Forming the New Holy Alliance for the 21st Century

We must hang together or we'll be hanged separately
We must hang together or we'll be hanged separately

We must hang together or we’ll be hanged separately

The first war that took place geopolitically between secularists and Christians occurred in the Napoleonic Wars. Napoleon, leading the armies of French Revolutionary atheism, sought to displace the Christian world order of the past. God be praised he failed and his and his ideological posterity was restrained by rule of the Holy Alliance.

Created in 1815, by the monarchs of the “Eastern Courts” of Prussia, Austria and Russia, the Holy Alliance existed to contain the spread of secular, democratic humanism and bring political stability to post-war Europe.

Henry Kissinger describes the Holy Alliance as bringing “the conservative monarchs together in combating revolution” and by revolution, it is not just popular uprisings but also the revolution that led to the murder of King Louis XVI.

Prince von Metternich, the legendary geo-strategist of the Austrian Empire, forged the Alliance together, to bring Austria and Russia close together to resolve their differences and retain the ancient power of their respective monarchies. The formation of the alliance led Tsar Alexander I to claim, “ it was urgent to replace [the old order] with an order of things based on the exalted truths of the eternal religion of our Saviour.”

Protestant Prussia, Roman Catholic Austria and Eastern Orthodox Russia all uniting together under the banner of the Holy Cross to stop the tidal wave of atheism encroaching upon Europe was essential to helping achieve a general European peace which lasted until the First World War. In other words it bought Europe an extra 100 years of life.

According to the Catholic online encyclopedia New Advent:

“They [the Eastern monarchs] declared that, far from being of value only in individual life, Christian morality is also the best guide in public life. Accordingly the rulers declared their fraternal feeling towards one another, in virtue of which they would not only give support to, but abstain from war with, one another, and would guide their subjects and their armies in a fatherly manner. They declared that they would administer to guide three great branches of the Christian family of nations; the rightful Lord of the nations, however, remains the One to whom belongs all power, our Divine Saviour, Jesus Christ. They also recommended their subjects with the most tender solicitude to strengthen themselves daily in the principles and practice of the duties which the Saviour taught, because this was the only way to attain the enduring enjoyment of that peace which arises from a good conscience, and which is lasting. In conclusion they called upon all the Powers to become members of the alliance. In point of fact, Louis XVIII of France joined it on 19 November and even the Prince Regent of England did likewise.”

At that moment in 1815, with the march of secularism having been defeated, inter-Christian rivalries descended to an all time low. No longer did the Reformation, the Counsel of Trent, the Great Schism or the sacking of Constantinople give bearing on how Christians of different traditions would conduct their affairs.

The historical political grievances of the past matter little when confronted with extermination by an enemy so heinous as atheist Napoleonic France.

The eastern monarchs here provide us with the insight in order for Christianity to triumph. As well it gives Christians perspective that their struggle against modern day secularism is not a new struggle. It has been going on since even before the French Revolution.

In order to progress forward, it is time for Christians to discard the petty disagreements of the past and unite together. It is understandable given the high amounts of leftist infiltration into the hierarchies of Protestant and Catholic churches that these great divisions will persist. Yet it is under the banner of traditionalism and the orthodox and apostolic Faith that all Christians find their Common unity.

Now at the risk of sounding like a post-modern heretic, it is essential for the three major branches of Christianity to cease fighting over ownership of the title “true and apostolic.” All branches have legitimate claim, even so-called schismatics such as Anglicans, Copts, Oriental and Caledonian Christians. The essence of the Holy Faith does not rest upon the purity or even sincerity of ecclesiastical establishment. That is not to deny that ecclesiastical authenticity and legitimacy rests upon the purity of Apostolic Succession, but to deny that all true Christians cannot receive the grace of Jesus Christ is theologically problematic.

Ecclesiastical leadership is bound by time and space and the imperfections of this world and cannot possess 100% purity of the Truth 100% of the time. Obviously the Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox churches have passed though times of even greater stress and storm than the ones we currently live in where whoremongerers occupied the Vatican, crypto-Bolsheviks occupied the Patriarchy of Moscow and vindictive anti-Papist murderers sat in Westminster. Yet, the Holy Church prevails though these storms and we are reminded of the visible faith of the invisible church that binds us together regardless of time, space or subjective preferences and misunderstandings.

Christianity cannot be considered a viable force to answer the world’s cry for help if we are stuck on the conflicts of the ancient past.

The monarchs of the Holy Alliance understood that the enemy of secularism is far more damaging to the existence of Europe and the Christian Faith than whether who was correct or incorrect at the Councils of Florence or Trent.  It was in their spirits of Christian unity and love that defined their faith. Not to which patriarch each monarch owned their allegiance.

In speaking and defining of the True Faith, all Christians can unite on the point, that holding to the beliefs, values and traditions of the pre-Great Schism church of the Seven Ecumenical Councils is the true, catholic and apostolic faith wherever practiced by an individual regardless of denomination.

Subsequent to the Council of Ephesus which was combating the evils of the Arian heresy that denied the divine nature of Jesus Christ, was infiltrating the churches along with the hearts and minds of many bishops and priests, St. Vincent of Lerins in Britain declared “What everywhere, what always, and what by all has been believed, that is truly and properly Catholic.” In the context of his writings, St. Lerins reminds us that though the Church holds and dispenses the orthodox teachings of our Lord, it is still a point of fact that the Holy Spirit works in the hearts of men to lead them to the Truth, even when the Church falters, fails or is even not present.

Therefore when moving forward as Christians, it is imperative that we properly identify the enemy not as each other as Satan wants us to do, but rather aim our swords at the forces of atheism and Islam. When we march in protests, write articles, speak on the news or in interviews or are in prayer at our respective churches, we are always to identify one another as brothers and sisters, regardless of denomination. So long as we hold to the ancient and Truth Faith, it exists against all opposition and our Lord’s promise that the gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church holds true.

If, God forbid, the West should collapse under the weight of Islam and Christians are back in the catacombs again, access to everybody’s respective clergy member and practicing liturgy according to everybody’s specific tradition is not going to be an option and if you think you will be immune from suffering with other Christians not of your denomination then you have got another thing coming. When we’re all in the catacombs one day, it will not matter if you are a Catholic, worshiping Christ along side a Lutheran and being lead by an Orthodox priest in the liturgy. Nobody will remember nor care about the Great Schism, the Latin reign in Constantinople, the Byzantine betrayal in the First Crusade or that Pope Francis was soft on homosexuality and abortion. The power of the Holy Spirit will transcend our petty political differences in the fire of persecution and unit us as one body, just as the fire of the armies of Napoleon forged Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox monarchs into a cohesive alliance that fought for the preservation of a Christian Europe.



Over the ages, there have been revealed religions according to the needs of the people and the times. The battle before us is one of true spirituality versus false spirituality and atheism. Accepting Islam as one contemporary revealed tradition with a legitimate core does not stand in the way of fully embracing one’s own religion, for example Christianity. Accepting that there are different legitimate spacial and temporal articulations of the one truth is not relativism. There are many traditions but only one Tradition at the core of all of them. Pitting the West’s forces against Islam in an entirely undifferentiated manner only serves the enemy.

Equites Fide

Let us also remember that a certain Muslim head state, President Bashar al-Assad, who is much vilified by secularists and Zionist apologists in the West while concurrently fighting the demons of Takfiri Jihadist extremists in the guise of ISIS, Al Nusra front,etc. is defending and protecting our Christian brethren in his nation. Needless to say many of those Christians are fighting under his command against a common enemy. In conclusion, and the risk of stating the obvious Christianity and Islam are two totally different belief systems and will continue to have conflicting points of interests from time to time. However, at times our interests will be the same and in those time we ought to form ranks and fight the common enemy while giving each other the space necessary to worship and reflect according to our disparate nature until they want to convert and fully accept Christ. In that case we will truly be brothers.


Hey Jan, how come you’re a Christian fundamentalist that never talks about the anti-christ? How many times are people like you going to blame Nazis, atheists, and Muslims for what Jews are doing?


Christians are already living in the catacombs, because the West of today is no longer Christian. The most a muslim can take from you (if you believe in the muslim conspiracy, rather than see them as dumb, brown immigrants who want your jobs and infrastructure which is the truth) is your pornography, Piss Christ “art”, and rap CDs. You want Christians to join with you in a crusade in defense of secular humanism, when in truth, in the clash of civilizations between the Jews and the Muslims, Europeans have no dog in that fight. All we have to do is close the borders, and block all Jews from positions of power/influence and all Arabs from our ghettos back to their homes.


Shia Muslims in Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon are literally fighting and dying to protect Christians from sectarian violence. Lebanese Christian militias fighting in Syria and Lebanon protecting themselves from Wahaabists aren’t getting their arms from Israel, they’re getting them from Iran and Hezbollah, who are Muslims. Iranian Press TV has been covering the plight of christians in Syria, who have been murdered since the civil war started with arms and money from Israel, America, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, while the Zionist mass media in the West covered this up until very recently.

This distinction is very important to make even though we all oppose immigration from Asia and Africa to Europe, and certain elements refuse to recognize this. My guess, and correct me if I’m wrong, is that Jan supports Israel, even if we doesn’t outright say it, and wants to drag us into the mess they created for themselves.


When a person claiming to be fighting for traditional Christianity drops a clearly false statement like we must combat atheism and Islam, without mentioning Jews, it cries out for explanation. She might not be an Israel supporter. Of course I don’t know. Is TYN publishing pro-Israel views now? The other possibility is she is just ignorant of the Jewish role in destroying one can infer she holds dear as a traditionalist Christian. It might be ignorance in a forgivable and understandable sense that applies to all of us. None of us know everything, and everything we know now we didn’t at one time. We had to learn it on or own, or someone had to teach us.

I know I state the obvious, but I think it needs to be said more often that this is where writers like you will always have a role to play. The number of people who need straightening out on basic issues like who the principal enemy actually is must be for practical purposes unlimited. That enemy is Jews in the current context. It’s not liberals, cultural Marxists, atheists, blacks, Mexicans, immigrants, Muslims, Yankees, The Catholic Church, “protestants,” the GOP, the managerial class, the 1%, Freemasons, Conservatism, Inc., bankers, globalists or capitalists.


I can see how somebody reading this article would assume the author is perhaps pro-Israel or an apologist for Jewish perfidy.

That is not the case with this person.

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