to be proud of their heritage and want better for “their people.” Yet their entire political leadership is committed to federal welfare dependency and using their ancient Indian grievances as nothing more than a crutch to make whites feel guilty for genocide to scam money out of them.

Similarly, Germans who reject their nationalist and identitarian past, seek to profit themselves by dismantling German society at every level to merge into the greater, multicultural European family. Fundamentally both societies have no will to live or progress, but rather make best of short term scamming to allow for an easier and softer passage into the proverbial afterlife.

As an identitarian, I am compelled to lament what has happened to the Indians. I am proud of the European heritage of North America, and will make no apologies for what my kin did. Yet there is no pride to be felt in watching the Blackfeet, Salish, Crow, Cheyenne and Cherokee waste away in the shallows of capitalism and socialist dependency.

If capitalism, consumerism and Marxism-Leninism are the sources of destruction to indigenous cultures, including European ones and that is the central fight for the coming century, then one day we might need Indians on our side. I appreciate the nobility of the Blackfoot warrior riding almost entirely naked on horseback across the Montana plain far more than I do seeing a Scandinavian program a computer while wearing clothes made in an outsourced factory in Turkey.

Whites need to carefully examine the reservation system as a potential model as to what could happen to them in places such as California, Texas and Nevada. But they should also carefully consider the psychological consequences of being allowed to live, …but with no soul. It is doubtful that Hispanics will craft some complex socio-economic system as the reservation system that whites made; yet it can happen by default. If South Africa is of any good example to us, it shows us that whites can live in isolated communities of neighborhoods that become reservations by default. And still, …the reservation mentality sinks in.

Not all of North America is going to be conquered by the Mesoamericans. Some areas will still retain their Christian-European heritage. But those areas that are under the greatest affects of Hispanicization are probably not too far away from entering into the reservation stage of defeatism, deracination and de facto subservience.


Mac Tíre

Good points. I’ve thought for some time the indians might be natural allies against the System (e.g., the late David Yeagley)


I know a few of the reservations. There is no way for them to hold cattle (not enough land to graze, not enough groundwater to keep it growing), the same goes for crops. To start a business out there wouldn’t bring much, maybe for a couple of individuals at the most. They don’t want to leave the rez either, because when you leave, your family and future gets dissolved (breeding outside of the tribe/race), a few generations down the road. Some reservations have it better, the ones who are allowed to start casinos live better, they put money into schools and healthcare, I see the youth there have much more hope than the reservations that have been punished the hardest. The leaderships at most reservations are filling their own pockets while their own people are ill and poor. We have to remember though, natives where tricked with treaties that never materialized, there were a thousand whites against 50 natives, how would they expect to win a battle like that? Signing agreements where sometimes the only thing they had left to avoid starvation of their own people. Either way, really good points, people need to understand the seriousness at hand in europe.

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