Rise of the Abortion Pirates: Beyond Roe v. Wade

Rise of the Abortion Pirates

Rise of the Abortion PiratesI believe that perhaps the best single metric for the overall success of a nation or community is a low abortion rate. And not necessarily a low recorded abortion rate, but a low rate of abortions occurring, either legally or illegally. While liberals and atheists are keen to exaggerate the scope and scale of hypocrisy and secretive indulgence in vice in more traditional periods, it’s indeed true that an unforgiving, unsupportive, and pharisaical society will have more vice, corruption, and abortion than a society which walks that narrow road between obedience and charity which Christ exhorts us to walk. A society with the fewest possible abortions would not only render them illegal, it would render unwanted pregnancy unlikely and the decision to terminate those unwanted pregnancies undesirable.

While¬†our steady procession of legal victories since Roe v. Wade are all well and good, legally proscribing medical professionals from performing the practice is a 20th Century solution. Medical advances in the production of abortifacient drugs, open borders, and elaborate crime networks which skirt customs and import regulations with ease are making it increasingly difficult to interrupt the abortion at the moment the murder actually occurs. If we hope to rein in this monstrous affront to human dignity and God’s plan, opponents of abortion will be forced to do what they should have been doing all along: working farther up on the chain of influences and decisions preceding the fateful and fatal decision of the mother to slaughter her own child.

For an idea of how the abortion issue is shaping up in the coming decades, look no further than the most murderous pirate on the seven seas, Jewess Rebecca Gomperts. She sails her ship to countries with restrictive abortion laws, loads her ship up with a cargo of young women in crisis, then sails out into international waters where she can abort with impunity.

Gomperts founded Women on Waves in 1999, an organization that uses a ship to provide safe medical abortion in international waters. Women on Waves has provided mifepristone and misoprostol to women in countries around the world. In places where Gomperts has been prevented from dispensing the pills, she has provided information to women about how to access the drugs, which can safely be used to end a pregnancy up until 12 weeks.

While we’ve been busy winning legal battle after legal battle, the abortionists have been on a steady campaign to win the moral debate with young audiences.

They have been very good at getting laws accepted. The thing is that they are more working through the legislative process. The abortion rights movement [in the US] is very good in education, but the antiabortion movement has been much better getting restrictions implemented into law.

True to form, conservatives fail to grasp that the moral battle is paramount, eclipsing the legal and scientific battles we prefer to wage. A similar phenomenon has occurred in the the struggle for white identity, with our side rolling on from victory to victory in confirming the scientific validity of racial differences, and even enjoying some success in pushing back Affirmative Action, all while our opponents have been successfully framing any and all attempts at embracing or defending our white heritage and identity as an implied assault on adorable and helpless non-whites.

The predictable result of this lopsided agenda is exactly what we find today, a plurality of White Americans intellectually acknowledge racial differences and intuitively dislike the explicit institutional discrimination against them in education and the workforce, but have been cowed into submission by the leftist moral argument that any attempt at preserving or advancing our people amounts to comic book villainy.

To win the fight against abortion, we have no choice but to focus on radicalizing our youth with stridently traditionalist morals and messages, while also investing in our youth, most especially in our young women who’ve chosen to become mothers, whether within wedlock or without. This is the polar opposite of what our society, including our “Christian conservatives” are doing. We’re liberalizing and de-fanging Christian morality to “relate” to youths, whose liberal brainwashing is taken for granted as a fait accompli. Our society is heavily borrowing from youths in their twenties, who are struggling through an acute economic recession to waste money on ever more elaborate assisted living facilities and advanced medical treatments for aging Baby Boomers whose hypocrisy on matters of the sanctity of life and the morality of euthanasia is being exposed in their twilight years.

We allow Modernity’s merchants of death to brainwash our youth into not wanting children, then choose between a Democratic Party which wants to kill their unwanted children and a Republican Party which wants to stigmatize, marginalize, and starve them and their children. This is why TradYouth is so necessary and why TradYouth deserves your support, because we’re the only major project striking at the root of the matters of identity and morality. We’re the only major group aggressively promoting a complete transformation of its adherents into the sorts of men and women who will be proud of their heritage instead of their selfies, invested in their communities instead of their timeshares, and more beholden to apostolic priests than to abortion pirates.



Seems to me the next step in this line of thinking is- we need to make ADC payments available to young married women in college. Moreover, we need locate day care centers and married housing units onto our college and university campuses.


I’m supportive of both those ideas, though I believe a broader cultural shift where women are less encouraged to attend college (without being actively limited from attending college), at least during their prime reproductive years, would also be helpful.


How come you don’t mention that Rebecca Gomperts is a slimey Jew? Women on Waves focuses mostly on EUROPE, and the farthest they go is Argentina (a sophisticated country with a white plurality that doesn’t need these “services”). This is more than anything a Jewish attack on white unborn and Western morality, by omitting that you omit the root of the problem.


Because I didn’t know. Can you provide a source for that so I can include it in the article?


Gomperts is a Jewish surname: http://www.jgsgb.org.uk/gompertz-surname-cross-reference

Together with Rebecca, the name alone is a dead giveaway. Add in the fact that she targets mostly white countries for infanticide, even though abortion is illegal in most of the third world, and you’ll see the motive as well.

She won a prize in Israel for her film, but of course doesn’t take her murder boat to Israel itself:

And that is despite the fact that Israel’s abortion laws (only allowed in the case of incest, rape, or gross birth defects) are not that different from some of the countries she invades.

Ezra Pound's Ghost

I got a lot of WN and “traditionalist” sites and often times am only given a stone. TradYouth always gives me bread.

Mr. Rippingdale

Don’t mention that she is Jewish, wouldn’t want your church to excommunicate you again for opposing stark evil. It’s a wonder that the Navy of a civilized nation (leaves out Murrica) hasn’t sent this Khazar warship to join the rabbis in gehenna.

Orthodox Mike

Nice little jab at our Holy Church. Rest assured, the Church knows more about Jews than the many heretical sects, pagans, and Nietzscheans will ever know. Ameridoxy, which is, unfortunately, overwhelmingly present over here, is not true Orthodoxy. And I will also say that blaming antichrists for doing what they do as antichrists doesn’t strike at the root of the problem : our spiritual condition.

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