A History of Mossad False Flags: Separating The Wheat From The Tinfoil Hat Chaff

Netanyahu at the Paris Unity March

Netanyahu at the Paris Unity MarchThe recent attack in Paris has been subject to a wide array of suspicion, especially thanks to the timing that coincides with global advances in the Palestinian movement, very convenient suicides, inconsistent eyewitness accounts, and other (merited) conspiracy theorist catnip. My verdict is that, yes, the Mossad may have played a role in the massacre, but by having to dig through the junk like “They’re crisis actors!”, “where is the blood?”, “They’re sipping mojitos with Timothy McVeigh and Tupac on a beach in Tel Aviv!”, and “Nazi Bankers and Rothschilds did it!” as is typical of the thought-contraceptives put forth by Alex Jones and Gordon Duff (Veteran’s Today), empirical skepticism becomes lost in a sea of easily debunked false information.

It’s not hard to see why generally informative and sound websites such as the The Daily Stormer and The Daily Slave are constantly undergoing Level 7 DDoS attacks and having their Paypal funds frozen, while InfoWars, Veteran’s Today, and the myriad of blogs riding on their coattails are more or less allowed to monopolize the discourse without hindrance and carve out a nice niche for themselves.     

Mossad false flags are a very real phenomenon that do not require superpowers, crisis actors, or extraterrestrial technology to pull off. When your ethnic group is close-knit and has grossly disproportionate influence over the world you are a political kingmaker and thus above the law, combine this with a historical reputation for moral bankruptcy and materialist Machiavellian “ethics” and logically no amount of cynicism or crimes against humanity is off the table.

According to ex-Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky’s tell all book By Way of Deception, there are no more than 30-35 Mossad agents operating at any given time. The reason, he says, they are able to launch False Flags is due to their recruitment of Sayanim, or diaspora Jews, who are sympathetic to their cause and willing to collaborate in missions. They’re real people, with real business and political connections, and a network of media conglomerates that function to cover for them.

Crumple up that tinfoil hat and put on your thinking cap:

Argentina 1994:  Attempt To Frame Iran For AMIA Bombing

The bombing of the Argentine-Israeli Mutual Association (AMIA) in Buenos Aires killed 85 people and injured scores of others. According to the narrative, a white Renault van filled with ammonium nitrate brought down the building, and immediately Mossad took over the direct “investigation”. For 2 decades, the case has been filled with intrigue and deceit, with almost all of the conclusive evidence pointing back to the Jewish community itself.

Originally, a group of Argentinian policemen designated as “Neo-Nazis” and “Hezbollah-linked” were tried in court on the charges. Carlos Telleldin, the alleged supplier of the carbomb used in the attack, was according to court records offered a bribe of $400,000 dollars to falsely implicate and testify against the policemen and Iran. In a shocking revelation reported by the Times of Israel, it was recently discovered that the Jewish ex-interior minister of Argentina, Carlos Corach, was the one who supplied the bribe. Further investigation uncovered decades later that other prominent Argentinian Jews worked to cover up and thwart the investigation, with high-profile names such as Ruben Beraja, then-president of the DAIA (A Jewish organization similar to the ADL) being key players.

Adding to the intrigue is the fact that Argentinian Engineers summoned to court refused to endorse the idea that a car bomb took down the AMIA. Instead, many believe the bomb was already planted inside the Jewish center, presumably by someone already inside. Regardless of how it happened, Israel and Argentinian Jewry tried desperately to place the blame on Iran and Hezbollah, in spite of utter lack of evidence.

The latest news revolved around an agreement struck between the Argentinian government with the Iranian government to establish an independent truth commission in 2013. A Jewish prosecutor and prominent Zionist, Alberto Nisman, sued to stop the fact finding mission and won. His stated motive is that no more investigation was needed and that it was certain the bombing was the work of the Iranians, even as intelligence officials from around the world question the dearth of evidence.

After it became obvious that the attempt to blame Iran and Hezbollah for the terrorist attack failed to pick up steam or garner sympathy for Jews during a reboot of the allegations in the mid-2000‘s, the Israelis began to discourage further inquiries. In January 2014, the former Israeli ambassador to Argentina Yitzhak Aviran , told the Jewish newspaper Agencia Judia de Noticias, that the Mossad had killed all of the “culprits” and no more investigation should be pursued because the Argentinian government was incompetent. The Israeli government itself was furious at Aviran’s statement and denied any plausibility to it. Argentinian government foreign minister Hector Timerman in response reiterated the notion that the Israeli government was continuing to sabotage evidence gathering.

Verdict: It was most likely the Mossad or someone with connections to them who blew up the AMIA.  The powerful Jews within the Argentinian government were at the very least hired or conspired to bribe their way into framing Iran over what the press called “The worst attack on the Jewish community since WWII”.

Egpyt 1954: Jews Hatch Plan To Murder Western Civilians While Leaving Fake Clues Implicating Neo-Nazis and Islamists

In the 1950‘s, Mossad agents Moshe Marzouk, Schmuel Azar, Yosef Carmon, Meir Max Bineth, and Avraham Zeidenberg began operating in Egypt disguised as “Neo-Nazis”, Islamic militants, and nationalists. Operation Susannah, as it was dubbed, recruited members of the Egyptian Jewish diaspora with the goal of murdering British and American civilians and planting evidence that would implicate Muslim Brotherhood, nationalists, and other groups Israeli intelligence sought to build animosity against. The plot was uncovered by the Egyptian government and a number of the conspirators were sentenced to prison or death, while both the British and U.S. governments weakly protested the heinous and unscrupulous conspiracy.

For more than 5 decades, the Israeli government and its global Jewish media collaborators denied the allegations by using the typical canards of “anti-Semitism”, “blood libel”, and how such accusations would lead to “another Holocaust”. The Israeli media and public for years knew that the Israeli government was guilty, but thanks to the country’s Military Censorship Laws, all talk of it was prohibited and much of the world was kept in the dark. Despite denial of any connection to the nine Jews who were tried and convicted of the evil plot, in 2005 Israeli President Moshe Katsav awarded surviving operatives, indirectly admitting that they were guilty.

Verdict: Mossad is guilty beyond any reasonable doubt.

Germany 1986: La Belle Disco Bombing,  Qaddaffi Framed and His Family Murdered

In former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky’s second book, The Other Side Of Deception, he divulges information regarding the terrorist attack on the La Belle Night club in West Berlin that sparked the horrific “retaliation” terror attacks by Ronald Reagan, which killed 60 Libyan civilians, including Muhammar Qaddaffi’s infant daughter. Mossad’s “Operation Trojan”, according to Ostrovsky, utilized networks planted in Libya to mimic transmissions ordering and then celebrating the attacks to supposed terrorist cells (page 115). While segments of the CIA were aware that this was a false flag by the Mossad, the deciphered transmissions were used to convince other branches of the U.S. government that Col. Qaddaffi had directed and sponsored the disco bombing, thus creating an excuse to assassinate him. Jewish controlled media in the United States also fomented hatred against Libya, making the brazen act of murder legitimate in the public eye.

According to declassified KGB and Stasi documents analyzed in Richard Belfield’s A Brief History of Hitmen and Assassinations, the terrorists who attacked the La Belle disco were affiliated or working for the Mossad and CIA. In an interview with German public media Frontal, Odd Drevland, the lawyer of prime suspect Mohammad Amairi-who at the time was living undisturbed in Norway- admitted after years of speculation that his client was indeed a Mossad agent during the time of the La Belle bombing. It should be noted that initial warrants for Amairi by the West German government were recalled, and Amairi received help from You Know Who to start a brand new life in Scandinavia.

Verdict: Mossad is guilty.

Iran 2000’s–Ongoing: Jews Recruit Jihadists While Pretending To Be CIA To Murder Civilians

With Iranian nuclear scientists being murdered left and right in terrorist attacks, the culprits were found out to be the People’s Mujahadeen of Iran (MEK) who were being trained by the Mossad. So intricate was the conspiracy that, according to Time Magazine, Mossad agents even re-created a model of the home of one victim, physicist Majid Jamali Fashi, for the terrorists to train in.

Leaked U.S. intelligence memos also found that Mossad agents were masquerading as CIA operatives, using everything from forged passports based on real identities (thanks to the access Jews have to America’s databases) to American dollars, and between 2007-2008 recruited members of Jundallah, a Sunni Muslim Jihadist organization based in Pakistan, to launch asymmetrical attacks on Iran in order to fan the flames of sectarian violence between Sunnis and Shi’ites. The Mossad agents had collaborators in Mosques who dedicated themselves to recruiting for this cause. The intelligence officer who released the memo complained that the Mossad was looking to murder Iranian officials and civilians in a series of false flag attempts, using these Jihadists as a proxy.

Verdict: Mossad is guilty.

How This Relates To The Charlie Hebdo Attack

As is the pattern in the above attacks, the Mossad is once again being put in charge of investigating the alleged Jihadist attack in Paris. Recruiting, arming, and directing the Kouachi brothers (described as being “dim-wits” by people who knew them) in one of France’s unsupervised “No go zone” Mosques would certainly not be difficult, especially considering the fact that they were even able to infiltrate the top echelons of Hezbollah.  Finding idiots to entrap in bogus terrorist plots is a standard practice of the FBI, so the only thing the Mossad would need is to provide real weapons to the brothers, who are reported as having wielded Kalashnikovs and rocket launchers.

The sudden and strange suicide of Limoges police chief Helric Fredou as he wrote the investigative conclusions based on his interviews and evidence gathering regarding the Charlie Hedbo shooting should also raise red flags. According to Gideon’s Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad , the Mossad is historically very influential in France, presumably due to the country having the largest Jewish community in Europe. The ID left in the car and the phone call taking credit during the shooting, are almost formulaic characteristics used time and time again in Mossad false flags. Victor Ostrovsky has claimed that Jewish communities around the world work in tandem with the Mossad and never question their demands, morality is for goyim. Benjamin Netanyahu is already exploiting the tragedy to encourage attacks on Iran, Hezbollah, and Palestinians as seen in previous false flags, and seemed fairly content, even waving,smiling and shoving his way to the front to make sure everybody sees him, which defied the somber mood in Paris. The agenda is to present Israel as the spearhead in the “crusade” against Islam, even though 90% of the problems Europeans have with the Islamic world today are thanks to Jews.

The truth is still being uncovered, and it could very well be that this terrorist attack is exactly what the Jewish controlled media says it is. Even if so, healthy skepticism without the paranoia is always warranted in this dark age of very real lies and deceit, and I’m not the only one who feels something is wrong with this story. If the Kourachi brothers really just snapped and wanted to suddenly shoot some cartoonists that have been drawing Muhammad for a decade, it doesn’t mean that the next terrorist attack won’t be an actual false flag.



Sunni militants also had means, motive and opportunity. Sunni militants are good at manipulating disaffected losers into doing their bidding. Sunni militants benefit from this attack in many ways. And furthermore, a certifiable dimwit might just be careless enough to leave his driver’s license at a murder scene.

When one interprets the information without considering all of the possibilities, it’s pretty much the definition of being guided by confirmation bias. For example, the fact that the man was a known dimwit is proof he could be easily manipulated by the Mossad from afar not that he was possibly dumb enough to leave his ID at the scene. That’s how confirmation bias works.

I think it’s best to stick to criticizing Jews for what they do in the open, which is a lot and most of what they do, unless the evidence for the false flag is overwhelming.

Ezra Pound's Ghost

Lew, you fail to point out that virtually all “Sunni militant” groups are created, funded, armed, trained, financed and supported by the Zionist-occupied governments of the former “West” along with the crpyto-Jewish (Donemeh) Saud clan/GCC.


I failed to point it out because I am aware of no evidence that it’s true. Far from directing the ISIS faction of the extremists, Saudi Arabia is building a 600 mile fence to keep them out.


My reading of the evidence at this time is that the various Sunni extremists would be happy to kill white liberals, Christians of any race, Shia Muslims and members of the House of Saud all at the same time if they could.


Muslim groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda ought to be viewed as Islam’s vanguardists. History shows that determined minorities often find ways to seize power, and determination is wedded to religious fanaticism can be an advantage. The question that Islam’s many sympathizers ought to be asking themselves is how many moderate-appearing, traditionalist Muslims secretly agree with Islam’s vanguard the way many of us secretly agree with our vanguard [1]? The number is probably a lot bigger than people think.

Our deepest narratives — and I think most Christians will admit this — are informed by Homer, Plato, Aristotle, Rome, certain strains of “paganism,” Christianity adapted for European sensibilities, the Scientific Revolution, and the enlightenment. Muslim narratives originate in the wastelands of the middle and near east, central Asia, Babylon, Persia and Africa. Jews and the CIA certainly aren’t responsible for that.

Those fundamental differences come on top of very real and meaningful differences on the level of human biodiversity and plain old conflicts of interest over power and resources. When a Turk enters Germany, it’s not just to pray in response to a call to prayer inside Germany; it’s take a job from a German. Given these facts, not to mention the rape gangs, occasional kill sprees, the looming demographic boom for Islam and the complete lack of sympathy for the plight of white folks among influential Muslim leaders, the notion they can ever be serious allies is so implausible I have hard time accepting people take the idea seriously.

[1] Obviously, who people see as best representative of their favored vanguard perspective is going to vary (ex: Parrott versus Anglin))..


Don’t you think it’s curious that groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS seem to spring up whenever the CIA and the Mossad pass though? Groups like those seem more interested in fomenting sectarian violence than advancing any worldwide Islamic ambition.

These groups aren’t a vanguard anymore than Combat 18 and the Aryan Brotherhood are a vanguard of the pro-white movement. That’s not me speaking, that’s Hezbollah and Iran-the real vanguards of the Islamic world politically, culturally, ideologically, and industrially, despite being Shi’ites-who are trying to contain Al-Qaeda and ISIS while enduring Israeli military strikes in favor of ISIS at the same time. The Islamic world is just as complex as the Western world, with their own very serious infighting and ideological differences, to dismiss them as a monolithic entity is the absolute height of ignorance. They only unite when it comes to opposition to Zionism and American globalization, which is a good thing, and all of the groups I see who actually are leading the fight against this are either secular nationalists (Qaddaffi, Assad, Saddam) or backed by Iran. That’s why Israel wants the west to attack Iran, even though they’re the good guys.

There are obviously a million criticisms worth making regarding Islam, and it sure isn’t compatible within the Western sphere, but the kneejerk reactionary conservative crap I’m reading from the “New Right” in particular is an embarrassment. Do the Iranians and Hezbollah agree with the Charlie Hedbo attack? Maybe to a small extent, similar to how nationalists were not exactly sad about Tim McVeigh and FBI building in Oklahoma City (except maybe that some innocent children died). But just like we were a little suspicious about OKC, many of these Muslims feel someone set them up in Paris.

Like you said, the real issue is immigration. They want our jobs, living standards, and women, because they don’t have the ability to create these things . People who add religious intrigue are doing mental gymnastics to seem more palatable to Jews and jump on the PC bandwagon about Islam’s anti-liberal values. Muslims line up to invade Sweden and Germany because these countries put them in 5 star hotels, give them free money, and sometimes white pussy (if they don’t rape it). It’s as simple as that.


‘White pussy.’

Eew. I thought this was supposed to be the ‘nice’ WN youth-oriented site. There’s something about a man using this phrase.


My reading is that he was characterizing the attitudes of the immigrants who target white females. If you don’t believe those immigrants think in terms of “white pussy,” however vulgar that formulation may be and it is, you have to be pretty naive.


I can’t imagine anyone under the age of 16 reading this website, and even then they have probably heard the word “pussy” more than a few million times in their lives by that time.

I was using the term to stress a point, not to be vulgar. Moralism and morality are two very different things, this is how people talk and think and you have to be a man of your age if you want to tackle these issues, not a nostalgic.


I guess. There’s a thin line between you ‘aping’ these animals and sort of becoming one, at least rhetorically. It’s just my ‘feminist’ thing…

So how do you define paranoia, Eric? Because I’m of the opinion that one can’t really be truly paranoid in this day and age. Or, a better way to say it is one needs to be not just vigilant, but hyper vigilant to not become a dupe. That’s not quite paranoia.

I’m just wondering how you’d concretely define paranoid about all these false flag happenings.


I’ll try this one. I’d say what distinguishes paranoia from vigilance is that paranoia is irrational while vigilance is not, and one marker of irrationality is believing things for which there is no evidence.


What constitutes ‘evidence,’ then? Are you under the impression, Lew, that the people who orchestrate false flag type hoax events are going to somehow leave hard evidence in most cases? Your assessment of ‘real’ or ‘fake,’ from what I’ve seen, tends towards the uber-conservative. Dare I say dupe? What about main elements of an event’s storyline being totally illogical?

Anyway, I was hoping someone would take an event some say is likely a hoax which you or Eric feel is some example of paranoia. Would Jean Marie Le Pen be ‘paranoid’ for suspecting or knowing that Hebdo was staged in some dimension?


The people who accuse Jews without CREDIBLE evidence are dupes for Jewish interests. This form of dupe excels at promoting the oldest Jewish narrative of them all, the notion that people are always falsely accusing the Jews.

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