Abbas or Hamas?: Marine Le Pen, The Overton Window and the Impotence of the New Right

Marine with her Sugar Daddy

Marine with her Sugar DaddyIf there is one thing we can all agree on across the ideological, religious, and class spectrum, it’s that we all hate politicians. Apathy is a byproduct of plutocracy, the masonic dichotomy between “esoteric” (the truth that only the elites know) and “exoteric” (dumb lies for popular consumption) consistently manifests itself in today’s “Western” democracies, and a plurality of people are smart enough see through it, just like they did in the Soviet Union.

Political opportunism has been the death of the Left, gasping loudest for air with the Communist Party USA endorsing Obama in ‘08, and today, the last radical vestige of dissent throughout the West–the nationalist “right”–is in danger of falling into the same trap. The New Marxist/Anarchist Left (1960’s-Present) today functions as the street army of imperialism (see: almost unanimous Left-wing support for NATO proxy Syrian and Libyan rebels) and the first line of defense of global capital.

By and large, the Western Left never takes on any real radical issues, they only push the envelope in the direction which the government and media is already going in like the weak narcissistic cowards they are. The Southern Poverty Law Center Kohanim, which implicitly directs anarchist street violence towards even Traditional Catholics (IE, every Catholic who has ever lived before 1965), is a sterling example of this clandestine legal and illegal war against legitimate political dissent.

The Antifa, Marxists, and the rest of the political fringe who want open borders and hate the West, conditionally have their leash lengthened only because elite capitalists see them as “red guards” in a Political Correctness cultural revolution to establish conditions aiming to keep wages low, keep the slaves divided, and privatize concessions won by workers from the social state. Notice how the few genuinely radical Left-wing economic positions (which have mostly withered away as bourgeois “hipsters” took over the “radical Left” and made it into a fashion in the 2000’s) that undermine globalization, as seen during the 1999 WTO protests, are ruthlessly suppressed with the same violence these hapless dummies use to try and ruthlessly silence enemies of the capitalist racial/national deconstructionist and cosmopolitan agenda.

The Left in general has tossed away most of its platform to pursue what the system encourages, because “white privilege” and “LGBT rights” activism get you nice grants from Washington DC, tenured academic positions in the Jew-infested Ivy Leagues, cushy journalism jobs, and 6-7 figure donations from the myriad Zionist NGOs. To the materialistic Left, this is a lot more attractive than getting tear gassed and beat up at anti-globalization rallies. Safe to say, the compromised Judeo-Left will never produce another iconic Socialist champion of the underdog like Denis Kearney or Thomas Watson, only “post-modern” laughing stocks like Slavoj Zizek, who provide ideological rationale for sell-outs like Alexis Tsipras.

This kind of subversion is by no means exclusive to the Left. Using the logic of the Overton Window and gathering under the umbrella of American anti-Communism, the Catholic Church council submitted to the advice of Jewish “convert” and Peritus Gregory Baum, and approved the abomination of Vatican II. This ideological submission was granted in exchange for support from America and to soften the blows dealt to Christianity by pan-Judah’s reinvigorated post-WWII cultural offensive. It worked, Pope Francis today is a celebrated star in the mainstream media, but the price of admission is a decline that will one day reduce the Church into nothing but a vague mocked reference during a Bill Maher HBO comedy special. And I’m being generous, it’s probably already there.

In the end, the lesson nationalists can learn from the internal subversion of the Catholic Church and the post-Soviet Union Left is that adherence to an ideological line is a strength, not a weakness. Playing by the rules established by those who are out to destroy you is a proposition real underdogs can’t win without becoming moot. The Catholic Church’s strength, as an Austrian painter once said, has always been its dependable adherence to its theology. Appeasing Jews, sexual degenerates, bourgeois sensibilities, and secular humanists to get past the catty judge panel on Hebrew Idol has only existed to alienate the majority of existing and potential Catholics who instinctively oppose all of this, but now find themselves leaderless and looking for new vehicles to resist and find sanctuary from a world most people are not happy with.

The Cheerleader clique of the elites will invite the Fat Girl Francis to the party, but only for as long as she keeps making them look good in comparison. Once she starts putting on makeup and exercising in an attempt to participate as an equal, she’ll be threatened with expulsion, as happened during the slight turn towards tradition of Benedict (who was popular within the Church, but stepped down due to being unpopular in the media).  The Overton Window of political pandering only works in your favor when you have control of purse and press, if not, it will simply lead to your obliteration.

Marine Le Pen and Right-Wing II

Both Sieg-Heilers and wine and cheese above-the-fray Evolans embraced the conservative media rhetoric surrounding the recent Paris attacks, under the assumption that it would lead to some brand new awakening in France. Piggybacking off the Fox News-style Kosher baby food analysis of the Islamic world, coming out in support of Zionism, and even taking up their clash of civilizations war on turrr rhetoric-say some elements within the “New Right” like Guillaume Faye-could be the key to victory since the system has shown us that we are safe to talk about this because of the bad press Muslims are getting.

Back in reality, however, support for Marine Le Pen’s LGBT Zionist experiment has remained completely stagnant in the wake of the attack, while the least popular leader in French history, Francois Hollande, is enjoying a surge of support. The Socialist Party has now overtaken Front National in opinion polls, the opposite of what counter-Jihadists and conservative opportunists predicted.

The current climate is subject to the Overton Window; true, but it’s not moving in the direction people want. The typical Frenchman is more worried about immigrants taking their jobs, turning their neighborhoods into slums (whether they have a Mosque or not, as Muslim and non-Muslim Africans and Asians in Europe have identical crime rates, and the fact that the white French will be a minority in our lifetimes–the Overton Window from an ethnic nationalist perspective is completely redundant.

The layman is not nearly as dumb as intellectuals assume, and while a not insignificant percentage of French people will prioritize how ideological Muslims treat Jews and Leftists, they’re far more worried about everyday immigrant violence and the threat of racial replacement, which we can see the results of in South Africa. All they are waiting for is a voice. When empty and simplistic neo-conservative talking points about a secret Muslim conspiracy take precedent over the real and observed daily phenomenons of economic globalization, Zionist tyranny, and race issues, you simply say ‘CAT’ when the people are aching to hear ‘DOG’.

The mass immigration into Europe is not motivated by the prospect of establishing a Caliphate. What they’re looking to do is utilize our infrastructure, burden our welfare states, take our jobs, and sleep with our women (even if it means raping them). Saudi funded Mosques may “radicalize” a minority of them, but most of these Americanized/Judaized degenerates don’t want to give up their Coca-Cola and porn habit. They won’t go anywhere even if you made practicing Islam illegal.

The forces who bring these people in, as the “Right” has always traditionally asserted, are Jews and capitalists who are motivated by A) the safety a heterogenous society (in the long term) creates for Jews due to the lack of Gentile cohesion in “diverse” countries and B) the capitalist thirst for privatization (due to a stressed social state) and cheap labor. The anger at our ethnic cleansing should not be aimed at the immigrants, but instead at the politicians, businessmen, and Jewish social engineers that transplant millions of them in our lands without our permission.

Jean-Marie Le Pen, who can be paralleled to the Catholics before Vatican II or the Left before Schachtman and Woodstock, won 17%  of the vote in the first round of the 2002 Presidential election, only a stone throw away from winner Jacques Chirac’s 20%, even though he was persecuted by the state and boycotted by the mainstream media. While Front National today polls between 25% and 28%, it is a mistake to chalk this surge up to Marine Le Pen’s change in ideology or political pandering.  The real catalyst for the rise in Front National supporters is a serious decline in the French economy, along with the fact that former president Nicholas Sarkozy did nothing about immigration during the UMP’s reign despite promising to do so before his election.

If the French people wanted mere infantile trolling of Muslims (Sarkozy’s headscarf ban, that had no impact on immigration), homosexuality (Hollande’s wildly unpopular gay marriage executive order),  or yet another Jewish client party (65% of French people view Israel negatively), they would just continue to vote for the established conservatives and social-democrats and have no need for Front National to be in the picture. And as Marine Le Pen continues to move the Overton Window in the integrationist, Zionist, and liberal direction, things will only get worse, as the party today is only running on the fumes of its ethnic nationalist reputation rather than its “reformed” groveling conservative face.

Imagine the New York Times, a Jew-for-sophisticated-Goyim ideological weapon that is very influential with the elites, giving political prisoner N.G. Michaloliakos or even persecuted satirist Dieudonne a chance to speak their minds on their own terms using such a “prestigious”, well-circulated, and tightly controlled platform. Well, that’s exactly the opportunity the notoriously anti-Western New York Talmud gave to Marine Le Pen in their January 18, 2015 edition. The editorial reveals Le Pen’s undoubtedly integrationist views, by calling for “assimilation” of Muslim immigrants rather than repatriation. Her view is that “communalism”, or allegiance to one’s own race and culture, is a Muslim problem-rather than a French solution. This dialectical inversion is extremely important, it reveals that she is not a nationalist–not even in the De Gaullist model–but instead is…well, I don’t know, her editorial more or less lines her up with the universally panned European center-right, aligning her with the other hacks in the eyes of the self-radicalizing and restless masses.

The cherry on top, however, has been her endorsement of the hard line Cultural Marxist party Syriza in Greece, which is a huge middle finger to Golden Dawn, but which simultaneously lays on the trigger of the gun she is pointing at her own popular appeal (where it matters: grassroots organizers that are far more ideological and responsible for FN growth than she is). The Greek nationalists are being imprisoned based on fallacious charges that the government is scared to take to court, and the crackdown’s left and right tentacles are as violent, repressive, and spastic as ISIS establishing Sharia law in Western Iraq, with murders, fire bombings, and arbitrary imprisonment being weekly occurrences in Greece.

This situation makes her endorsement of Syriza more sad than disappointing, since Front National has enough seats in the European Parliament to make waves on behalf of Golden Dawn’s civil rights, even if their ideology is different. Instead they use their newfound power to try and block Palestinian statehood and support Israel like every other bought politician in Europe. Sources in Golden Dawn say that calls and letters of solidarity from Front National supporters pour in on a regular basis, it’s obvious that the Overton Window hasn’t made nationalism mainstream, but instead driven a wedge between Marine Le Pen’s Jewish and homosexual (two “minorities” with polar opposite interests to the majority of the French working and middle class) central command and her patriotic, Old Guard grassroots who are the ones that recruit voters for Front National.

No wonder Hollande has doubled in popularity, while the Front National doesn’t budge, and all of this considering they have unlimited access to mainstream media. Jean Marie Le Pen never had this advantage, yet still managed to progress without it. What’s more pathetic is that the Charlie Hedbo incident, which supposedly vindicates the one and only issue Front National’s policymakers have structured their entire simplistic rhetoric around since 2011, only produced a mere 1,000 person march in memory of communists and Jews who hate France as much or more as they hate Islam.

Their response is not to go back to the drawing board, but instead to become even more liberal and support France’s tightening of speech and “anti-semitism” laws that will inevitably continue to be used to violate the rights of nationalists.   They have successfully synthesized the worst of the liberals along with the worst of the conservatives in order to surrender to a greater power. They’ve fallen into a Descartes-esque pit that the “right” is susceptible to when it starts treading down the slippery slope.

Le Pen’s support for Syriza is not as shocking as it seems on the surface. Both parties are controlled opposition, and the big anti-European talk is, as Syriza representative Yanis Varoufakis had made clear not even 24 hours after the votes were counted, a lie.

Abbas or Hamas?

History has shown that negotiating with the elites is a useless endeavor. If they allow you in the club, it’s because they’re using you or you’re in on it.  In Palestine, the differences between the Israeli and Western backed Mahmud Abbas and Hamas show the two paths and how radical opinions cannot be reconciled with existing infrastructure and keys to power through excessive compromise.

After the death of Yasser Arafat, Abbas-led Fatah was the favorite to win the 2006 Palestinian legislative election, especially after taking power in 2005 after his sole opponent was censored and threatened by Israel. Years before, and to the anger of Arafat, Abbas had discovered that by placating the occupation, he was given a golden ticket into the circles of power. Both the US government and Israel gave grants to Abbas in order to support his campaign, and promised billions of dollars in aid and investment if he were to win.

To keep this Judeo-Western support, Abbas promised to stop all armed resistance from Hamas, toss out all demands to release Palestinian prisoners (most of them women and children who have not been criminally charged), and take off the table the demand for right of return or compensation to the millions of Palestinians, many who lived normal middle class lives prior to the ethnic cleansing, that were expelled from their homes by Israeli death squads in 1948 and 1967, and a compromise that would withdraw all claims to East Jerusalem-traditionally part of the West Bank, and which contains the holiest sites of Judaism, Christianity and Islam but was annexed by Israel during the Six Day War- in exchange for a freeze in the bulldozing of Palestinian homes to expand Jewish settlements.

Hamas refused to go along with this “Kosher Palestinian” agenda. Not only were they unwilling to compromise on the issue of right of return to properties Palestinian families had owned for generations (featured prominently in its ideological platform), but also refused to give up on the thousands of Palestinians women and minors (mainly anti-settlement protesters) who languish in Israeli prisons, yet without charges. Furthermore, smarter than most white people today, Hamas did not trust any “negotiation” that required Palestinians to put down their arms but Israel to keep its illegal nuclear stockpile, nor did they trust the new Fatah leader who unrepentent war mongerers like Ariel Sharon and George W. Bush seemed to be in love with. Abbas attempted to disarm Hamas by force, but his Fatah soldiers refused to follow his orders.  Israeli assassinations of Hamas and other Palestinian political leaders, along with the unprovoked murder of Palestinian children playing soccer by the IDF in a border town, galvanized Hamas’ supporters and caused them to pull out of all ceasefires.

The Palestinian people were in 2006 given a choice: Abbas’ politically correct and Jewish-approved Palestine, or the long path of struggle offered by Hamas. Hamas realized that it is impossible to trust the people on top, instead they decided to actually lead the people and unite the ones at the bottom. Hamas also knew that the road to freedom would be slow, require sacrifice, and made the people well-aware that choosing ideals over the well-being of John Kerry’s 40 billion dollar investment offer would not be easy. Fatah and Abbas himself, marred by a well-deserved reputation of corruption and degeneracy (loose ideals=loose morals), were shocked at the ballot box by a Hamas that is known for combating corruption and dedicates 90% of its budget to social welfare and cultural programs.

The danger of reformers eager to shake hands with the powerful comes in what happens next. As soon as the results of the election were announced, Fatah joined with Israel and the CIA and launched a coup d’etat against democratically elected Hamas. The “Quartet” of Western powers refused to give money to Palestine if it allowed Hamas to govern, and Abbas chose his career over the will of his people. Israel kidnapped Hamas’ parliament staff, but Fatah under the corrupt and Israeli government affiliated Mohammed Dahlan was unable to hold off their armed Executive Force detachment.  What ensued was a short-lived Civil War that split the Palestinian territories into the Fatah controlled West Bank, which disarmed and imprisoned Hamas militants, and the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip.

Today, we see Abbas’ “accomplishment”. Every other day, Palestinian homes in the West Bank are demolished, and replaced with expensive Jewish Settler condominiums. As of 2012, the Jewish settler population of the West Bank (excluding East Jerusalem) has swelled to 350,000, even as entities as diverse as the United States and the United Nations continue to weakly condemn Israel for continuing to prove Hamas right. Just to get an idea of what the West Bank looks like under the influence of the Israeli government, Jews are allocated 70x more water than natives (Both Christian and Muslim, for all you counter-Jihadist World Net Daily types out there), amongst a myriad of other things.

Any Palestinian who decides to protest is arrested by the IDF, and sometimes even by Fatah itself. Mr Abbas was allowed to attend the Charlie Hedbo “march” alongside Merkel, Netanyahu and other Zionist globalist figures, who walked in support of “free speech” in a country where pro-Palestinian protests are illegal , but at the cost of slow ethnic cleansing, as Israeli settlers fill their swimming pools with water stolen from aquifers within the control of the West Bank Palestinian Authority while Arabs are forced to ration water that is internationally recognized as theirs.

The genocide of the West Bank Palestinians, who thanks to the “moderate” Abbas have no armed recourse to fight back against their displacement, may be slower, and they do not have to worry about getting bombed by the Israeli air force as much, but it is far more effective. On the other hand, in Gaza, thousands of civilians are killed and terrorized by the IDF in order to break their spirits and ask Hamas to step down. But at the end of the day, even with the bombings, permanent siege, blockades, and freezing of assets, all Israeli settlements in Gaza have been withdrawn. Their homes may be turned into rubble, but that is still better than losing your livelihood without a fight. The only thing currently standing between Palestine and the Israeli death squads is Hamas, as more and more West Bank Palestinians who trusted Abbas are now belatedly realizing.

Unfortunately, Hamas has recently put their Sunni identity and convenience over the greater Palestinian cause, and sided with the Arab League and the Muslim Brotherhood against Assad, under the assumption that he was bound to lose. This situation has apparently split Hamas into the pro-Syrian rebels camp and pro-Assad camp, 50/50, but rhetoric in support of the rebels has diminished lately. The tables have turned and Iran has reduced funding as a punishment for refusing to stand with Assad, even though Hamas is criticized heavily by the Zionist backed Wahaabists. The Saudis and the Arab League, who are close partners with Israel, have of course betrayed them, and Israel has brazenly stolen Gaza Strip tax-funds, which has exacerbated economic problems in the area.

This perhaps offers another lesson to nationalists:  being too dogmatic, like Hamas, isn’t good either. But the tight rope can be navigated, and being able to discern between compromise and careerist saboteurs is not nearly as hard as it seems. The masses of people seem to do it better than those in the “intellectual” circles I sometimes frequent.

When it comes to Abbas, well, once in a while the marionette pulls at his strings (like bringing Palestine in the International Criminal Court and lobbying for statehood) to stop West Bank citizens from overthrowing him, but expect him to get the 2011 Qaddaffi treatment. Those same politicians he joined arms with in France would happily see him get sodomized to death once he outlives his purpose. Abbas might say his approach is what is giving Palestinians enough legitimacy to get into the ICC, but all the hard work was done by the Hamas information and physical war that not only beat the Israelis back, but drew them out into a fight that showed the world the sheer barbarism Jewry has for thousands of years been committing, but kept hidden until the advent of social media. If Hamas controlled the entire Palestinian authority, Jews would eventually be forced to the negotiation table, and this time actually offer something other than “I’ve never done anything wrong, you’re the one who needs to compromise because I control America and Europe”.

Of course, the military occupation of Palestine is different than the situation in the West, and so requires different solutions in proportion to this. But we can still take some very general insight from the dynamics there regarding the importance of consistency, determination and refusal to compromise for money or systematic “acceptance” unless we are invited to the table as equals and have enough power among the masses to make it happen.

World Jewry has survived its hundreds of “worn-out welcome” parties through its cunning, deceit, and complete lack of morality. You cannot approach them as a shoeshine boy or with an olive branch, because they mistake Aryan sense of fairness for submission (after all, they don’t bother negotiating once they get the upper-hand). The New/conservative Right tends to throw its money behind the Abbas’, Vatican II’s, Le Pens and Ukrainian “Nazis”, even though Hezbollah, Golden Dawn, and the NSDAP offer us clear and successful blueprints to follow. If you’re looking for immediate results and smooth transitions, this is not the cause for you. If you’re ready to give up everything so your folk can have anything, then the path is well-worn. The people first, politics a distant second, that’s where the Overton Window should begin and end.



The left has no power of its own. It gets what power it has by serving as the priest class of the Money Power. To illustrate, the Money Power desires globalism to exploit and dominate the world. The left priest class, commonly in the media and education, hides this agenda by pitching globalism as the pathway to international peace and brotherhood.

Bulan Sabriel

What Zionist Tyranny? European nations fund the PLO and anti-Israel groups in Israel. Few dare call themselves Zionists in most of Europe. As far as I know, no European nation recognizes Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel and virtually all promote a foreign policy that calls on Israel to ethnically cleanse Jews from the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem and to hand over the Temple Mount to the Muslims as it is in the “Old City”/Occupied West Bank. Most still support a “right of return” for the Palestinians, ie the demographic destruction of Israel after it gives up the West Bank in addition to Gaza.
You conflate the New World Order, which is staunchly anti-Israel as seen in the UN with Zionists. You presume that international banking is still Zionist, if it ever was, not noticing how the bankers are promoting Islamic Banking/Financing where interest is replaced with set fees.
Your Hamas -Abbas argument is an obscene lie in so far as Israel gave Abbas Gaza. Israel gave up land to the Palestinians with no conditions. It was to set the stage for negotiations over the West Bank.
You demand to be seen a victim is a sad reflection of your parody of Jews. And you lie about history to do so. It’s pathetic and its a fraud on your readers. There is nothing traditional about this pathology.


Bulan: I’m not some Red State Randy that you can lie to or manipulate. I’ve known or met hundreds if not thousands of Jews throughout my life, and so I know how you people operate very well. I’ll answer your points 1 by 1, at least the ones that aren’t comically absurd.

“What Zionist Tyranny? European nations fund the PLO and anti-Israel groups in Israel”

European nations fund Fatah/Abbas, as has Israel. Europe and America in 2006 completely cut all funding for the Palestinian Authority until Hamas was overthrown, and the CIA and Israel helped Abbas do this. Abbas is their inside man which is why they prop him up, he goes in the other direction sometimes because Fatah’s government is very unpopular in the West Bank.

“Few dare call themselves Zionists in most of Europe.”

The people who fund Europe’s politicians don’t hesitate to call themselves Zionists. Merkel won’t call herself a Zionist, but she will give Israel a bunch of FREE Dolphin II’s so your schizophrenic mankind hating race can launch your illegal nuclear weapons from a mobile platform that can reach any part of the world. That’s way more relevant than calling yourself a Zionist or not because Israel is unpopular to the PUBLIC.

“As far as I know, no European nation recognizes Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel and virtually all promote a foreign policy that calls on Israel to ethnically cleanse Jews from the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem and to hand over the Temple Mount to the Muslims as it is in the “Old City”/Occupied West Bank.”

-You just made this up. Every European, American, and UN backed peace plan lets Jews keep the 1967 borders. And European Zionist occupied governments bribed and persuaded Abbas to agree to this.

” Most still support a “right of return” for the Palestinians, ie the demographic destruction of Israel after it gives up the West Bank in addition to Gaza.”

-WHAT major European government supports the Palestinian right of return? Even Fatah and Abbas, the Quartets puppet, have omitted this. The only entity that supports the right of return is Hamas, which is why they’re so popular with the people but boycotted by Europe and the Zionist controlled world even though they are the democratically elected party of the Palestinians.

Regarding the demographic destruction, Palestines refugees (both Christians and Muslims) are a million or so people who were ethnically cleansed from their homes that they owned for many generations, which they still have titles to, and they were neither compensated nor allowed to return. If any other nation on earth was doing that today, it would be an international scandal. But Jews are above the law, even you have to admit this. The chutzpah is also enormous. Unlike Israel, Adolf Hitler, after negotiating with Jewish representative bodies after the successful 1933 German counter-boycott, financially compensated Jews for their property and gave them incentives to emigrate out of Israel, yet any Jew who lived at any point in Europe during the 1930’s gets their Holocaust-that-never-happened extortion money from the German government. Yet Israel refuses to do the same to Palestinians who, unlike Jewish invaders to Germany, are indigenous to the land that your ass is squatting on.

“You conflate the New World Order, which is staunchly anti-Israel as seen in the UN with Zionists.”

How many times has Israel brazenly murdered UN workers and peacekeepers, without any consequences? Just last week, Israel murdered a Spanish UN worker while wildly and indiscriminately shelling some random Lebanese village, and actually had the Chutzpah to BLAME HIM FOR IT! Does the UN places sanctions on Israel? Do they call together a coalition to bomb you back for your terrorism? No. They don’t do anything, except huff and puff for 5 minutes, pass another resolution condemning Israel in theory but not practice, then rinse and repeat when Israel does it again.

The UN opposes Israel in theory only because most of the world rightfully perceives Israelis as war criminals who target civilians on purpose, IE, you are just the Jewish ISIS (which is why Israel seems to get along with Sunni anti-Christian and anti-Shia fanatics so much).

Meanwhile, back in the real world, aside from an angry letter here and there, the UN does impose crippling sanctions on the Iranians for their nuclear energy program, despite being in the Non-Proliferation Treaty, and by the way, having the right to defend themselves from Israel which has a massive stockpile of illegal nukes. The UN at the end of the day has to answer to Jewish money, even if the bodies that fill their conference rooms in the Jewish global money capital of NYC happen to be gentile.

“You presume that international banking is still Zionist, if it ever was, not noticing how the bankers are promoting Islamic Banking/Financing where interest is replaced with set fees.”

-This doesn’t even deserve a serious answer. We all know Muslims control Wall Street and the City of London, and we all know Muslim owned international banking megaliths like Goldman Sachs and Muslim conglomerates like the IMF are all tripping over one another to establish 0% interest, joint venture Islamic banking all over the world. Is blaming muslims for things Jews do the new tactic with Hasbara now? I’m sure it works in Texas, and maybe amongst Dutch conservatives who Israeli businessmen throw money at, but does anyone really believe that?

It reminds me of the “historical” explanation for Jews and usury. Oh, those poor Jews, in the Middle Ages all they wanted to do was be subsistence beet farmers, but instead the evil Christians forced them at gunpoint to get into the business of compound interest loans. Who actually believes this crap.

“Your Hamas -Abbas argument is an obscene lie in so far as Israel gave Abbas Gaza. Israel gave up land to the Palestinians with no conditions. It was to set the stage for negotiations over the West Bank.”

-Israel brokered a deal with Abbas, who is in charge of the Palestinian Authority only because he was put there by an Israeli and American coup d’etat. Israel was supposed to withdraw from the West Bank, but instead they are bulldozering dozens of Palestinian homes in Abbas’ territory simply because it was all a ruse to disarm the Palestinians and make sure they can’t fight back. Israel keeps expanding and stealing resources from the Palestinians in the West Bank, while being forced to withdraw virtually all their settlements and are completely unable to re-enter Gaza. The point of my article was to show that diplomacy with your ilk is impossible, because Jews are not honest and honorable, and the world facilitates this behavior. Jews only respect shows of force and frankness, after all, they get everything they want by being aggressive, ruthless and completely intolerant of anyone else’s interests (whether they’re whites or palestinians).

You demand to be seen a victim is a sad reflection of your parody of Jews. And you lie about history to do so. It’s pathetic and its a fraud on your readers. There is nothing traditional about this pathology.”

-A Jew talking about the Goldman Sachs Islamic banking conspiracy calling me a liar. Again, I’m not Dutch, I’m not from Texas, I know that Jews brazenly lie, steal and kill, and then on top of that (and unique to your people) blame the victims they attack for it.

I know the new Jewish game now is to activate the right-wing in your defense, since it suits your interests right this second in the Jewish vs Shia Muslim clash of civilizations. That’s why you’re using some counterfeit Nietzschean logic that appeals to dumber elements on the right to get us to stop telling the truth about Jews. Once Jews get what they want from whites, they’ll re-activate their left tentacle and start talking about human rights and your many fake holocaust grievances.

Ezra Pound's Ghost

TradYouth is hands-down the best thing going in the Alt-Right/New Right/Trad/Nat movement. You guys cut through all the BS and get right to the heart of the problem.

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