Interview of a Golden Dawn MP, General Georgios Epitideios

My trip to Greece was the most inspirational trip I have ever taken in my life. While the food, music and historical sites were amazing, the best part of the trip was being able to spend a great deal of time with our comrades from Golden Dawn. As I have written about previously, Golden Dawn is a political party but it is so much more than mere ballots and campaign posters, Golden Dawn is a true movement of the people and to see that in action was truly an awesome experience.

Greeks of all ages, professions and economic classes support Golden Dawn

Greeks of all ages, professions and economic classes support Golden Dawn

The greatest part of the trip was when my wife and I were invited to attend a Golden Dawn rally being held in an Athens hotel. We had been able to attend a smaller engagement a few nights before at one of the local offices that was mostly comprised of dedicated activists for the Party, but this was the first time that we would be seeing a large gathering of not only Party members, but interested Greeks coming to learn what Golden Dawn was actually about.

We arrived to the hotel over an hour before the event was set to begin and it was already standing room only. Packed inside the ballroom, the stairwell, the hotel lobby and the bar were Greeks from every walk of life eagerly awaiting the beginning of the event. Seeing young men and women comprising a large number of the attendees was very inspiring, further demonstration that Traditionalism and nationalism are the ideologies of the future, not merely the past.

Young professionals in suits stood next to blue collar workers and they embraced one another as brothers and sisters, and as a family. I got the sense that the message of Golden Dawn truly has broken down economic and social boundaries of identity politics of most political parties. Through feeding thousands of poor and needy Greeks, defending senior citizens on the way to the store and the bank, standing up to defend Orthodox values, cleaning up communities from crime and countless other acts of Christian charity and national devotion the members of Golden Dawn have shown the Greek people that they truly care about them and about a future for the Greek nation and the Greek Church.

Golden Dawn members work to feed hungry Greeks and distribute medicine to the young and the elderly.

Golden Dawn members work to feed hungry Greeks and distribute medicine to the young and the elderly.

The Leftist Parties in Greece, Europe and America all say they fight for the workers yet leave them behind by supporting mass immigration and free trade. The conservative parties of Greece, Europe and America say they will fight for nation, identity, Tradition, and Faith yet they always betray these positions when bankers and large global interests tell them to.

The entire spectrum of the Greek nation have opened themselves to the message and consistency of Golden Dawn. Politically, Golden Dawn has had plenty of opportunities to take the easy route and find a way to coexist with the System, but every single time Golden Dawn has rejected the easy way and instead decided to do the hardest thing of all, they stand by their principles and do the right thing. Even facing intense persecution from the government and mass imprisonment of Party leaders, the men and women of Golden Dawn have continued to stand on their principles of nationalism, identity and Orthodoxy, and the people of Greece are rewarding them because of that with not only their votes, but their hearts and minds as well.

While most political events I have attended in America have been a near free for all with chivalry flying out the window to get the closest spot to the stage, I was also happy to see that women and the elderly were given priority seating with young men like myself mostly filling in the back and sides of the event. It was not even a question to the men of Golden Dawn that their elders and the women present would be honored.

The reason for the meeting was to discuss the political situation between Greece and Turkey. With the history of the Turkish occupation of Greece, the oppression of the Orthodox Church by Turkish occupation authorities, martyrdom of countless thousands of Greeks and the seizure of the capitol of the Greek people, Constantinople, there is good reason for both historic and current concern over Turkey. While the Turks have given up trying to use military force to destroy the Greek nation and the Greek Orthodox Church, now they are attempting to use demographics to swamp Greece and any area where Greeks are found. This genocidal form of demographic warfare along with the fact that many of the violent crimes in Greece can be tied to Turks, dealing with the Turkish Question is very important not only for Golden Dawn, but for the survival of Greece as a whole.

By the time the event was beginning, the room was crammed with eager Greek patriots. The speeches by Party officials began, with my Greek friend translating as quick as he could so my wife and I could understand what was being said. The speakers were both men and women who had come from civilian, political and military backgrounds who all had different perspectives on how Greece could best handle the political, demographic, social and religious questions raised by current relations with Turkey.

One speaker I had previously had the pleasure of meeting, General Georgios Epitideios. When members of Golden Dawn had come to visit nationalists in New York City I had the true blessing of being able to attend divine liturgy with General Epitideios and the other members of the Golden Dawn delegation. In hearing General Epitideios speak in New York I was instantly impressed by his kindness, his intelligence, his dedication and his humility. When General Epitideios and another former General, Eleftherios Synadinos, announced they would be running for the European Parliament under the banner of Golden Dawn the Party put out a message that said Unlike the slacker politicos, TV and football figures running for the kleptocratic parties, the finest Greeks of our day are participating in Golden Dawn’s national struggle.” Within a minute of meeting General Epitideios I agreed with the statement put out by the Party, because he represents the best and finest virtues of the Greek nation.

A man that epitomizes the Orthodox Faith with his humility and love. The General at Divine Liturgy

A man that epitomizes the Orthodox Faith with his humility and love. The General at Divine Liturgy

General Epitideios is a man who served Greece honorably for the majority of his life in the military. General Epitideios is an experienced soldier and expert in both national and international military tactics. He was senior staff at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) and also was the director of the Department of Crisis Response and Current Operations of the European Union Military Staff (EUMS). While most would expect General Epitideios to retire after decades of service, he instead has decided to become a crusader for the sake of the nation that he loves so dearly. After death threats and persecution, the General has only been emboldened to fight for the people of Greece.

After the speeches, I was given an opportunity to sit down with General Epitideios to interview him, a truly humbling experience. Here is a man who is a decorated soldier, a European Parliament member, and a nationalist hero but he treated me with love and kindness that one would expect from a family member. I did nothing to deserve his time or his hospitality, but General Epitideios treated me and my wife amazingly well.

General Epitideios is the real deal, a dedicated nationalist and a humble Orthodox Christian. As we spoke about the importance of helping senior citizens who because of austerity are unable to afford their medicine and how young people are unable to find jobs or money for food you could feel that this man is not a politician, he is a hero. He selflessly is willing to risk life and limb to create a better future for the next generation and to ensure that the current generation of Greeks have what they deserve, a nation for the Greeks and run by the Greeks.

General Epitideios made it clear that he will not stop until every Greek has a home, has opportunity, and has the resources they need both physical and spiritual to survive and to thrive. With heroes like him and the legions of dedicated activists in Golden Dawn I believe that victory in Greece is not only possible, it is bound to happen. Here is the interview I had with the General and I hope you all keep him and all of the members of Golden Dawn in your prayers.

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