Indicting Darren Wilson (or Somebody Very Similar)

fitqiqzha4sd0o0pwfiwA Grand Jury is set to return a decision on whether or not to indict Darren Wilson, and the masses are gathering in anticipation of… something.

Protesters and demonstrators might more properly be understood as mob-precursors in this case, but their organizers are publicly declaring that they want their protests to be peaceful whatever the Grand Jury declares.  Michael Brown’s mother, Leslie Mcspadden, is “praying for an indictment” when she ought to be praying that she isn’t sent to jail for alleged felony armed robbery.  Neither of those two predicaments have stopped Mcspadden from taking her show on the road to the United Nations to talk about how her son “was a good boy” and that “he didn’t do nuff’n.”  On the home front, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has declared a state of emergency requesting National Guard soldiers to help protect order, police are massing for potential chaos, the protesters have put together their own list of party supplies, and somewhere there’s a key witness whose narrative will collapse on national television.  There’s going to be a hell of a party in Ferguson, and it won’t matter what the Grand Jury decides.

The only consistent thing about the happenings in Ferguson is that all parties involved have been really good at doubling down on injustice.  Did Michael Brown rob a convenience store?  It doesn’t even seem to matter anymore.  You can go read about how a Grand Jury is supposed to work, but we’re just throw all that shit out the window.  We’re obviously on a different spectrum of (in)justice right now.  If it was only some silly law that was broken then we could have cleared this up by now, but we’re talking about some serious business here– a brotha was disrespected by the po-lice.  God FORBID that a brotha lose face over a petty crime, so clearly Michael Brown figured it was a better choice to attack a cop than to just get out of the middle of the road and stop obstructing traffic.

For the sake of argument, let’s say that Officer Wilson was not justified in shooting Michael Brown, and that the Grand Jury sides with the prosecution and indicts Wilson.  Do you really think that the protesters are just going to pack up and go home?  Not likely.  An indictment is not a decision of guilt, it is only a decision that the case should go to trial.  My journalism law professor liked to say that a Grand Jury will indict a ham sandwich if given the chance, but if that’s the rule then why is this whole fiasco beginning to look like the exception?  We know that it shouldn’t even have come this far.  It’s not too late for the justice system to stop behaving like the long arm of a Peoples’ Tribunal.

In the case of an indictment there will be bread and circuses sideshows in the mainstream media in the months leading up to the trial.  Darren Wilson will go into hiding during the whole affair, and then at some point way down the line we’ll get to hear his testimony.  The whole thing is a big, ugly Aristotelian enthymeme.  We already know what Darren Wilson is going to say.  When Wilson takes the stand he’s going to say, “[insert Cop Talk monologue representing Wilson’s version of events here].”  Nobody cares about what Wilson is going to say.  To borrow a trite piece of Cop Talk, “move along, there’s nothing to see here.”

The scoop going around right now is that the Grand Jury is hearing from multiple witnesses whose testimony supports Darren Wilson’s story, so needless to say these people didn’t come forward earlier.  But, let’s forget about all that for a moment.  The real show is going to be when we hear from the prosecution’s witnesses.  This should be the most exciting part of the trial.  The prosecution is going to have a “Worldstar” witness to support the state’s case against Wilson.  Right there, RIGHT THERE is where it’s going to become really entertaining.  Wilson will find a first-rate lawyer to represent him through this ordeal, and it shouldn’t be a problem with more than $432,000 in donations.  Wouldn’t it really be something if George Zimmerman’s lawyer, Mark O’Mara, were to represent Wilson?  It’s a different case, but it will unfold in the same way.  Wilson’s lawyer will get to cross-examine the state’s key witness and then derail the didn’t-do-nuffn train with a “what does wet grass sound like?” line of questioning.  After that point the trial will predictably wrap up and rule in the defense’s favor, after which Wilson can retire to the proverbial Hall of Heroes and take his place alongside George Zimmerman.

The masses of protesters who were camping and stalking around Ferguson in the months previous will have returned by this point in time, and they’re not going to be happy.  The mobs, excuse me(!), I mean protesters and activists, will be significantly more organized and determined than the ones that followed in the wake of Zimmerman’s trial.  Organizers are networking and communicating in a way not seen since the 2008 RNC Welcoming Committee disturbance, and they have every reason to push the envelope.  To his credit, Obama hasn’t jumped up and made another “If I had a son…” speech.  But, Eric Holder has been picking up the slack and handing out gold achievement stars to the protesters at St. Louis University who pulled off an electric boogaloo shake-down in the name of Michael Brown.

If the courts will not indict Darren Wilson nor find him guilty of murder, disrespect’n a brotha, and for being too damned white, the black community and the liberal social-justice “causemopolitan” do-gooders will indict and try someone else.  They won’t care who, just anyone who looks like Wilson.  They might not be happy with that trial either, so they’ll try it again with someone else.  How long it carries on like that is anyone’s guess, but rest assured the whole cycle of he-was-a-good-boy-who-didn’t-do-nuffn will start all over again sometime next summer or fall when another black man is shot by a white cop or a white-ish looking guy who cares about peace and order.

Keep telling yourself that the protesters will just go home peacefully.  It won’t matter what decision that the Grand Jury comes back with.

So, where do we go from here?  If you want to prevent more instances of oppressive white cops then stop trying to live in a Star Trek universe where the only people who have authority are white.  We can stop “racist white police violence against black men” by empowering the black community to police themselves.  We can empower the black community by giving them law enforcement officers from among themselves.  “Bam.” Problem solved.  No more racist white policemen holding down the black man.

And where does this leave us?  We save ourselves from these kinds of problems by recognizing that there are irreconcilable differences between the white and black communities.  Differences of the kind that are not dismissed by one party’s smothering eagerness for egalitarianism and social-justice boondoggles.  They are of a distinctly different and unique people, and so are we.  We are Avalonians, and they are not.  Our communities have unique folk ways and customs, and it drags down our community, and theirs as well, when we pretend that there’s a “one size fits all” kind of government that will satisfy the needs and demands of both communities at the same time.  The only government with a “one size fits all” design is a jail.  Let’s stop giving power to the prison-industrial complex, and empower ourselves and others to grow and develop in our own ways.



I have noticed a major shift in middle class White America; former diehard liberals are now allowing people like me to voice discontent with the status quo. One can now call out black, jewish, hispanic imperialism without most Whites protesting. It remains for activists to not just evangelize but to propose solutions and goals. If you prescribe separation, what and where are the boundaries?

I ask because getting people to fully grasp that America as we knew it is O-V-E-R requires offering a cogent and realistic alternative. As of now, I only have, ‘stand up and fight.’ For what, though, is the question I have no answer for.

Thomas Buhls

The alternative is Avalon. Boundaries only serve to demarcate the space that a state’s authority is exercised. Talking about boundaries right now is a moot point, is a distraction, and all we really need to focus on right now is reforming ourselves as a community with an identity based on timeless Traditional values.

Mosin Nagant

Expressions of support for EITHER the militarisation of the police state OR the rights of the mostly-Africans to live according to nature both play equally well into the hands of the Tyranny. Focus on Ferguson is distraction.

Re: ‘Avalon’ and ‘timeless Traditional values’:

‘Avalon’ is best at calling attention to our greatest need: the revival of true Christianity — but at its worst recommending (if taken literally) return to the system of caste under which our ‘common’ forefathers struggled. It is true that ‘there will always be aristocracy’, just as ‘there will always be’ some poverty — but remember: God chooses ‘the “base” things’ and that ‘not many “noble” are called’.


Could someone give a succinct explanation of ‘Avalon?’ Because the American people are material pragmatists, and abstractions tend to not work anyway in political activism.


To put it in the most concrete and direct terms possible, the Avalonian idea is to start our identity over from scratch without any of the problematic baggage the labels and themes have gathered over the past few centuries. It’s forfeiting at the game of trying to “back it back”, essentially, in favor of beginning anew with a clean slate.

Orthodox Mike

Perhaps the day for ‘political activism’ has long passed. We can’t out Jew the Jew, or trick Evil. Time for Social Activism.

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