Modern Family: “Normal Couple” Kills and Eats Itself

Febri Andriansyah, AFTER
Febri Andriansyah, BEFORE

Febri Andriansyah, BEFORE

According to neighbors, Marcus Volke and Mayang Prasetyo were “just a normal couple“. Of course, “normal couple” is now inclusive of a depraved pervert and his interracial transsexual prostitute sex slave “wife”. Not satisfied with the self-indulgent decision to import and exploit a desperate Indonesian sex worker who had disfigured himself to succeed in the the growth market of Western perversion, Mr. Volke (a cruise ship chef) escalated his depravity to potentially record-breaking levels by slaughtering “her” and cooking up a cannibal cuisine of the rotting flesh.

Sick people happen, and debauchery has always been with us. But this particular incident is unique, a veritable symphony of depravity unique to our age’s unique concoction of degeneracy, depravity, license, and access. Transsexual fetishism is barbaric, unnatural, and sinful. Murder is a frightful crime and cannibalism is shocking and disgusting. But there’s another dimension of this sordid episode which hasn’t been addressed. That dimension is the blurred line between consent and exploitation as the world’s wealthy gain more and more intimate access to the world’s poor.

You see, before Mayang Prasetyo was Mayang Prasetyo, he was Febri Andriansyah, a kind and family-oriented young man who had arrived at a peculiar manner of supporting his mother and helping his sibling through college: catering to Australian sex perverts. Whether or not Febri in particular had access to other methods of supporting himself and his family, it’s probable, if not certain, that global capitalism, worldwide technology and transportation, and first world sexual dysfunction are driving a growing number of people into a form of exploitation which can only be described as hell on Earth, a nightmare of genital mutilation, degradation, and humiliation in the service of Mr. Volke’s twisted libido.

This is a rather extreme example, but it’s part of a mainstream trend inclusive of mail-order brides, sex tourism, webcam whores, and sex trafficking which are all largely defined by race and poverty. A peculiar assortment of racial taboos and mercantile libertarian ideals precludes a proper public consideration of the moral harm inherent in a global sexual market where the world’s elites have the access and license to pit the Global South in a bidding war for sexual pleasure, a capitalist race to the bottom (figuratively and literally) in which orgasms are the commodity.

Febri Andriansyah, AFTER

Febri Andriansyah, AFTER

Our women can fly to Jamaica and our men can fly to the Philippines for cheap sexual gratification, far removed from the challenges, obligations, and dysfunctions encumbering our sexuality at home, among our own. Thanks to open borders, many can exploit this market dynamic from the comfort of their own homeland. Within the mercantile libertarian moral framework, there is no argument against this. All parties involved are rational actors, with the Non-Aggression Principle there to ensure that bondage dominatrices respect the safewords and Political Correctness there to ensure that we all ascribe the proper pronouns to the men and women surgically role-playing as women and men.

The problem with Classical Liberalism is that in the absence of a Christian commitment to human dignity and basic moral codes, everything about ourselves can be chopped up (literally) and bartered in the new bazaar. Febri sold his dignity, his chastity, his genitals, and ultimately his life for money. It was a price he was willing to pay and a risk he was willing to take for what ostensibly appear to be rather benign familial motives. But it was the wrong decision, for him, his grieving Indonesian family, and for humanity as a whole. It was a decision which compromised his god-given gender identity and his ancient ethnic identity, deprived him of offspring, facilitated the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, enabled Mr. Volke’s vices, and wasted the valuable time of a perfectly talented surgeon.

Increasingly, the world of the future will be split between those traditional communities with traditional moral frameworks and a seething mass of individualists choking on the externalities and unintended consequences of their situational moral judgments. Our penultimate prerogative, after ensuring the health and vitality of the traditional communities we belong to, is struggling to guarantee that the seething mass doesn’t drag us down with them before they dwindle and perish–as they’re destined to do.

Degenerates degenerate. Marcus Volke is perhaps the perfect microcosm of the contemporary West and its trajectory. Modernity, the predatory pervert that it is, first seduces its prey, then molests it, then mutilates it, then kills it, then eats it, then kills and eats itself.


Gavin James Campbell

And how, do tell, does this measure to the cruelty of Henry VIII, who would hang human body parts on the streets of London to remind everyone of who is boss. Or the depravity of a monarch like Catherine the Great (Whore)? Even if she didn’t die committing an act of bestiality with a stallion, she still represents a foul measure of depravity. With sealed borders that peasants could not cross, no less!

At any rate, this sort of criminal activity can only be more readily prosecuted with open borders. The more open the border, the easier to extradite, the easier to apprehend, the less bureaucracy for law-enforcement and courts to get around. Seal the borders, and the scum can hide away more easily.
Better yet, get rid of borders. And extradition with it. Commit murder in the Phillipines, run away to Germany, get arrested, and shipped back to face trial. Why encumber the punishment of criminals and the protection of the public, with unnecessary borders?

Dcn Joseph

Wow. Are you seriously blaming the nonwhite femme-boy for getting himself eaten?

It’s an honest question. Because for all their faults, I’m pretty sure most of the nancy boys don’t sit there and say “the dream, for me, is finally becoming someone’s barbecue”.


I didn’t. I feel that I was rather sympathetic to the poor fellow.

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