The War Against Man

October 20, 2014

125388Modern capitalism and world financial centers are taking on new forms and enhancing their aggressiveness. The current global crisis is not only economic ‒ it is a general crisis of the capitalist system. In its fight against man, capitalism more and more frequently uses its huge military potential. A most loyal instrument in the hands of capitalism is NATO, i.e. a military-political instrument of large capital which serves to establish world domination and the destruction of traditional values​​.

Behind NATO stands the entire economic elite from the West. From every war, the U.S. and NATO come out more powerful and more aggressive than before the war. Thus, they were the only ones to come out of the World War II stronger and more economically powerful ‒ although in this war everybody was a loser, even the winners, as the losses were high in human and material resources.

After World War II, the USA almost undisturbedly (I say “almost undisturbedly”, since I do not consider the Soviet Union as the real enemy of the United States after the death of Stalin) began to stir up war hot-spots around the world.  After the successful first war against Iraq in 1991, when the Soviet Union had already ceased to interfere with the American aggression, the United States had opted for the general militarization. The entire society, daily life, and institutions have been subjected to general militarization. Thus, the United States seized the opportunity to create new hot-spots in places such as Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq etc.

All these wars were actually a rehearsal for the last war that the U.S. and NATO will wage against states of Eurasia. If the U.S. and NATO come out of this war as winners they would finally achieve their goal: complete world domination. The deployment of NATO bases on the territory of Central Asian countries and Europe (Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria …) allows the U.S. to put pressure on recalcitrant nations not only in Europe but also in Asia, and even Russia, which is regarded as the main rival of NATO due to its significant nuclear capability.

All military interventions of the U.S. and NATO are taking place after unscrupulous psychological preparation of public opinion based on misinformation and lies. The media (machinery of brainwashing) managed to successfully perform their own tasks, and they have distorted the human soul and mind. Man is destroyed in all its dimensions – economic, political, social, religious, moral, and spiritual. The U.S. promotes and imposes its mass “culture” whose product is homo democraticus: a man with no values​​, no identity, no dignity, and no honor.

He is a man of the masses yet not part of the community, he is single yet not an individual, he is alone yet not free. U.S. and NATO are waging a war against the man, against his spiritual and national identity, changing his human nature, denying and destroying all traditional values​​. Without traditional values ​​man loses faith and consciousness of freedom, morality and honesty. Throughout the Western World we are faced with the destruction of culture and its degeneration and perversion.


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