Unity and Diversity: Switzerland vs. America

1794675_10151990602909077_1916483887_nThe reality of the “demographic time bombs” facing European civilization are finally coming into the forefront for all of society to see. No longer can it be denied that once tranquil, white cities and towns such as Santa Barbara, Marseille, Vienna and Rotterdam are now living out the full effects of multicuturalism and a Balkanized society.

As of yet, there are virtually no Occidental (Western Europe, North America and Oceania) nations that have escaped the flurry of Islaminization and Hispanicization.

Yet one nation still seems to be quietly avoiding this downward spiral with a touch of grace and that is Switzerland. Socially and economically, Switzerland is avoiding the economic horrors of the Eurozone and the urban demographic shifts of Western Europe. Romantic and classical cities such as Zurich, Bern, Geneva, Luzern and Basel suffer none of the “ghettoization” that Paris, “Londonistan” or Ferguson, Missouri are currently languishing under.

Traditionally in the Western world, France and the United States have vied for control over what the perfect model of “freedom” can look like, yet it is perhaps in often overlooked Switzerland where we find the perfect harmonization between liberty and control, and diversity and homogeneity. After all, when Tea Partiers and members of UKIP call for a return to constitutional government, they certainly do not cite France, but rather Switzerland.

Yet Switzerland, unlike the United States or France has a history of practicing freedom, while never turning it into an idol. Both the United States and Revolutionary France are essentially post-civilization nations. Their definitions of freedom exist as a tool of liberation from traditional shackles of organized religion, hierarchies, and all forms of collective responsibility.

In both nations, their institutionalization of the doctrine of freedom actually eroded the original intent of both sets of founders and has in the end resulted in the near total destruction of both France and the United States as nations. In fact one can hardly even recognize the United States or France in comparison to its “ancient” founding. France as the granddaughter of the Catholic Church is probably one of the most archaic terms imaginable and the current social-economic-political construction of the United States resembles nothing of what it was designed to look like.

So what then is the difference of how this happened? How did Switzerland remain practically unaltered in almost 800 years as an independent country while France is about to be taken over by the Moors again, and the United States will be reabsorbed by the Meso-Americans?

The primary answer is in the prevalence of culture and how the Swiss versus the “children of the Enlightenment” (USA and France) handled diversity.  The original Swiss Confederation was founded in 1291 by the three cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden uniting together to help facilitate commerce and travel throughout the Alps. The three cantons remained a part of the Holy Roman Empire and over time gradually expanded to include other cantons in its confederation. Finally in the Schwabian War of 1499 the Swiss broke free from the Holy Roman Empire and Hapbsburg rule.

Other than being occupied by Napoleonic forces for a time, which destabilized the Swiss system, the country has been virtually unmolested by foreign powers.

Not too dissimilar in nature was the United States, in which each North American colony came into its own, and though common culture, religious belief and commercial interests, the North American colonies bound together to protect their collective commercial and principled interests.

The diversity between the two nations comes at their founding, which is also the key to understanding Switzerland’s success and the United States’ failure.

Both confederations came into being though voluntary agreements amongst the members and each entity (canton or colony) brought with it a unique historical and cultural experience. Yet where America sough to forge as system of ever increasing unity that repudiated regional and local diversities, Switzerland accepted them as reality and sought to ever more segregate each diverse group.

America was founded upon the proposition “that all men are created equal,” and from here the United States refused to exist as a traditional nation in the European sense as an ethnic group. Rather, America marches forward with an ideological imperative to liberate men from being unequal. Hence all forms of diversity must be forcefully blended into one.

In order to meet this new messianic calling of equality and preserve the union amongst its diversity of North vs. South, and Catholic versus Protestant, diversity had to be destroyed. At a fundamental level, this is why the Yankees had to destroy Dixie.

In contrast, Switzerland was founded out of common regional interests and each canton has been respected as a self-governing entity that holds in common a shared interest in security and commercial prosperity. This common interest exists to this day defining Swiss identity in keeping government small, localized and therefore reflective of regional attitudes and sentiments. Never is one canton allowed to impose itself on another canton. This is why the canton of Vaud can enact women’s suffrage in 1959, Appenzell Innerhoden can do it in 1990, and never once did Vaud lead an army of progressive Swiss cantons to subjugate the misogynist Appenzellers for not allowing women to vote.

At the basic level, Switzerland enjoys such liberty because it embodies the idea of the Gemeinschaft: The idea of an organically created unit, where the individual and the collective work in symphony as reflected though their traditional cultural and religious practices. In contrast, the United States having abandoned its ancient Anglo-Saxon identity along with importing millions of other Europeans let alone non-European African slaves, and then subscribing to the messianic notions of ever expanding “Freedom” America created a society of the Gesellschaft. In other words, a deracinated society of conspicuous consumption that was based upon equality of all peoples with the individual reigning as the supreme unit of society.

Consequently, a society guided by such an imbalance in individual versus collective roles winds up becoming utterly tyrannical given that only the most ambitious, ruthless and sociopathic fight to climb to the top and win.

Switzerland in contrast takes an entirely different view of society and the individuals that make it up. Whereas America, being born at the height of the Enlightenment adopted a view of men as perfectible in the right environmental circumstances, Switzerland was born at the height of Christian Europe in the Middle Ages and has since adopted a mentality reflective of a Christian view of man, that liberty must reign, but government must govern. That the individual has basic rights coming from God, but also their social/collective responsibilities that must be carried out as well.

Therefore Switzerland can create a society that is homogeneous, tranquil, prosperous and stable. There is no messianic nature inside the Swiss view of the world and of its position in it.

If the United States is to actually live out the values it espouses, it will need to break up—literally. Inside the Gemeinschaft individuals and their diverse skill sets retain higher value, as there are fewer individuals to choose from. As they are smaller communities, and therefore increased, personalized social interactions, the communitarian spirit emerges that creates a bond between all members of society. Hence one becomes less likely to harm another person or the environment.

In the American Gesellschaft, the personal element that bonds the individual to the community or to the land is hardly present. Americans move willy nilly from state to state, city to city restarting new relationships on a regular basis. There is never a lasting bond or sense of obligation to something other than oneself. Therefore the triumph of individualism ultimately reigns in the absence of the community.

It is high time therefore for America to truly diversify and Americans to break their bonds from one another. Not only should regions or states begin separating themselves from one another, but even states should split up. What does Chicago have in common with southern Illinois? Or Missoula, Montana have with Kalispell, Montana? It is difficult for Americans to grasp the sheer small size of the Gemeinde of Switzerland or other regions of Europe. If race, ethnicity and religion are extended families, then we should not bring in more than we can protect and provide for.



Switzerland is the quiet retreat for many ultra rich, oligarchs (“russian” and others), tax evaders and financial players. They will not let their home turf go into “multicultural mode”. All her neighbours have been set on a path to multicultural “paradise”, they are not *that* different.


Tremendous article. Sadly, it will not be appreciated in arrogant America today.

FYI – In your 12th paragraph, you have one typo that you might want to correct:

Yet where America sough to forge as system of ever increasing unity that repudiated regional and local diversities, Switzerland accepted them as reality and sought to ever more segregate each diverse group.

“Yet when America soughT…” You need a “t” after sough…


Your so wrong about our country. Even our conservatives would laugh about your backwards views. And in Switzerland everything is regulated, it would be a nightmare for you.


Ya know americafag, in the swiss political system, liberals and conservative respect each other, no matter what they stand for. Thats one of the main reasons our country is not a total failure full of retarded idiots.
And yeah, and just like everywhere civilised, religion is not mixed with politics. Have fun with your mess and whish you were like us. Not in 1000 Years. You proably cannot even afford Hollidays here.

Joe Putnam

Interesting piece. I have read a little bit on Switzerland,mainly to do with small arms/citizen militias and the Protestant Reformation. I think this piece made some good points about small, racially and religiously connected political entities. America is to large and multicultural to exist perpetually; it will go into hard core tyranny in an attempt to hold together, or Balkanize. Thomas Jefferson knew, as evidenced by his statements in his book “Notes on the State of Virginia”, that the Negroes must be freed and sent away, not integrated as we did post-1865.
America has descended into hedonism. Even among professing Christians, personal pleasures and career advancement had become more important than race, culture, or political liberty. America is on the rocks, but most white Americans do not yet see this.
I am an advocate for the Amerikaner identity concept. You can check out my essay about it here: https://putnamlibertynotes.wordpress.com/2016/11/27/i-am-an-amerikaner/

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