Boots on the Ground: TYN Marching for Life

January 19, 2015

andy 1

by Anders Ruundsengen

What did I do for our movement this weekend?

6:30 a.m. Saturday morning, 1-17-14. I’m lacing up my boots, affixing my braces and grab my Schwarze Sonne pin that a member of National Action gave me and pin it to my tie…  I’m psyching myself up mentally and physically to go to a demonstration with my friends from the Traditionalist Youth Network this day, and if I’m going to a protest I’m going to look good while doing it.

7:00 sharp: Emerging through my front door I find TYN Indiana University President Thomas Buhls (one of the most-punched faces in White Nationalism) who says: “You ready?”

“Let’s do this thing, man!” I reply and go hop in the car.

I jump in to his car and say hello to an Illinois University student with us, and give a hello to Heimbach…  I ask him how his pregnant wife is doing and get a little idea of the minutiae of what we’re doing today.

We make it to a Catholic pro-life rally held in Cincinnati and almost immediately an anti shows up and starts shouting about how we are “all hypocrites”. You can see the crazy in the sides of his eyes. He starts in and little children are tugging at their mother’s and father’s coattails…These little kids look scared. Old warriors in Christ are corralling the man away from the head of the march, and it’s not working. Three policeman are walking alongside the man as well and when I look over at Tom and Matt I see the look of disgust in their eyes.

Suddenly, Tom says “Hold the banner!” to Heimbach and marches up to the guy and grabs his (multiple) signs and tear them to shreds, to the delight of many of the older folks there and some of the dyed-in-the-wool Catholics. Will this erupt in violence? I don’t know, but my blood is pumping and adrenaline is surging. Activism…  I’m hooked!

My friend from Illinois and myself are marching at the vanguard of the procession holding our banner when something moves over me…  we’re marching together…  all chanting the same thing, the Rosary…  women and children, men young and old are all there. I start to tear up…  this feels righteous!  AntiFa punkers, one in a Black Flag shirt says something I can’t hear over the cadre of people chanting with me.

tradyouth banner cincin 1We arrive at the end and immediately begin our demonstration in support of police officers and OUR law officers. Jim Condit, Jr. arrives…a couple other guys as well. I introduce myself to one there, looking like Neo, from The Matrix, in mirrored shades and long leather coat, a Robert Ransdell…and I think to myself “Where have I heard that name before?” I’m wracking my brain for a moment when it comes to me and I exclaim loudly…”Oh yeah! You’re the ‘With Jews We Lose!’ guy!”. Much to my embarrassment.

All in all, many good brothers showed up for that demonstration, got many honks and “thumbs-up” of approval from the people driving by. We all had a great time afterwards and I reveled in the camaraderie and brotherhood that was shown to me.
I’m utterly assured of the righteousness of our cause.

I will say now that avowedly I am a White Nationalist. For Faith, Family and Folk! This weekend was great…  so get your boots on the ground, brothers…  it’s fun!  Sell your cloak, buy a sword and you will find out!

Hail Victory!

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