Palestinian Terror: Israeli War Crimes Against Civilians

A funeral for Palestinian children killed by Israeli bombs that landed on their apartment complex.

A funeral for Palestinian children killed by Israeli bombs that landed on their apartment complex.

Israel has long been able to get away with their blatant war crimes that they have committed over the past several decades by hiding behind the United States and the various shabbos goy organizations set up and funded to advance the Israeli agenda throughout the world, it looks like now finally that the chickens are coming home to roost for the Zionist State. With charges being levied by Arabs to the International Criminal Court and the United Nations in regards to the genocidal campaign through both military means and demographic displacement of the Arab population of Palestine and the Middle East, it is looking like Israel might finally have to answer for its crimes.

The most recent report put out by Physicians for Human Rights is one of the most damning pieces of evidence that Israel knowingly and willingly violates basic human rights and codes of civilized conduct in regards to warfare. The report can be read in its entirety here. Physicians for Human Rights outline that Israel frequently commits what are known as “double tap” attacks on primarily civilian targets. Israeli military forces would bomb an area, inflicting casualties on the civilian population and then launch a secondary strike when emergency medical personnel had arrived on the scene to help the wounded. These attacks inflicted horrendous casualties on paramedics and doctors who were attempting to save the lives of those who had been injured or maimed in the first attack on the area. This strategy was repeated throughout operation “Protective Shield” in various areas of Palestinian territory, including civilian marketplaces, schools and apartment complexes.

Doctors and authorities of both international human rights groups and Palestinian organizations repeatedly tried to call and work with Israeli authorities to prevent civilian deaths, but these calls fell on deaf ears.

One source that reviewed the work done by Physicians for Human Rights found that “over 2,100 Palestinians were killed during the war, 70 percent of whom were civilians who weren’t involved in combat, in addition to 67 Israeli soldiers and six Israeli civilians, including one child. Among the Palestinians killed, over 500 were minors, according to UN data cited in the report — and at least 142 families lost at least three members in individual attacks on their homes.” While civilian deaths are a tragedy that unfortunately happen in any war, Israel’s campaign that inflicted a majority of casualties on civilians cannot be explained away by excuses of confusion, it is clearly apparent that the war that Israel launched into Gaza was specifically aimed at inflicting casualties on non-combatants, a clear violation of international law.

Cases such as Israel troops opening fire on a civilian group of refugees that carried no weapons and were flying white flags to clearly identify them as civilians show a concerted effort to inflict death and destruction on the civilian population of Gaza.

White phosphorous bombs dropped on civilian targets in Gaza.

White phosphorous bombs dropped on civilian targets in Gaza.

Attacks on civilian targets are not Israel’s only crime being committed in warfare. For years now it has been proven that Israel uses white phosphorous on civilian targets in their campaigns. The BBC recently reported that “Human Rights Watch said Israel ‘deliberately or recklessly’ used white phosphorus shells in violation of the laws of war, causing ‘needless civilian deaths’. A protocol to the 1980 Convention on Conventional Weapons bans the use of white phosphorus as an incendiary weapon against civilian populations or in air attacks against enemy forces in civilian areas.” White phosphorous was dropped on UN aid stations and civilian homes where there was no sign of any military activity or stockpiles of military weapons.

The Israeli campaign against Palestinians is one of the most clear-cut cases of violating international law in recent decades, a campaign that is based on a total indifference to the civilian lives lost by Israeli strikes. Philip Luther, Director of the Middle East and North Africa Program at Amnesty International, said that “Israeli forces have brazenly flouted the laws of war by carrying out a series of attacks on civilian homes, displaying callous indifference to the carnage caused.” Israel cannot forever outrun the ghosts of thousands of dead women, children and elderly that they have murdered since the beginning of the Zionist State, the world is beginning to wake up to Israel’s numerous crimes and call for justice is rising.

As the great late Johnny Cash sang “You can run on for a long time, but sooner or later God will cut you down.”

Another form of genocide against Palestinians is not just with tanks and bombs, it is with the forced demolitions of Palestinian homes that are quickly replaced by armed Israeli settlers. Israeli military vehicles will enter Palestinian neighborhoods, many of the areas being occupied by both Christian and Muslim Arabs for centuries, and then forcibly remove entire city blocks of families at gunpoint.

The U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs just made public a statement that said,

“In the past three days, 77 Palestinians, over half of them children, have been made homeless. Some of the demolished structures were provided by the international community to support vulnerable families… In 2014 … Israeli authorities destroyed 590 Palestinian-owned structures in Area C and East Jerusalem, displacing 1,177 people — the highest level of displacement in the West Bank since OCHA began systematically monitoring the issue in 2008.”

Systematic demographic displacement of Palestinians goes directly back to the founding of the Zionist State, with Israel destroying homes, schools, olive orchards and even mosques and churches if they got in the way of Israeli settlers. These settlements are then erected with armed guards to defend them and keep Arabs out of the land that was settled centuries ago by their ancestors. Close to 750,000 Israel settlers have now moved themselves into traditionally Palestinian areas and used tanks and bayonets to forcibly colonize these areas.

Sometimes the Israeli forces do not just bulldoze homes, they flat out storm them with guns and claim them for themselves. On multiple occasions settlers have broken into Palestinian homes and evicted the residents with no legal cause, reason or payment for the seized property. One such example of this was covered by the Wadi Hilweh Information Center which said in a statement last September that “settlers of the Elad (Ir David) Association stormed Silwan at 1:30 a.m. escorted by Israeli soldiers and forcibly evicted the residents of an apartment and occupied it, in addition to several vacant homes.” The Israeli settlers have stopped even pretending what they are doing is legal, they use the logic of “might makes right” to make hundreds of Palestinian men, women and children homeless through military force and threats.

While the Israelis and Western media outlets attempt to portray Israel as being open to negotiation and compromise, public Israeli officials have made it clear that a two-state solution is not going to be approved by Israel. Naftali Bennett, minister of the economy, wrote in the New York Times that “For its security, Israel cannot withdraw from more territory and cannot allow for the establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank.” Palestinians are left with few options against Israel other than military campaigns or increasingly open non-violent civil disobedience. The Jewish State says they will not give Palestinians a Homeland and will do anything to prevent a Palestinian Homeland from existing.

Destruction of olive orchards by Israel settlers and military forces is both an attack on the community and economy of Palestinians, and this campaign is only increasing in recent years. These olive orchards have been tended by Palestinian farmers since before the time of Christ and are a major source of employment and income for Arab farmers in the region surrounding Jerusalem.

Israeli bulldozers, guarded by IDF soldiers, destroying legally owned Palestinian olive trees.

Israeli bulldozers, guarded by IDF soldiers, destroying legally owned Palestinian olive trees.

The Beit Sahour’s Alternative Information Center reports that “some 800,000 olive trees have been uprooted in the occupied West Bank since 1967, according to a joint report by the Palestinian Authority and the Applied Research Institute -Jerusalem.”

Even when the destruction of olive orchards is deemed to be illegal, Israeli police have no interest in investigating these cases and prosecuting fellow Jews. NGO Yesh Din found that “the investigation of 246 police files involving the uprooting, burning or damaging of trees in the West Bank between the years 2005 and 2014, and found that these files resulted in only four indictments. 96.6% of the files were closed without an indictment, mainly for the reasons that the suspect was not located or that their was a lack of sufficient evidence to proceed.”

By economically and socially destroying the Palestinian communities, the Israelis are working to drive Palestinians off of their ancestral land so it can be grabbed up by even more Israeli settlers.

The international community is awakening to the genocidal campaign being waged by Israel against the Palestinians. While the United States has long defended Israel in even its most disgusting attacks on civilians, the ICC is opening a case against Israel and charges of war crimes may be soon levied against Israel. The New York times reported that “Prosecutors at the International Criminal Court opened a preliminary examination on Friday of possible war crimes committed in the Palestinian territories, the first formal step that could lead to charges against Israelis.”

The fact that the American shield to protect Israeli war criminals is beginning to show cracks is a huge step forward for the rights of Palestinians to have a right to self determination and their own nation, the fundamental principle of nationalism and Traditionalism. While European Jews are seeking to silence criticism of Israel by banning “anti-antisemitism” through Orwellian speech code laws and in America lobby groups like AIPAC and the ADL work to disrupt any political movement to bring Israeli war criminals to justice, the world is awakening. Israel can no longer hide behind those it has bribed and blackmailed. This issue involves both Palestinian Christians and Muslims, and Traditionalists around the world.

Palestinian Christian and refugee Philip Farah wrote in an op-ed to Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren that said “Mr. Ambassador: If your country is so good to Christians, why don’t you allow me, my family and thousands of Palestinian Christians to return to our homes in the part of Jerusalem which Israel occupied in 1967 or the western part of the city from which Palestinians were forced out in 1948? Why is it that any Jew from any country in the world can claim full rights of citizenship as soon as he or she sets foot in Jerusalem, while I, whose family roots in Jerusalem go back many centuries, am barred from living with full human rights in my hometown?

Palestinian Christians have been attacked and displaced right alongside their fellow Muslim Arabs. Almost the entirety of Christian denominations in the Holy Land signed the Kairos Palestine declaration that called the Israeli occupation and treatment of Christians in the Holy Land  is immoral, stating that in Israel “Religious liberty is severely restricted; the freedom of access to the holy places is denied under the pretext of security. Jerusalem and its holy places are out of bounds for many Christians and Muslims from the West Bank and the Gaza strip. Even Jerusalemites face restrictions during the religious feasts. Some of our Arab clergy are regularly barred from entering Jerusalem.” The Israeli regime attacks both the body and soul of the Palestinian population and its continuing persecution of both Christians and Muslims must be stopped.

Palestinian Christians marching against the Israeli occupation and persecution of Palestinians, Muslim and Christian alike.

Palestinian Christians marching against the Israeli occupation and persecution of Palestinians, Muslim and Christian alike.

Traditionalists and nationalists should support the right of Palestinians to have a homeland and the ability to exercise self determination without the constant threat of attack by the Israeli military and a decades long campaign of demographic displacement. The world is awakening to the crimes against humanity that Israel has committed and judgment is coming to Israel, if you stand for nationalism and Tradition then stand against the Zionist regime. Long live Palestine.

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