February Reading Discussion: Metaphysics of Sex

Who’s ready for some sexy philosophy?

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’re returning to Julius Evola for a short reading from his Metaphysics of Sex.

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Please read the section titled “The Metaphysics of Modesty” on pages 96 – 101.  The question of modesty and whether it is absolute or relative never ceases to be a relevant question.  Is the female body truly so dangerous that we should have legislation and social controls to forcibly conceal a woman’s arms, legs, or face?  How do men perform modesty, and is it equally important for men?

What would Evola say about well meaning women who wear yoga pants to church or other mundane places, and the infamous topless protests by Femen.  Alternately, how about men who wear muscle shirts (or no shirts) outside the gym.  Does protection of the law justify this kind of behavior by men and women, and if it does, what should the law look like?  If protection of the law does not justify immodest behavior, why is this the case?  Should the state have any authority to legislate forms of modesty, or should this be the sole responsibility of and within the jurisdiction of social pressures?

There are no correct answers to these questions, and I doubt that we’ll even arrive at a consensus.  Come prepared for the reading discussion, and be prepared to give as good of an argument that you will get.

The only required reading are the pages from Evola’s Metaphysics of Sex, but if you have some extra time please look at the recommended reading.

Recommended reading:

Tempest in a Sex Pot,” by Matt Parrott
Traditionalist Feminism,” by Thomas Buhls
The Bottomless Depravity of Topless Protests,” by Matt Heimbach
Modesty, Yoga, Pants, and Five Myths You Need to Know,” by Phylicia Masonheimer, and a response article from Chicks on the Right author Daisy: “Warning: This Post Is About Women Wearing Leggings And Yoga Pants, And I Can’t Believe I’m Writing A Post About That, Either.

Recommended viewing:

Watch for Kailin See’s performance as Sarah Hite in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007).  She appears first as a seemingly modest woman, yet is later shown to be anything but.  This woman’s immodest behavior drives Wood Hite (Jeremy Renner) to shoot and kill a man whom slept with her.  It is not available for streaming on Netflix, but your local library or university library may have a copy for viewing.


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The discussion is on the 26th, and you’re welcome to come participate. Be sure to “confirm” attendance on the fb page.

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