Don’t Get Feministed


I’ll make my own damn sandwich because everyone knows that a feminist can’t make a sandwich to save her life.

What’s wrong with women? What’s wrong with men?  What’s wrong with me?  If you’ve been reading and sharing articles that try to answer those questions you might be part of the problem.  The manosphere and nearby reading circles have taken on a silly penchant tough-love news and placing blame anywhere that they can get an “amen!” to back up their choice.  They’re making the problem worse.

Playing the blame game and venting social frustrations every time that a bias confirmation comes along will leave the door open to receive some truly awful advice, and feminists are hip to this game.  Conservative men just love to tell women how to behave, and they get an even bigger kick out of seeing conservative women telling men (and occasionally other women) how to behave.

Nobody likes a male feminist.  Nobody.  And nobody should like a female manosphere advocate either.

Counter-Cultured USA likes to kick around topics and questions related to male and female identity, gender performance, and sexuality.  They have a distinctly conservative flavor of opinion with a strong pro-second amendment stance, and if you’re a huge fan of Breitbart then you’ll probably think that Counter-Cultured is the next best thing.  Counter-Cultured is self-described as “… a young conservative blog and online grassroots coalition focused on society and culture.”  After all, what could be better than a website that defends our rights to own firearms while tackling disgusting third-wave feminism?

Screenshot 2015-01-26 at 09.33.59

“Fellas, check this out!” This isn’t advice for men, it’s a demand.

The article that caught my eye was one Counter-Cultured shared from another website called “Good Guy Swag,” a veritable homing beacon for the failed man-children of the world.  The article was “21 Lost Gentleman Traditions That Still Apply Today.”  I didn’t need to read the article to know that it wouldn’t be able to solve any of the problems with men, or that men deal with.  The lumbersexual‘s image used to promote the article said as much.  So, with a few minutes to spare, and a burning desire for a good hardy belly laugh I pressed on.

The top-list wasn’t so much of a guide to learning how to behave around women, or how to treat women.  It was more like the White Knight starter pack and guide to being a doormat.  If it was a late night infomercial the promotional speech would probably sound like this: “With our proven system you’ll have dozens of women walking all over you in a matter of hours! Satisfaction guaranteed!”  After which point the internet ate it up and begged for more.  You can view the article’s share stats via a widget on the page’s side.  Thousands and thousands of lonely frustrated men and confused women shared the hell out of that article in what was probably the largest collective pity party ever seen on the ‘net, second only to “The Sexodous, Part 1.”

I expected the article to be a plug for a new scent of Stetson cologne, Axe body spray, or discounted fedoras.  It was a small relief to know that the author was at least trying to be genuine and sincere in the advice, but unsurprisingly was just another long laundry list of things that men need to do for women.  Men have no shortage of advice, recommendations, and demands for how to treat women.  We’re told every minute of every day how to treat women.  It comes to us from the newspaper, the television, the radio, pop culture, social media, friends, and family.  This list didn’t help much.  If you follow these 21 rules for men, and I sincerely hope you don’t, you’re going to find out that waiting on a woman’s every beck and call while being her personal piggy bank and chauffeur is a recipe for disaster.

Screenshot 2015-01-26 at 11.51.09Women are quite literally the most contested group of people with their own ever-evolving list of non-reciprocating etiquette.  In spite of it all men will accommodate these demands if they’re shown to be based on rational common sense and don’t require us lie prone on the ground.  So, I poked and prodded Counter-Cultured to see if they would post a list of things that women should do for men.  And they delivered.  Their Facebook page shared an article “21 Lost Lady Traditions That Still Apply Today.”  If you thought the article for men was bad, then you should really take a glance at the women’s version.

The women’s version of 21-lost-traditions puts all responsibility for a relationship on the man, and excuses the woman from ever having to do any heavy lifting.  If women follow this set of advice, and I sincerely hope they don’t, they’ll probably find themselves surrounded by men who resent them for being manipulative, needy, selfish, and demanding.  If your model of advice for women is made up of rules like “close your mouth when chewing,” “don’t talk with a full mouth,” and “put your cell phone away during dinner” then we’ve got much bigger problems.  Life goes on outside of the dining room or restaurant, and I have faith that women can offer more than a pretty face and polite behavior in the dining room.

Counter-Cultured caters to a young conservative audience. But, their rhetoric is pure feminism.  The thousands of men and women who are reading what’s believed to be contemporary conservative advocacy and criticism are falling for the cult of female empowerment.  Empowering women to participate in social and political advocacy and the various spheres of civil and domestic performance is not the same as whipping men into behaving like obedient lap dogs and butlers.



Are the younger women starting to wake up to race situation reality? Notice I didn’t say ‘race realism.’

Because I’m not young, and not old, and totally lost among my own gender. Almost no women really ‘get it,’ that I can see, who aren’t sorta shady. Middle aged, middle and upper middle class women (I don’t know as much about ‘lower’ class ones as the milieu is by definition chaotic) are just impossible to reason with when it comes to black, brown and jewish attacks on whites. It’s driving me crazy.

I wind up talking with white men who seem to know what’s going down, but all they want to do is sleep with me, romance me, or otherwise womanize me.

I actually felt some odd nostalgia for some nerdy jewish guys I grew up with today, after being propositioned by a guy I just met who wants me to have his kid. He’s upset redheads are dying out.

So I guess I’m babbling because I wonder two things: 1. where are all the white women? Why do they so stubbornly resist facing up to what’s happening? 2. Is the refusal on the part of white guys to treat women like whole beings part of the answer to question #1? Is there something in America, some frontier hyper-masculinized jungle mating game that we’re still prisoners to?

Because I think if we want to break free something’s gotta give.


Women Tend to Be Less Socially Courageous

Women are generally calibrated to favor safety over risk, and there are few things more socially risky in our society than racial awareness.

Women Tend to Be Less Socially Retarded

Women are more sensitive to social cues and social stigma. A good share of pro-white males aren’t actually socially courageous at all. They’re autistic spectrum cases who honestly don’t pick up on the profound shaming directed at those who violate the taboo against racial awareness.

Women Tend to Be Less Analytical

Females are of equal intelligence to males, but it’s structured differently, with superior verbal intelligence and inferior mathematical reasoning ability. HBD outreach will reach fewer of them than it does men, since they generally tend to be less inclined to dig or excel at the statistical arguments HBD-oriented racial realists rely upon.

Women Tend to Be More Religious

The West’s religious institutions (Yes, even European folkish paganism!) have been subverted by anti-White propaganda, which finds a captive audience in our target demographic of mature, family-oriented, and tradition-minded young women.

Power Teams

Most racial realist women are also traditionalists of one stripe or another, so they prefer to marry and support a husband who’s the outspoken racial realist. Movement insiders will know exactly what I’m talking about here with several prominent leaders whose wives stay out of the limelight but whose wives actually do the lion’s share of the actual work that goes into their organizations.


The other reasons listed above overshadow this more popular excuse for why women don’t show up. Oftentimes a man’s unfashionable attitudes about minorities is coupled with unfashionable attitudes about women, which oftentimes go beyond merely being traditional and role-oriented approaches to gender issues. The attack is primarily on white males, and white females have been successfully recruited by the Left, leading many men on the White Right, especially those with personal backstories undergirding their attitudes, to adopt a destructive “us vs. them” approach to women.


* Actual misogyny must be identified and expunged. That’s easier said than done, but it ought to be done.

* Expecting a 50/50 balance at this stage is impossible and unnecessary.

* We should do more to develop actual subcultures. After a certain threshold, subcultures begin to attract females, because they create an inner world with their own social rules within which the aforementioned challenges are mitigated. The skinheads had “skinbirds” at their height, but the HBD guys haven’t had and never will have the female equivalent because they’re not structured as a social subculture.

* The women who show up who are genuinely motivated and indoctrinated should be professionally privileged and promoted as political assets, not just drooled over and gossiped about.

* A female equivalent of “game” which arms young women with the same sort of practical advice about avoiding the pitfalls of Modernity that the MRA scene offers to young men could be successful if properly orchestrated, perhaps.


What is so wrong or disturbing about men wanting to romance you or even sleep with you? Men want to mate with women. That is what we’re meant to do, it’s nature. You should take it as a compliment, because one day when it suddenly stops happening, you’ll be missing it.

Women in general understand politics, at least radical ideas that do not yield career prospects or prestige, as the realm of men. In other words, they take on the political views of the men in their lives. Sometimes the man they are with does not have political views, in which case they either take whatever is offered by the system/media or remain apolitical themselves.

These politics aren’t family or female movements, at least not what it takes initially to get the ball rolling. Nationalism naturally reflects uniquely male urges: self-sacrifice, discipline, faustian idealism, and the will to impose yourself on others (dominance) that most conservatives don’t have (Which is why women can often become conservatives, but few of them come to the radical nationalist camp).

Women on the other hand are (biologically): fanatically loyal, respect authority and are submissive, and ultra-conformists. These traits are great if we have the power, but work against us if we don’t.


Matt P., how would you articulate the dividing line between traditional and/or anti-feminist views on roles and authority and actual misogyny? In your view, is there a set of criteria, or is it a “I know it when I see it” kind of thing?


Animosity toward the fairer sex is the most clear indicator of misogyny, and spite is one of those things that I indeed “know it when I see it.”

In formulaic terms, believing women are inferior in a broader and/or spiritual sense is the litmus test. Many folks don’t understand the difference between a submissive role in and an inferior role, which produces most of the confusion, frustration, and distrust when trying to distinguish traditionalists from misogynists.


“The women who show up who are genuinely motivated and indoctrinated should be professionally privileged and promoted as political assets,”

Yes you’re right. Our culture isn’t gynocentric enough. Women are still persecuted in the workplace and there’s not enough wealth-transfer going on. Evil misogynists ruining everything.

I wonder how else can we please them.


You’re just belly-aching.

Nationalist women are political assets whose presence has a multiplier effect on productivity and morale. It has nothing to do with feminism. You and feminists are both hung up on making gender stuff fair. I’m not. I’m hung up on making gender stuff work. There are cases, this being one, where affording women a modest privilege boost is the optimal thing to do.


I don’t think it’s traditional to expect women to do the “heavy lifting.” Also, although a bit puerile, I do not find anything offensive in either of the two lists. Courtesy goes a long way on both sides. Even though you diss the Manosphere, you appear to perhaps have been infected by some of its noxious ideas. Traditional men respect, honor, and yes, support and take care of women and children. Deal with it.

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