American Orthodox Priest, Blessed Seraphim Of Platina Against Democracy

"Monarchy is government divinely established, and directed ultimately, to the other world, government with the teaching of Christian Truth and the salvation of souls as it's profoundest purpose. -Father Seraphim Rose
“Monarchy is government divinely established, and directed ultimately, to the other world, government with the teaching of Christian Truth and the salvation of souls as it’s profoundest purpose.
-Father Seraphim Rose

In modern society we often hear the praises of Egalitarian Democracy. We have all been raised to believe there is no greater political system, a system, so it is believed by it’s adherents to have fallen from heaven.  The United states of America was born of rebellious anarchy and opposition to God and true authority, an authority, however, that had already been compromised by it’s adherence to constitutional democracy and protestant error.

America sends troops all over the world, absolutely wasting its young men’s lives in its quest to spread the panacea of so called “Freedom and Democracy.”  The American government will do this throughout all the countries of the world under the the pretext of a modern day manifest destiny, even if it has to force it down their throats. It would come as a shock to most American Orthodox Christians to hear one say this idea is nonsense.

Father Seraphim Rose, born Eugene Dennis Rose (August 13, 1934 – September 2, 1982), is such a one to say, “it’s nonsense” is Orthodox priest and possible Saint. An American Hieromonk of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, Fr. Seraphim co-founded the St. Herman of Alaska Monastery in Platina, California.  His writings have been credited with helping to spread Orthodox Christianity throughout the West.  He disagrees with both Egalitarian Democracy and Constitutional Republics, and he contends that Monarchy is the only truly God given form of Government.

Fr. Seraphim writes, “In the Christian order politics too was founded upon absolute truth. We have already seen,… that the principal providential form government took in union with Christian Truth was the Orthodox Christian Empire, wherein sovereignty was vested in a Monarch, and authority proceeded from him downwards through a hierarchical social structure.”

Another catchphrase foisted on us in our school propaganda is “the will of the people must prevail.” To the contrary Fr. Seraphim also notes “politics that rejects Christian Truth must acknowledge ‘the people’ as sovereign and understand authority as proceeding from below upwards, in a formally ‘egalitarian”society.'”

The Masonic document known as the Declaration of Independence states, “Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”  Once again Father Seraphim denies the so called “truthfulness” of this statement, when he writes, “Nihilist rule–whose most fitting name, as we shall see, is Anarchy—is government established by men, and directed solely to this world, government which has no higher aim than earthly happiness.” A Government like this cannot be established by God, nor can it’s invading the world be understood by any sane person as being pleasing to God.

Father Seraphim bemoans both the value of Constitutional Monarchies as well as Constitutional Republics, such as that of the United States, when he states the following:

“The Liberal view of government, as one might suspect, is an attempt at compromise between these two irreconcilable ideas. In the 19th century this compromise took the form of ‘constitutional monarchies’, an attempt–again–to wed an old form to a new content; today the chief representatives of the Liberal idea are the ‘republics’ and ‘democracies’ of Western Europe and America, most of which preserve a rather precarious balance between the forces of authority and Revolution, while professing to believe in both.”

Fr. Seraphim was so much in accord with the Church Fathers’ view against Democracy and for Monarchy that I must quote one such patristic example from St. Gregory the Theologian, one of the greatest Bishops of the Orthodox Church:

“The three most ancient opinions about God are atheism (or anarchy), polytheism (or polyarchy, aka, democracy), and monotheism (or monarchy). The children of Greece played with the first two; let us leave them to their games. For anarchy is disorder: and polyarchy implies factious division, and therefore anarchy and disorder. Both these lead in the same direction – to disorder; and disorder leads to disintegration; for disorder is the prelude to disintegration. What we honor is monarchy…”

Even if Democracy was God pleasing, Democracy certainly will not work here in the U.S.A. due to the fact that a growing majority of Americans believe that friends with benefits, same sex marriage and abortion on demand are just fine and those holding traditional values are falling into a increasing minority. It is a typical case of two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.

*All quotes from Father Seraphim are taken from the book Nihilism:The Root Of the Revolution of the Modern Age, pages 28-29.


Werner Saemmler-Hindrichs

Kyril, have you picked up on the fact that no one canonical has blessed him or canonized him? Ever wonder why? I’m amazed that you guys can hate as much as you do because of skin color, but don’t have a problem with pederasts and homosexuality.

Kyril Klimakos

Father Seraphim has not been officially acknowledged as a Saint yet, it is true. But as Father Damascene Christensen has noted, “In Serbia (Whose jurisdiction St. Herman’s Monastery is under) many Orthodox are already calling him Saint Seraphim and praying to him.” The fact that he has not been officially acknowledged as a Saint yet means nothings. Many Saints were not Officially acknowledged as such until centuries after they died (As is the case with St. Nicholas Cabasilas).

The acknowledgement of sainthood is not something that is created at the top. Rather it is an organic growing towards saintly recognition of a certain Christian after repose. For the first thousand years of the history of the Church saints were recognized without any formal rite of canonization. Local congregations of the faithful simply began to remember certain well-known Christians in their liturgical gatherings, to ask them for help in prayer, to visit their relics, which frequently remained vehicles of the Holy Spirit, curing the sick in soul and body, as they had during earthly life.

I do not hate people because of their skin color as you assert in so a slanderous fashion. I just do not agree with your Cultural Marxist view of race, that is all. I wish you would try to understand that.

I firmly believe Sodomy is an abomination.

Finally Eugene Rose was baptized into Christ and put on Christ. The old man was put to death. Father Seraphim of Platina was not a Sodomite. (though I agree in his former life as Eugene Rose he was) Father Seraphim was a struggling ascetic of the Orthodox Church and should be respected as such. If one is loosened from the shackles of a given passion it is only through the grace of God, and we must give glory to Him for that



there are no accusations of pederasty or homosexuality, post-conversion, against Fr. Seraphim. Fr. Seraphim is NOT Fr. Herman. people need to get their facts straight before saying such things about a holy man.

Kyril Klimakos

Corniliu Codreanu said: I reject republicanism. At the head of races, above the elite, there is Monarchy. Not all monarchs have been good. Monarchy, however, has always been good. The individual monarch must not be confused with the institution of Monarchy, the conclusions drawn from this would be false. There can be bad priests, but this does not mean that we can draw the conclusion that the Church must be ended and God stoned to death. There are certainly weak or bad monarchs, but we cannot renounce Monarchy. The race has a line of life. A monarch is great and good, when he stays on this line ; he is petty and bad, to the extent that he moves away from this racial line of life or he opposes it. There are many lines by which a monarch can be tempted. He must set them all aside and follow the line of the race. Here is the law of Monarchy.- For My Legionaries

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