Andrew Anglin Isn’t Radical Enough

White Nationalist Discourse

White Nationalist DiscourseA healthy debate has broken out in White Nationalist circles on the proper imaging, tone, and direction of the movement. It began with Ohio nationalist Robert Ransdell’s “With Jews You Lose” campaign, which RamZPaul objected to for being tone deaf. Andrew Anglin, the editor of the popular neo-Nazi Daily Stormer site, leaped to Ransdell’s defense. Then everybody else dove in.

Anglin’s propaganda theory is correct. There can be and should be more polished and bourgeois outlets targeting different audiences, but any serious movement necessarily requires a bold and unapologetic presentation at its core, one which makes its case with vivid imagery and direct language, one which connects with the central driving force behind every street revolt: a minority subset of intelligent yet alienated and aggressive young men. Anglin’s “Full Retard” approach is masterfully executed, and his Daily Stormer site achieves more traffic and influence than most of his critics combined.

If the goal is a relatively modern and secular state which happens to be loyal to its nation rather than to its lenders, then Anglin’s execution is correct. As he notes, reviving national socialism and fighting its predominantly Jewish opposition requires breaking through the wall of WWII and Holocaust propaganda which has been erected between ourselves and that goal. Rhetorical schemes to pole vault over the wall, tunnel under it, or find a way around it are all well and good, but the best hope would lie in busting directly through the wall with rhetorical explosives, embracing and championing Hitler and the National Socialists, all the way down to the aesthetics and agitprop.

Why reinvent the wheel when your opposition has already firmly planted all the necessary themes in the target audience’s mind, leaving only the unfinished business of subverting those themes and inverting the propaganda back against fascism’s opposition? After all, speaking from street experience, nothing says opposition to White Genocide and Jewish Power as succinctly or directly as a big scary swastika. Nice guys in polos making friendly pleas for reasonable concessions from the current system aren’t going to inspire either confidence, action, or results. “Advocacy”, “influence”, and graft-oriented politicking are entirely within the opposing system’s frame, and categorically cannot break out of that frame.

The flaw in Anglin’s model is that Nazism isn’t radical enough. For all the exaggerations, distortions, and lies about the NS regime, it was a 20th century political answer to 20th century political problems. The Nazis were a political party with no coherent religious or metaphysical vision. A lot of the early leadership were folk religionist, the rank-and-file were almost entirely Christian, and Hitler himself was about as close to being an atheist as a politician is allowed to be. They were a proportionate reaction to the threat of Bolshevism on the horizon, offering both Christian workers and their employers a robust alternative to the threat of Jewish Bolshevism.

Nazism isn’t the answer to today’s problems. Marxism is moribund, and global capitalism is realizing its most pernicious goals. The decline of religiosity since then has been precipitous, resulting in a spiritual crisis with real political consequences. The Jewish Problem has metastasized greatly since then, with their religious, cultural, and financial influences having been deeply internalized by our people, to the point that merely identifying and expelling the Jews themselves at this late stage in their subversion of our society would achieve little in the way of curing our sickness.

William Dudley Pelley

William Dudley Pelley

Confidently and directly rejecting and opposing Jewish influence and inclusion is all well and good, but only building our immunity, as individuals and as a society, to the means and methods of corruption will confer meaningful protection. Only a fervent religious awakening to purge ourselves of sin and vice will actually work. This is necessary both in our temporal and ethnic context. We Americans have a rich tradition of fervent religious awakenings. In fact, the American analogue to Nazism, William Dudley Pelley’s Silver Shirt movement, was a Christian mystical project.

To the extent that there remains a coherent Anglo-Celtic “White American” identity, that identity is fundamentally less collectivist and more religious in nature than the German identity within which Nazism emerged. Comparatively, we’re a nation of opportunists, religious zealots, and loners. The ethnic German who embraces ideological libertarianism retains certain instinct to be a “team player” that an ethnic American who embraces a collectivist ideology lacks.

Corneliu Codreanu’s Romanian Iron Guard was superficially similar to and allied with Germany’s National Socialist regime. Both carry the largely meaningless and derogatory epithet “fascism”. Yet the former was distinct from the latter in critical ways which make it a firmly superior model to emulate. Most importantly, Codreanu understood Christianity’s roots-deep challenge to the Pharisees (contemporary Jews) in a way that the Germans never did. To the limited extent that the Germans of the time grappled with Christianity, it was with the mistaken premise that Christianity was an integrally Jewish religion to be contorted and adapted toward their political goals, rather than the metaphysical answer to and final negation of the Jewish Project.

Only the Jews grasp how dangerous Christianity can be if understood and applied properly, which explains their fear and contempt for it even as it appears not only neutralized but adapted to their interests in the form of Christian Zionism and its derivatives. Secular and folkish White Nationalists, and even most Christian White Nationalists, fail to grasp that even if one opposes Jewry and defends identity through the front door, our sins serve as numerous unlocked windows, open ventilation ducts, and basement doors through which they can readily enter. How many of us rail against Jewry while eagerly gobbling up their pornography and subversive entertainment? How many of us bemoan our demographic plight while making selfish and prideful decisions which leave us childless and disengaged from our communities? How many of us are motivated by greed and fear of poverty to abstain from speaking and acting in bold defense of our family, folk, and faith?

The typical refrain from the White Nationalist community is that I’m “blaming the victim” when I draw attention to our defects as a people and as a movement, and they’re at least partially correct. Much of our plight is our fault, and there’s much we’re empowered to do as individuals, as a movement, and as a society to protect and strengthen ourselves against Jewish subversion and the degenerative impact of global capitalism.

The 20th Century German folk were a far less degenerate people than we are today, and mere Nazism may have been sufficient for them. Personally, for ourselves, in our current situation, I believe the answer lies in a fervent vanguard of legionary religious zealots who invest at least as much time in the Inner Crusade against our familiar vices as we do in the Outer Crusade against the usual suspects.

Corneliu Codreanu


Walt Bialkowski

This is a great article, Matt, one of the best I’ve read. I think you are very right about Christianity being the metaphysical answer to, and final negation of, the Jewish project. There are a few points I would probably like to discuss with you further ~ but really, it was an excellent article. Thanks for all you are contributing to our cause ~! 🙂

Fr. John+


One of the comments Mr. Anglin has made over at DS, is that sodomites have NOTHING to say to anyone in this war for the soul of Christendom, being both traitors to their race (being arsenokoitai) as well as to their culture (kinderlos).

Your comments downplay the fact that Anglin is approaching his adoption of NS ideology from a Christian perspective, but his Protestant (and/or Christian Identity) Weltanschauung, cannot compete the way a healthy, Anglo-Orthodox Identity could. Sadly, in the USA, we don’t have such; as the beginnings of that powerhouse of Orthodoxy were scotched by the Arabs and Hawaweeny after St. Tikhon went back to Russia to die a martyr at the hands of the Deicide Bolsheviks.

But at least you NAME THE NAME of the only ideology/theology that can stand up to the faithless Jews, and the NWO powermongers. Many Years!

Gavin James Campbell

Going on the understanding that genocide is the deliberate, physical destruction of a group of people; then, if there is a group of people that can arguably be the victims of a Jewish genocide, then it’s the Palestinians. And what do we see in the case of Palestine? We see many Jews expressing disgust and outrage with the treatment of the Palestinians, people like Noam Chomsky, Norman Finklestein, Rabbis For Human Rights, and The Jewish Voice For Peace. We see indiscriminate bombing of civilians, ultra-conservative rabbis opposing inter-marriage of Israelis and Palestinians, active opposition to integration of Israelis and Palestinians, and closed borders to disallow migration. Do we see Israel flooding Palestine with immigrants and forcing the Palestinians to assimilate with them? No, we see illegal settlements with Palestinians pushed off their land and segregated from Jews. Do we see Israelis running Palestinian media? No, we see Palestinian journalists, actors, singers, artists, and intellectuals getting assassinated. And if there is a part of the world in which Jews show openly hostility to Christianity, it is in Israel/Palestine, with uncompensated seizures of land and unfair legal restrictions on the practice of Christianity.

So, if Jews really are seeking the deliberate, physical destruction of the so-called “white race” in the US and Northwestern Europe; then we should expect to see all of those things being brought about against us white-skinned folk by an occupying Israeli army. But we aren’t. The Israeli army does not seal our borders to prevent migration, does not expropriate churches in North America and Europe without compensation, does not indiscriminately bomb our civilians, and does not force white people to be separate from non-whites. The Israeli government does not allow settlers(squatters) to build on stolen land in North America or Europe, and the Israeli government is not assassinating white journalists, actors, intellectuals, actors, singers, or artists. Neither are there a lots of Jewish whistleblowers, like Chomsky (who is an Israeli citizen), speaking out against this “white genocide”.
Thus, by sheer, simple logic alone, we should conclude what is so obvious. Jews are not seeking the destruction of Christianity and not seeking the genocide of the so-called “white race”.


Yeah,because jews just bulldoze the homes of the majority in their own land when the majority has a gun under every pillow in their house. Get real.

“Thus, by sheer, simple logic alone, we should conclude what is so obvious. Jews are not seeking the destruction of Christianity and not seeking the genocide of the so-called “white race”.”

Well, that’s a huge relief. Mossad is not assassinating American celebrities. Who are Jewish themselves. Or who are forced out of Hollywood or forced to “recant their heresies” as soon as they speak against Israel.

I mean, what was the argument for the pro-side anyway?

Oh….now I remember… They have thousands of statements by powerful international jews that they ARE attempting to genocide the White race. They have jews making tv shows and doing comedy skits about it on SNL. They have Tim Wise speaking like a latter-day SJW prophet about the impending doom of the White race in a celebratory fashion.

I mean, what is that next to the fact that 2% of the population is not attempting to bulldoze the homes of the 98% of well-armed Americans opposed to this?

Nothing but groundless paranoid speculation.

Gavin James Campbell

Again, let’s just think about this.

Genocide is the deliberate physical destruction of a group of people.
In order to deliberately and physically destroy a group of people, you have to segregate them from those intended to the not be destroyed.
To segregate a group of people is the opposite of allowing them to co-exist in multicultural context.
Therefore, by sheer, simple logic; genocide is the opposite of allowing people to co-exist multicultural context. So nothing Barbara Spectre says can possibly be construed as a call for genocide.


I’ll inform the Indigenous Australians that the old policy of deliberately forcing Aboriginal children into White schools, kidnapping them from their parents for inclusion in White society, and generally imposing conditions with both the intention and effect of choking off their communities and ways of life without outright killing them were neither genocidal nor immoral.

Gavin James Campbell

The Aborigines were not subjected to genocide. You’re thinking of the Tasmanians. And the Tasmanians were not exterminated by means of assimilation. No, they were just flat out murdered en masse, to the point at which there are none left.
Meanwhile, the Aborigines were indeed subjected to immoral and unethical treatment. But not mass murder, like what was done to the Armenians by the Turks, the Timorese by the Indonesians, the Mayan Indians by the Guatemalan Army, or the Jews, Serbs, Greek, Roma, Ukrainians, Romanians, and Russians by the National Socialists. In not one of those cases was the genocide ever attempted by means of assimilation or intermarriage. For simple fact that a targeted population must be segregated from those to be kept alive, and intermarriage often becomes legally forbidden.


Don’t take it up with me. Take it up with the generally accept definition of genocide, the United Nations definition applied in considering human rights and abuses.

Article II: In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

But we can call the immoral and unethical policies imposed on White Americans “fraggling” or any other word you prefer or wish to invent on the spot. I don’t care. You’re bickering semantics.

Gavin James Campbell

I’ve read all this before. I’ve argued with Bob Whitaker’s BUGgers for last two years, seeing that they did a spam campaign.
And the fact of the matter is that none of things listed in the United Nations convention are being done to white people. Certainly not in the United States. (Bad news about South Africa; the plight of white farmers has nothing to do immigration, or with whites and blacks having children. Same holds true for the Holodomor.)
So, as I’ve told Bob Whitaker’s BUGgers, mass immigration is only people changing residency from one country to another. Nothing more, nothing less. While people of different skin colours having children does not amount to killing anyone, much less imposition of birth control! While it is also understood by the UN convention that segregation is an essential step towards genocide, seeing that the group marked for death must be kept separate from the one intended to live.



I’ve argued with Bob Whitaker’s BUGgers for last two years

Heh. You initially presented yourself as a devout Orthodox Christian who found out about our membership in your church and scrambled over here to defend the Faith from subversion. It turns out you’re a veteran antifa troll. Even if you happen to actually be devoutly Orthodox, it’s clearly not what brought you here.

While it is also understood by the UN convention that segregation is an essential step towards genocide, seeing that the group marked for death must be kept separate from the one intended to live.

That’s not understood at all by the UN Convention and many of the active flash points for genocide have nothing to do with segregation and everything to do with forcible integration and mass (internal or external migration). A notable example is the Tibetan province, which is being systematically flooded with ethnic Han in a calculated campaign to break the Tibetan identity once and for all.

Gavin James Campbell

I’d never heard of Antifa until I was accused of being one them.

WRT to Tibet, the Dalai Lama and the UN spoke of “cultural genocide”, but there is not any evidence of an actual genocide on the level of what happened to the Tasmanians or the Armenians. There are still Tibetans and a Tibetan language.
And again, nothing at all like what is happening in the USA. The United States has not been invaded and annexed by a foreign power that is actively sterilising white skinned people. To talk of genocide in Tibet is hyperbole, and makes it difficult to be taken seriously when discussing human rights. To talk of white genocide is to be describing an alternative reality to the one we live in.


I’d never heard of Antifa until I was accused of being one them.

You hadn’t heard of “ethno-masochism” before you felt that chill go down your leg and that warming glow in your bosom when you work against your own White folks’ group interests.

I already told you I’m happy to use a different word if you prefer for our displacement, disempowerment, and loss of the preconditions for our communities thriving sustainably. Unlike the BUGSters, I’m not much for the semantic games you enjoy playing. I call it “fraggling”, and I object to my people being fraggled.

Gavin James Campbell

There are no laws in your country declaring that whites cannot vote, give testimony in a court of law, or run for office. You are not forced to sit at the back of a bus, forbidden to be a judge, a police officer, or a military officer. There are no laws requiring whites to earn less than non-whites. Neither is any level of government in your country expropriating property without compensation. And if I’m not mistaken, expropriation is called “eminent domain” in your country, while your Bill of Rights stipulates that anyone whose property is seized must get compensated, with no mention of skin colour.
Much less is anyone herding you into ghettoes, or forbidding anyone not-white to marry you. Your mere presence in certain neighbourhoods does not render you a “blockbuster”. You certainly are not being sold at auctions. Uniformed soldiers on the payroll of the state do not routinely massacre whites in America. And you are not being herded into gas chambers. This not a question of definition, it’s a question of description. With what you are describing not actually happening.


It’s not that bad. There have been more overt and egregious abuses in human history. That doesn’t negate what’s happening to us.

Gavin James Campbell

So what, do tell, is happening to you? You can’t (sob) own slaves? You can’t lynch blacks anymore? ISIS isn’t operating in North America, and the Israeli Air Force is not committing war crimes on our continent. It’s impossible to recognise what grievances your “people” have.
I suppose you could lament low paying wages, an abysmal housing situation, and the like. But, that hardly happens to you owing to your alleged race, gender, religion, or sexual preferences. (Not that I’m a big fan of what we might call “alternative lifestyles”.) But if anything, your economic plight can only be aggravated by alienating others in the same situation. If you really wanted to stir things up, you’d overlook skin colour, and build a more powerful solidarity. Just a thought. It’s how the IWW stirred things up 100 years ago. And they gave us the 40 work week.


Everything is just fine, now, Gavin. Our people are among the most wealthy, safe, and privileged people on Earth.

The problem is that all objective metrics point to a precipitous fall from grace in the coming decades as our decadence, dereliction, and demographic decline collide head-on with a world that resents us and looks forward to our degradation and humiliation.

Gavin James Campbell

Ah yes, just like how all the overpopulation paranoia of the early 1970’s proved to be hopelessly inaccurate predictions of the future. And I remember a time what ranting, raving Northern Irish Protestants were convinced that Catholics were going to outbreed them and murder them all. Again, that did not play out. These old goofy theories always seem to make a comeback in one way or another.
When in reality, a careful analysis of population declines and growths consistently shows that they are never linear.
The future, is, in fact unknown to both of us. No use getting worked up over what might happen. We’ll never acquire inner silence that way, and it took me years to put that into practice.


Matt, who are your people, pray tell?

Because ‘mine’ ain’t doin’ so great. Depression abounds in my northeast region; white middle class people have been practically wholly exiled. Those who remain revel in despair and fatalism. It’s a microcosm of the NWO for ‘our’ people, and it’s dark, very very dark.



Gavin, like the rest of the anti-white faggots, perceives things in primarily economic terms. And it’s beyond debate that we remain rather prosperous and physically safe by historical standards, if not perhaps relative to what might have been. I heartily agree with you that there’s a deep spiritual/psychological crisis among our people, but that rings hollow with the ‘gibsmedat’ mentality of those seeking to dispossess us.

Brett Stevens

I agree with Matt, but for different reasons. Liberalism is a symptom of a social death-spiral; our goal is to reverse the death spiral and then breed Europeans back to a point of genetic, spiritual and mental health. For this reason, what we need is not compromise, but a clear goal and a radicalized agenda to get there. In my view, we have only one enemy, and it is a progression of ideas: individualism -> Crowdism -> liberalism -> neurosis -> decline. When we reverse that, all other problems are made obsolete and other ethnic groups will voluntarily leave us alone as they will have no relevance or handouts here.


The only problem I have with this article is the use of the demoralizing meme of “it’s because of our shortcomings”. Instead of preaching self loathing, preach, (in the words of Andrew Anglin), ” THE JEWS DID IT”!


Anglin likes making Paul Ramsey look like the non-player he really is.

And he doesn’t plug “Brother Nathanael” much either.

That’s two good things about him.


You can expect a good share of Bro. Nat pluggin’ in these here parts.


I don’t think Anglin has any expectation that anyone will go back NS as practiced in the 1930s and 1940s. It is used for inspiration, showing those who worked towards the same goals and came as close as anyone ever has to winning the whole game. It will, of course, be necessary to take the core principles and apply hem o the conditions today. Isn’t that what traditionalism is all about? Manifesting eternal principles in differing temporal situations?


“Confidently and directly rejecting and opposing Jewish influence and inclusion is all well and good, but only building our immunity, as individuals and as a society, to the means and methods of corruption will confer meaningful protection. Only a fervent religious awakening to purge ourselves of sin and vice will actually work. This is necessary both in our temporal and ethnic context. We Americans have a rich tradition of fervent religious awakenings. In fact, the American analogue to Nazism, William Dudley Pelley’s Silver Shirt movement, was a Christian mystical project.”

A little disclosure first. I happen to be on the Anglin side of the divide on this issue. He’s doing a good job,his site and writings are targeted towards those who have the greatest sense of alienation while retaining the ability and breeding to actually do something about it. He has his finger on the pulse of his audience. You are also correct in the idea that, within Christianity, there is something which is deadly to the jewish agenda, which they fear and detest greatly. This article is right up to that point, but I think Christians are missing the truth that is right under their noses. I’m a Pagan myself,and it seems odd that I should be the one saying this to a bunch of Christians,but I think you guys are a little superstitious regarding the palliative nature of Christianity.

I don’t think the whole package is necessary. We don’t need the jewish carpenter, only the asceticism. You ever notice the nature of the fairy tales we (Europeans) used to tell our children,which have been purposefully supplanted by twerking Smiley Virus and Co.?

Anyone ever notice one of the central themes of many of these tales? How a naive White person wished for something they couldn’t obtain and along comes a mysterious stranger or some type of magical being or what-have-you that offered it to them seemingly at little or no cost, only for the protagonist to later discover the price was actually something along the lines of their immortal soul or firstborn child?

Maybe you have,maybe you haven’t. Go back and look these folk tales over with this in mind. Think about it.

The point here being that this is what the jews have done to us. In the 60’s they offered us “free love” which destroyed our morality and chastity, they offered us “consciousness-expansion”,in the form of drugs, which destroyed our ability to reason and think clearly. In the 90’s they offered us “cheap credit” which destroyed our ability to manage our money and drowned us in debt while opening our economy up to what is euphemistically called “the global market”.

And now they offer us “social justice” and “multiculturalism” and “White privilege” which will destroy our understanding of actual justice and poison our unique European cultures.

Each time they said these things were better than what we had before,they would enrich our lives, and that they would cost us nothing or we would only have to make slight adjustments to our traditional way of life.

Are you guys seeing the picture? The asceticism of first-century Christianity would make sure that nothing of the material world could possibly be bargained against those aspects of ourselves or our culture that cannot be sold or traded,lest we be destroyed along with it. That much is undeniable. But so would simply re-inculcating ourselves and our children with the timeless truth that you get nothing for nothing, and that those offering miracles for “nothing” or “very little” are usually selling snake oil that will cost you your soul or your life in the end.

There’s one way to test it. See if the advocation of simple asceticism in the face of the scheming jews’ offer of “free love”, and “modernity”, and “social justice” draws the same kind of outrage, see if cautioning the young against accepting these offers lest they find themselves on the end of a baited hook draws as much ire as the profession of belief in the risen Christ.

I am of the opinion that it will. As I have said,I believe the thing that the jews fear and detest so much is Christ’s warning to beware the very sort we now see fishing for goyim as “false prophets” and “deceivers”,i.e. his prescription of asceticism in the face of extreme temptation (which works well enough for fools or lazy people who cannot discern the difference between safe indulgence in material pleasure and the aforementioned baited hook or who are apt to bite anyway despite the dangers).

I think there is nothing wrong (from the perspective of my own spirituality),spiritually, with doing drugs,cavorting with prostitutes,masturbation,drinking to drunkenness,eating gluttonously,etc. However,I have scrupulously avoided,for my entire life, borrowing from others or accepting loans offered by others to pursue these pastimes. The simple reason being that your creditor has more power over you than your priest. Your priest cannot compel any atonement from you, but the creditor has the force of law behind him to compel recompense from you.

And it is HERE where our civilization has fallen. We are still intensely spiritual people. Many of us are scrupulous in every other area,despite the ubiquitous encouragement to sin.

What our people has forgotten is the concept of paying up front for your pleasures. We rack up unsustainable debts,financial and spiritual, and expect that we can pay them later “somehow”, or else we expect debt forgiveness. But the jew is not of a culture that understands such forgiveness. Often we “buy in” before we have ever looked at the fuzzy numbers on the price tag. And then we end up paying with our children’s blood, or our own souls.

And here is the reason I hammer on these fine details, because there is a trap inherent in Christianity that the jew is able to exploit, and HAS exploited,masterfully.

And that trap is the idea that someone else can pay for your sins. This is the very sort of baited hook that jews have fished such a massive harvest of lazy or weak Whites with. The very sort of “easy money” con that they are the natural masters and purveyors of.

I have known all of the pleasures that lead my peers down the path of ruin. I paid for them with my own body,my own blood. Not my soul. Not my firstborn. Not the blood of my children.

It was the bargain basement version of modernity,if you wish to call it that. The price was still insanely high,but I paid for it with my body. I paid up front with the toll it took upon my mind and my body. I was able to pay for it myself precisely because I did not believe in the Christ who would pay for my “sins” on my behalf.

Because of the massive price I have paid,I am able to see the hook beneath the bait. I have to, because I can ill-afford to be hooked again. It would probably kill me.

Never accept the idea of taking an easy way out. No matter how desperate you are to do so. If the price for what you want is an arm,give an arm,or don’t buy. If the price is a leg, give a leg,or don’t buy. Never deal with middlemen or those offering miracles,valuable services,or forgiveness in return for nothing, their wares are shadows,wooden nickels with silver paint on them,but your body and your money are real.

Yes,contained within Christianity is the stake the jewish vampire fears but it is well-hidden and very few are the sages capable of unwrapping the glittery wrapper and discovering this lethal weapon.

In our people’s parables and folk myths, the truth is hidden in a much better place for someone casting about for a weapon to strike back with. Right in plain sight.

Rumpelstiltskin, the imp who spins worthless straw into gold, is THE JEW. And just like in that story, refusing the devil’s bargain he offers is the first line of defense. This requires either extreme shrewdness to see through the lie or extreme resignation to one’s fate. The second line of defense,the one which will banish the imp back to where he came from, is to SAY HIS NAME.

And that,comrades and friends, is why I stand with Anglin and Ransdell over the ones who are attacking them. We cannot pretend that we are not dealing with devils. Not after we’ve called them our “greatest allies” for years. These jews ARE devils. And like devils,we must banish them after they’ve rendered us their services or they will stick around and drag us down to Hell with them. If we’ve already rendered our souls to them in payment,(vis a vis the Christian notion of the Witches’ Pact) we cannot get that back,but we don’t have to let them kill us and everything we love.But I,for one, as someone who has dealt with devils if the traditional Christian perception of Paganism is to be believed,think that there is still a chance to save our racial soul. Otherwise, the devils would already have left us. They still have not gotten what they want.

The price is high,and it will be enormously painful, but if you choose to pay it up front with your flesh rather than your soul,you will survive. And the hope that our children,whole and healthy, will carry on what we could not finish in our lifetimes will not be a false one.


I just lost a post to the vapors…NSA…JDL…who knows…

Greg Johnson was right about the middle aged being the most pivotal demographic. DS is geared towards the young, as is TradYouth, and supposedly attracts the tough street NS guys, while aiming to entertain.

But is anything really changing? DS reports the real news, but when I go out and discuss pro-white with 25 and over men they tend to recoil at the notion of pro-white dress up nazis, instead choosing to just hope things don’t get worse. No one wants to join a bunch of zeta male punks who literally discuss imprisoning women and other barbarities as a matter of course.

I really don’t think National Socialists were that weak. Some were street ‘thugs,’ ‘tough guys,’ etc., but I doubt they indulged the kind of post-modern primadonna ‘white boy’ attitude that pervades DS. German men rallied an army that almost conquered Europe, not to mention north Africa. DS couldn’t conquer a bunch of jewboys in a pick up basketball game.

I don’t mean to be all negative, but the whole atmosphere over there is rife with paranoia towards women and degeneracy. Greg Johnson thinks they’re below average in some alleged nebulous mystical quality he can’t nail down, Andrew Anglin thinks his magical cigarette will light Generation Z on fire and save the white world.

The entire internet debate between all these people just seems like total self indulgence.

Where are the rallies in America happening? Not under pro-white banners. In Ferguson whites rally while on DS, TradYouth, CC, OD blah blah white guys just posture. Until this movement learns to not just name the jew but also the manosphere misfits, we’re doomed.

It just continually amazes me that for all of our freedoms we accomplish so little. I spoke recently with a 24 year old brazilian working in the US who was jew-wise and american-awed. He said the german and italians in the south of his country wouldn’t let the jews take as much control there as we have allowed them here. But still, he insisted, America was free! Weren’t we going to save the european world?

We can’t even save ourselves – from ourselves.

Speaking as a reviled northeastern yankee, I’ll say that there’s more revolution brewing up here than there seems to be on the whole american pro-white net. NJ has become a microcosm of the JWO. Middle class whites have had to leave en masse, and the few holding on are sitting around waiting for a catalyst. There are enough rich whites among what’s become a state of uber wealthy and dire poverty, especially anxious anglo celts who see their ethnicity dying out, with perspicacity to forge a coalition, but I personally could never ask them to join the ranks of Amren or DS. And even if I did most wouldn’t galvanize. There’s just too much woman-hate everywhere and too many character screw ups all around.

My people won’t understand the choir boy attache on TradYouth much better, either. They want concrete results. We have money as a state – tied for richest with Ca and one other I can’t remember – but speaking from the NYC area we’ll never take the lead we could with all the rank woman-bashing DS indulges. The real news on the jews won’t work with decent men other than to entertain and depress, just like every night football and too much beer.

Can the boys from the heartland balance out the white homeys?

As of now I highly doubt it. I ‘come out’ as pro-white to white men in my state all the time and they laugh convivially, wondering why it took me so long. Where were white women all this time, they seem to ask? Some still languish in not feminism, but in jew-inculcated bourgeois female ignorance.

There are coalitions we could still forge between classes, generations and possibly some regions. But the gap between the jew-aware pro-white sphere and the masses they claim to speak for remains. I’m just reporting that my people want revolution or at least change and have the elements necessary to spark it. American memes originate on the coasts, often, for good or bad.

But I could never take the detritus on DS – the troll factor – or the hangers on who hover around them to my people who wait for a leader. I’m not that leader, and not because I’m a woman. My gig is to get the message out, which I’ve started to do.

The NJ/NYC media plays their card; I’m still waiting for pro-white to play an ace.

88 to the 14 to the GFY NJ News.

Brendan Tevlin was killed by a black power militant – a Blood gangbanger, with eight bullets as a signal to aryans like me living in NYC environs. Some guinea reporter from NJ was dispatched to control the damage, telling New Jerseyans to stop talking about the perp out of ‘respect’ for Brendan. In the article he claimed Ali Brown was just attempting notoriety with his alleged ‘just kill’ talk, but in the comments section the reporter deflected someone’s pointing out that YKW were somehow not even dusted up in the kosher Essex County by pointing out that Brown had targeted a gay man ‘because he was a muslim.’

Big Jew is running scared; the whisper campaign that anglo celts are being genocided straight out of Jew York City can’t be stopped.

With Jews, we lose.


Today in White History:

Fifteen Hispanics of the sixty-million resident in the United States spent a combined total of one day online. Approximately one million others gave birth.

Meanwhile, White Nationalists wrote some essays and comments about ideology.


Do you have a solution to this problem, or is your proposed solution this sort of shaming?


If Anglin’s got a lot of traffic on his site that doesn’t necessarily mean what many on the pro white side think it means ie that he’s the best at reaching out to and recruiting new pro whites to the cause of racial separation or what have you.

It could simply mean the guy is a good comedian both intentionally and unintentionally.

In other words much like the libtards who tune in to Fox News to have a laugh over what Bill O’reilly says which they found uproariously outrageous, I’m sure those same types will head on over to Anglin’s site to have a laugh about what they find him saying to be outrageous as well.

A lot of people out there on all sides of the political isle love dark comedy and comedy that is supposedly taboo.

The Jew Alex Linder still manages to keep VNN gasping and wheezing and barely clinging to life (despite constantly trolling and banning his membership base with his various sock accounts such as “Donnie In Ohio” and “NM Valdez” to discourage and demoralize them away from the noble cause of white nationalism) in much the same way Anglin is able to pull in a lot of people to his own site and that is Linder is a good comedian like other Jew comedians before him such as Bill Maher, David Cross, Joan Rivers and the like.

At the end of the day after a long day of work in the Jew’s rat race system people like to unwind with a good laugh and again much like with Andrew Anglin, Linder is fun to laugh at and laugh with via his ability to provide intentional and unintentional comedy (where people laugh at him at his own expense).

Anglin will NEVER be seen as a true leader for the white race because just looking at him his racial status is in question, not to mention he also looks like a lowlife thug but more importantly than his appearance (which the public does care about in who they pick as their leaders even though this should be irrelevant) Anglin is a Christ fag and actually believes this Jewish slave religion created to mentally enslave the white race to Jewish ends is the answer to our Jewish problems when the reality is Christ insanity is the blueprint via which Jew Communism was created from as well a mental staging grounds for whites to turn over America and South Africa to blacks and Jews to be destroyed not to mention the United Kingdom.

Anglin perhaps knows the history that whites were originally pagans that had our true culture and gods forcefully removed from us by Jews and the white race traitor Charlemagne and the wars these bastards waged against our forebears in order to force Jewish Christ insanity on us so as to de-racinate and de-root us priming us to be subserviant slaves to Jewry but I’m sure he does not care erroniously believing the matter to be irrelevant.

Like Eric Gliebe before him Anglin sees “The Big Tent” approach of Christ insanity to be the surefire winner when it comes to the white racialist cause even though every last white thats made it their mission to appeal to the Jew religion and try and use it to pro white ends has been rejected by the white racial masses so that they fall flat on their face.

This is a good thing.

The white youth would do well to listen to Varg Vikernes when they want a serious message about what the white race should do to survive.

When they want a laugh and a clown show? Head on over to DailyStormer or VNN to laugh at the Christ clown (Anglin) or the Jew clown (Linder).


Hey Spelunker, you Leftists rationalize, excuse, or even outright support South African farm murders, and unlike the Roof case, this condoning produces thousands of deaths of innocent people every year.

The SPLC and ADL high command are all Jewish supporters of Zionism, which murders thousands of palestinian civilians, and you have no qualms linking to these hate mongerers. If you’re Jewish, you’re subconsciously motivated by racism and ethnocentrism yourself, if you’re just a cookie cutter bourgeois midwest grad student, then you’re just an idiot conflating speech with violence because you can’t beat us in a fair debate.


Please stop referring to National Socialists as “Nazis”. That term is a pejorative invented by a greasy Leftwing Jew (Konrad Heiden alias Klaus Bredow) in the 1930s and used by enemies of National Socialism back then and White Nationalists today, respectively, to smear and demonize us.

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