Dying for the MultiCulti Dream

charlie-hebdoEarlier today black-clad terrorists shot up the French satirical newspaper, the Charlie Hebdo.  Early reports indicate that as many as 12 people are already dead from the shooting, and the killers remain on the loose.  The shooters, who reportedly spoke French without an accent, were alleged to have been shouting “Allahu akbar!” during the attack, all before executing a French policeman outside and then escaping in a stolen vehicle (which is rumored to have later been blown up outside a synagogue).

The newspaper office was allegedly chosen because of its repeated satirical lampoons of the Prophet Muhammad and Islamic culture.  Needless to say the people who carried out the attack don’t have a sense of humor.

The problem with gracious and generous immigration policies is that you don’t get to choose what comes in.  “Diversity” and “multiculturalism” don’t always “enrich” society.  The reason why is because immigrants are bringing more than just their grandmother’s kebab recipe.  They’re bringing their way of life, and also their way of death.

The laws of a host nation are crafted to promote a specific way of life, and also to prevent a specific way of crime.  One of the reasons why members of an immigrant community are “always getting arrested” is because our laws were not crafted for their people and their crimes.  We’ve been dealing with these kinds of problems for a very long time with the China Town districts in New York and San Francisco.  China Town and the Chinese who live there have their own economy with its own demands for things.  A taste for unusal delicacies is just one part of it.  Tour guides have first-hand exposure to this kind of stuff, and sometimes they just go wildly unhinged and give tourists the raw truth.

The globalist solution to keep control, of course, is easy enough: secular civic nationalism.  Religion is a polarizing and dividing force in the world, as it should be, and because of this it’s not so great at holding together multinational global empires. The global power players know that authentic religion can upset their plans, so they will try to eradicate religion where possible or water it down and render it into a crackpot tradition.  That’s all well and good if you’re not ahem using your identity and religion, and if all you want out of life is to live comfortably without regard to your identity and history then secular civic nationalism will probably work out just fine for you.

The multiculturalism proponents have really outdone themselves with their new immigration policies, which are less about letting people come into our countries as it is about grabbing hordes of others from outside countries in a suicidal show of altruistic, yet greedy, body-snatching.  The Left has brought so many people into our countries so quickly that these new immigrants have managed to resist even the most insidious Leftist programming, and are not only keeping their way of life but strengthening and militarizing it in way that has literally blown up in our faces.  Aside from the fact that a leftist’s dream of multiculturalism is only held together by godless rationalism and egalitarianism is the inconvenient truth that even liberal multiculturalism depends on assimilating the newcomers.

Matt Parrott wrote some time ago about how the sad truth of liberalism is that by the time we can smell its stench we’re too far gone to do anything about it.  If there was anyone who needed to hear this advice it’s the people who have been crafting our immigration laws or lobbying for that change.  The funny thing about egalitarians and fans of multiculturalism is that they never expect it will turn on them.  This isn’t some weird Alexandrian dream where we welcome conquered nations as our equal on the same field of battle where they fell to us.  White people are the only crazy jerkoffs in the world who buy into egalitarianism.  If, even in our wildest estimation, we weren’t the only people who believed in egalitarianism then the only way to account for religious and sectarian violence is to explain it away as immature or petty disagreement over crude and poorly constructed humor.

Is that the kind of world you want to live in?  Do you want to live in a place where people will cut throats, rape women and children by the thousands, sanctimoniously car-bomb on the slightest provocation on account of religious butthurts, and forbid you from practicing your watered down Christianity?  Well, that’s what we’re getting when they come to our lands.  If you tell me that Islam is the religion of peace, I’ll take you at your word for the sake of argument– but you’ve still got to explain to me why rape, arson and assault “inexplicably” crop up in areas with high numbers of Muslim immigrant populations.  In true O’Reilly fashion: “You can’t explain that.”  No, but seriously, Leftists really can’t won’t explain that.

But, I can “explain that.”  Egalitarianism is a sham.  We’re not equal.  If someone else is “more equal” than me, then so be it.  Nothing will change the fact that each is given according to his own.  The laws we live under are the ones that were designed for us and the conditions peculiar to our own lifestyles and identity so as to perpetuate and defend our culture and way of life.  Adding new laws or legislating changes to our already indefinite number of federal laws won’t fix the problem of violent misfit immigrant communities.  Our laws are already written and handed down by hundreds of years of Common Law and Canon Law.  The only thing we’re missing right now is a responsible Monarch with the will and power to protect us from danger.


Charlie Baud

First letter Joan of Arc sent to the English:
King of England, and you, Duke of Bedford, who call yourself Regent of the kingdom France; you William de la Pole, Count of Suffolk; John, Lord Talbot; and you Thomas, Lord Scales, who call yourselves lieutenants of the said Duke of Bedford, do justly by the King of Heaven; render to the Maid who is sent here of God, the King of Heaven, the keys of all the good cities that you have taken and violated in France. She has come here from God to restore the royal blood. She is all ready to make peace, if you will deal rightly by her, acknowledge the wrong done France, and pay for what you have taken. And all of you, archers, companions of war, nobles and others who are before you; and if this is not done, expect news of the Maid, who will go to see your shortly, to your very great damage. King of England, if you do not do this, I am Chef de Guerre, and in whatever place I shall find your people in France, I will make them go whether they will or not; and if they will not obey I will have them all killed. I am sent here by God, the King of Heaven, each and all, to put you out of all France. And if they will obey I will be merciful. And stand not by your opinion, for you will never hold the kingdom of France through God, King of Heaven, son of Saint Mary; it will be thus ruled by King Charles VII, true heritor; for God , the King of Heaven, wishes it, and this to him is revealed by the Maid, and he will enter Paris in good company. If you will not believe the news from God and the Maid, in whatever place we shall find you, we shall strike in your midst, and will make so great a hurrah [hahay] that for a thousand years there has not been one in France so great, if you do not deal justly. And you may well believe that the King of Heaven will send more strength to the Maid than you will be able to lead in all your assaults against her and her good soldiers. And when the blows fall we shall see who will have the better right from God of Heaven. You, Duke of Bedford, the Maid begs you and requires of you that you work not your own destruction. If you listen to her you will yet be able to come in her company to where the French will do the finest deed that ever was done for Christianity. And reply to this, if you wish to make peace at the city of Orleans; and if thus you do not do, you will shortly remember it to your great sorrow. Written this Tuesday, Holy Week. [March 22, 1429]

Joan of Arc lead the men of France to repel foreign invaders, as did Charlemagne centuries before. The hour will come once again.

Ezra Pound's Ghost

I wish our movement would be more mindful that the problem is not only the ideology of Islam per se, but even more so is the genetic and cultural inheritance of the Middle East/Levant/Maghreb. Circumcision of women in Africa isn’t necessarily a “muslim” thing, it’s an African thing. Disrespect for women in Saudi isn’t necessarily a “muslim” thing, it’s an Arabic thing. Having a totally irrational pridefulness and hot temper isn’t necessarily a “muslim” thing, it is a Levantine thing. White Nationalism and traditionalism make implicit and explicit appeals to the biological reality of race and its more or less determining character; but why when it comes to Muslims does race and biology always go out the window in favor of focusing totally on ideology (Islam)?

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