#OpenbordersforIsrael: Israel Must Progress Into The 21st Century

Open Borders for Israel

Open Borders for IsraelConfuscius Say: When Jew Jewliciously ajewses you, you must Jewdiciously Jew him back.  

The social media trend #OpenbordersforIsrael is a turning point in history. Every Western country on Earth, from Australia to Argentina, prospers in multiculturalism and secular humanism thanks mostly to the constitution of our intellectual, political, and financial vangaurd, undoubtedly guided by the high-minded Jewish concept of Tikkun Olam.

In Australia, Zionist organizations came together together to lead and mediate efforts of racial (and financial, courtesy of the contemporary tax payer) reconciliation to correct the historical injustice of the white man introducing the wheel to Aborigines.  In America, Jews led and financed the entire Civil Rights movement which, at gunpoint, reinterpreted the constitutional right to freedom of association as a “living, breathing” amendment, which we all know has dramatically improved the lives of black people.

Even teenie weenie widdle Uruguay, a remarkably white enclave often referred to as the “Switzerland of the South” due to its sophistication, education-level, and prosperity in comparison to the multi-racial success stories of South America, has been in recent years the beneficiary of Jewish compassion, with aggressive anti-racist demonstrations organized and funded by Latin America’s B’nai B’rith, despite no real history of lynchings, racial conflict, or significant discrimination against its black minority.

It is true that 20% of Israel’s population is Arab, however Avigdor Lieberman-the Foreign Minister of Israel-has suggested a plan to ethnically cleanse them from their own land. Israel is a state that does not recognize mixed marriages, has a state-sponsored initiative to prevent interracial dating and sex, defines Jews based upon the Nuremberg Laws, and forces Jews who wish to make Aliyah to take a DNA  test. Now more than ever, hate must be done away with: #OpenbordersforIsrael!

Curiously, there is no great movement in existence dedicated to bringing Israel into the ethnically pluralistic 21st century. Perhaps the paleo-conservative understanding of this issue is right, Jews are well-meaning victims of their unusual social conscience combined with an undying love for humanity, and that is why they support immigration and foment racial discord in Western countries. With this in mind, and #openbordersforIsrael gaining traction, I’m expecting prominent Jewish anti-racists such as Alan Dershowitz and Abe Foxman to get behind a cause that hits…so close to home (as they are dual citizens), because their long liberal humanitarian resume and Civil Rights credentials would be a priceless endorsement.

Perhaps more patriotic Conservative Jews like Schmuley Boteach, Sheldon Adelson, and capitalist-with-a-human-face Paul Singer who are leading calls and throwing money around to eliminate the GOP’s archaic (alleged) view on illegal immigration, will now latch onto #openbordersforIsrael with equal gusto. The opportunity to extend citizenship to thousands of hardworking Eritreans languishing in Israel’s 21st century concentration camps must be seized if the social construct of a Jewish state seeks to grow and prosper.

Palestinian Tank BoyI am confident that the Jewish humility which has led to them exporting and forcing through an ideology we don’t want (but is for our own good) while being too gracious to accept the amazing benefits for themselves can now be put to rest. The war of the Eternal Nice Jewish Boy against hate and injustice, that high-minded sense of self-sacrifice and irrepressable ethnic impulse to always identify with the underdog which “conservative” criticisms of Jews revolve around has now found a powerful voice: #OpenbordersforIsrael

#OpenbordersforIsrael should be pushed further than mere immigration, but I know from Saul Alinsky that progress must be taken one step at a time. A step in the right direction would be to consult Thomas Friedman, an ecstatic and dedicated spokesman for the “Global City”, or the elimination of borders in global trade. Friedman encourages blank slate privatization, and feels that people who seek to hang on to their traditions and distinct cultures are childish relics who should be absorbed by rootless international capitalism.

“Conservatives”, who generally support these ideas, generally also support Israel, yet the economy of the state is highly protectionist, socialist-oriented, and worst of all, geared towards the welfare and expansion of their race. Israel’s ridiculous belief in the economic nation, even as their dual citizens push for privatization and globalization everywhere else, is a terrifying communist relic of big government.

The people who tell us that the soil upon which we stand, holding the bones of our ancestors, is nothing more than a place for international commerce, have a system where the Jewish National Fund owns the best arable land, and only racial Jews are given access to it due to the program’s adherence to Blood & Soil (read: NAZI) principles.  All social programs encouraging the enlargement of the Jewish race must also be cut, instead of generous Child Allowances Israel must follow the example they have set for us in our countries and import illegal immigrants, who will replenish their social security system without having to give out ENTITLEMENTS!

Only #OpenBordersforIsrael can save the Jewish people. With Benjamin Netanyahu’s struggle in the polls, the Likud party changing its 0 tolerance immigration stance may be of huge benefit to them. Please open your hearts and wallets to all groups in Israel that lobby for non-Jewish immigration.

Open Borders for Israel



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The Truth will set Israel free! Love must reign.

The time is NOW to end Apartheid and Welcome all Africans TO Israel, especially the males to copulate and produce lovely, carmel skinned Afro J EWs.

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