The Inner Crusade: Becoming A Legionary

Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

The Legion is an organization founded on order and discipline.
The Legion is guided by pure nationalism which stems from an unbounded love of Nation and Country.
The Legion aims to awaken all the creative energies of the Nation to the struggle.
The Legion defends the alters of the Church which the enemy is trying to destroy.
The Legion kneels before the crosses of the heroes and martyrs of the Nation.
The Legion stands firmly on the ground before the Throne from which Princes and Kings have fought and died to defend and glorify the Fatherland.
The Legion aims to build a powerful Country. a new Romania, by strength of soul and valor of man.

The Nest Leaders Manual by Corneliu Codreanu


The Captain: Corneliu Codreanu

The struggle facing the Western world is not a simple one. Falling birth rates, unchecked immigration from the Third World, the rise of globalism, increased domination of capital in our economic systems, a destroyed organized labor movement, the breakup of the Traditional family, abortion, and so much more are dismantling Western Civilization. In the span of only a few decades, the ancient foundations of our civilization have been attacked and torn to pieces in mainstream culture, our schools, and even our homes. Before there can be any forward motion in the war against Modernity, we must first identify why it is happening and what we must do in order to defeat our enemies. We must stop being conservatives, Right-Wingers, or Reactionaries, and we must become the only thing that can save our souls and identities: Legionaries.

There are many who view the problem of Modernity in limited terms, if we solve the immigration crisis, the Western world will be saved. Others say that if the forces of International Jewry are brought to heel, the day will be saved and the credits will roll on a European utopia. A third group says that by abandoning Christianity, the European people can put worship of the State or ourselves above all else, and that will give us the fighting spirit to defeat our foes. I must categorically disagree with all of these groups and present the real solution to all of the problems that I listed, in order to fix ourselves we must undertake a crusade of the soul.

The 20th century was filled with ideologies that attempted to advance Western civilization and promote European culture. While the National Socialist economic model was overwhelmingly successful and many elements of the Third Reich society are admirable, the pure worship of biology was missing a key piece in the total revival of the German folk, the spirit. Fascism in Italy taught the people to worship the nation-state and culture, but forgot both folk and God. Out of all of the nationalist movements of the 20th century, only Legionarism under Corneliu Codreanu presented a complete solution.

Corneliu Codreanu said about the varied political doctrines of nationalists in the 20th century, “Fascism is preoccupied by the clothing (namely the forms of state organization), National-Socialism by the body (namely the racial eugenics), whereas Legionarism is preoccupied by something much deeper: by the soul (namely by its strengthening through the cultivation of Christian virtues and its preparation with final salvation in mind, salvation dealt with by the Christian Church in the most perfect fashion).”

To undertake the crusade of the soul is to become a Legionary, a man dedicated to his God, his Church, and his folk who is not distracted by the fleeting passions and pleasures of life this side of the grave. To become a Legionary is to reject all the trappings that modern nationalists think we need to succeed, catchy mantras, cool clothing, slick talking points, and money, and instead of relying upon the limited nature of the physical realm, we turn towards the power of the supernatural and put our Faith in the only power that can actually save our nations and our people, that of Christ.

While globalist bankers, the forces of International Jewry, and traitors within our own ranks concoct the poison of selfishness and greed and hand us the syringe to inject modernity into our veins, we are the ones who gleefully shoot it up into our nations, our communities, our families, and ourselves. This is perhaps less about “White Genocide” than “White Assisted Suicide”. At the end of the day, just as the Devil can only tempt us, it is we are choose to fall into temptation and to sin, our own cultural and demographic destruction starts and ends with us and our lack of personal responsibility.

The only way that we can save our nations and to save ourselves is to undertake a process of totally tearing down and rebuilding the Western man and woman. The clothes of modernity we have worn for decades must not simply be taken off, they must be burned in a pyre so that they may never find themselves again on the backs of the European folk. These clothes and trinkets of cheap plastic from China and chasing “happiness” from one high to the next are chains that we have bound ourselves in, and to once again be a free and noble people among the nations and tribes of the Earth, we must tear away these chains and recenter ourselves on what matters, Christ, His Church, and our families.

The most important thing for European nationalists to understand is that we are not waging a war of flesh and blood as we so commonly think. The battle is not between political ideologies or people groups, it is the age old conflict between the forces of good and the forces of darkness.

Scripture tells us of patterns that flow through generations of a family and a people, so during times of Christian devotion, our people exhibit the outward and inward beauty that comes with humble and loving devotion to Christ and his Church. When generations begin to fall away from Tradition and from Christ, this evil behavior snowballs from one generation to the next and leads down the road to the acceptance of homosexuality, abortion, and the eventual abandonment of the natural and organic love of one’s tribe and traditions.

Hillaire Belloc famously said “Europe is the Church and the Church is Europe.” When we abandon the Church we do not only abandon God, we abandon what makes the Western civilization that we love. To be able to save Western civilization, we must remember what Western civilization is founded on. A lack of awareness and identity is causing the slide towards destruction, thus a revival of identity and Faith could reawaken the fighting spirit of the Western people.

Corneliu Codreanu wrote that “A people becomes aware of its existence when it becomes aware of its entirety, not only of its component parts and their individual interests” and with that mindset we must reject the radical individualism that poisons Europe and her daughter colonies, and instead revitalize a communal worldview that encompasses the European nations and the diaspora, under the banner of Christ and Tradition.

Like a car with an empty gas tank, the European people without Faith in God is left sitting by the roadside, slowly decaying into nothingness.

Modernity embodies everything that the White Right calls “White Genocide.” The destruction of culture, the demographic displacement, the apathy of the masses, the degenerate behavior of our youth, and the rabid defense of liberal and globalist principles are all side effects of the same disease, a loss of organic Christianity within the community. Christianity promotes healthy families, healthy bodies, and healthy culture that has a love of one’s folk and of the entire world, the opposite of the nihilistic and suicidal drive of modernity.

The crusade of the soul is the path of those who wish to live as a warrior ascetic, one of the many forms of being an Orthodox Christian. Prayer, faithfulness, fasting, good works, alms giving, humility, and an internal struggle against sinful desires is the mark of a true man, not the modern “bro” culture that celebrates degenerate behavior, deception, fornication, drunkenness, and atheism. To truly rebel against the modern world you should not turn towards the luxuries of this world, but instead turn towards living a true Christian life, that is the definition of revolting against Modernity.

Our combined foes of communists, the forces of International Jewry, and globalists are emboldened by our weakness and failures. The enemy is only allowed to advance as far as we allow them, which as Corneliu Codreanu said “A country has the Jews it deserves. Just as mosquitoes can thrive and settle only in swamps, likewise the former can only thrive in the swamps of our sins.” To defeat the enemy we must only defeat our own sinful desires and the stranglehold that the passions have over our lives.

Saint Seraphim of Sarov said “Acquire a peaceful spirit, and around you thousands will be saved.” The salvation of one soul and the righteous living of a Godly man or woman has a tremendous impact on his or her family, and on his entire community. To begin the process of working out our own salvation with fear and trembling, we begin the process of saving those around us who we love and changing the overall culture towards Christ, instead of towards Modernity and the Devil.

The role of a Legionary is to become a shining example of Orthodox Christianity to the surrounding community, in order to promote a revival of both the religious and national spirit of your people. Corneliu Codreanu, the founder of the Legion of Saint Michael, told supporters that we must abide by honesty, integrity, and Christian principles in our political struggle by saying “The law of honor: Go along only on the paths of honor. Fight, and never be a coward. Leave the path of infamy to others. Better to fall in an honorable fight than win by infamy.

For generations now, those who fought for Western Civilization have attempted to outsmart our foes, compromise with our enemies, or sit out the battle and wait for a collapse. Instead of this we should organize our personal lives and our politics around the principles of honor, duty, and service to others. We must always be on guard to be constantly demonstrating the proper way to live, worship, work, and fight.

The ultimate victory of the Legionary is inside himself, to conquer the desire for worldly glory, for honor, for material possessions, and for praise and instead to live selflessly for the three things that matter; Faith, family, and folk.



Thank you for a fine article, Matthew. No matter how devious, crafty or conniving our enemies be, it is ultimately our responsibility to turn ourselves and our families to the Truth.
It can be very difficult living and raising a family in these times. Thank for the encouraging piece.

Gavin James Campbell

“Acquire a peaceful spirit and thousands around you will be saved.” Let’s consider what that entails, shall we?
A peaceful spirit is one that is free of an uneasy state of mind.
To be free of an uneasy state of mind is to the free of fear, despair, and anger.
But, to convince oneself of conspiracies of “Jewry”, communism, and despair; are to give oneself over to fear, despair, and anger.
Thus, a peaceful spirit is one that will not convince itself of conspiracies of “Jewry”, communism, and despair. Take the inner path, by all means, but know that it is not just materialism and secularism that burn.


Once again we arrive at the peculiar phenomenon of ‘ascetic detachment for thee, but not for me’, wherein you and other Leftists enjoy a healthy Traditional balance between one’s commitment to the hereafter and one’s engagement with the material world. We, on the other hand, are repeatedly exhorted, by limited and out-of-context appeals to Church Fathers, to totally abandon any and all real world engagement in pursuit of prayer and fasting alone.

One can believe that Communism really happened and that Global Jewry are disproportionately influencing our financial, military, and entertainment sectors…and object to and resist that, without betraying our commitment to an easy state of mind. I’m a rather happy warrior, and so is Heimbach.

Gavin James Campbell

Well, no, that’s not the exhortation. Inner silence and stillness are not going to be acquired by lighting your hair on fire over capitalism. In fact, doing that has inspired men to commit atrocities that they otherwise would never have committed.

No, more like, an uneasy state of mind over boogie-men, goblins, and space aliens will not facilitate inner silence. Which is what this paranoid speculation about Jews and communists amounts to. (You are aware that the USSR collapsed in ’92, aren’t you? And therefore can’t possibly be security threat anymore? And you are aware that Israel, the Jewish ethno-state, relies on American aid to stay afloat? A Zionist occupied government would be propped up by sheckels, not it’s own currency.)


I’m perfectly aware of the fact that the USSR collapsed in ’92. Though, abstract Marxism still carries influence in Western academia, with much of the “social justice” rhetoric and work clearly and openly borrowed from previous generations of Marxist agitators who’ve wisely concluded that racial divisions are more profitable for subverting American society than class divisions.

We’ll just have to agree to disagree over whether I have an uneasy state of mind. Your mental image of me simply doesn’t match up with me. Not that having non-white friends makes me not racist. I’m probably racist. But I spent hours today chatting with my close Black and Asian friends about business, the economy, and personal stuff. I finished re-reading The Ladder earlier today and have decided to re-read Le Morte d’Arthur next.

Even my enemies call me “the friendly fascist”, and I have a notoriously dry and calm, perhaps even boring, demeanor. My position that the Jews wield a dangerous influence over several keystone sectors of our society is one I calmly and patiently arrived at after careful research, and one that I’m calmly and patiently working to bring to an end. I take my critical thinking skills very seriously and object to the charge of being a conspiracy theorist. I am not.

If you would like to name a sector, I would be happy to walk you through the credible and readily accessible evidence of their disproportionate influence in that sector, including examples of malfeasance and manipulation toward their tribal interests. Finance. Entertainment. Military. Academia. Bagel Shops. Your pick.

Gavin James Campbell

Marxism as an academic phenomena has slightly more influence on popular discourse than The Traditionalist Youth Network – both of which are negligible. Two numbers, .000001 and .00000001 are not equal, but still so close to zero as to be zero.

But “Jewry”? Seriously? If the Jews unduly influence the government; then pork consumption would be illegal, circumcision would be obligatory, and work on Saturdays would be illegal. As a matter of fact, pork consumption is still legal, circumcision is not required by law, and work on Saturdays is allowed. Therefore, Jews don’t unduly influence the government. Quod erat demonstratum.
Likewise, seeing that Judaism disapproves of fornication, adultery, sodomy and the like; then if Jews really ran the entertainment industry, then there would not be proliferation of depictions and descriptions of such things. But, as can be observed, today’s entertainment is celebration of profligacy. Therefore, Jews cannot be in control of the entertainment industry. You are charging windmills, thinking them to be giants.



Marxism as an academic phenomena has slightly more influence on popular discourse than The Traditionalist Youth Network

Marxism doesn’t call itself Marxism anymore, but its radical egalitarian agenda not only influences, but dominates, contemporary academic discourse. The contrived neologisms, the hostility to religion in general and organized Christianity in particular, the anti-Western anti-colonial narrative (which I partially agree with), and even the style and manner are clearly borrowed from Eastern European Marxist agitators.

If the Jews unduly influence the government; then pork consumption would be illegal […]

Now you’re just being silly. And if you honestly dispute that Jews disproportionately influence politics and foreign policy, a charge few Jews would dispute, then we lack a common reality within which to carry on a discourse. Promotion of Jewish interests wouldn’t entail forcing everybody to behave like Jews. Quite the opposite, actually. Promotions of Jewish interests would entail encouraging the host population to behave in a degenerate and self-destructive manner, while encouraging fellow Jews to remain devout and loyal to their identity.

This is, of course, exactly what we’re seeing. We even have the Jews in Israel actively sterilizing and deporting Blacks for being Blacks, and American Jews actively discriminating against the schvartzes in their own neighborhoods and communities while promoting and systematically imposing the inclusion of them and any and every other identity group on White American neighborhoods and communities.

Gavin James Campbell

Now, if corporations unduly influence government, we should fully expect to see deregulation of banks and investment, privatisation, and union busting. But if we don’t get those policies, then, obviously, there is no undue influence of corporations on government. Likewise, if unions unduly influence government, we should expect to see nationalisation of industry and expanded social services. But if we don’t get those policies, then, clearly, unions have no influence. So I stand by what I wrote. If Jews really influence government like that: then work on a Saturday should be illegal; pork, bacon, and ham should be contraband; if my brother dies then I have to marry my sister-in-law; interest should be illegal, and removal of the male foreskin required. And yet; it doesn’t move!

It gets better. You see, the person who gives the aid is in the position of dominance of the receiver. If I get financial help from my mom, she in the position of dominance to me, and I am beholden to her. Likewise if I get social assistance from the government. Or work from an employer.
So, who is in the position of dominance with respect to Israel and the US? Israel does not supply the US with weapons or sheckels for investment. The US provides Israel with weapons and dollars for investment. The US is in the dominant position. The problem is not a Zionist occupied government. The problem is an American dominated Israel.

As far Eastern European Marxist agitators go, I am happy to inform you that as a matter of fact, pornography and homosexuality were illegal in the old East Bloc countries. Cuba never decriminalised homosexuality until recently. While the anti-gay laws in Russia that had everyone upset during the Sochi Olympics were laws brought to the Duma by the opposition Communist Party of Russia. You might be yearning for Eastern European Communist agitation!


So I stand by what I wrote. If Jews really influence government like that: then work on a Saturday should be illegal; pork, bacon, and ham should be contraband; if my brother dies then I have to marry my sister-in-law; interest should be illegal, and removal of the male foreskin required.

This is self-evidently stupid. Jews don’t desire to impose any of these things on non-Jews. Please, stand by this buffoonery all day long.

It gets better. You see, the person who gives the aid is in the position of dominance of the receiver.

Good grief. More pseudo-intellectual logic games. Plenty of times throughout history, and in the present, the minority tail has wagged the majority dog. Do you deny that colonialists could have possibly dominated Africa, given Africans superior numbers and wealth of gold? Do you deny that the Chinese dominate Southeast Asian markets and governments, despite being minorities?

Gavin James Campbell

So if Jews do not desire to impose their moral codes on us, what do tell, are they seeking to do? Bear in mind that you stated, on no uncertain terms, that you resent being thought of a conspiracy theorist, which means that your answer to that question should be one that is not conspiratorial.

Do I deny that colonists dominated Africa? No but, it has nothing to do with the point I made. America, France, and China dominate Africa because they make large loans and donations to the African nations. So naturally, they call the shots. Not colonialism, but a raw deal. (Ebola isn’t so much a humanitarian crisis as much as it means there are less workers to whip about in dirty factories and mines. Ebola is an investment crisis.) Why worry about Shylocks demanding pounds of flesh? The governments of France, China, and America get pounds of flesh out of Africa and are astute enough to understand that litres of blood be put in the contract. And now Russia is in on the act, with Russian corporations investing heavily in Central Asia. With that murderous lunatic Bashar al-Assad ensuring that investments can be made safe in Syria. (Don’t think that Christians are safe under his abusive rule. They’re kept safe the way hostages are. They are his leverage to get Russian support, exploited for money and weapons.)
As I said, you’re charging windmills when you think the Jews to be the problem. There is a difference between charging windmills and charging dragons.


So if Jews do not desire to impose their moral codes on us, what do tell, are they seeking to do?

Appropriate resources from us? Nothing conspiratorial about Jews generally looking out for their fellow Jews.

Gavin James Campbell

If Jews are appropriating resources from Americans, the the Jews must have colonised America.
Only though, they haven’t. So they are not appropriating resources from you. Your government aids Israel the way masters give slaves room and food. (Unfortunately, so does my government.) But it’s not a dignified relationship for the receiving end.


He’s evidently putting serious thought and reflection into his comments and responses.

I’ve seen people with sharp critical thinking skills and open minds turned around by such discourse. You should be more hopeful, Father!

Fr. John+

Matt, I have been involved in a field all during my life that is suffused with the sodomite caste. I can tell you, and Matushka has also observed this, that when a man (I refuse to know lesbians, they sicken me) ‘comes out of the closet’ you literally can see the ‘demon possession’ occur. These once-men then become imbued with a hatred and a lust for the straight men they can never become, and their entire life is centered around their ummm, well, you know.

Oh, some may actually talk about politics, altruism, and the high-falutin’ things of the world, that (on the surface) look ‘spiritual.’ But, the moment you challenge them to repent, to consider their deathstyle an aberration, and what is more, an ABOMINATION, the satanic hatred is so palpable, you’d think you were standing in front of Linda Blair in the Exorcist.
I fully consider that the nadir of any civilization is when the Sodomite achieves parity or power in a nation; that such parity/power is the mark before the Wrath of God is dealt to the entire civilization, for ‘suffering a [b]witch to live,’ as it says.

That’s why stoning with stones, until they are dead, was the only solution- the ‘final solution’ in O.T. days. And that act was undertaken by the entire community, for a reason. And a very GOOD reason. Sodomites can only recruit from those innocents who are not ‘born that way’ but who are raped and seduced into thinking they are ‘that way.’ A heinous and blasphemous marring of the Imago Dei, frankly.


Been searching for someone that can express this doctrine in the modern day. If there is any way I could contact you over skype or some IM software please PM me, I’d like to discuss about contributing to this cause in some way.

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