A Public Response to Metropolitan Savas Zembillas

Metropolitan Savas
Metropolitan Savas

Metropolitan Savas

His Eminence, Metropolitan Savas Zembillas has seen it necessary and appropriate to speak on behalf of the Church in political matters against Matthew Heimbach, rewarding the virulently anti-Christian (of all denominations) SPLC political organization with a quote for its latest smear piece on our work in general and our comrade Matthew Heimbach in particular, East of Eden.

Metropolitan Savas Zembillas, chairman of the Committee for Church and Society of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America, says that they just don’t understand Orthodoxy. According to Savas, it’s not unusual to encounter “converts to Orthodoxy who came in carrying baggage from other jurisdictions, just barely Orthodox, still wet from their chrismations [the ceremony through which one becomes a member of the Orthodox Church]. But they came to Orthodoxy because they imagined it reinforced their deepest held convictions, which were on the spectrum that would lead to Nazism, although not yet there.”

Perhaps to Father’s surprise, the journalist couched his quote in an article essentially accusing the Eastern Orthodox of being guilty of facilitating Nazism, racism, sexism, and all manner of frightful -isms. Had he taken the time to more carefully research the organization before contributing to an attack on Orthodox adherents, he would have perhaps reconsidered lending his impressive title and eminent achievements to such a contemptible organization. He may have also pondered more carefully whether it’s prudent to publicly remark (especially in a presumptuous and hostile manner) about the spiritual growth of a recent Orthodox convert.

I am granting the Metropolitan every benefit of the doubt, assuming he didn’t truly know of the SPLC’s anti-Christian pedigree, that he’s not examined Matthew Heimbach’s actual beliefs, and perhaps even innocently accepted the SPLC’s claims of his beliefs at face value, and made the statement with a sincere hope that Matthew Heimbach can some day be accepted back in communion with the Only, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. Having assumed these statements were made in a spirit of humility and simplicity, then he’ll surely welcome a humble and simple public response to his public remarks.

We’re Not Trying to Change the Church

Heimbach and I got away with attending Orthodox parishes for years before his Chrismation. Neither of us concealed our beliefs from the priests, though we did check our politics at the Narthex with fellow parishioners. For years, my parish was an Antiochian one with a primarily Syrian congregation. Imagine that, a seething bigot going out of his way to attend an overwhelmingly non-white Church, and gladly welcoming non-White clergy into his home and the most intimate aspects of his personal life. That would be odd for a Nazi to do, though it would already be odd for us to be Nazis, given that Nazism is a secular modern ideology.

At our last parish, we regularly spent coffee hour with a Latin American Marxist who openly espoused his Communism and eagerly explained why it’s compatible with Orthodoxy in the Church. We didn’t object to him doing this, or respond to him in kind. We are, after all, very recent converts who are there to be changed by the Church, not to change the Church. The Metropolitan is absolutely right that we’ve arrived with many habits and ideas which aren’t aligned with the Church, and we have a great deal of growth and development remaining before us. Not that we’re looking to hurry up and grow in our knowledge and time in it so that we can some day earn the respect and wisdom necessary to change it. We’re not trying to change the church.

It’s understandable that those who are only seeing the smoke instead of the fire presume that we’re trying to politicize the Church in a right-wing direction. We’re not. We believe the Church generally transcends politics, and that Orthodoxy should prove a safe haven for every nationality and political identity which isn’t outright contradictory to Church teachings (pro-abortion, pro-gay-marriage, etc…). And even then, I would like to note that these issues which are far more clearly defined than our own situation don’t compel clergy to rigorously excommunicate and publicly attack and insult those members who do happen to favor abortion and gay marriage.

I don’t even think it necessarily should publicly excommunicate the liberal heretics and sinners. I believe, and many clergy agree, that these kinds of issues are best dealt with in the intimate pastoral care of the local priest rather than in the contentious and anonymous bazaar of public statements, harassment campaigns, boycotts, threats, and similar noise which I believe are beneath the dignity of the institution. The Catholic Church in the United States doesn’t excommunicate Pat Buchanan, not because it by-and-large agrees with him. They don’t. They don’t excommunicate him because they’re too catholic to pick sides on all the worldly political affairs of their parishioners.

But I digress, as I’m perhaps guilty here of sharing my opinions within the Church on a matter relating to the Church. Left-wing converts are downright encouraged to agitate and speak up within the Church, but I’m not even asking for that apparent bias to be explained or resolved. I’ve been asked not to try to change the Church, and I’ll humbly obey, with one small exception: We are not to be excommunicated because of our worldly politics.

We are not to be excommunicated because of our worldly politics.

We were not excommunicated for ethnophyletism. We were not excommunicated for anything related to Church Teachings. We were excommunicated for the singular reason that we’re White Advocates in America, in a country where there’s a very strong taboo against being pro-White. I understand why you and others would perhaps prefer that we just go away and bother a different church. Our mere presence brings controversy on the Church, even when we’re sincerely doing everything we can to keep our political beliefs in their proper place. I really am sorry about the grief the whole situation brings on the Church, but I categorically can’t renounce and denounce my very identity (the condition for rejoining) and you categorically shouldn’t deny me the Mysteries without just cause.

We’ve been sloppily accused of “ethnophyletism” because it’s the nearest canonical heresy relating to ethnic or racial prejudice. The problem is that the heresy of ethnophyletism is a specific thing, and not just a synonym for “being a racist”. Ethnophyletism is the specific act of denying entry and communion to somebody on account of their identity. We’ve never promoted that, and we’ve publicly renounced that just to be clear on the matter. The irony here is that’s exactly what’s being done to us. If I were a Black American, would you have the audacity to demand that I renounce my Black Pride or cease advocating for my people? Of course not! You would be vividly in violation of both the spirit and the letter of Orthodoxy if you did such a thing.

The only difference between that situation and this one is that there’s a firestorm of worldly political pressure on the Church to condemn us to Hell for being politically incorrect. All around the world, Orthodoxy welcomes people from across the political spectrum, including millions who are more stridentl traditional and identitarian than ourselves. Outside of America, it’s understood that the Church is big enough for neo-Marxists and Radical Traditionalists alike. All around the world, Orthodoxy is a safe harbor for people belonging to a whole rainbow of identities, including people who don’t belong to a traditional ethnic identity at all; with one glaring and convenient exception: Matthew Heimbach.

Our hope is that somebody somewhere in the Church with sufficient authority will closely investigate this matter in detail and perhaps, after careful review, and interviews, and potentially even modification of our beliefs and behaviors, welcome us back into the Church. Ideally, the man who would do this would be free and clear of accusations of bigotry or political motives, a man who strongly disagrees with our worldly politics but is willing to accept us into communion despite those differences. Perhaps that man could be you, Your Eminence?

Statement of Obedience

The following is the obedience statement we delivered to our priest in order to clearly state what our beliefs are on the matters relevant to our excommunication. It’s subject to revision and supplementation as necessary to align our beliefs with the Church…

I reject the heresy of phyletism. Nobody is to be denied entry into the Church, warm fellowship, or communion on the basis of their racial, national, or ethnic identity. The Orthodox Christian Church is Universal, transcending racial, national, and ethnic identities, and each parish must remain a safe harbor for any and all Orthodox Christians.

I reject the sinful notion of supremacism. Humility is a cornerstone of Church Tradition and an attitude of superiority over our fellow man is incompatible with the Faith. I reject racial supremacism, sexual chauvinism, class elitism, and all other worldly attempts to glorify myself at the expense of others. Regardless of our strengths and virtues, which are themselves but gifts from God, we are all equally sinners and penitents unworthy of God’s grace.

I reject the sinful notion of homophobia. A subtle but vital distinction is to be made here between a rejection of the sinner’s behavior and hateful bigotry toward that sinner. We are all sinners, and imagining that this particular sin renders a man or woman uniquely wicked is a prideful and uncharitable approach to the problem. While homosexual behavior must not be tolerated or accepted as anything other than a sin, homosexuals themselves are also God’s children and are not to be persecuted, attacked, or denied their basic human dignity.

I reject the attitude of violence. Defending one’s family, folk, and faith with force may be necessary from time to time, but only after all peaceful means of conflict resolution have been exhausted and a precedent of preferring peace and harmony over strife and injury has been clearly established.

I will abstain from controversy within the Church. Even the smallest and most outwardly homogenous parish contains a wealth of political opinions, personality types, and backstories. It’s vital for the defense of the sacrality and unity of the Church, its Divine Liturgy, its Holy Icons, and its parishioners that undue controversy not be stoked within its walls. I will seek at all times to bring the congregation together in a shared love of Christ rather than pulling it apart along inevitable differences.

I will also be mindful of how my words and deeds outside the Church may bring unwelcome controversy into it. I will avoid appearing to speak on behalf of the Church, making controversial statements about the Church, or intermingling symbolic elements associated with the Church with any controversy I may be involved in outside the Church.

I will respect the authority of the Church, humbly accepting penitence and guidance as it is generously provided. If I have issues, conflicts, and concerns relating to the Church which are too burdensome to silently bear, I will discreetly and respectfully raise them through the proper channels. I will strive to set an example of obedience and will refrain from idle gossip, controversy, factionalism, and squabbling either among fellow parishioners or with clergy.


Fr. John+

“We were excommunicated for the singular reason that we’re White Advocates in America, in a country where there’s a very strong taboo against being pro-White.”

The great sin of the SCOBA-dox, is that they took on a Marxist, Godless autocephaly in the body of the OCA, from the murderous Sergianist Church, and then advocated for all sorts of heresies and innovations (beards on the clergy, the Novus Ordo calendar innovation, abortion advocates, sodomite advocates, and liberals of all and every stripe)…and yet they DARE to judge you two!

Pot calling kettle, come in, kettle.
Fr. Seraphim Rose and the pre-uniate ROCOR knew what evil was, with their Sorrowful Epistles, and declaration of the pan-heresy of Ecumenism.

I’ll say it, clear and loud. The SCOBA as an organization is graceless. Her Hierarchs are seeking capitulation with the world fasther than any Dukakis or Stephanapoulos could imagine, and the congregations under their charge are no more than Protestants with Prosphoras, and are racing to be as still-born as the American Roman Synagogue of Satan.

“In the end, ALL the Churches will serve Antichrist.” – Fr. Seraphim Rose

Prophetic words, more than one could ever have realized, little more than forty years ago.

Fr. John+

The great error of the American ‘Pseudo-dox’ Church was the relinquishing of the Patriarchate that rested under a White, lawful, caring European Hierarch [St. Tikhon Belavin] for that of a foreigner- a ‘xenos’ Ethnarch – ‘Hawaweeny,’ back in the day.
Why, even the formation of the OCA was due, in large part (though they deny it to their dying day) to the desire ‘not to have this man rule over us.’ Back in the 1950’s, White America still had enough sense to know that a foreigner, a usurper, a ‘prophet not of our blood’ was something at odds with the ethnic nature of the individual Orthodox Churches. Indeed, THAT is the working definition of ‘Phyletism’ – and not seeking one’s own ethnic interests as they pertain to a national church! If people doubt that, just ask the Bulgarians about Greek oversight, Greek rule, GREEK customs in THEIR own National Church, back in the day.

Again, ‘Pot calling kettle.’

Not heeding (or even understanding) the nature of both OT Hebraic thought, as well as the unified racial nature of Orthodox Christendom, the modernists in the Orthosphere long ago capitulated to the ‘spirit of the age.’ How else can we begin to understand that the great evil of the Modernists, commencing at the highest levels, in the person of Mason Meletios Metaxakis of unhappy memory, with his ecumenicistic heresies, his calendrical innovations, his ‘brotherhood’ of the apostate Western communions, which occurred in the very same point in time, in which the Bolsheviks made a martyr of St. Tikhon, and an Arab was made to ‘rule over us’ in the USA? Why do we bristle over the concept of Jihadis in the West, when we don’t when it came to Hawaweeny? Why, even St. Paul confirms and gives Scriptural commendation to a healthy racial self-interest, in his re-iteration on the subject of ‘lazy Cretans’! [Tit. 1:12]

The world was ‘given over’ to the control of the evil one for the 70-year Babylonian captivity of the Deicides in Russia (all the ROCOR publications confirmed this, and most of the Athonite monks concurred) and yet – the rest of the world (including the modernists from Schmemann to Tarazi) ran after Scientism, and Modernity at the exact same time!

The Scriptures (and the praxis of Orthodoxy up until AD 1100 in the West) are clear. Moses wrote -under inspiration of the Holy Spirit – II Tim. 3:16, that only a Hierarch that is of like racial stock of a ‘holy people, royal priesthood, elect nation/ethne’ should EVER be placed over (say) an Orthodox/Anglo/European population:

“The LORD thy God will raise up unto thee a Prophet from the midst of thee, of thy brethren, like unto me; unto him ye shall hearken…” [Deut. 18:15] OF THY BRETHREN. Someone of like racial stock – not a ‘foreign prince,’ like Hawaweeny, or Philip, or even Zembillas. We NEED AN ANGLO HIERARCH to start the road to legitimacy… or else, we note that the SCOBA-dox are just as corrupt and part and parcel of the Sergianist heresy, as are all the politicos are, when it comes to the blasphemy of a ‘proposition nation’ or a ‘melting pot’ that allows FIVE MILLION XENOS citizenship, when they are not deserving of it, in the first place!

And what of the ‘false shepherds’ – the ecumenists, the racial mamzers, the fornicators with the ‘goyim’- the ‘graceless shepherds who rule over increasingly ‘bare, ruined choirs’? Moses was clear on this, too!

“20 But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die.
21 And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the LORD hath not spoken?
22 When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.”

What, then, has been the outcome of the EP (and her offshoot, the SCOBA-dox in the USA) since Metaxakis? Anyone who cares to read can figure this out: Growing ‘rapprochement’ with Rome; rampant secularism and modernism in Orthodoxy and orthopraxis world-wide, over the last 100 years; but, above all, and before all, what Cambria calls the IDOLATROUS WORSHIP OF THE XENOS, in the person of the Negro, the Non-White, and the heresies of Democracy and Egalitarianism, which are anathema, when we recite ‘Thy kingdom come’ every time we recite the Lord’s Prayer!

Your prior post reminded me that the Hebrew word ‘mishpachah’ ((like the Greek term, ‘ethne’) presuppose a racial component in every mention of the ‘people of God.’ The honest appraisal of the racial, covenantal nature of the Elect of the Lord is clearly something the SCOBA-dox, like the Obamaniacs within that corrupt communion who elected ‘The One’ in the Unitarian New England/NY – the very ‘heartland’ of the GOA/OCA axis, is something these pseudo-hierarchs cannot fathom. They are truly ‘blind guides of the blind.’

St. mark of Ephesus once had to stand up to the entire world, when rampant heresy threatened the Church, on a merely doctrinal front. We are now witnessing the ‘he who was restrained’ wreaking his anti-incarnational blasphemy. so that even the modern Pharisees think ‘they are doing God service’ in ‘denouncing’ this supposed [sic] racism.

But, if Christ is of One (and only one) Incarnated Racial Stock, then it is the HIS ETHNOS that is ‘superior’ to all other created races on the planet, ‘according to the foreknowledge of God,’ as Scripture says. And, if that is the case (and it is!)…

I prefer not to fall into the muddy ditch of miscegenation and racial Genocide – whether of the Obamanation, or the SCOBAnation, even if they say ‘The whole world is with us, who are you to speak against our might?’

Orthodoxy- racial, as well as religious- or death.

Peter Erickson

St. Nektarios of Pentapolis, whose feast was yesterday on the Old Calendar, was viciously slandered by hierarchs of the Church. He lost both name and office and was flung into obscure and humble corners of the church life. It seemed like a great victory for evil. Hadn’t the good man lost his power to do good? But working invisibly in those humble and obscure corners, he scored great victories for the Church. His slanderers are forgotten, but he continues to work miracles among the faithful.

If you’re serious about being an Orthodox Christian, strive for nothing less than sainthood. If you’re going to wage war against “powers and principalities,” then put on the armor of humility and obedience. Take slander and insults as gifts; accept humiliations as castigations. Never deny the truth, but don’t hesitate to embrace opportunities for self-denial.

From one who learned these truths much too late in life


I hate to say it, but frankly, what else could one expect. Unless a Christian church is wedded to ethno-nationalism (as, for example, the Catholic church was and to some degree still is in Poland and Hungary), or better still, Church and ethno-national state are one (as was the case in the State of the Teutonic Order), then Christian churches of every stripe will inevitably slide toward universalism and against White nationalism. It’s a bug in the theology, and has been from the get go. This is why national socialism was needed as an addition to the German consciousness. It covered precisely what was missing in the various Christian religions in terms of defending the people and the homeland from the ideological assaults of Marxism.

Fr. John+

Except, Karsten, that AH was NOT Orthodox. He was (therefore, according to Church canon and law) a godless heretic. He may have meant well, but his Weltanschauung was flawed from the get to.

But then, so was Thomas Jeffersons’ “all hominids are created equal.”
Just sayin’….

Fr. John+

St. Nectarios is one sort of saint. St. Alexander Nevsky was another, as was Harold Godwinson.

Joel 3:10 is there to balance out Is. 2:4. Both are Holy Spirit inspired Scripture. And the Suffering Soul ethnos of Tsarist Russia, is NOT the American Celto-Anglican soul of the West… even an Orthodox West, Deo Volente.

Orthodox Mike

Traditionalism is not white nationalism, and white nationalisms fatal flaw is that it is strictly a modernist, post enlightenment ideology based solely on biological determinism and reductionism. Classical Christianity always had and does endorse and encourage Cultural and holistic ethnic preservation, and in no way does it conflict with the universal nature of the Church. This is called pluriversalism and is the only thing that makes sense from a philosophical viewpoint.

James Bryant

“For the sons of this world are more shrewd in their generation than the sons of light” Luke 16:8

“Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” Mt. 10:16

As far as countries divided along racial or ethnic lines being contrary to Orthodoxy, the following scriptures come to mind. “From these the islands of the nations (ethnos) were separated in their land, each according to language, in their tribes and in their nations (ethnos).” – Gen: 10:5 (LXX). “When the Most High divided the nations (ethnos), when He scattered the sons of Adam, He set the boundaries of nations (ethnos) by the numbers of God’s angels.” – Deut. 32:8 (LXX).There also seems something amiss from God’s point of view when the nations (ethnos) become homogenized – Gen. 11:1-8. The world is in the mess it is in due in part to the violation of these scriptures. These scriptures are not contrary to Gal. 3:28 and Jn. 10:16 which Matt’s priest cites.

When the racial (ethnic for the PC crowd) boundaries are breached, politically or violently, as they have been particularly for us in the US and Europe, the result is the disintegration of Western Christian Civilization, of the civilization of the sons of Adam, thereby lowering the level of civil conduct for all. The current multi-cultural trend, rather than respecting each individual ethnos and leaving them intact, mixing them indiscriminately dilutes and devaluates all of them. Their priest is off base in his insistence on ceasing and desisting all activities.

Their priest has no authority or right to insist on requiring Matt to cease and desist all activities promoting “racist and separatist ideologies” either as a priest or an individual. Surely he has an authority as a priest, but he overstepped the boundaries of that authority in this case. He certainly has a right to disagree and continue discussions with Matt. It seems reasonable to ask for the rejection of violence. We aren’t yet to the point of seriously considering the meaning of Luke 22:36-38. However, hate speech in this PC era is largely in the ears of the beholder – exactly what is it? Phyletism – define that for me also.

Bringing this all into the public arena by the clergy and excommunicating Matt was an egregious decision. It should have been handled internally, and all the public need know is that the affair was being handled within the Church.

The pressures that a university community can exert are enormous. The collective insanity of the PC crowd seems to grow exponentially in university hothouses. Nevertheless, an Orthodox priest must stand fast in the Faith – if he truly knows what it is – as well as the tradition of the Fathers. He has an obligation to protect and care for those of his flock whom he may perceive are straying from the path of salvation, and not to throw them to the Libtard wolves.

Deacon Iakavos


Orthodox Mike, that sounds all well and good, but given the incident that prompted this article, and given that no strain of Xianity (orthodox or otherwise) had taken a stand against the war on whites (indeed, quite the opposite, that every Christian sect is silent about white genocide or even complicit in it), then your point is rather moot.

As I said, and as I demonstrably true, only those Xian churches that have wedded themselves to ethno-nationalism are doing whites any good at all, at the moment. The ethno-nationalist component of Xianity is simply not central enough to be particularly influential.

National socialism, on the other hand, was ethno-nationalist from the get to; that’s its core value, above all others. Therefore it is clearly more urgently needed right now than any brand of Xianity. You can hurl slurs at NS all you want, but those aren’t arguments, merely Leftist-like name-calling.

The bottom line is, while “pluriversalism” may be what you wish Xianity would be, it’s clearly not that, at the moment. Given that a traditionalist takeover of any branch of Xianity is unlikely, something stronger and more explicitly ethno-nationalist is definitely required.

Fr. John+

I don’t deny what you wrote, Mike. But let me ask the question: Why is it that only in the Ecumene, was Christianity supposed to be spread? And why is it, that the Ecumene is/has been ‘co-terminous’ only with the boundaries of White Christendom/Europe… and her attendant colonial peoples? (US, Canada, OZ, NZ)

Why did the Holy Spirit forbid the going into Asia in the Book of Acts? Why were the areas that fell into early and persistent heresy (Monophysitism, Arianism, Eutychianism, etc.) also happen to be ‘beyond the pale’ of the above-mentioned Ecumene, by and large?

Lastly, why are you so concerned with non-White Evangelism, when ‘judgment must begin with the house [ oikos ] of God, FIRST? It does no good to talk about ‘missions to Mexicans’ when Rome is burning, in the person of Anglo America…


“I reject racial supremacism, sexual chauvinism, class elitism, and all other worldly attempts to glorify myself at the expense of others.”

Faith is a belief in things that you know just ain’t true.

Maybe you really do believe that blacks are just as good if not better than whites. But, I suspect that you know deep down that whites will always be superior to other races. I suspect that this ridiculous clergyman knows you better than you know yourself on this point.

You’re pleading before a desiccated and dusty corpse, begging forgiveness for something requiring none. It’s unmanly and even pathetic. This is not the only church that has expressed passive acceptance and enforcement of cultural Marxist tenants. It amazes me that New Righters keep getting sucked into Christianity. We lose our best to the worst, which explains much about why Europeans are facing soft genocide wherever they live.

Nut up and move on for Chrissakes.

Orthodox Mike

Those of you that are not Believers couldn’t possibly understand where we are coming from. Saving our biological entity will do no good without the Culture and Faith that made it great. Go chase your Hitlerian pipe dreams in nihilistic Nietzschean fashion, or keep bashing us and our Faith.. We know that without Christ, all is meaningless.

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