Taking the Bread Pill: Christianity and Neo-Reaction

Blue or Red Pill? Take the Bread Pill!

Blue or Red Pill? Take the Bread Pill!Nobody can agree what to call what’s going on in the darker corners of the Internet, but something’s definitely afoot. Call it Dark Enlightenment, New Right, Alternative Right, Neo-Reaction, “Red Pill”, or whatever, a nascent social and political movement is percolating among Millennials which is a radical departure from mainstream “controlled” system politics. It’s a community which mercilessly rounds up and slaughters entire herds of sacred cattle in search of perennial truths rooted in scientific fact and sacred tradition.

Equality? Absurd! Democracy? Get real! Freedom? It’s a trap! There’s been a radicalization and polarization of the political landscape in the youngest demographic, one where Social Justice Warriors have taken all the Enlightenment, anti-“fascist”, and post-Modern rhetoric of contemporary machine politics to their untenable logic extreme while a less vocal and more underground opposition has gone in the other direction, questioning the very foundations of the “matrix” of ideas we’ve been fed in school, in the news media, and in popular culture.

The whole “red pill” phenomenon has already been described to death. What hasn’t been discussed much is how the phenomenon intersects with the Christian faith. While the leadership of every contemporary Christian denomination is mercilessly obfuscating, contorting, and outright ignoring centuries of Christian dogma and tradition to keep up with “the times” and remain “hip” and “relevant”, a small but growing faction of radical youths are taking the “bread pill”.

Bread Pill posters and commenters are finding that it’s not only possible to be a Christian while being a “red pill” reactionary, but that beneath all the recent compromises and contortions, authentic Christianity is not only compatible with what these dissidents have learned, but actually capable of leading them beyond mere reaction and critique to a comprehensive and achievable alternative to the Modern World.


Western philosophy is one big pointless exercise in trying to avoid outright nihilism with convoluted rhetoric and imaginative allegories. Alas, without a singular unifying intelligence upon which to hang all logic, reason, truth, meaning, and morality–God; there is only the abyss. If one repeatedly asks “Why?” like a persistent toddler hopped up on Pixy Stix, every attempt to discern objective truths beyond our own intelligence falls apart. There are ultimately only three directions one can go with the Big Questions: God as the final esteemer and redeemer, Self as the final esteemer and redeemer, and a void in the place of the final esteemer and redeemer. Given our degenerate inclination and our mortality, the worship of Self proves only a temporary refuge from the void.

This philosophical school, referred to as Presuppositionalism, is the original and authentic philosophical framework of Christianity, the belief that life, reality, and morality are all utterly incoherent without faith in God. It contrasts with the explicit and implicit nihilism which characterizes most reactionaries, who are largely content at this point to go spelunking as deep into the abyss as possible. But they can never fully reach the bottom, because they’re all still alive. To be alive and active is to contradict nihilism, even if one fervently believes and claims otherwise. To even seek the objective truth is to unwittingly reject nihilism and indirectly search for God.

Alternately, many Bread Pillers are Perennialists, believing Christianity to be the most accurate or appropriate vestige of a splintered and degenerated primordial religion from which all the world’s major traditions have emerged. In a way, this is superficially similar to the secular humanist and liberal ecumenist “spiritual but not religious” belief that there’s truth in all religions. The cardinal difference between these perspectives is that the Perennialists converge on Radical Traditionalist principles as the pure form from which religion has degenerated and the liberals converge on a vague and emotive “universal love” which reflects their secular humanist worship of humanity in general and the human self in particular.

Father Coughlin

Father Coughlin: A Real Social Justice Warrior


It’s more than a bit ironic that the contemporary Left has latched onto “social justice” as their slogan, given that the original proponent of “social justice” was the antisemitic firebrand Father Coughlin. Their politics are generally best understood as vaguely third positionist, identifying the Republicans’ libertarianism for the corporatist posture and satanic selfishness that it is. Some are more identitarian than others, and there’s no real agreement on what “nationalism” even means, or whether it’s moral or immoral. Even the ones who reject “racialism” endorse a rejection of mass society and reversion to more organically tribal and communitarian modes of living and thinking which are incompatible with the secular humanist and global capitalist “multiculturalism” social engineering project.

The notion of “separation of church and state” is firmly rejected in this circle, along with the myth that a religiously neutral political order is even possible, much less advisable. Our current political order is based on a set of religious precepts borrowed from a mish-mash of Freemasonry, secular humanism, and Jewish-inspired “liberation theology” wherein the state’s function is the designated victims overcoming and vanquishing the sinister victimizers. White Christian Patriarchy is the Pharaoh and the Hebrews are either Jews, Black Americans, homosexuals, females, transsexuals, or Lord knows what’s next. Whatever the crypto-religious mythos of their political order, it will always be a myth of opposition to our people and our faith.


It’s tragicomic how the Christian institutions are bending over backwards to compromise their principles and rituals in order to remain “relevant” when it’s precisely the principles and rituals which Millennial Christians are hoping to find refuge in. As long as Baby Boomers continue to dominate church leadership positions, we’ll continue to suffer them and their twisted globalist Christian Zionist Holocaustianity hijacking and making a mockery of the sacred ancient rites.


The Bread Pill girls (Yes, it’s a rare fringe Internet scene which actually attracts real women) are more likely to go for a headscarf and a long skirt than tight pants and a t-shirt, a development which the older generation, stuck in their “progressive” narrative of everything progressively becoming more degenerate and debased, cannot compute. They wonder why “youths” would possibly seek less “freedom” and “options”, and don’t see how their own legacy of broken homes, fractured families, fatherless childhoods, distant career moms, and self-indulgent but unfulfilled lives required this reaction.

It’s a clumsy and confusing process attempting to piece together a healthy and wholesome traditional family and future from the wreckage of Western Civilization when there are so few guideposts, so few role models, and even the bishops, priests, and pastors themselves are typically part of the maelstrom. But they’re working on it, and they’re often more versed in the theology and history of the church than most of the longstanding parishioners by the time they work up the courage to sneak in and actually attend mass or liturgy.

The churches are currently hostile to this nascent Bread Pill movement, and will likely remain so for quite some time. They already have a strategy for “outreach” to “youth” and they lack the humility to recognize that they’ve got it perfectly backwards. For the most part, most of them aren’t really meaningfully Christian, anyway. As a social experiment, compare their reaction to your declaring that you’re a Satanist or Atheist to their reaction to your declaring that you’re a “racialist” or opposed to “democracy”. With the former, they’ll politely humor you and dismiss you or at most go through the motions of opposing you in a friendly and condescending way for violating the rules of their “religious” social club. For the latter, you’re treading on the demonology of their actual religion of secular humanism.

Arianism or Atheism? Chuckles and small talk. Identity or patriarchy? Burn the heretic!

It doesn’t really matter how contemporary “Christianity” reacts to the Bread Pill movement. The old guard will eventually have to either pass the torch along to them or attempt to pass the torch along to the fickle buffoons who only show up for the expensive rock concert party atmosphere and have no patience for the difficult, inglorious, and thankless task of carrying the torch of Christian Tradition into the future. When the “casual contemporary” types drop it like it’s hot and move on to the next shiny baubles that attract their attention, the Bread Pill radicals will be the ones to pick it up tend the flame.



Interesting post. Based on what I can find out about this movement I conclude that you are a racist white national movement with sympathy for “tradition”, Protestantism, the Confederacy and antipathy towards liberals, globalists ,and Jews.

I agree with your antipathies, but I can’t agree with all your sympathies. Racism is not a good thing nor is nationalism. There is no such thing as race, there is only culture and the intersection of culture and the color of one’s skin. While it is good to love one’s country, it can be taken too far and nationalism does this. As a true Catholic who does not follow Antipope Francis I am not for Protestantism and living in the North I don’t have any sympathy for the Confederacy. The only thing that I may be able to agree with is tradition.

The real enemy is not the Jews nor the globalists, but us. It is only by turning away from sin and towards true Catholicism that the world can be saved from both the Jews and a prophesied most terrible Divine punishment. The Jews are agents of God’s punishment today.

If one would like to identify the true enemy it would be liberalism (which pretty much everyone embraces. If you would understand what is really happening in the world I advise you the read “Liberalism is a Sin.”). I was glad to see that you do not support the separation of Church and state. This is one of the founding principles of liberalism. (I suggest that you read “Worshiping the State: How Liberalism Became Our State Religion.”) Democracy is also closely tied to liberalism. The authority to rule does not rise up from the people, but comes from God.

I can’t agree with Perennialism either. The true religion may have been intact during the time of Adam, but in no way can it be called similar to false religions of today. Any assertion to the contrary is liberalism. It is only in the Bible that one can find the true religion. From the patriarchs to Moses until the death of Jesus there existed an imperfect, but divinely sanctioned religion. Now the only true religion is true Catholicism.

Matt Parrott

We’re not Perennialists.

Nothing in Catholic history or dogma contradicts national patriotism, a critical component of which is one’s ethnic heritage.

You keep tilting at abstractions like “liberalism.” I’m too busy fighting the Jews and their globalist lackeys to waste my time with lofty moralizers and their tone policing of our battle with the actual people who are actually attacking Christendom.


Patriotism is good, but nationalism is not. As far as the United States is concerned to be an American unlike a European is to believe in a certain creed as embodied in the founding documents. Even from the very founding of the country not all people living in the country were white.

The reason that white males are targeted by the Jews and liberals is
that Catholicism is their enemy (as shown in the Protocols of Zion and the Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita) and historically white males have been
Catholic. It is the vestiges of Christendom as it existed before the
Protestant Reformation which is under attack. Catholicism is the heritage of the white male.

I have an excerpt from a secret meeting of B’nai B’rith. “As long as there remains among the Gentiles any moral conception of the social order, and until all faith, patriotism, and dignity are uprooted, our reign over the world shall not come…And the Gentiles, in their stupidity, have proved easier dupes than we expected them to be. One would expect more intelligence and more practical common sense, but they are no better than a herd of sheep.”

Liberalism while abstact is not an abstaction. Ideas have practical consequences. What a man believes works its way into how he acts. Everything that I mentioned in my previous post with regards to liberalism shows that the consequences of liberalism are real. If there is a separation of church and state then the state can assume the power to absolve marriages in divorce to the detriment of everyone. “Laws” can be “passed” which promote the murder of innocent children. Any unjust “law” at variance with the moral law can be passed because without religion there is no national conscience. If people do not believe in religion (liberalism is anti-religion) how will they avoid breaking the (just) laws? The founding fathers of this country recognized that without religion it is not possible to have a good country.

It is not our moral obligation to overthrow the Jews, but to save our soul. We can not be held morally responsible if we do not fight against the Jews unless we vote for them or if we are in a position of authority and fail to do what we can against them (like all other traitors). As it is, embracing Catholicism which is the most “anti-semitic” institution in the world’s history would help one towards that goal. There were many laws passed in Catholic Europe which if embraced today would severely curtail the power of the Jews.

How can you fight the Jews if you don’t know what you are fighting for? One must have a target to aim at if one hopes to hit anything.

One must not only get rid of the Jews’ power, but one must also revise the laws to be just. For this there must be support from the people because they have influence on their Congressmen and state legislatures. The people will only support the laws which they believe are good and conform to the moral law. Unless they are Catholic they will not know precisely what is moral and what is not.

What is Christendom to you? Historically Christendom was the cooperation of the Catholic Church with the various civil governments in Europe. Christendom, thus defined, has never existed in the United States and even if somehow you overthrow the Jews, without Catholicism it never will.

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