A Model for Political Speech, Part Two

111walletLast week Sam Emmerson at Vanguard News Network took me to task over my recommendations on how to deal with Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) saying that I didn’t go far enough in explaining the problem, nor in providing strong enough recommendations.  His critique was fair, but I make no apologies for not having made my nine-step chart into a paint-by-numbers info-graphic suitable for the fringiest fringe of the White Nationalist community.  Maybe I do have a blogger’s disease of one kind or another, but the reason he thinks that my blogging is ineffective is because he thinks that I’m speaking to the far-right community.  I’m not, or at least only half of the time I am.  Needless to say the VNN sub-culture is not who I’m trying to appeal to.

One sure-fire way to make sure that SJWs don’t try to meddle in your community is to distance yourself from anything of value.  If you’re not performing public demonstrations, not involving yourself in campus politics, not running for public office, or not involved in fund-raising then you won’t ever have to worry about those kinds of people.  You won’t need to worry about them because there’s nothing on the table to fight over.  What this means for far-right activists is that we need to be more involved in real-life action, or supporting those who are.  The reason that SJWs and the loosely organized anti-fascist community don’t give a shit about VNN is because VNN never leaves their forums.  The only exception being Frazier Glenn Miller, and we all know how atrociously that turned out.

I like to think that we can get on well enough in the world without having to put money at the center of every conversation, but unfortunately it continues to be an important part of any grassroots political movement.  A state can’t make war if there’s no money in the war fund, and no war is going to be successful if you can’t identify which resources, valued status, or commodity that you’re fighting for.  Whether you’re fighting for the hearts and minds of mainstream conservative America, policy changes in local or state programs, or even the fundamental freedom of self expression you’re not going to get far if you can’t self-fund or secure donations from other parties.

In an effort to help keep your war fund in the black, here’s my recommendations.

  1.  Do you have a realistic goal in mind, and have you thought about how to achieve this in the real world?  If yes, go to step 2.  If no, go to step 5.

  2.  Does your plan aim to influence or control something or someone of value, and does it involve more than sitting in a dark basement and talking shit about other activists in the movement?  If yes, go to step 3.  If no, go to step 6.

  3.  Are you willing to have your name and face publicly associated with this plan?  If yes, go to step 4.  If no, find an activist network that you are willing to financially support in a private way.

  4.  Organize a demonstration, post some fliers, get creative with some spray paint and chalk, or try to discuss the issue with your local elected officials.  Did this help to accomplish the plan you decided on?  If yes, carry on with such activity until it is no longer productive and then start over again at step 1.  If no, go to step 5.

  5.  Network with other activists until you can find a better idea.  Do you have a better idea?  If yes, return to step 2.  If no, go to step 6.

  6.  Go to VNN, take notes about what they’re doing, and then do the opposite of that.  Do you now know what kind of speech and behavior to avoid?  If yes, return to step 1.  If no, then VNN is probably where you belong and we don’t want your help.

A few notes about this model are in order.  This model assumes that the target audience for your political activism is a mainstream population whose political activism doesn’t go much farther than sharing links on Facebook or writing angry Tweets to their elected officials.  You will not be able to win all or even most of those people to your own campaign.  The best you can hope for is that they carry your own message to the people who have the power to affect that change.

You will also notice that my handy-dandy six step guide terminates at steps 3 and 6 if you answer “no.”  The reason why is that this model is about getting people to financially or physically support a grassroots political activist movement in a productive manner.  If you cannot productively and positively contribute then you shouldn’t be involved because we don’t want you to undermine the movement.

Have you ever heard the expression, “all roads lead to Rome”?  Well, the idea is to make sure that your audience is traveling a road to Rome, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be your road.  My article “The Other Argument Against Illegal Immigration” has continued to be very popular with contemporary conservative communities.  The reason why is because I have used the kinds of rhetoric and common areas of argumentation that appeal to them.  The article does not advocate for a milquetoast conservative conclusion, it brings the reader to my conclusion using the kinds of propositions that they already accept.

Furthermore, activism and grassroots political organizing is not about self expression.  It is fundamentally about how to make war.  Francis Parker Yockey’s Imperium gives us a definition for this.

“[War] is an armed struggle between organized political units. It is not a question of the method of fighting, for weapons are merely a way of killing. Nor of military organization — these things determine nothing about the inner nature of war. War is the highest possible expression of the friend-enemy disjunction. It confers the practical meaning on the word enemy. The enemy is he upon whom one is preparing to make or upon whom one is making war. If there is no question of war he is not an enemy.” (Imperium, “The War-Politics Symbiosis”)

War and politics pre-suppose each other, but their aim is not mutual.  If you are maintaining a position of neutrality by course of action or omission– you are not a political unit.  Activism is the lowest scale of actualized war, and if your activism is not being physically executed in the streets by dedicated Political Soldiers, you are a neutral party who does not even rate to be called a political unit on any scale.

The purpose of activism is to create, maintain, and escalate the friend-enemy disjunction necessary for war between two or more parties, and the only reason to have a standing army or a militia is to enforce a political standard.  Yockey does my explanation one better.

“As long as a country maintains an army it cannot say its basic national policy is neutrality. An army is an instrument of politics, even if only a politics of self-defense. Politics and neutrality exclude one another, as do neutrality and continued existence.” (Imperium, “The War-Politics Symbiosis)

Having a team of basement-dwelling shit-talkers does not make an army.  If that’s the height of your slacktivism then you really need to do a gut-check and ask yourself what your stake in the movement is.  I generally refrain from self-promotion, and also from attacking other pro-white activist communities (even if they are their own worst enemy), but we here at Traditionalist Youth Network appreciate every single donation that we receive.  We are blue collar workers and students like everyone else, we know how hard that you work for your money, and this is my promise to you that your donation will be spent on real-world activism.  If you can spare as little as $5.00 dollars for one or two cans of spray paint I can guarantee you that it will be put to good use.  If you are able to spare more than that we can scale our activism to properly match that amount.  The point here is not that we are the only suitable group to sponsor.  The point is that you need to be involved with something productive.


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