Can Kosher Nationalists Save the West?

EDL2In the 2013 national conference of the British National Party, then-leader Nick Griffin mentioned the seemingly overnight rise of the English Defense League and its short­-lived “civic nationalist” political wing: British Freedom Party. His talk was a disturbing insight into the deception of Jews and globalist interests. Griffin mentions a situation where he and other members of the BNP were offered large sums of money by “Americans” to stop talking about Jews, international finance, race and to reorganize their political party around attacking Islam. They refused this bribe in 2007 and soon after found themselves targeted by the British state, media and the Judeo ­Left.

Even with high­-profile LGBT, Sikh and Jewish Divisions, EDL supporters were allowed to aggressively recruit on White Nationalist portals like Stormfront without being disturbed. As of the time of this article, the organization that was bringing thousands of useful idiots to the streets has more or less vanished into thin air. The electoral decline of the BNP in conjunction with the rise of the mealy-­mouthed Tories of UKIP ­who absorbed the white-anger vote last election means that EDL’s retarded politics have outlived their usefulness.

It is bizarre how the superficially unstoppable momentum of the EDL that inspired so many authentic British nationalists to expend their money and time on its cause just fizzled out as quickly as it rose. The money and energy wasted on the EDL are resources authentic British nationalists did not get, and today the legitimate British nationalist scene is a fragmented mess.  Whoever was behind this controlled opposition group got exactly what they wanted.

With that said, the problem of immigration and Arab grooming gangs in Britain is a plague that absolutely needs to be addressed, and authentic British nationalists do address them. But considering 72% of Arab immigrants in Britain believe secular law is superior to Islamic law, the Middle Eastern drug traffickers and rapists operating within Britain’s borders are more interested in dressing like Ali G, listening to 2Pac, and stealing your iPod than they are in establishing the “Sharia Law” kosher conservatives hysterically shriek about. Furthermore, interracial violent crime in Britain continues to be disproportionately a black problem, but this is not of interest to the “Eurosceptics” that make political careers out of crowing about the threat Islam is to the West’s precious queers and Jews.

Jews Pretending to Be Europeans Sign Over Sovereignty On Host Population’s Behalf

In 2010, a number of high profile European “nationalist” parties who are known for being principle voices in agitation against Islam sent delegates to Israel, sponsored by a Jewish millionaire named Chaim Muehlstein. Among this cast of characters was Geert Wilders (Jewish) of the Dutch Party For Freedom; Heinz Christian­ Strache of the Austrian Freedom Party; Rene Stadtkewitz (Likely Jewish) of the German Freedom Party; Kent Ekeroth (Jewish) of the Sweden Democrats; and other “freedom” and “Eurosceptic” civic nationalist parties from Switzerland, Italy, and Belgium.

During their tour in Israel, the “European nationalists” met with the Knesset and signed a ridiculous document called the “Jerusalem Declaration”, that pledges fealty to Israel at any cost and vows to use the countries they claim to represent to fight “fundamentalist Islam”. Is this nationalism?  Perhaps in the Charles Krauthammer school of bloodthirsty Jewish neo­conservatism.

To see how this undermines the cause of Western nationalism, one only needs to read the very first plank in the Dutch Party For Freedom’s platform:

“[We Demand] Harsh punishment for violence against Jews and the LGBT community, which particularly comes from the Islamic corner.” (pg 13)

Why does an alleged Dutch nationalist party not mention increased punishment for violence against… the indigenous Dutch (most of whom, do not sodomize other men)? Considering that more than half of Holland’s remarkably large non-­white population does not come from Muslim regions like the Middle East or North Africa, why are they completely ignored? The reality is, these “Far ­Right” and “nationalist” parties are actually to the “Left” of the GOP on every issue except Israel.

As of today, the Dutch Party For Freedom has fought tooth and nail to keep the names of its donors secret, whose public disclosure is required by Dutch law. With that said, it’s not hard to see a pattern across the various “freedom” parties who follow this anti­-white template.

The Fruits and “Judeo ­Christians” In Patriotic Clothing

French patriot Jean Marie Le Pen shocked the establishment by taking his Front National party to the runoffs against Jacque Chirac in 2002. However, Le Pen’s Front National has undergone a steep decline since being taken over by his baby boomer daughter Marine. The rumors of Front National’s current top brass and advisors being a bunch homosexuals and Jews began to take a new form when it was revealed that Front National’s Vice President, Florian Philippot, is a practicing homosexual. Furthermore, Marine Le Pen has announced that the militant homosexual Sebastien Chenu­, founder of the “GayLib Movement,”­ would be her new “cultural advisor”.

The demographics of Front National’s high command indeed looks more like a Hollywood movie studio’s boardroom than it does a patriotic party for normal Frenchmen. There are claims (albeit unsubstantiated) from Front National dissident groups that up to half of FN elites are homosexuals.  Two FN Mayors put into power during municipal elections, Stephane Ravier and David Rachline, are also ethnic Jews. It should be noted that the first thing these Front National mayors did in power is vote themselves raises with the state money withdrawn from groups espousing pro-Palestinian views. Stephane Ravier carefully hid his Jewish roots when he joined the organization in 1995, but after being exposed in 2008 he had already gained considerable clout in the now reformed Zionist party.

These factors have played an important role in transforming Front National from a nationalist alternative, into a one-track anti-­Muslim party. Marine Le Pen’s relatively low-­profile meeting with the European Jewish Union vowing to crush “Holocaust Deniers” (like her father) and push the Zionist agenda in France. Front National’s abysmal dismissal of the 1.4 million French citizens who filled the streets against gay marriage has led to a truckload of complaints from FN’s grassroots organizations and voters, which Le Pen also tellingly dismissed. If Marine Le Pen publicly blows off her voters, her natural demographics, and even her own father, then who does she serve?

The disturbing and satirical mockery of the French people was on full display in the parliament a few weeks ago when Front National MP Gilbert Collard gave a hysterical and aggressive speech on the mere prospect of recognizing a Palestinian state, something Marine Le Pen would never allow on French issues­ because it’s too ”Hitler­esque”:

“It is difficult not to believe that this resolution will create greater tension in the country. You did not support any of these thoughts. You did not support any of the arguments. This resolution is inadmissible, unreal and in the end only gives you the feeling that you are fighting for an ideology that is lacking. There is no comparison between South Africa and Israel. Israel is not a racist country! There is no apartheid! Put that in your head! This is a country which represents in the Middle East the values of democracy that we defend!”

As we speak, yet another controlled opposition group called Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the Occident (PEGIDA) is leading thousands of Germans in a protest against “Islam” and “Sharia law”. The group’s leader, Lutz Bachmann, has stated that PEGIDA’s goal is to protect the “Judeo­ Christian Western culture.” Anyone who has read the New Testament can confirm the fact that Judeo­ Christianity is a theological oxymoron, and anyone who lies and suggests that’s not the case surely has an agenda or is being paid by people with agendas. When it comes to the West, we have been in perpetual war with the Jews since classical antiquity.  Western psychologists and scholars such as Kevin MacDonald and Revilo P. Oliver academically demonstrate this.

The political party endorsing PEGIDA’s march, Alternative For Germany, supports keeping most immigration policies just as long as the immigrants don’t eat bacon and save their hatred for straight white gentiles. The official quote is that they want a “Canadian ­style immigration system.”  How do Canada’s demographics look? Most European’s don’t know so they capitalize on this ignorance, but a walk through Toronto or Vancouver will transform many votes from AfD to NPD­ where they belong.

Kernels Of Truth Used To Swerve and Confuse The Left Side Of The Bell Curve

It is true that “Muslim youths” are a big problem in Europe. As visitors to Amsterdam can testify, North Africans, Albanians, and Turks play an enormous role in the European underworld. But this isn’t a problem of religion, this is a problem of races with partially biologically-­rooted poor characters who let their inner savage rip as soon as the prospect of getting their hands chopped off disappears. Ironically, the problem with Europe’s immigrant “youths” is a lack of Islam, as bonafide Sharia law countries have some of the lowest crime rates on earth. The Somalian “youths” who rampage in the streets of Malmo and London do so for the same reason the “nice” Methodists of Ferguson senselessly murdered a white man with hammers and razed their own community to the ground.

In France, 80% of “Muslims” do not attend a Mosque. In Germany, only 41% of Turks even pray, and this is only if you include “occasional” prayers. The aliens in these countries, from countless anecdotal observations I’ve made and heard, have more interest in sleeping with white non-Muslim women, shoplifting, getting drunk, and dressing up like 50 Cent than they do establishing Sharia law. The insidious channeling of Europe’s instinctual rage at being racially replaced into momentum to further entrench Jewish supremacy is,unlike what some nationalists believe, worse than doing nothing.

Mohammed banned alcohol and vice among Arabs for a reason, it’s no surprise that the Arabian peninsula became a conquering power soon after it implemented Islam. Stripping them of these rules, and then transporting them to live in Europe, is a recipe of disaster, and this is exactly what the designers of the ’68 immigration policy intended.

Jews Bet On All Horses

So why are Jews funding, leading, and supporting “far­ right” movements, while other Jews fund, lead and support “far left” ones? Because that’s how the tribe controls the debate. On the surface, the capitalist Wall Street Jew Jacob Schiff funding Jew Trotsky to establish communism in the Soviet Union may seem like a contradiction, but it isn’t.

A useful tool for deciphering underhanded Jewish political activity is to read Israeli papers, which are written under the assumption that the readers are Jewish and are thus informative, as opposed to the Associated Press or other media sources made by Jews for Gentile eyes. One of the Israelis who hosted the kosher nationalist delegation to Israel, David Ha’Ivri, made clear the Jewish angle in an Arutz Sheva interview:

“No skinhead cares what [Anti -Defamation League Chairman] Abe Foxman has to say, but if Filip Dewinter and Heinz­ Christian Strache make these statements they will have real impact.”

The fact that he puts “staunch liberal” Abe Foxman in the same sentence as Kosher “ultra-nationalists” is striking. Jews wear out their welcome everywhere they go, and throughout history they’ve played diverse roles such as Muslim, Catholic, French, Palestinian, Leftist or Nationalist– all geared towards the same ends. The cultural Marxist notion of identifying with “the other” at your own people’s expense, invented by the Jew Claude Levi­-Strauss, has created blowback for Jewry in a time where it is illegal in most of Europe to suggest Jews are not Western. Thanks to this, Arabs have begun committing acts of violence against Jews that the latter intended for whites, and the gentile social­ democrats refuse to do much about it.

It’s especially relevant to take into account the record­ shattering pro-­Palestinian demonstrations that sent shock waves through the streets of Germany, France, and Britain during last summer’s vicious Gaza War. In Germany and France, shouts of “Jews, Get out!” reminded them of a period not too long ago. Although Jews themselves flooded Europe with African and Asian snakes, they are now employing the Kosher nationalist mongoose to try and subdue it. The goal is to transform the Arabs who refuse to shed their hatred of Jews and cultural conservatism into secular vatos and negroes who prey upon innocent white people every day in America but pose no political threat to Jews. A common theme in both the activism of Front National and PEGIDA is that their problem is with Arabs and North Africans segregating themselves. They instead want them to integrate into French and German cultural Marxism (the “Judeo” in “Judeo ­Christian West”), and thus the European gene pool (the original intention of Jewish pushes for open borders). This isn’t the worldview of a true Western nationalist, this is the world view of the Jew-­created NAACP, which was also established to thwart Marcus Garvey’s popular back to Africa movement.

With record numbers of people opposing Zionist wars, and complaints increasing against international finance (and Jews know this eventually leads to “antisemitism” when people find out who is behind it), Kosher nationalism is just another Jewish trick to undermine us for their own benefit. Just remember that the same morally bankrupt and unscrupulous people who today talk about a “Judeo ­Christian tradition”, were in Moorish Spain and Ottoman Greece talking about the “Judeo ­Islamic tradition”.

The problem of Islamic fundamentalism is quintessentially Sunni, which Israel and the West both have sided with against moderate Shias. If tomorrow the true West stopped financing Israel and Salafist savages, and deported all immigrants, there would be no more “Islamic fundamentalism” aimed at the West. The hysteria associated with Islam, such as the Texas state legislature voting to ban “Sharia Law”, is an insult to our intelligence.  This Islam hysteria absorbs money and time that should be going to groups that are legitimately fighting to save Western civilization.  The myriad of other parties developing alongside NPD, Jobbik, Golden Dawn, and Party of Swedes are the ones who can get somewhere with hard hard work.  There are no shortcuts in this struggle for freedom. If they’re not shooting at you, unfairly jailing you, or constantly defaming you, chances are it’s because what you’re doing is fundamentally useless, ­or worse, is ­benefiting the Jews.



An outstanding article with valuable information on the consequences of trusting people or groups that don’t exclude them without exception.

My hat’s off to you.


Excellent article! At the moment the media, politicians and celebrites try to bash PEGIDA at all cost here in Germany. However looking at their manifesto their statements to some issues like the flood of asylum seekers are even more liberal than from the zionist controlled establishment.
Most people don´t realise that the problems are not religious but racial. One of the most fanatical muslims here in Germany is a german convert, Pierre Vogel. He clothes like a traditional arab and has a funny beard. You can see this bloke on Youtube for a laugh.
Most immigrants from islamic countries clothe in fact more in “gangsta” style, not like this…but still some people complain about “islamification”…


When jews destroy a society they are acting out the role played by samson in the old testament. The egyptians chained samson to the pillars of the temple. Samson pulled on his chains, the roof of the temple collapsed. All the egyptians perished!


Griffin mentions a situation where he and other members of the BNP were offered large sums of money by “Americans” to stop talking about Jews, international finance, race and to reorganize their political party around attacking Islam. They refused this bribe in 2007 and soon after found themselves targeted by the British state, media and the Judeo ­Left.

This detail is particularly interesting. Notice how Jews first and preferred choice was bribery and subversion not open attack.


Wilders is not jewish, as far as I know.

Marine’s boyfriend Louis Aliot is jewish. This is confirmed by his page on the French Wikipedia. And Aliot has been visiting Israel and reaching out to the jewish community, and likely has an influence on Marine.


His grandmother, Johanna Meijer, is Jewish. That’s enough to get him Israeli citizenship. Not to mention his fanatical support for Zionism.

Fr. John+

With the ‘conservatives’ in the USA also fully possessed (demonically) by the CZ wing, it is illuminating to read these comments on Dostoyevsky and ‘conservatism’ over at Soul of the East:

“The ideals of modernity, manifested in progress, equality, democracy, total individual autonomy, etc. form a counterfeit religion. So long as the self-proclaimed Right holds fast to any of these fantasies, opposition to liberalism is meaningless and purely cosmetic. Rhetorical nods to cultural consolidation, i.e. “family values,” are articulated within the corrosive framework of Enlightenment rights ideology, and only for the purpose of grabbing votes. Does anyone seriously contemplate that the Republican leadership will attempt anything meaningful against institutionalized infanticide? Lest we forget, over 50 million unborn children have been slaughtered in the United States since abortion was made legal by the Supreme Court in 1973. It is now a point of pride that American men and women fight for these storied liberties from the Hindu Kush to the Maghreb.”

Abortion, gay rights, egalitarianism, all of it was spearheaded by the Deicides, going back at least to the Frankfurt School. With writings such as these columns, we are merely awakening from our slumber: I pray, not too late to change, purge, and purify our nation, people, and souls.


“Although Jews themselves flooded Europe with African and Asian snakes, they are now employing the Kosher nationalist mongoose to try and subdue it. ”
Nothing although about it, compare and contrast Europe, where jews are fleeing, with NYC, where they are instead driving out the uncoordinated diversity they brought in.


Party of the Swedes, or SvP have cooperated with The Identitaire movement, a movement that is pro-jewish. The Identitaire movement is on a pro-jewish crusade. Some folks that look promising at the moment is SMR (Svenska motståndsrörelsen=Swedish resistance movement).

Bulan Sabiel

Standing up to fundamentalist Islam is signing away sovereignty? On what planet? All I see here is unthinking hatred of Jews, Israel and anyone who supports the existence of Israel.
Which begs the question, if you don’t like the existence of Israel, and Jews living in the west, isn’t it time to man up and celebrate the holocaust, even if 7 million gentiles died?

Bulan Sabiel

Standing up to fundamentalist Islam is signing away sovereignty? On what planet? All I see here is unthinking hatred of Jews, Israel and anyone who supports the existance of Israel.
Which begs the question, if you don’t like the existance of Israel, and Jews living in the west, isn’t it time to man up and celebrate the holocaust, even if 7 million gentiles died?


That’s not what the Jerusalem Declaration says. I looked it up, it’s about these Jews intertwining the fate of Israel with the fate of Sweden, Holland and other countries named, even though the majority of people in these countries don’t even support Israel. They are neo-conservative swine, just like you and your “STOP LOOKING AT JEWS, GET THE MUSLIMS” crap.


Absolutely not. You don’t hire convicted arsonists to put out a raging fire. And you don’t let Jews lead a nationalist movement in Britain. Ever..


Absolutely not. You don’t hire convicted arsonists to put out a raging fire. And you don’t let Jews lead a nationalist movement. Ever..

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