Kill This Blogger: Rejecting Prank Phone Call Micro-Terrorism

Antifa Assassin

Antifa AssassinWithin the first few months of public White Advocacy, I started receiving death threats on my phone number, 317-324-8282 and at my [email protected] email address. I was repeatedly threatened with being “doxxed”, so I was careful to conceal my [redacted, at girlfriend’s request]┬ásocial security number. My employers were repeatedly pestered by the SPLC and others, which led to my current arrangement of being a long-haul trucker who performs freelance computer consulting work in my mobile office. It’s rudimentary to take my CDL to a different outfit if this one cans me, and most of my freelance clients couldn’t care less if I were an ax murderer, as long as I deliver solid code.

I would offer my home address, but I live in my truck, so I don’t really have one to offer.

The heckler’s veto which the Internet’s anonymity provides has resulted in a profound chilling effect on public discourse, and has steadily grown from a childish prank phone call stunt targeting toxic extremists like yours truly to this obnoxiously familiar canard peppering every major public political brawl. With the recent #gamergate hassle, each side eagerly served up death threats and eagerly presented the death threats as a farcical sort of digital badge of courage that they were supposedly risking their lives for feminism or social justice or whatever.

Having a bit of a morbid sense of humor, I was especially amused by a call a few years ago purporting to be from right outside my apartment, threatening my imminent death and the imminent rape of my dog. I didn’t even own a dog, though my family’s Teacup Pomeranians which I’m very partial to were most likely never in any meaningful danger. I helped organize a Shadow Conference for would-be AmRen attendees the year that Daryl Lamont Jenkins “anonymously” threatened to corrupt the morals of the hotel manager’s dog, and I was in more danger on the public bus ride to the previous year’s AmRen then I was directly defying the fearsome legion of anonymous assassins.

It’s all bullshit, and I’m glad that this latest tiff between Sony Pictures and the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea has elevated the bullshit to the point where this micro-terrorism can officially jump the shark and people can stop taking it seriously. It’s not serious. I suppose, in theory, that some day, somewhere, somebody’s death threat or bomb threat could actually result in a death. But even then, for God’s sake, is the statistically insignificant potential of death really worth handing over your very agency to speak your mind in public? And if you’re that cowardly, should you really be dabbling in public life to begin with?

I helped organize the Shadow Conference for would-be AmRen attendees, and one of the topics of discussion at that event was how this whole “death threat/bomb threat” phenomenon amounts to a crowd panic fad which people will eventually grow past. People will eventually learn to quietly and calmly file a police report about the threatening communications and go about their business, resisting the urge to publicize the threat. People who shriek about having received death threats will be socially shamed for cowardice and attention-seeking, and the increasingly popular phenomenon of faking these threats to receive attention will further cloud matters.

Even if the threats were entirely legitimate and death were imminent, it would still be necessary and appropriate to plug forward. The alternative is a world where nobody says anything that anybody disagrees with, where everybody cowers in constant fear of crowd-sourced Anonymous Assassins achieving a 1984-style dystopian control on public discourse. I’d really rather be dead than live in the kind of world we’ll end up in if we don’t all develop the habit of ignoring and dismissing death threats, bomb threats, and doxxing threats. I like the anonymity that the Deep Web provides, and it’s here to stay. But it’s going to require our culture to catch up with the technology, namely a new normal where a blogger casually chuckles “Bring it!” when somebody dials his cell and threatens to kill him to death with a machete.



Nope. Wife divorced me a bit over a year ago. Still active in the kids’ lives.


Good for you Matt.

Anonymous threats are low risk and low investment; they are easy to do. For that reason alone, one must be careful about taking them seriously. People want to get results for a low investment and low risk effort.

Calling YT a racist and getting him to open his wallet was low risk and low investment. It worked for a while, but now it is seeing not even diminishing returns, but negative returns on investment.

The hearts of YT are hardening to the special pleading and moral browbeating.


Matt, most pro-whites are anonymous cowards. Or have you missed that somehow?

There’s a big difference between wanting to lay low from *certain* elements, like the courts in Europe which criminalize free speech, and the lowlife blogger who hurls epithets and refried raunchy rhetoric from the lack of accountability a computer and an alias affords them.

I could name at least two ‘pro-white’ bloggers whose histories deserve to be doxed. They claim to have this drive to ‘advocate’ for whites yet they hide from the very whites they live around. What’s with that, huh? Could it be that most of their white neighbors would vomit if they knew what these poseur saboteurs were really about?

These types aren’t scared of ‘anti-fa,’ but of other whites’ judgment of them (not the jews’), and the fact that pro-white tolerates such anonymous depravity masquerading as ‘advocacy’ is the exact reason America is a laughing stock compared to Europe’s nationalist movements.

This is OT a bit, but apropos. Psychopath con artists have to go!


You raise a valid point that within our circles, fear of being “outed” is typically greater than fear of being murdered to death by prank phone callers.


Further, I’ll submit that pro-white is the most potent anti-white that exists, far far more effective in repressing and alienating mass support for white survival than the most stealthy FBI/NSA/Homeland Security elements could ever dream of being. It mostly (not totally) functions as a sick cult of controllingness and degeneracy.

There is no honor, no integrity, no essential spine in the ‘movement.’ And it is for this reason – and this reason only – that most white americans shudder at the thought of having any associations with it.


Nice Psy Ops there, Niemca. It’s true that there are defective types who seek media attention in the name of pro-white views, but they are self selecting group. They might even be false flags — people paid to be “nazi clowns.” It’s happened before. Now, George Lincoln Rockwell was a serious and amazing man, but he allowed himself to be played as a “Hollywood Nazi.” Hindsight is 20-20, and I’m not overly criticizing him. But in WN history there’s a pretty good source that says that the American Nazi Party was funded by the ADL, in order to get Jews to be afraid and thereby be more committed to Judaism and the Jewish community.

The defective types you to whom you refer are what we call WN 1.0. They get most of the media attention and that’s not a good thing, but it’s not a disaster either.

WN 2.0 doesn’t seek media attention. As a result, the internet says, “the WN movement isn’t going anywhere” because they didn’t see anything on TV.

WN 2.0 is going on; however, it’s taking a thoroughly legal and nonviolent approach and does not seek publicity. The greatest criticism of WN 2.0 is that “it’s not effective.” We’ll accept that criticism. It’s not our job to entertain you or anyone else.

Orthodox Mike

Tradition is the only answer. Antifa and WNism are both modernist reactions to each other, and doesn’t get to the root of the problem.


All some of those friends do is entertain the jews, poseur. And totally repel and disgust the average white American from joining in.


That kind of demoralizing criticism you make is not helpful, Niemca. One can criticize the “movement” as it is without saying, “you guys are all a bunch of losers.”

Your comment would fit in just fine at the SPLC blog.


Your friends are Potok’s vision of Heaven. This is not my fault. This is simple reality.

A ‘movement’ which literally promotes ‘pro-white’ bloggers with histories of impersonating innocent white women and stealing from taxpayers, all the while pretending to somehow advocate for these same groups, has something fundamentally wrong with it.


The ONLY response to such harrassment is to blow our OWN dog whistle right back in their ears and this is it: “anti-racist (or antifa as the case may be) is a code word for antiWHITE. You are just antiWHITE.” But, you say, what if they come back with “I AM White, how can I be ANTIWhite?” (You can just hear them thinking ‘so THERE!’) This is where it gets really fun! (Wink, wink.) the simple answer to this simple minded question is, quite simply: “that’s easy dummy. It’s called treason. It happens all the time.”


Good God that is terrible to hear! I guess she probably couldn’t handle the pressure of being your wife, most are bad under any pressure, and people wonder why alternative-thinking guys rarely marry. And so Matt joins the divorce statistics. God be with you Matt, have a Merry Christmas.


My point, Matt, is that being outed among other whites is a greater fear than being outed to anti-white authorities. The lack of transparency and accountability the internet affords these self-appointed ‘pro-white’ advocates only serves to stigmatize authentic pro-white and to repel newcomers. The one blogger I mention below has scared off numerous activists; I know of at least two white women and one man who literally ceased their activism for fear of being associated with hers (I’m happy to name names if anyone wants to contact me). Her ‘pro-white’ enablers feature hardcore pariahs in real life (one I hear was fired from a state university for hardcore sexual harassment of women) and obvious delusional degenerates online.

The fact is, this movement serves to repress whites more than it does to galvanize them. When it shows some real spine and stands on principle, there’s no limit to what might happen. But as it is, the internet attracts cultists and Jew Aid dispensers that poison the well for real revolution.

Why on earth pro-whites remain passive in the face of such depraved chicanery masquerading as ‘advocacy’ both in terms of specific con artists and their small but sticky web of enablers is beyond me.


So you didn’t ‘quit’ when another pro-white confronted you personally after your new blog played dirty mod tricks to promote a notorious ‘psyoperator’ blogger?

Your blog’s mod tactics sunk about as low as I’ve seen it, frankly. And yes, it was *your* thread which resorted to this. And there are witnesses besides me to just how low it got.


To anyone with half a spine, remember that the only people keeping white people down are the ‘pro-whites’ like MW and his coterie of cultist ‘psy op’ bloggers.

Pray hard, Matts, that our people find liberation from these malefactors.


I agree, Mindweapon. There’s just something not quite “right” about Niemca, something I’ve noticed since he first appeared at TradYouth. Sometimes he’s a “concern troll”, other times a little too “edgy”, which screams FAKE. I normally post over on Stormfront, but do view this forum from time to time. I do no this: had he attempted posting over there, it wouldn’t have taken long for him to get banned.


If you really perused this forum much, you’d know I’m a she and one that has no interest in codependent cultists at ‘Stormfront,’ which has mysteriously been the source of chronic New Force arrests, BTW. Mindweapon knows full well I’m a woman, although he could rate production credits in the ‘WN’ remake of Invasion of the White Women’s Body Snatchers. Maybe you could interview his lead for a good take on ‘off.’


This blogger is provably known to Mindweapon and his friends to be an impersonator of white women (in real life even) and to have officially stolen via ‘false impression’ from the white taxpayers she, and I suppose he, claim to represent. Mindweapon has known at least part of this for going on a year yet has overtly promoted her blog anyway.

I’ll repeat: to any whites looking for a way out of the trap that’s been set for us, demand full transparency and accountability from your associates and especially from those purporting to advocate for whites. Mindweapon’s niggardly promotion of this woman, and people like her chief enabler, saboteur 365 (the ex state university professor fired for trying to force himself on his students), does more to endanger white people and any chance for a free America than the cowardliest ‘antifa’ or ‘anti-racist’ ever could.

These people literally rally behind a woman who attempted to steal the concrete identity of an innocent white woman as a means of somehow justifying her own deranged depravity. They could absolutely care less about real white people. Their entire cyber crusade is one of sick, demented egotism desperately trying to justify and rationalize itself in some virtual fantasy world. Pro-white is a vehicle for the corrupt of spirit and character.

If this movement had any spine Mindweapon and those like him would be shunned and recognized as the Al Sharptons and Barbara Spectre’s in pale face that they are.


I hope someday those who make these threats are themselves exposed.

Matt seems to be taking these frightening calls in stride and I admire his courage. But what is truly disturbing is the economic penalty they have been able to impose. While Matt has proven resourceful, it is unjust that he is effectively barred from working for any fortune 500 company – or any major company for that matter.

A law banning the firing of any person for their political beliefs would be a step in the right direction. People cannot be fired for their religious beliefs. If Political Correctness is a religion (and it is), why should dissent from it be punishable in this manner?

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