Sitting Down With Golden Dawn’s Irene Pappas

The sacrifices of Greek nationalists have always been something of both song and legend. Greece has often been the tip of the spear in the defense of Western civilization. Ancient Hellas gave the lives of her best and brightest to repel the Persian invaders from the shores of Europe, Byzantium held back wave after wave of Islamic attacks over the course of many centuries, and now the Greek patriots of Golden Dawn are facing down a demographic invasion and the forces of the globalists and banking elites. golden-dawn-party-protest__article

As the Greek people have awakened to the economic, social, and moral war that is being waged against them, they have joined by the tens of thousands under the banner of Golden Dawn. The elites however, are frightened of Golden Dawn and the fact that unlike the corrupt politicians of the Left and Right, Golden Dawn is entirely nationalist in nature.

For longer than I have been alive, Golden Dawn has been preaching the same message of defending and upholding Traditional values, Greek culture, and the right of the Greek people to their own homeland. When the System has tried to bribe the Party or offer them a chance to feed off the trough of the bankers, Golden Dawn has refused to give in, instead standing strong on their values. Even after losing members to cowardly murders by political enemies and an absolute Orwellian level of government oppression, Golden Dawn has never wavered from its mission to defend the minds, bodies and souls of the Greek people.

After decades of worthless and traitorous leadership in the Greek government, the Greeks are finding hope in Golden Dawn. That is why last year the Greek government arrested the leadership of the Party in an attempt to decapitate the movement and to stop the rise of Traditionalism and Greek nationalism. Just as the Communists attempted to destroy Orthodoxy in Eastern Europe through killing priests, bishops, and legions of the faithful, the martyrdom and persecution of the Church and of Traditionalists only ever calls more men and women to the cause of Tradition.

While the government thought they could scare Golden Dawn and the Greek people away from defending their Church and nation, countless new recruits have been brought into the Party, and older members stand as mentors and guides to continue the struggle in ever-increasing devotion.

Assassinations of activists, bombings, and illegal arrests have not stopped Golden Dawn, the has only increased its support among the people. The voices of Tradition, Orthodoxy, and nationalism have only grown louder and bolder as the persecution against the Party has risen, a true example of the Orthodox sentiment of “Death to the World.” When the elites cannot bribe you and the threat of violence or pain will not dissuade you, the elites have lost their only weapons to stop the movement. The members of Golden Dawn have won the inner crusade, and that is why in the end no matter what the enemy does, Golden Dawn will win this war.

One of the voices of Orthodoxy, nationalism, and Tradition is that of Irene Pappas, the wife of imprisoned P.O.W Christos Pappas, a leader of the Party. I had the true honor to be able to sit down with Mrs. Pappas after she had given a riveting speech at one of the Golden Dawn offices in Athens.

Greek patriot and devoted Orthodox Christian Irene Pappas

Greek patriot and devoted Orthodox Christian Irene Pappas

The audience that was standing room only was brought to their feet by her story and her call to action. The crowd was filled with everyone from the very young to senior citizens, men and women, and every social class of Greek society. All in attendance were moved by Mrs. Pappas, because she is undeniably a true warrior for her Faith, family and folk.

While her husband has been silenced and is suffering behind the prison walls of the enemy, Mrs. Pappas has carried the torch of Tradition not only for her Greek countrymen, but now to an international audience.

I was incredibly emotionally and spiritually moved in the time I was able to spend talking with Mrs. Pappas. She absolutely radiated an internal moral and spiritual strength in every word that she said. With words of kindness and love we were able to talk both on camera and off about the importance of Orthodoxy in her life and in her husband’s life and how this struggle and persecution has only increased her Faith, devotion to God, and willingness to sacrifice monetarily, socially and physically for the cause.

While facing the imprisonment of her husband, and the never-ending death threats by traitors and Communists, it is clear that Irene Pappas will never bow or break, a sentiment that should humble all activists who fight for Faith, family and folk around the world. Mrs. Pappas is perhaps the strongest and most dedicated Traditionalist that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

This is the first of what I hope is many times I was able to meet and speak with Mrs. Pappas and I know that each and every one of you will enjoy listening to her. Please keep both Mr. and Mrs. Pappas in your prayers, and continue to support Golden Dawn as they continue to feed the hungry, give medicine to the sick, and work to save the Greek nation from those who wish to destroy not only Greek civilization, but European Christian civilization around the entire globe.

Golden Dawn is the edge of the knife fighting this war against modernity and globalism and that is why I have always and will always proudly say “Hail the Golden Dawn!”


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