Iggy Azalea: Betrayal and Cultural Theft

Iggy Azalea: The new  globalist approved role model for young women

Iggy Azalea: The new globalist approved role model for young women

At the end of a civilization everything starts to become more and more unglued. Seemingly as a way to cope with the disintegration of culture, nation, family, and folk that is happening around them, the people turn to increasingly perverse forms of entertainment to distract them. In Rome as barbarians were at the door, the elites and upper class turned increasingly vapid and materialistic as their beloved Empire eroded in front of them.

Cultural appropriation of the barbarians was one form of coping with the radical political and social changes of the dying Empire, and in the West we see more and more than entertainment stars and even everyday Western people are abandoning their unique folk Traditions and culture and instead appropriating and poorly imitating other groups cultures, music, and customs.

The siren song of globalism, multiculturalism, and modernity is being sung from many corners, but traitors within our own ranks are far more insidious than any outside force could be. One such siren is the newly popular White “rapper” Iggy Azalea who with her number one “hits” and millions of album sales is singing the death rattle of Western civilization.

Before she was known as Iggy Azalea, the “rap star” was born Amethyst Amelia Kelly in an upper class home in Australia. By all accounts of finances and upbringing it would seem that Iggy had it made.The Australian folk that Iggy comes from have a place in the greater Anglo-sphere, a unique culture, and plenty of Christian Faith to draw upon.

Iggy’s family is not new to Australia, she claims that her ancestry on the continent goes back to the First Fleet, or the first arrival of Europeans in Australia for colonization. Her father was a painter during Iggy’s youth, and allegedly exposed her to both classic and modern styles of art.

The grounding of several centuries of folkish culture, an exposure to the art of ones ancestors, and being raised in a country that is still predominantly Christian, one would imagine that Iggy would embrace a traditional world view. Instead of learning her own people’s culture, Iggy decided to move to tell her parents she was going on vacation to America as a teenager and then never returned in an attempt to find a way to become rich and famous.

In another classic failure of Western men failing to raise their children, Mr. Kelly did not proceed to fly to America to take his daughter home where she belongs. Instead, Mr. Kelly left his daughter to bounce around the United States as a minor with no money and no formal education to finally end up in Los Angeles.

After coming to America to seek fame and fortune Iggy had a choice, perhaps pursue a skill or an education to further her goals, instead she decided to whore her body and her soul to the Jewish producers in Hollywood and Los Angeles. In a demonstration of an utter lack of pride or self respect, Amethyst Kelly took the name of her dog as her stage name, Iggy.

To break into the music scene, Iggy decided to drop a charming little music video of the song “P*$$y” which featured Iggy surrounded by Black gangsters with t-shirts that say “Drugs not hugs” and gyrating Black females. In almost all of her future videos, choices of boyfriends, and members of her entourage, Iggy is surrounded almost entirely by Black men.

With her constant dating of Black rappers who promote violence and disrespect towards women in their music, promotion of drug use, hyper-sexualized imagery, and abandonment of her family, young women of the current generation are being shown a poor role model for healthy living, but a great one for the money counting elite. Tradition is bad for business, but degenerate modernity is a thriving business.

Ms. Azalea embodies everything that is wrong with the modern European folk. Her music is almost entirely sexual, not a rare thing in the modern age where even former bastions of traditional Christian morals like country music have fallen into celebrating sin and depravity, but her specific brand of music is especially vulgar. Looking at the list of songs she performs, almost all are written by Jewish writers or thug rappers, Black men who have sold out the best interests of the Black community for their own thirty shekels to promote fornication, violence, drug use, and abuse towards women to the Black youth of America.

As a self-described “white rapper” who attempts to mimic in her music the style of American Black rappers, Iggy Azalea promotes herself as taking on almost every part of the worst parts of the Hollywood Black culture.

Rap culture has been put into place to subvert the Black community and the Black family by Jewish media oligarchs, the test case for what the media Jews are pushing on the European-American population today. The example of honorable Black Christian men and women, or folkish crusaders like Louis Farrakhan and Marcus Garvey has been thrown by the wayside for a caste of modern court jesters like Li’l Jon or Jay-Z who degrade themselves and their people for the amusement of the big money Jewish music producers.

A slow but steady degradation of cultural values began happening primarily in the Black community starting around the time of the Jewish led and financed “Civil Rights movement.” One must not look too far to see that the actual leadership of the NAACP and other “Civil Rights” groups, along with the owners of the media, were Jews who were not so much interested in civil rights as with finding ways to disrupt both Black and White society.

While the 1960’s saw the rise of the hippie movement and a clear attack on Traditional values and Christianity in all sections of American society, the Black community was put as a test case by the Jewish oligarchs to test their ability to dismantle and destroy an organic community through appealing to the lowest sinful drives of the human mind.

The media began pushing on the Black community a culture that focused almost entirely on pleasure seeking, through giving up responsibilities to Faith, family, and folk, the Jewish media bosses were able to stir up racial conflict between Black and Whites and crack the foundation of the Traditional Black family. Mere decades ago, Black families were more wholesome, stable, and virtuous than White families are, now. We’re all sinking in this ship.

While I don’t personally care for rap, many Black men and women do, and this form of music is an invention of the Black community, …for the Black community. Rap is a cultural expression that is specific to the Black community, and while modern rap is vulgar and degenerate, so are most genres that are traditionally European. The problem is not specifically that Iggy Azalea is rapping, it is that she is stealing another people’s cultural expression in order to attempt to sell albums and to promote the degenerate “values” of the media oligarchs.

Black rapper Rah Digga came out against Iggy Azalea’s cultural theft by pointing out that Iggy Azalea raps in a fake Southern accent and is infringing on traditional Black culture. Rah Digga points out that she respects White artists who promote their own culture and identity, she recently told a reporter that ”There is a white girl from Australia that spits in an Australian accent, and her name is Chelsea Jane. That I can get into.”

Rah Digga continued by addressing Iggy Azalea and encouraging her to stay true to her roots and culture by telling her “Teach me Australian hip hop culture. Don’t come to America and try to convince me that you’re gangsta, boo.”

Each group has a unique identity and a unique culture that only that group can fully understand and demonstrate the true beauty of, and Iggy Azalea is forcing herself on another people’s culture and attempting to subvert it and betray the culture and traditions of her ancestors.

While I generally do not agree with the rabidly Leftist writers over at Salon.com, a recent article about Iggy Azalea hit an important point that by mimicking the Black form of rap, Iggy is exercising a form of cultural theft. Europeans have a distinct form of spoken word and rap music that is unique to the European urban community. “Though rap music is a Black and Brown art form, one does not need to mimic Blackness to be good at it. Ask the Beastie Boys, or Eminem, or Macklemore. These are just a smattering of the white men who’ve been successful in rap in the last 30 years and generally they don’t have to appropriate Blackness to do it.”

While a large number of Black rappers have spoken out against Iggy Azalea for stealing Black culture, she responded “its definetly funny seeing ppl get so emotional over it all. What does it matter? music is music and many enjoy mine, no need to feel upset.” Iggy seems oblivious to the fact that to steal another people’s culture is to subtract from their unique folkish identity and artistic expressions by cheapening their culture into simple monetary units to be taken and manipulated by anyone.

The defeat of the West has not come through bombs, bullets, disease, or economic struggle, it has come from a slow slide into depression and then a suicide by a people who have given up on the Faith and culture of generations past. White countries have purposefully emptied themselves of the Faith, culture, and fighting spirit of their ancestors to then replace it with the vacant existence that revolves primarily around the acquisition of things and the chasing of non-stop sexual gratification.

With Iggy Azalea singing about “Big fat booties” with Jennifer Lopez or her genitals in her first hit song “P#%%y” it is clear that the message and values promoted by the media oligarchs is one of finding the lowest common denominator to appeal to a people that have been so thoroughly secularized that what would be considered outright illegal even a few decades ago has now turned into entertainment.

To truly understand the plight of the European world, we must understand that much like a hangover or a drug addiction, we have inflicted these wounds upon ourselves. The painful process that we must endure to get off our addiction to materialism, greed, and perversion will mean a total restructuring of our lives, our economies, our societies, and our culture at large.

Singers like Iggy Azalea are promoting not just an emptying of Western civilization, but embracing  another cultures form of musical expression and then compounding this theft by promoting degenerate behaviors in her lyrics. As the great C.S Lewis said “Where men are forbidden to honor a king, they honor millionaires, athletes, or film stars instead; even famous prostitutes or gangsters. For spiritual nature, like bodily nature, will be served; deny it food and it will gobble poison.” To once again regain our folkish and cultural vitality we must return to the wellspring from which the living water comes, organic hierarchy, organic culture, and our Christian Faith.

As Traditionalists we must respect differences in culture between the various tribes on this Earth. It is not supremacist to value your own culture, music, art, entertainment, and history, and with this mindset we must learn to respect other cultures enough to not borrow and pervert their cultural for our own benefit.

Every culture and every people is under attack by the forces of consumerism and globalism, and when we understand that fact, the ability for different groups to unite, while maintaining ethnic and cultural homogeneity among their unique population, is a strong possibility. If the parasitic forces of globalism can be rejected with the vaccine of Traditionalism, the stranglehold over the culture and political system of White, Black, and all the other people’s nations can be broken.

The reason that I have such strong feelings about Iggy Azalea is that she represents the culmination of the globalist agenda, a worldwide atheistic culture that perverts and destroys all organic culture and traditions. As individuals and as communities, we must use our money, our effort, our time, and our own blood to advance the cause of Traditionalism and self determination for all peoples, and that is why those engaged in cultural theft and service to the globalists must not only be ignored, but actively rejected.

Embrace traditional culture, and toss the Hollywood garbage in the trash where it belongs.


Fr. John+

“Black men who have sold out the best interests of the Black community for their own thirty shekels”

I had to laugh out loud for that one. Twice nothing, is still nothing.

There ARE no ‘best interests’ of the Black Community. They are a degenerate, vile, sub-human race, that reverts back to norm, once the restraining hand of Christendom Man (whites) is removed. If you doubt that, you haven’t been watching what’s going on in Ferguson, MO.

Todd Lewis

I guess you never heard of Axum and Ethiopia? All you do is look ignorant.

Fr. John+

Todd -If by that (Ethiopia) you mean the Biblical ‘lands’ known as such, you are the one who is ignorant; in that, what the ancients talked about in the pages of Holy Scripture, is not necessarily what the current, modern nation states – and their 20th-century derived boundaries – mean. Just as the Jews no longer can clearly claim to be the ‘Chosen People,’ from the DNA research (vide Marr’s “DNA Science and the Jewish Bloodline”), but are merely Khazars (as Kostler, Sand, and even Benjamin Freedman of the 1950’s have told us), we moderns have no concrete, verifiable, direct connection to Biblical peoples (and their DNA); the ‘not leaving one stone upon another’ of ancient Jerusalem’s sack in AD70 in Scripture, remains as a silent witness (much like Sodom and Gomorroah) that God divorced the prior ‘people of the covenant’ and their ‘holy land.’ And what is more, believing that an ‘Ethiope’ means someone from modern Addis Ababa, ignores the two thousand years or more of history, that does not take into account, the modern “move-ins” that arrived from either Turkey (in the case of Occupied Palestine) or the wilds of west Equatorial Africa (in the case of Ethopia) that may have occured since Solomon’s day, can only claim to be such- residents, that is, and have no verifiable evidence to corroborate it. In short, the evidence (apart from the nations of Europe, her genealogies, and the history of Christendom) for any non-Caucasoid race, other than perhaps the Chinese, and Japanese, or the Indian sub-continent, is mostly wishful thinking, and little more- mostly given cred by the atheistic Darwinians, who long to find an ‘out of Africa’ origin for Homo Sapiens. Which is a competing religion, in any case.


This is another excellent article. I had never heard of this ghetto rat, but she sounds absolutely deplorable. While I think science, history, and observation all offer evidence that not all human populations are equal, it is important not to harbor too much ill will towards the other races of man. The same globalists that are destroying our civilization will eventually destroy all others as well. Unfortunately for American blacks, the destruction of their culture has been precipitous and perhaps irreversible.

Fr. John+

Again, an apologist ‘pro nigra sum sua’ (or ‘We are all Darkies now’) comes on board, exhibiting the one standard deviation IQ that all sub-Saharans have, in their supposed rationales for ‘tolerance’ for Blacks, and with no more reason than we should feel ‘sorry’ for them, because we should feel sorry?

This is merely the religion of Modern Multiculturalism, and is, therefore, heresy.

And I think heresy stinks. But then, so do darkies…For a reason. Or haven’t you been awake during these last eight years of the Obamanation?

Gavin James Campbell

I do not like this kind of entertainment any more or less than you. In fact, I abhor, detest, despise and loathe it. It’s just a bunch of syphilitic medical waste.

But, being the father of two daughters, one of whom is recently married and kept herself out of trouble beforehand (if you know what I’m getting at), I need to add that if a parent gets uptight about this children’s choice of entertainment, it backfires horribly. I was raised by parents who liked their Rolling Stones, their Beatles, their Led Zeppelin, and their Bob Dylan. But, they were not parents who used drugs and who rarely imbibed. So I never had it in my head that listening to that kind of thing meant that someone has to indulge in self destruction. Meanwhile, I’ve seen kids raised by solid Christian parents (many of whom were German or Dutch immigrants, European enough for you lot!), who tightly regulated what music, films, television, and books were indulged in, and it always ended in disaster. And not just in Christian families. I’ve seen kids with socialist parents become capitalist, and kids with atheist parents become Christians. Getting uptight about crude entertainment is disastrous and counterproductive. It just pushes kids into that degenerate lifestyle.


This notion that a parent can’t parent conservatively because that will cause the kids to be liberal is a tiresome liberal trope with no statistical basis in reality. Sure, there are anecdotes, but children generally grow up to believe and behave like their parents.

I haven’t been an especially strict parent, either, and believe raising kids who aren’t prepared to handle the culture surrounding them does them no favors in terms of preparing them to get by in the outside world. The idea that to allow children to be exposed to pop culture is to lose them to pop culture is a lie. One can find Lady Gaga’s music and theatrics catchy while being fully cognizant of her degeneracy.


Iggy also claims to be part Aboriginal as well which, judging by her bizarre phenotype, might be legit. She sold her soul long before her entrance into music as a 13 year old when one of her favorite hobbies was to get hammered and find adult men to sleep with.

Some part of me doesn’t even blame her father for not coming after her, she has two other siblings, maybe he thought they’d cut their losses.

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