You‘re not “Charlie”, You’re Kouchner: The Myth of European Freedom

Je Suis Vincent

Je Suis Vincent“Freedom Assassinated” cried the headline of Le Figaro, “They can’t kill freedom” screeched Le Parisen. The professional assassination of 12 people at the offices of the pornographic Left-wing satire magazine of “Charlie Hebdo” has shocked the world. So far, the story goes, three ISIS-supporting militants with ties to AIPAC’s Syrian rebels decided–after almost a decade of “Charlie Hebdo” publishing cartoons of Muhammad–to show the world how much Muslims hate our freedom on the same day PLO leader Abbas pledged to retry a bid for Palestinian statehood, and the International Criminal Court accepted Palestine into its jurisdiction. But this article isn’t about the case itself, which is still unfolding as I write this.

“French” politician Bernard Kouchner, named the 15th most influential Jewish person in the world by the Jerusalem Post, immediately took the air in the aftermath to warn about the looming threat of Islam to our freedom and the European ideal. What Kouchner didn’t mention was his fanatical support for Jihadists in Syria against secular Assad, his lobbying in favor of the French military intervention in Libya that put Islamic fundamentalists in power, as well as his cheerleading for the Kosovo Liberation Army Albanian gangsters that NATO carpet bombed Orthodox Christian Serbia to save.

Such a seeming contradiction, so then, how does Kouchner (who the press lauds as “the face of Europe”) define freedom?

Kouchner’s Freedom

To Kouchner, “Charlie Hebdo” represents his ideal Europe, or in layman terms: Jewrope. The magazine, whose staff had the highest paid cartoonists in the world, was the darling of the French establishment, even receiving state subsidies to operate.  When sales of the magazine began to slump in the 2000s, they began publishing caricatures of Muhammad, which angered the Union of French Islamic Organizations, a development that provoked a media circus that generated publicity and sold 300,000 copies.

Nicolas Sarkozy was a high-profile supporter of the magazine’s right to satire, despite the fact that it published mostly repetitive and pornographic dreck typical of Judaic 68er Wilhelm Reich sexual revolutionaries; including but not exclusively graphic depictions of incest and especially sodomy. The “satire” also drew caricatures of Jean-Marie Le Pen of the National Front, mocking him after being arrested and fined for “hate speech”, while “Charlie Hebdo” itself won a French legal case mounted by French Muslims guaranteeing the right to publish cartoons of Muhammad partaking in homosexual activity .

Of course, it should be a given that their first and main target was the White French and Christians. Cartoons of Jesus Christ being graphically sodomized and other attacks on normal French people were a heavily mined meme. Jean Cabu, one of the deceased in the attack (and the highest paid cartoonist on earth) was so anti-Western that his caricature of a “racist, sexist, vulgar, ordinary Frenchman”, which he titled “beauf”, was integrated into popular lexicon.

Epidemics of the EarthA Jewish staff member that was killed during the attack, Georges Wolinski, drew a particularly tasteless cartoon of a tied-up white woman on the verge of being gang raped by Africans, and saying “Oh Yes, Oh Yes!” at the prospect, “satirizing” (or celebrating?) the fact that blacks are hundreds of times more likely to commit sexual violence against whites than the other way around.  The cartoonists were also adamant about attacking Bashar Al-Assad, Vladimir Putin, French nationalists, and other targets of Cultural Marxism. Here you can see a neat little cartoon collage of what they declared “The Epidemics Of The Earth”:

Even Dieudonne, a black comedian with a massive grassroots following who has been banned from performing by the government and Jewish money in response to his “anti-Semitic” satirical gesture of  the “quenelle” (which freedom loving Prime Minster Manuel Valls has decreed is illegal, after a ridiculous emergency meeting about it in New York City by the World Jewish Congress and American Jewish Committee), is denounced as an enemy of Europe. You would think the staff at “Charlie Hedbo”, such self-proclaimed lovers of freedom, would stand up for a fellow satirist under attack by the French state. Instead, these infantile perverts decided to give it to him up the butt as well.

But Kouchner’s European license has limits, after all “you can’t yell fire in a movie theater”, as Leftists and Conservative hacks love to say when they censor you. In 2008, Sine–a veteran cartoonist for the magazine–drew a picture of Nicolas Sarkozy’s (yes, the same one defending their right to publish gay Muhammad)  children “converting” to Judaism, with vague (especially by Charlie Hebdo standards) implications that it was because they love money. After deafening squeals heard across the earth by the World Jewish Congress, in conjunction with the almost satirically titled  group “International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism” (little more than a Jewish front) filing a costly lawsuit, executive editor Phillippe Val fired the 80 year old Sire without giving a reason and apologized for the “hate speech”.

Now isn’t that cartoon-worthy…

I’m With Vincent, Not With Charlie

David Irving and Robert FaurissonRobert Faurisson is an award-winning historian best known for his work in exposing Anne Frank’s Diary as being a forgery. From the 1970‘s when he first emerged, to this day, Faurisson has been imprisoned and fined hundreds of thousands of Euros by the French government, while simultaneously being brutally assaulted to within an inch of death by Jewish extremists.

In response to Faurisson and growing nationalist sentiment in France, Communist Party lawmaker Jean-Claude Gayssot, a member of the Zionist lobby CRIF (Jewish Institutes Of France), passed the Gayssot Act, which makes questioning the official narrative of WWII and support for racial segregation a punishable offense in France.  For decades, even in old age, French authorities have used this law to browbeat, persecute, and establish surveillance over Robert Faurisson.

Is he a member of ISIS? Is he a friend of bin Laden? No. The idea is to prevent him from writing books about WWII, or “wielding the pen of freedom” as the European press cynically applies to “Charlie Hebdo”.

Pretty much every dissident in France has had to pay enormous fines or done prison time for giving opinions or satirizing Jews or Zionism.

Truth is being ignored by the media sycophants, especially regarding the fact that “Charlie Hebdo” itself has worked to silence critics of the West’s religion. Vincent Reynouard, a French nationalist and father of 8 children, was bankrupted for his work in Holocaust revisionism, in which a few “Charlie Hebdo” cartoons were utilized in fair use. By the time the Zionist magazine discovered this, the statute of limitations to charge Reynouard under the Gayssot thought criminal act was up, and so the “freedom lovers” mounted a massive lawsuit as a loophole to punish him anyway.

The kangaroo court concluded in October and November of 2014 that his use of the magazines cartoons were misused to promote “hate” and thus violated copyright laws, and Reynouard was convicted and sentenced to 6 months in prison and subject to monstrous fines that ruined him and his family financially. He has previously done years in prison, again, for merely publishing a pamphlet questioning the “Religion of the West”, whose inquisitors are no less totalitarian than the Jihadists.

All of the conservatives profiting big off the David Horowitz concocted and purposely misleading neo-conservative “counter-Jihadist”movement are urging nationalists to rally behind these free speech hating Jewish communists in defense of Kouchner’s “Europe”. Muslims aren’t persecuting us politically or socially, at least not even close to the extent of others. While we need to create an authentic movement against immigration and multiculturalism immediately, we can’t fall for the tricks of highly funded enemies and grant legitimacy to our oppressor’s bleats of “Freedom”.

The fantasy that Sharia law (especially when the two dope-smoking rap music producing Algerian brothers wanted for the recent Paris shooting would be the first to die under it) is on the brink of conquering Europe has been given legs thanks to the enormous amounts of Zionist money put behind promoting it. Yet few people have the courage to speak about the everyday reality of Talmudic law that controls Europe and is the sole force holding us back from asserting the will of the majority (which is to close the borders and prevent our racial extinction). I stand on this day with my brother Vincent Renouard, who is fighting the unjust French system persecuting him for his ideas.  You can show him support and solidarity on his his website.


Fr. John+

Thank you. As to the hollow-hoax – I doubt it assuredly. Gayssot must be trampled in the mud.
Of course, if the Israelis were to acknowledge the Armenian Holocaust by the ‘young Turks’ @1917….

Nah. I still doubt it, just as the revision downwards of ‘Jewish Dead’ has continued on apace, since the ‘questioning’ first began, and has been in International Red Cross archives for DECADES.

Cui bono, indeed. ‘Ye are of your father the devil, and the deeds of your father, ye will do.” – Jesus Christ


Great article.

It is interesting to see all the talking heads hijack the terrorist attacks in France for their own agenda. Neo-conservatives are particularly adept at this. They are talking about the need for more aid to Israel, attacks against Yemen and ISIS, and re-igniting the war in Afghanistan. This is nonsense. The real problem is immigration. Ask yourself this. Do you think this terror attack would have been less likely if:
a) France and the US had been more aggressive in attacking foreign lands and gave more aid to Israel
b) France had never let these terrorists and their families immigrate into France to begin with

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